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electric cars are the future not only because of the environmental benefits but also because currently of the financial incentives it's hardly surprising then that the vast majority of new cars being released right now at electric suvs because suvs are the sort of car that everybody wants there are shed loads of them arriving at the moment so how do we tell one from the other and more importantly how do we know which one is best the best way to find out get them all together we've assembled all the latest midsize entrants into the electric suv market from a variety of manufacturers plus a few of the best existing incumbents to see how the new guys stack up with no fewer than 10 contenders this is the biggest test of its type ever committed to video if that sounds good to you why not subscribe to the cargurus uk youtube channel where you will find loads more car reviews and other content and don't forget to turn on notifications so that you never miss out on our latest videos we all know that electric cars can be expensive to buy just blink at the options list on some of them and you're going to be paying six figures but we want this to be a lot more accessible than that bit more real world so we have set a cap of 45 000 pounds and if it went over that then it didn't even make the cut why 45 000 pounds well we could have set the cap at 35 000 threshold that qualifies you for the government's plug-in car grant but if you buy on pcp which most private buyers will then the difference in monthly payments between a 35 grand car and a 45 grand car is in many cases less than you might think and that little bit extra gives you access to a whole variety of really tempting new cars if you're looking to buy a car in the next couple of years then there's a good chance it could be one of these so let's meet our contenders one of the newest cars in our test and just sneaking underneath the 45k price cap is the handsome and desirable audi q4 e-tron a very different take on style and desirability the citroen ec4 really stands out thanks to its unconventional look at me design it's a mustang gym but not as we know it the mustang mac e ditches v8 engines and coupe design in favor of electric propulsion and suv style the one they've all got to beat the kia nero has been around a fair old while but during that period you could argue that it's been the best mid-sized electric suv on the market another prestige badge offering that sneaks in below our price cap a fully electric version of the established ux self-charging hybrid mazda is known for doing things a bit differently to the rest in terms of design and engineering but with the mx30 it's following the crowd in releasing an electric suv the third model in mercedes eq lineup of electric cars think of the eqa as being much like the combustion engine gla in terms of size and design but with an electric powertrain another of our existing incumbents and arguably the dark horse in this test much more polished than many will be expecting of an mg very generously equipped and also one of our cheapest offerings arguably a little bigger than the rest but still qualifies as a mid-size suv and skoda has a keen tradition of offering slightly bigger cars for the same money as smaller rivals the one many expect to be the biggest success of the lot volkswagen has said that the id4s hatchback sibling the id3 is as big a landmark for the company as the beatle or gulf wars yet the id4 is expected to outsell it [Music] to give the cars a thorough shakedown we've come to a place in rural oxfordshire called bista heritage hanley it's got its own one kilometer test track for us to drive the cars on and it's also got lots of other space for us to conduct our other tests but there's actually a lot more to it than that this site was once known as raf vista and it was operated as a bomber station and training base for the royal air force during world war ii today its purpose is very different after decades of neglect in the years that followed the war the majority of the historical buildings have now been tastefully renovated and are now home to dozens of different businesses involved in the classic car industry dealers mechanics restorers you name it all in one place think about what a marina is to boats this place has that feel about classic cars so when you think about it what this place has done is to take the history of transport and repurpose it for the future and that is why it feels like an appropriate place to conduct a test of electric vehicles so how is all this going to work then well we're going to carry out a number of different tests to assess the cars in different areas areas that are of vital importance to ev buyers i'll be conducting the first of them and that is a family friendliness test because most suvs electric or otherwise are used as family cars we'll be assessing space practicality versatility quality and durability how does the car cope with large items of cargo child seats lanky teenagers that sort of thing [Music] i'll be taking care of the second test where we look at the real world usability of our electric cars after all there's not much point in chucking the kids in the back if the car's not going to get you to where you're going so i'm going to look at the range the efficiency and the charging times on these cars all of that critical electric car stuff and of course if they can be comfortable maybe even a bit fun to drive then that is all for the better bit of a hint at this point there is going to be a lot of information coming at you thick and fast over the next couple of minutes so to process it all fully you might want to employ the services of your pause button so without further ado let the testing commence [Music] very generous cabin space and a big boot and a split level boot floor for extra versatility build quality is a bit disappointing for an audi though [Music] a really comfortable ride and controlled handling but overly light steering means there isn't much of a feeling of dynamism the fastest charging