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Hello hello everyone. I'm Le Duy and I'm back today I come from hidden gem and today my son wants to review for you named EDG. Ok. Edgeware So first, I want to give you a brief introduction to this baby on the floor. Before talking about that, I would like to thank all of you who have supported my hidden gem team over the past time. My videos are for review and non-profit purposes. We do not put anyone to invest in any project We review technical analysis, analyze the fundamentals of these coins In a market we have another category we push with trends For example, a large community pushes and pushes it and we forget about technology what it is about.

Then that school of investment is surfing. And this is the school of sustainable investment I want you to buy…when holding those children or holding crypto coins, you must understand it well about the operating principle. as well as its techniques. Thank you so much for supporting our team And you can help us share and like this channel to let more people know To help more people have basic knowledge as well as understand more about the crypto market So that when it comes to crypto, people don't have to call it virtual money anymore, it's not a scam anymore But people think it becomes a serious investment channel in the future Then I think in the future it will also develop very well Back to our topic today.

Our theme for today is the EDG Then we will go to coinecko to check a little bit. Then my code is EDG Why do I want you to check like this. Because we will have a lot of the same code EDG you see. Edgeless and Edgeware. Then we are talking about Edgeware Let's not be mistaken. We will talk about Edgeware. Many people are confused. Go up and then search and then buy When you enter the order to buy. You forget what you are buying. It's the same. It has the same name Then you are mistaken. I was sitting at a coffee shop when I flew up on the floor to buy this When you buy it you forget that there are two identical ones with the same code. Then you have to check if its name is Edgeware or Edgeless Then ok.

I just remind you through this Then this is her sister and her development cycle. Somewhere, it's 0.02 ha And now, how much is it for you guys? Her sister is 0.02, and the other is 0.002. I've increased it about ten times, guys But its potential is huge. Already. Why do I say great potential? Then I will talk about the reasons why. First I want you to come to a Polkaproject polkaproject.com. This EDG belongs to the ecosystem of polkaproject ha. Belongs to the ecosystem of Polkadot You see her up here and this is her official website. Edgeware.re So what's the problem with it? We will see smart contract, blockchain Then we'll come back to our review.

OK. Now we will talk about her EDG belongs to the Polkadot ecosystem. Already. Please wait for me a little bit Ok. First, I will talk about what this EDG is all about It is a high-performance smart contract aggregation platform. Do you see In smart contract ha. Already. It is self-upgraded according to a protocol called WASM . for short I have it on the other side. It's an acronym for Webassembly. What is Webassembly, I will explain to you its general concept on the next slide And please remember that. Webassembly smart contract platform is its brother that is solving the smart contract problem for the Polkadot ecosystem Very nice. Webassembly is a technology created by Microsoft. Now all the companies Google or Apple are all fundamental Almost more than 90% of all website platforms now… even now, I have to say that 100% of them already have this integrated. Works on cross-platform and this baby is new technology. Open source, guys And its main attraction is its built-in voting…authorization mechanism So what? In this child's ecosystem, when any project is posted, all the communities who own this EDG coin are entitled to vote in that project.

let it run or not run, invest or not invest. When a project is invested, the voter will receive back the benefits that the project has listed on it It's pretty good. This baby is so cool Now on this slide, I will talk in a basic and simple way for you to understand how it works on this platform. This is a very difficult slide for the members of the team to sit and talk to understand because the specialty is so deep that we dug it up. But I'm trying to explain in the simplest way you can imagine For those of you who are more technical, more technical, you can search more deeply. I'm sure you already understand if you work in a field related to web and app My main protocol is this WASM here, we already have all the background languages ​​C, C++ and Rust And especially the keyword you should pay attention to in this upcoming crypto blockchain will be rust The rust programming language.

Then all these languages, after being programmed, will be converted to WASM and then displayed on your web. Then it helps to speed up the process of increasing processing speed. Then this girl is very good And solve the old problem that programmers can't talk to each other, this guy will solve it all Already. This girl has another protocol called LLVM ha. Well before…you see above here. You see it below C, C++, This Code… Then it will be taken through the encoding conversion part… Emscripten goes through the WASM module Then comes the HTML App guy. Then to display the web browser In the old days, all these codes displayed for a very long time. Now it has a new platform, there is an environment called WASM Then in WASM there is an LLVM guy in the middle to handle the Frontend and Backend So I'll just say it. For those of you who don't know what Frontend is. These are the interfaces you see on the façade that stack the layout here.

The sign up button is made here And the backend is programming, is the code, the code is under the platform Then in the programming language people divided into two things Frontend and Backend You see a system like C#, Rust, C++, Java all running on the web through Webassembly, this will make everything simpler, faster, more optimized. Here is it. This is a string parsing the simplest programming language. Done down a Clang guy, then go to the next class is LLVN bytecode do one task is coding. It then passes an environment called Asm.js. This asm stands for assembly guys Then display this application on the browser for you. Already. It is the one in the middle that optimizes all programming languages ​​and then displays it in the web browser, increasing the speed of the website. Then recently, in June and July, it successfully organized council elections to adopt the on-chain mechanism. If anyone learns what is onl chain and off chain.

