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to be honest edward snowden and bitcoin were always going to go hand in hand a man who fought for freedom of information will without doubt be open to the truly democratic values at the heart of crypto edward snowden has noted the anti-fragile nature of bitcoin in spite of the growing regulatory inspection on digital currencies across the world taking to twitter on sunday the former u.s central intelligence agency consultant noticed that bitcoin has grown stronger despite constantly being subject to government crackdowns and anti-cryptocurrency policies snowden's tweet made a reference to the comments made last year in 2020 on the 13th of march amidst the black thursday decline that led to cryptocurrency and equity markets tanking amidst uncertainties revolving around the kovit 19 pandemic as reported by a source at the time snowden was unaffected by bitcoin's 50 drop in fact he stated that it was the first time he considered buying bitcoin snowden pointed out in his tweet that the cryptocurrency has gone up 10 times ever since in spite of a global campaign run by governments to weaken the understanding and support of digital currencies amid the black thursday crash in march last year bitcoin had slipped to 3 800 usd however it has since then set a new peak high of around 64 800 usd trading beyond 50 688.90 usd as of the time of writing the bitcoin cash price has gone up more than 10 times since snowden's tweet about it last year in march 2021 has indeed been a year of extensive bitcoin and cryptocurrency clampdowns particularly in china with beijing authorities raising the bar on unfavorable crypto-related policies numerous bitcoin miners have left china transferring their equipment to regions abroad the ban of cryptocurrency mining operations in china even caused a temporary yet destructive decline in bitcoin's hash rate anti-bitcoin sentiments are also apparently prevalent in washington with members of congress adopting unfavorable views around crypto all the while demanding even stricter laws legislators like gary gensler sec chair have also called for more rigorous crypto laws that according to critics might end up derailing digital modernization in the us in the meantime the adoption of bitcoin continues to increase with even nation states participating el salvador recently became noted for being the first nation to accept bitcoin as a legitimate tender in a shift that could have a noticeable impact across central as well as south america snowden has also commented on el salvador's new bitcoin law noting that other countries could follow suit becoming motivated to accept bitcoin as legal tender everybody and welcome to crypto news the youtube channel that looks to bring you the hottest news in the crypto world daily the information we provide can be time sensitive so if you subscribe and click the notification icon below you will be notified every time we upload a new video the imf or the international monetary fund recently published a package of policies meant for the developing markets and economies to guarantee economic stability amidst the international cryptocurrency adoption the imf acknowledges the realized potential of cryptocurrency assets as a tool for cheaper and faster cross-border transactions referring to a striking increase in the value of cryptocurrency markets in spite of the bearish trends that occurred in may this year the report features transaction speed and costs high returns and decreased anti-money laundering or aml guidelines as the leading drivers for cryptocurrency adoption to combat the consequent economic stability challenges as a consequence of the increased trading of cryptocurrency assets imf suggests that policymakers should execute international standards for cryptocurrency assets as well as improve their capability to oversee the cryptocurrency ecosystem by tackling data gaps developing markets subject to quote-unquote cryptozation risks should consider strengthening macroeconomic guidelines and review the advantages of distributing central bank virtual currencies the imf report shows that the valuation of the cryptocurrency market has extended beyond bitcoin in conjunction with an acute surge in stablecoin offerings data accumulated over the course of three years points to the fact that risk-modified returns of non-stablecoin cryptocurrency assets such as bitcoin are similar to other conventional benchmarks such as the s p 500.

