Eldrazi Tron vs Infect | MTG Modern Matchup VS series (With decklists)

hello and welcome to Walker's the MTG matchup demonstration channel so a few days ago oka was fun independence in Morden everything is good for eldrazi ground as chalice of the void will never been an elk anymore the chalice is very good at King stakes with lots of on CMC spells like shadow and infants in for in fact it's a raid explosive combo deck which performs several turn to kill team Morden so what if a drazi turns play a king's in vats with each other's counter old pump spells which hinder in efforts can plan or will in fact carried off chalices control and pitch opponents within three turns let's check it out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Adolphe to Eldrazi Tom player has chalice of the void in play – in fact player can still find a solution in win a game in this matchup for a DM corruptor is very important as it not only destroyed annoying chalice but also applies pressure on the board become emesis is good as well because this has seven CMC pom spell with self ability which helps to pay the costs remember to tell the ability to suck reduce to convert them in a cost of as well so even though you pay only one green mana to cast it it will not speak hunted by the chalice which has only one charge content on it if you're interested in the text you can check the that list below in the description and please subscribe to our channel if you appreciate our effort thanks for watching and see you next time I

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