Onl chains are crypto transactions that happen in the blockchain Coins and transactions that occur off-chain are called off-chain. Which is safer on the onl chain than off the chain? What happens in the blockchain can't be changed, can't be tampered with So the onl chain mechanism is a very cool mechanism. And off-chain is a bit dangerous so people don't trust it too much. It's quite dangerous On a similar issue here, this guy is very smart and he just gave out 90% of the community tokens You ha. Because it wants people…it doesn't have much token holdings…it throws it out in the community 90% and out there automatically voting with each other. To avoid the problem is ok I keep many tokens so I will be biased in voting or voting on its future projects.

So it pushed it all out through a program called lockdrop. Then it stakes on Ethereum to receive EDG Then this lockdrop is like an airdrop but it's smarter, a lot more civilized And I will talk about lockdrop and airdrop in the next video because it's quite long. It doesn't take a video to explain this place Okay guys. You understand that. Which means it's very civilized, very upright It throws out 90% of the market, I keep 10%. And all the decision-making power, voting is up to you, not us anymore Then it will be a lot more transparent and you feel like you have a lot of interference in this project And the participants are much more active Then this is a team of this EDG team. You see that this team has only 5 people People often say they are not famous. This is their weak point But an information that I just updated last night and I added to you guys If you have recently joined a crypto market trending HKK or something, then another coin that is increasing in price is NEAR.

NEAR and NEAR's ecosystem of cash coins are located here. And the last round of NEAR price increase was quite terrible The dev team that made this NEAR coin is the same team that did this. It's the EDG team here. Then they developed the NEAR coin OK. That's an information I just updated from my brother last night from the hidden gem brother team Then you see it. What we know we share with you right away. No secrets from you We are not hiding anything here. Our goal is to help the community better understand cryptocurrencies in the right way People are obsessed with the word scam or virtual currency. Then we help people get rid of that thought Already. Now I talk about some of its outstanding platforms and features. Then I highlighted the three that I highlighted in this slide It is Polkadot's smart contract, webassembly application and proof of stake Grandpa These three key points, please remember to help me. She makes a smart contract for the Polkadot ecosystem Polkadot does not have smart contracts. Now I will come back to this Polkaproject issue a little bit And speaking of smart contracts…

Well, let's delete this guy. Do you see. When I go to the smart contract, it shows up Here it is. Polkadot does not have a smart contract but they let the rest of the cryptocurrencies do this on the Polkadot platform Then you see there are 9 coins working as smart contracts for Polkadot. Then and she lies here I have it here. And you see it says building a WASM based smart contract platform.

Here he is working in that field for Polkadot. Well, this is a pretty cool one At first, there were only about 2 or 3, but today it's a bit too many. Then the Polkadot ecosystem is growing strongly OK. We go back to our business. Then the webassembly application is designed by some low-level language application Rush…here. I tell you to pay attention to this word. Rush is a programming language that focuses on processing speed and security So they choose the Rust programming language to help webassembly build a standard blockchain subtrade base Already. Because the development performance of this rust language is greatly appreciated. The language is run on the WASM . environment Delivers outstanding speed optimization. Performance is very high. That's all Because of the high performance, increased speed, they need to be processed on the blockchain and we see the blockchain I will tell you the next part. Lots of cool stuff. Why does it use this Rush and speed is important and it needs to be optimized After this, this Polkadot ecosystem is terrible Also a new protocol you often hear is proof of stake proof of stake It now has a proof of stake grandpa.

It is a consensus protocol on Polkadot. A new consensus protocol The new proof of stake is called proof of stake granpa. Then it applies this protocol to optimize its system Already. New protocol of Polakdot. Proof of stake already but it's great to stake anything on Polkadot And Polkadot doesn't do much staking either. They have a so called staking from this Trust wallet, staking from Polkadot wallet.io A lot of staking arrays and information came too much and I didn't have time to study this one to review, another one came. Too much. So my team is very busy and busy. Soon you will see one that the RING coin will be reviewed next The other guys review haha. Already. Next is what I want to tell you. This is pretty cool and it's a bit complicated If you have watched my video about Polkadot and that, you will understand this one One of the main functions of this EDG is an identity service called verifible credentials Identity service in the Polkadot ecosystem. Already In the Polkadot platform there is another coin that does this. It's called DOCX. Please search. Lots of cool stuff around this guy I have to search for all.

I search smart contract, it's not correct. If I search and it's all, it will come up with a code This is the DOCX coin. Then what does it do? Verifiable credentials subtrade baseddata hiring token. OK ha Then a coin also works on identity services but does not work on smart contracts. You see its website here Lots of cool stuff for you. Q4 2020 do something…token launch. Then you should read this Roadmap they are working up to this q3 here. Validator tests the network. They're just testing Already. Online identification and digital signature service. Very good, buddy. Will it be able to borrow online after this? Very interesting.