car and one of the longest official ranges not the most efficient but the big battery helps to make up for that [Music] one of the smallest cars but still pretty roomy inside nonetheless however the cabin quality doesn't match the pizzazz of the exterior styling a beautifully costing ride makes for a comfy life but it's not so accomplished in corners with lots of body roll and massively light steering the citroen's 100 kilowatt rapid charging and circa 200 mile official range is becoming quite industry standard and it's really all you need it's a shame that you can't cap battery charge at 80 for routine use but other than that there's very little to complain about quality is impressive for a ford but not dazzling in this company roomy rear seats decent boot space and space to store the cables under the bonnet scintillatingly strong performance and tight handling but does feel heavy in the corners an overly firm ride for a family car too good efficiency for such a big powerful car and with all the charging features and remote phone controls that you'd want others have got faster rapid charging though [Music] very solidly built and interestingly designed but weak in other areas tight rear seats dark cabin and a small luggage space among the leaders for performance and rides fairly comfortably however the steering is light and vague and noticeable road noise dense the refinement it's disappointing that the lexus doesn't have ccs rapid charging compatibility and this is one of the slowest charging cars here despite being one of the more expensive [Music] roomy rear seats despite a small footprint and the boot is big enough for the knees of most families the quality is very solid if rather unexceptional the kia is great fun it feels lighter than the ford and turns just as sharply with more feedback in the steering crucially also has a comfier ride this is the most efficient car here and you will even exceed that claimed range in summer conditions it charges quickly enough and has all the charge control features that you'd want as well [Music] the least practical car here the rear seats are super cramped the rear doors hinder your access and the boot is tiny the ride in the mazda is mostly comfortable but the body leans more than you might think and the steering feels quite inconsistent and acceleration is quite noisy as well the short range and slow ccs rapid charging will limit the mx30s appeal and usability but the free home charger is a nice sweetener poshest interior by a mile good rear legroom but tight headroom the boot is small and there's no underfloor storage for your cables a really comfortable car and it changes direction crisply and securely there's strong responsive performance and it's impressively quiet on the move some might expect faster rapid charging from a prestige brand but still up to the industry's standard 100 kilowatt rapid charging lots of space for long limbs in the back and plenty of room for luggage as well a brilliant option for eco-conscious families on a budget soft suspension keeps life comfortable which is great for families but the mg does start to feel rather untidy and unruly in corners [Music] this would benefit from faster rapid charging but also from better charging functionality including remote control via a phone app the cabin is every bit as huge as the audi and the volkswagen but it has a significantly bigger boot than anything else here lots of family friendly touches as well the comfortable ride will keep any family happy and it changes direction crispy and confidently meanwhile the performance is strong and responsive it's definitely worth adding the optional 125 kilowatt rapid charging as otherwise the skoda is subpar in terms of the charging times there's little to complain about otherwise and the range is great [Music] the interior feels slightly more stylish than the skoda's but no posher it has a smaller boot as well but it's still impressively big and has identical passenger space this feels very similar to its audi and skoda counterparts in all areas but as they're so impressive that's really no bad thing the id4 is getting on for audi q4 charging speeds and it's got a long range and all of the charging control features that you'd want so with our exhaustive tests now complete we retire to our judging quarters to consider our verdict our task is simple whittle our 10 cars down to a top two so we have got our 10 contenders and we need to get rid of eight so where do we start can i propose the first car for elimination yes i do that with a bit of a heavy heart because it looks great the interiors fab i love that cork finish and it drives quite nicely but we've said all along that we're looking for a family suv and it just doesn't cut it the boots one of the smallest is so tight in the back the rear hinge doors just it makes it too hard to get in and out so as a family car just doesn't work i mean i like the mazda 2.

I think it sort of makes sense as a rival to stuff like the honda e maybe but here it's just totally outclassed so yes okay agreed lose it lose it right i would like to propose the lexus okay the next one to go because again it's not very practical it's got that awful touchscreen pad yeah awful it's got chademo charging which is quite an outdated sort of charging socket it's quite expensive it's very expensive it's perfectly nice to drive actually yeah it's so short on practicality again the boot is small the back seats are a tight the the rear windows are so small that the back of the cabin is really dark and gloomy which is going to make your kids miserable and they'll make you miserable so i think let's get rid of it definitely it's not it's not a good family suv no okay okay my turn to nominate again i am gonna go for the mg i think there's a lot to like about this car it's big it's roomy it's well equipped and despite its super low price and the mg badge it doesn't feel out of place here in terms of interior quality i think the interior is actually really good it's also really comfortable which is great for a family car but as soon as you start