Hey guys, good morning, good afternoon, good night, welcome everyone to the channel, the sky is the limit, guys, today we are going to make the video of withdrawal from theestarcapital here, there's $75 here for withdrawal, I'll make the request for withdrawal in litecoin from the platform, for us to withdraw we have to remember to save in our wallets in our profile, so we can perform them here, ok guys, so let's go here in the finance part, click on withdrawal, I'll choose litecoin $75 my wallet is already configured so let's click on the withdrawal from the site, here it says that the transaction was processed well right, let's go here in statistics and here is the withdrawal, my wallet is being processed, so as soon as I receive the payment there in my Brasil Bitcoin, I come back here with the video and show the proof of payment of the capital for you guys, I'll come here, there's an entry here but that's not the one I took from the faucet pay, it's going to be the next litecoin entry in the wallet, 07/08 day today, since I'm already back with video and amostro proof of payment to you from the site, returning here with the guys here and video is already paid for my wallet is already successful $ 75 right, well then received payment right here in my Brasil Bitcoin, which was this entry here, 0.

48 million litoshi it here hash 17 confirmations and today's date, 7/8 of 202, so folks, one more proof of payment, there is capital, the site has been paying us correctly, right, so today I came to bring another video of it, another payment there in the capital's channel, but going forward it will bring more proof of payments and informing you while the site pays, that strong hug guys Stay all with God and until the next video..

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