On this upcoming platform. Web3 foundation ha. Remember. Web3 foundation on the upcoming platform Many of you ask what github is. It's the place where they share the code. How far they can do they update it for the community and testing and checking back to see what they did. Ok. This is their Telegram channel, Reddit, Twitter You can come in and see. Okay then I just introduced. So this is what I say. This one on the right is what I want to tell you. Why is it complicated? Why did it choose a protocol called Rust, a programming language called Rust to solve their problem Well first of all we all know the relay chain is a circle I said ha, the heart of Polkadot Then on that relay chain it has parachains, you see, the gate of Ethereum bridge – it's demo Ethereum bridge, the gateway to the WASM contract. Here I have zoomed in here for you guys WASM. Remember this keyword. There will be a lot of things running on WASM in the future in the rust programming language Already.

Then it never got rid of Ethereum. It never kills Ethereum what's here Foreign experts say that the Polkadot coin will kill Ethereum, it will kill Ethereum But I never thought so. Because I read this It doesn't kill anyone. You see it opens the port for Ethereum to connect to. Because why? Ethereum is a coin that is currently at the top of the world in terms of the ecosystem that has defi coins on it There are billions of dollars on it already.

There's a lot going on around Ethereum. Why are we not friends with Ethereum Connections with them also grow but go kill them. Then Polkadot has opened a connection method, shared with Ethereum To make it easier for Ethereum side platforms to swap over. Not killing Ethereum Ha you ha, We develop in parallel, then update it, it helps each other develop, but it doesn't have a kill here. Already. Then in these parachains you see a new concept you should pay attention to. It's para relay chain It will be easy to get confused. The relay chain is the main circle. Is the heart of Polkadot And the parachain are the main gateways, the main strong coins, the important slots called parachain Now we have a concept called para relay chain.

Then in this para relay chain it has hundreds of para lelay chains below You see it as a solar ecosystem you ha. It is a lot of copper connected together on the gate And a lot of such ports. It has this multi-tier. So it's because of the multi-layer factor that they have to use protocols that need speed Need speed and avoid causing congestion ha OK. You understand this. I will pass this. Next is its roadmap, you have seen it You have just had a look here. Then its roadmap is normal. You see Kusama. Edgeware on Kusama Kusama is also a coin on the Polkadot ecosystem. Kusama…Let me check the correct name for it Uh here. Here you are. Kusam is a co-processor of a subtrade based token issue. Solving problems on a network of Polkadot Then I will have the following reviews, Ok I don't know what it is yet. Unable to review. Can't talk about it yet Then to sum it up. It connects to Ethereum on Tokyo. Then create parachain bonding in London ha Then EDG's initial supply token is 5 billion ha. The first year gives 20%, this part is paid to the person who staking it The supply rate will increase and decrease year by year.

For example 16% in the second year First it will be 20% and the rate of supply will decrease and decrease every year And this is its social map recently, its interactive channels on twitter or intagram all skyrocketed. From May 2019 to August 2020. Then on Reddit or Twitter followers also increase like that They have an interest in media and social. Then this is an EDG sentiment. Means this is analyzed on Galaxy score So to begin with, they interact quite strongly with social networks The health of a crypto is judged on the community's interest in this child Then there's this Galaxy score page that gauges the community's interest in this baby Then my score is lying quite ok ha.

Already. Just some information for you to see So that's a rough assessment. Her weak point is that the team doesn't have much information and they don't care about updating much They focus on doing what they do. The whitepaper also only describes the concept and doesn't say how it will be done So here you see this. They are updating here. It has only done the first part, Polkadot's first smart contract chain The ones that power by webassembly or manage with a treasure it slowly do You see this. Coming soon. Coming soon. Already. And this is talking about their new vision Then this can become that gem.

Because at this stage babies are called gems. And the price on the floor you see is quite low Even though it's x10, the price is still low. And here it is. The highest of all time. So now she's been here x13 times But for this team to analyze, she still has a lot of potential, guys And..ok. Then analyze this smart contract. Being the pioneer parachain in the field of smart contracts on Polkadot ha The key moment for the mainnet launch is coming up in Q3/2020. So everything they're doing media, is making social better Because he's coming to mainnet soon. There. And she took the lead in making smart contracts for Polkadot I just ran a little bit of statistics on coinecko recently, Polkadot is the top 1 search on coinecko And everyone, the community began to focus on this child. You will notice in your third column there will be Kusama and Kulupu They are the two children located on the ecosystem of Polkadot. Then start the ones on Polkadot being taken care of And put it in many places.

Then you should also be concerned. Already. Lots and lots of things Chainlink also appears here ha. Then one more thing I want to say is the copper that I review, on my recommendation Then the tokens I review here for you, the crypto I review is not recommended for you This is just an informative advice for you to better understand when you hold a certain token or a certain crypto. Then you must clearly understand what it is doing and how it works, in what field And whether it is really good or not for you to have faith to keep it. And you keep it without knowing what it's doing It's just that those who say they want to sell, sell, and those who ask to buy, buy. Not having a direction is very dangerous Already. I also mentioned briefly, the coin that Ampleforth this friend reviews, Na review, is currently x5 Ampleforth this morning x5 only.

This one… Polkadot is fine. Located at about 6 feet a few dollars Then whoever buys 3.8 or 4 dollars will make a profit but don't close it. Very wasteful. Okay then I end my video here and see you in the next video from me and my team.

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