asking it to change direction it starts to feel a bit clumsy and untidy and with that much wallow on sort of twisty roads that kind of harms its comfort overall yeah i'd agree with all of that and there are aspects of the build quality things like the flap on the charging ports really flimsy and also aspects of the charging it's quite slow charging by comparison to the others so 50 kilowatt and also the lights that tell you whether the car's charging properly and this kind of thing that you can't really see them in daylight there's little details like that it falls down on a bit so yes i would agree i think mg goes next we're getting rid of that one sorry mg i am going to go for the citroen which i think has got merit i think it's quite cool and quirky in its own way and surprisingly spacious but also i mean masses of body lean yeah again as soon as you ask it to change direction it just falls on its door handles doesn't it that infotainment system's not great either is it there's aspects of that that's really annoying again it's got a lot going for it but i think it's so stunning from the outside or impactful at least the interior just doesn't measure up either in terms of its design or its quality it's just a bit drab in there you and i will have to agree to disagree on that i think it looks brilliant everything else i agree with i think citroen's probably gone okeydoke next up well we were talking about the volkswagen group cars weren't we yeah it's a bit of an elephant in the room isn't it because three of our remaining six are all essentially the same car and they're very hard to uh separate their like in terms of interior space there's nothing in it there are slight nuances in the way that they drive but the differences are really marginal and essentially for that reason they kind of all have the same character so it's a bit of a question of how do you pick between them yeah so we've got the audi q4 the id4 and the skoda enyak as you say all cars based on the same platform they all drive much of a muchness infotainment systems all much the same i would say the audi has got the fastest charging of all of them but even so i think ultimately when you're talking about family suvs you know the skoda and the id4 have got sort of similarly good charging it's a shame you have to pay extra to get the 125 kilowatt on the skoda but it's only like just over 400 quid and given how well priced the skoda is it's going to come down to the fact that this code is offering much the same package for kind of better value isn't it i think if you're choosing with your heart you go for the audi or the volkswagen if you're choosing with your head then the skoda offers you more but charges you less for it it's got the biggest boot it's got the longest range it's the sensible choice and if you're making a decision based purely on logic the bare bones of it is is that the skoda costs more than two thousand pounds less than the volkswagen and almost six grand less than the audi and for the sake of a little bit of badge snobbery uh you know i think let's lose these two we can still say that these are excellent cars if you buy one you're getting a brilliant thing but totally recommendable and not bad monthly prices either that's the skoda through i think what about our other three i'm really taken with the ford mustang i have to say i really really like it i like the way it drives it's a really big car it's a significantly bigger car than either the mercedes or the kia and it's got the storage in the front um it's got that fantastic you know it's got to be said it's very tesla style um infotainment which i really like i think ford's done a great job with it but it is also quite expensive for the range you get compared to the others and the long range mustang because there's two batteries available on that we're testing the smaller battery because that's what you get for the money yeah that's a big price jump up to the long range about nine grand so which is a bit of a shame and you know at that point it would be the longest range car here but as it is smaller battery so not quite up there with range on the skoda and that kind of thing i mean it looks great it's fun to drive it's it's fast as well it doesn't feel as practical as it should be given the fact it's an absolutely massive car and it does feel heavy in the corners it's huge uh and slightly unwieldy but it does have that usp of of the sporty character with the mercedes that's got a usp as well and that is that interior it is sensational isn't it it's it's head and shoulders above anything else here it's probably a bit disappointing that audi didn't get closer to to the mercedes on that school because you know that's what they're known for but that's not mercedes fault hats off to them it's nice to drive it rides well it handles tidally only problem with it is is we're looking again we're looking for a family suv and it isn't all that practical the rear headroom is pretty tight the boot is pretty small and it's really annoying especially at this money that what small amount of boot space you do have is taken up by bags of charging cables because there's no underfloor storage which is a bit rubbish it is a bit tricky on that front it's also so it's 100 kilowatt charging which is i mean honestly that's really all that you need but it's still not quite what you get on um on some of the others yeah so well it's on a par with a kia but i think they're both brilliant cars the ford and the mercedes but we haven't actually talked about the kia yet and i mean let's face it that's probably because it kind of does everything and i think if we're looking for value and the way things drive and practicality i think probably this and the mercedes are both probably going to fall by the wayside next to the other two aren't they yeah i mean the the great thing about the key is it doesn't look like much but it drives fabulously like the ride's comfortable it's so controlled in corners the steering's fabulous yes and it's got you know it's got enough punch to give you that excitement factor