Aside from the issuance of cbdc or central bank digital currency the imf also suggests equal regulation to the risk and in keeping with those of international stable coins apart from the implementation of cbdc policies regarding dedolorization will support governments in taking microfinance related risks earlier in july this year a source revealed the imf scheme to speed up the monitoring process of virtual currencies drawing attention to the advantages of virtual assets a previously released imf stated that payments would become easier cheaper speedier more accessible and would cross borders faster these improvements could give rise to inclusion as well as efficiency with considerable benefits for everyone the imf has also made plans in the past to meet with president naib bukele the president of el salvador to discuss the possibilities and effectiveness of conventional bitcoin adoption the spokesperson of the imf jerry rise revealed that the company had already been carrying out discussions with legislators in el salvador regarding a loan to help the nation's economy having authorized reserve funds for the pandemic last year the french authorities have issued warnings against unauthorized crypto trading platforms the ottery de marches financiers or amf the stock at market regulators have continued to monitor the crypto market in france to identify illegal platforms the amf has recently warned investors to be wary of unauthorized crypto platforms involved in illicit activities it is evident that global authorities have been increasingly putting pressure on crypto platforms under the concern of unregulated crypto investment services the amf's latest warning comes after melanian capital a derivatives fund manager based in paris launched bitcoin exchange traded fund services in august the ceo of the fund manager j comer had remarked on the difficulties faced by the company and getting the amf's approval to launch the exchange traded fund the amf had updated their web portals on friday to identify certain unauthorized platforms that offered crypto and foreign exchange investments under the regulator's radar the authority's list of unauthorized entities included four websites related to crypto derivatives investment and 12 foreign exchange websites signifying the number of illegal platforms that have been operating without the amf's approval the authority strongly recommends investors follow the list of authorized entities that have been cleared to operate in the country by using online registers of financial service providers moreover the amf advises investors to consult with financial investment advisors and ventures that are in accordance with the authority's list of approved entities according to the regulator the list of unauthorized investment providers remains unfinished and is regularly updated in collaboration with the french prudential supervision and resolution authority the authorities believe that the blacklist is not meant to be finished as new unauthorized platforms appear regularly as such the blacklist is frequently updated to protect investors from potentially fraudulent investments france remains one of the countries that have issued warnings to investors advising the locals to refrain from indulging in unauthorized or suspicious platforms earlier in august the australian securities and investment commission strongly advised the citizens to only invest in crypto through the financial institutions that hold licenses from the australian financial services up to 50 of investors incurred losses in the first two quarters of 2021.

Earlier this year francoise villarroy de gallo the governor of the bank of france had urged europe to prioritize crypto regulation due to the risk that crypto assets posed to the country's monetary sovereignty four bitcoin exchange traded funds or etfs have been provided with additional 45 days by the u.s securities and exchange commission on friday normally the sec takes 45 days to render a decision but recently the regulator had granted additional 45 days for the bitcoin etfs to decide on whether to approve the 19b-4 applications according to the sec's official statement the commission designated a longer period of time for the four bitcoin etfs and granted more time to decide the proposed rule change the agency claimed to have bought more time to consider any comments and remarks on the 19b-4 applications the four bitcoin etfs namely cryptcoin bitcoin etf wisdomtree bitcoin trust valkyrie xbto bitcoin futures fund and globalx bitcoin trust were rescheduled for december 24th december 11th december 8th and november 21st respectively for approval from the sec while bitcoin etfs are widespread in the u.s the crypto asset is not directly owned by investors who claim to own portfolios of stocks deemed to have been exposed to blockchain technology some bitcoin proponents believe that 2021 could be the year that bitcoin etf is approved mainly due to the leadership of gary gensler the chairman of the sec gensler is highly regarded as an expert on crypto assets and has previously taught courses on digital currencies and blockchain technology when asked how the sec should regulate digital assets earlier in march gensler stated the regulatory policy depended on how the us government classified crypto assets such as bitcoin in mid-september invesco a uk-based investment firm had joined the new york-based galaxy digital funds to file for a bitcoin etf aptly named invesco galaxy while the etf is currently awaiting approval it is highly speculated that the asset has the potential to be listed on the national exchanges in the u.s it is widely anticipated that the approval of the first bitcoin etf will increase the crypto assets technical indicators leading to an influx of traditional investors into the market a recent data report from ishares revealed that the total value of global commodities exchange traded products is equivalent to 263 billion analysts from bloomberg have recently predicted that the regulator could approve of a bitcoin etf by the end of the year and highlighted that pro shares bitcoin futures etf was the most likely candidate to be approved thank you everybody for watching crypto news we hope that you have taken something from this video investing in crypto can be daunting and there is so much information out there it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction thankfully we are here to cut out the rubbish and only bring you the news that genuinely shapes the state of crypto until then i look forward to seeing you tomorrow for another crypto video take care

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