it's more practical than the merc only only just but enough to make a big difference i think i mean it's the oldest car here by a mile and yeah it does feel like kia absolutely nailed the family electric car by out of the box yeah i lived with one of these for six months i've done you know 12 000 miles in it i love it it's just a wonderful car to live with it that new isn't necessarily always better and with a facelift the infotainment system is brilliant it is just just wonderful that car um i mean it's it's ugly i'll be honest i think but it's got a face like a slapped haggis i will forgive it that but i think the mercedes and the ford have gone on we're losing the merc and the ford and there we have our finalists [Music] now that we've got our final two we are going to take them on a good old-fashioned road trip to get to know them even better again we're going to be conducting a variety of tests along the way and based on the outcome of those we'll be crowning our electric suv champion [Music] the following day we head east from vista and we're not on the road for all that long before we decide to jump in the same car for our first test a good old-fashioned game of electric car name that tune okay so what's this all about well this is all about how quiet these hurricane cars are because i mean we always talk about how quiet they are lovely refined but we do want to know specifically how quiet and more importantly which one is quieter okay so how are we gonna do that i've come up with a plan we are going to pick some songs from your spotify playlist i'm sure they won't be embarrassing at all and uh i'm going to absolutely and i'm going to gradually turn it up one notch at a time until you can hear what is playing and then you've got to tell me what song is playing okay right that's actually quite clever but you're still a swine so basically what you're doing is taste shaming me on camera yes thanks very much hr people if you're listening to this no i'm not happy this is a very scientific test i'll have you know absolutely it's got nothing to do with humiliating you at all right well that's good to know is that's just a happy circumstance is it it's just a lovely byproduct yes it is anyway very much we are on your everyday dual carriageway out here so we're going to be doing what about 60 miles an hour yeah about that and we are in the skoda obviously right now so here we go first song i'm going to start silence close my eyes then that's not a good idea you're allowed to have your eyes open yeah okay so i'm going to start now i'm going to start turning it up right watch one turning up on my phone so we're not relying on the uh on the sound system in the car i'm not getting that okay second notch really trying not to look um no it's not super quiet this car isn't it really is there's no motorbike at all in this thing third notch and if you're wondering why you can't hit any music it's because it's still so quiet that our microphones can't actually pick it up is that reached by s club 7 yes yes it is you have got s club 7 on your spotify playlist what is wrong with you oh you're a fully grown man i'd defy anyone to listen to that song and not be cheerful okay fair enough look i'll leave i'll leave s club 7 alone what i would say is that i think the skoda is really very quiet even by electric car standards so on to the kia okay so here we are in the kia on the same stretch of road like i said this is all very scientific this test absolutely so i'm going to start now you ready go on there all right first notch now kick it up one second notch no quite a bit more tire noise in this isn't there i think yeah okay still can't get it up one more that oh dude another fourth notch fourth note that means you're a notch up on the skoda already oh oh you've picked yellow black yeah there you go now you know i i am slightly ashamed oh really i think it's a i think it's a classic i will be i'm unashamed of my love of coldplay and i'm unashamed of my love of the kia even though i have to say i think it's quite clearly a bit noisier it is that tire noise it's quite a bit more road noise a bit more wind but it's tire noise more than anything certainly is so i think that is another score one for the skoda yep i would agree we found our top dog of tranquility so we're going to split back into our individual cars to press on with the journey but we're not going to stick with them to make sure that both of us get a good feel for both contenders we're going to spend the next couple of hours chopping and changing between them as we make our way steadily eastward that is of course until we arrive at our next stop to face our next test the reason suvs are so popular is that they deliver family-friendly practicality but in a package that's fashionable desirable and stylish but it's clear to see just by looking at us that we know very little about style so what we need is to talk to someone who does so we've come to a place that's been a mecca of british fashion for more than 30 years with more than 300 shops restaurants and attractions set in around 150 000 square meters of prime essex real estate lakeside is one of the largest and best known shopping centres in the uk and even if you don't know a lot about fashion lakeside has you covered did you know for example that having your own personal shopper isn't merely the preserve of the rich and famous nope if you need to know what's in and what's out this season or what styles or colors are gonna suit you best then free of charge and with no obligation to buy anything lakeside will provide you with your very own personal shopper to come along with you on your shopping trip and give you advice and here she is carly knowl has been a stylist and fashion expert for almost 20 years and has run the personal shopper service at lakeside for more than five and with so much experience of what's hot and what's not who better to tell us which of our cars hits the spot for style so colleen before we start what do you think of what i'm wearing well i think it's a good job that you choose cars and i choose clothes moving swiftly on right okay so to the cars first impressions what do we think sort of uh from from the kickoff both really nice i mean white is classic but red is my favorite color and that one kind of jumps out at me straight away sweet okay anything sort of in terms of design features that you particularly like or dislike i'm not sure why this is here it's bit asymmetrical isn't it yeah i mean i understand obviously it's neat but it could be on the side where the petrol would look a bit more natural wouldn't it yeah i think so okay uh what about the skoda anything there that's grabbing you i mean i like all the kind of angles that is that's going on in the car okay should we head around to the back yes down the side and see if there's anything that's wheels anything they're quite big i mean i like that i like big big wheels and i like the size of the car generally yeah it feels like an suv i feel like muscular yeah it feels like i'm driving a car yeah where the other one just perhaps feels like a bit more hatchback yeah a bit more exactly yeah so um again i i love the detail i love i love the way it's designed okay anything about the back that's that's grabbing you like the the lettering on the on the back i mean i don't mind that i mean i think that would surprise a lot of people if i if i drove past in this car and they saw skoda i think they'd be quite surprised or maybe that's just me um but i like it i think it's very neat it's very simple and quite stylish i like it fair enough okay should we take a look inside yes let's do it right so thank you okay so what is it that grabs you initially about this one well what is this this looks very futuristic to me it does yeah uh it looks like my son's tablet it's like having my phone just there but you're not supposed to which you're not supposed to have exactly yeah i know it's straight away it doesn't have leather seats okay so i do like lever seats yeah i'm partial to some fair enough lever and this kind of textile textile on the dashboard i mean all it takes is one lot of sticky fingers touching that and i feel like your hands yeah i feel like that will kind of be ruined and you know not look as good as it does now so yeah i mean i'm not really it's not really grabbing me the inside of this car fair enough okay should we hop in the other one yes please oh very nice how are we feeling about this oh very nice okay i can see the whole similar screen going on but this one's much smaller it doesn't feel like it's not in your intruding my space so i like that this all feels very familiar for me like what's your current car my car is a range rover evo okay so this is all the but all the buttons and dials and stuff are kind of more familiar to you yes most definitely i can kind of manage everything here i love the liver c tin i love the way it feels it's very airy yeah yeah yeah loving this so here you've got kind of like this polished black finish rather than the textile is that something you prefer yeah this is a bit of me i mean it's very similar to my car yeah i i really like it i prefer this it's a clean simple stylish finish for me on the inside yeah exactly okay right then let's jump out so i think the big question after all of that if you with your stylist head on yes had to pick one to be the stylist choice of the two which would it be and why it would be the outside of the skoda with the inside of the kia that would be the perfect match as we don't have that as an option afraid not for me it'd have to be the skoda okay thank you very much win for the skoda so now that we know what's what in the fashion stakes we press on towards our final destination and as we make our way we're going to take the opportunity to reflect on the character of our cars [Music] [Music] the thing i really like about the kia is that it's a very unintimidating car i think a lot of people especially if they're going to an electric car for the first time which a lot of people are they sort of worry a bit about what an electric cars like to drive is it going to be a bit weird the kia is anything but weird it's a very friendly car to drive everything from you know the control weights through to the fact that it's quite a compact car so this is a bit more sort of ford focus size the kia whereas obviously the skoda is a significantly bigger car it's just a very easy car to drive you get in and it feels like you've owned it forever i think for anybody who's coming to an ev for the first time that sense of familiarity and it just being really easy to drive will be quite a confidence booster if you're worried about what an electric car is going to be like to drive that kia really is a great little car but that's exactly what it feels like a little car it's no bad thing in itself it just feels a little bit more hatchback than suv the enyak on the other hand is bigger it's bolder more suv like and that's got to be a good thing in an suv test the other thing to note about the enyak is that although it's an electric skoda it still feels like a skoda and it delivers on all those traits that skoda has delivered on over the years it's bigger and more practical than most of its rivals it's got all those family-friendly little touches that make family life that little bit easier and it's more keenly priced than most of its rivals as well and that means as we said earlier on that it's got all those logical boxes well and truly ticked [Applause] now i've been specializing in evs for quite a few years now and i've talked to a lot of people who are thinking about going to an electric car it might be a bit on the fence the reason that the vast majority of them aren't sure is because they're worried about public charging and to be honest i can understand why it's not a great reputation at the moment for the charging infrastructure in the uk aspects of reliability and more than that even when you do get to a rapid charger that is working quite often there's only two or three connectors so if there's a queue or one or more charges out of order then you're going to have a long wait ahead of you however that is not the case here in braintree this essex town is home to the gridserve electric forecourt which you could argue changes the game for electric motoring this place has got no less than 30 rapid charges [Music] and while your car recharges so can you because the electric forecourt also has a variety of shops and food and drink outlets to chill out in before we go any further i'm going to talk about charging because charging in a modern electric car really it's more of a language problem than a technology problem because the vast majority of mono-electric cars they have exactly the same sockets and they're all compatible with exactly the same public charges but it's still really intimidating when somebody starts throwing around phrases like kilowatt hours and ccs and of course that means nothing to the vast majority of us so consider this your beginner's crash course to charging an electric car and i am going to start with this this little socket up here this is a type 2 socket you will find it on every electric car that you buy today and this socket is what you will use to charge the car when you use your home wall box or you'll also use this when you charge at slower public charges which you typically find in supermarket car parks that kind of thing you don't need to worry about it too much other than to not rely on a type 2 if you can avoid it if you're on like a long journey and you need a really quick top up and you want to carry on because you're going to be looking at hours rather than minutes for a decent top-up from one of these you will also need to bring your own cable when you charge up using a type 2 socket every electric car comes with that cable so don't panic about that either the rapid charging stations that we've got here at grid serve and that you're going to increasingly find up and down the motorway service stations in the uk they're a bit different so these things they come with their own cable so you don't need to bring your own and they plug into the ccs port down here which it does actually incorporate that type 2 socket at the top you just get to the station that is your ccs socket and you plug it in here and you're away now the grid surf chargers are really good because you just use a contactless card and go some of them you have to have apps that can be a bit of a faff it's getting a bit better so increasingly you can just pay with contactless which is great now a ccs rapid charger sometimes it's also called a dc charger that is called direct current it's a fast charger so it's a dc ccs rapid charger that you're looking for when you're on a long journey and you want to get a quick top up you're looking at 50 kilowatts charging speed minimum at a dc rapid charger which in normal layman's terms means you're going to get about 100 miles of range in something like 45 minutes to an hour depending on the temperature the condition of your battery these do go up to 350 kilowatts which is what you will find here at grid serve and that is as fast as you ever need really because if you plug in a 350 kilowatt charger you're gonna get 100 miles of range before you can get to the loo and back basically however the thing to know is that the charging speed is dictated by the vehicle not the charging station so you've got your 100 kilowatt kia ener here if i plug that into one of those 350 kilowatt stations i'm still only going to get 100 kilowatt charging speeds however if i plug this car into a 50 kilowatt charging station because the station hasn't got the power that this has i'm only going to get 50 kilowatts so know the specs on your car know how fast your car can charge and you shouldn't really have any nasty surprises when you're rapid charging the other kind of easy stuff that you should know you can plug in when it's raining of course you can't that's an obvious thing lots of people still worry about it and apart from that remember that when you're charging especially a rapid charger you get a much much slower charge when the battery is charging from 80 percent to 100 so as the battery gets more and more charged the charging speeds drop and that really is everything that you need to know about the basics of charging an electric car there's loads of advice on cargurus uk of course and more than anything just don't be scared by because they're really easy to live with and especially with the infrastructure improving at such a rate as it is now charging an electric car has never been easier with our cars plugged in and feeding on some well-earned electricity it was time to deliberate on our verdict both cars had impressed but which would be our winner [Music] right so we've got quite a decision to make here um both our cars i think it's fair to say are very different but i think we'll agree that they're both absolutely brilliant at the same time oh yeah they totally are i mean you know all 10 cars that we started with they're so good and they've got a real kind of each of them got different strengths and it just goes to show that there's some really good options for electric car buyers right now you know yeah absolutely i mean gone are the days when there was only a handful of decent electric car options to choose from like there's now real variety on offer and that can only be good for the future of electric cars oh yeah totally but this is a test and it's not much of a test if we don't have a winner that's true we do need to nail our colours to the mast and i think given the family car brief that we set out at the beginning i think i know which one i'm rooting for yeah i think with that brief in mind i think i do too a superb electric car a superb family car the skoda enyak is our new electric suv champion [Music] we'd love to hear what you think of this video so please do let us know in the comments if you liked it please do share it and subscribe to our youtube channel and if you're in the market for any of these cars or any car for that matter then visit cargurus.com uk for great deals from top rated dealers [Music] you

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