Easiest Way to Turn 1k into 10k with Cryptocurrency in 2021? | Tyler Winklevoss Explains

one other thing is i think i looked at there's 32 
companies that have bitcoin on its bal there's   uh so there's 40 about 40 50 000 publicly traded 
companies globally on global exchanges okay 32   of them have bitcoin on their balance sheet 
square microstrategy tesla only 32. do we think   that number is going down or going up right what 
happens when that number's a hunt of uh 500 100   000 10 000 what does that do to the price 
of bitcoin it's it's not even the it's like   the second pitch of the first inning you know in 
terms of when you think of where this thing can go   and then when when the companies all have bitcoin 
on their balance sheet then a central bank's gonna   fall because they have gold on their balance 
sheet right they do that because they know what   they're doing by printing money they stack gold 
they're just going to start stacking bitcoins   all right that was of course billionaire investor 
tech aficionado tyler winklevoss illustrating   just how early we are how much potential bitcoin a 
digital gold has in 2021 and beyond now in today's   video i want to go right to the expert's mouth 
and talk about the easiest way to 10x your money   turn 1k into 10k with cryptocurrency i also 
want to update you on ethereum on decentraland   on cardano as well as the latest token being 
pumped by elon welcome back everybody to   altcoin daily where you subscribe for a video on 
cryptocurrency every day like always let's jump in   and let me be very clear that the easiest way to 
get rich with cryptocurrency is to huddle it's not   the fastest it's not the most exciting but it's 
the easiest and today i want to talk about big   picture strategies to help get us there tip number 
one and this is according to tyler winklevoss   is to buy bitcoin today if you can or just 
sometime in 2021 and hold it's that easy bitcoin   has a minimum of another 10x in it over the next 
five to 10 years according to tyler according to   cameron and that's how they've kept such strong 
conviction to hoddle for years we are early   watch this why have you guys held on this entire 
time there's been volatility all this stuff like   what what has kept you guys so convicted since the 
very early days until today so we still think it's   really early um we think uh bitcoin's gold 2.0 it 
will disrupt gold so its market cap has to be 10   trillion or more because that's the market cap of 
gold so bitcoins hovering around 1 trillion now   we still think it's a 10 at least conservatively 
at 10x from here so even at 35 000 it feels like   a really good buying opportunity uh long term 
because we think at a 10 trillion dollar market   cap we think one bitcoin will be worth uh 500 000 
and we think that could happen inside this decade   uh definitely the next five years so we're 
hobblers at least until 500 dollars and then   at that point you won't even have to sell because 
you can borrow off or whatever right yeah the   thesis hasn't really played out yet we're like one 
twelfth of the way there and when we wrote that uh   that thought piece in august bitcoin was at 13 
000 it hit i think 64.

This august this august you   know um so this story's really just playing out 
it's just getting started okay very interesting   do you agree do you disagree comment below 
let me know your thoughts but either way this   is precisely why we've only just started seeing 
institutional adoption for bitcoin and let's take   this one step farther bitcoin potentially is more 
valuable than gold it's more valuable than a 10x   and the winklevi will tell you why gold has 
perceived scarcity people can choose to mine   more gold if and when they choose bitcoin has 
actual mathematical scarcity watch this then let   me know what you think you know we we've seen this 
but yeah like cameron said our gold 2.0 thesis   is that it disrupts bitcoin disrupts gold and we 
think that's the conservative bull case obviously   bitcoin's a lot more than gold it's an open 
source project that continues to evolve and can   do so much more it can become the global reserve 
digital currency of the world of the galaxy like   when we get to mars what's the currency going to 
be on mars it's gonna be dollars no it's gonna be   yeah bitcoins right like bitcoin is software gold 
is hardware you can do so much more with software   and iterate at such a faster clip so i think 10 
trillion is sort of like the conservative bull   scenario gold likely contracts over the next 25 
years you put a probe on a asteroid with trillions   of dollars of gold i mean there's so much 
gold in this universe it's plentiful like sand   uh just on this planet it's it's a little bit 
more more scarce it's scarce not fixed and a lot   of people don't understand that bitcoin is the 
only fixed asset that i know of in the world in   the galaxy it's the hardest soundest money we've 
ever known uh two-thirds of the of the gold supply   has been mined since 1950 so as the price for 
gold goes up people find ways to mine it becomes   more profitable no technological breakthrough can 
change the supply of bitcoin it does not expand   with an increase of demand or technology just 
doesn't happen there's no commodity like that ever   okay really really valuable perspective in my 
opinion give me your thoughts if you agree or   disagree down below again point is easiest way 
to 10x your money invest in bitcoin and huddle   having said that there are other ways there are 
other coins right well bitcoin is going for the   use case of digital gold store of value money 
other coins are going for different use cases   and have potential value as well ethereum a coin 
in which the winklevi had described as digital oil   going for the use case of digital supercomputer 
is beginning to see institutional adoption as well   anchorage digital has just rolled out eth-backed 
loans with america's 10th oldest bank and what's   surprising is we're seeing heavy interest from 
traditional finance the firm rolled out its   latest lending product today in partnership with 
bankprov which was founded back in 1828 known then   as the provident bank and this tie-up will allow 
institutions that custody their eth with anchorage   to put those assets to work and historically we 
would have only seen this with more traditional   assets but now they're choosing eth anchorage will 
continue to hold the eth as collateral while bank   prov extends lines of credit denominated in us 
dollars and backed by ethereum now this structure   of lending products isn't new anchorage 
already offers btc-backed loans in partnership   with silvergate digital asset bank but what's 
interesting is silvergate that's not traditional   finance this is a very tech savvy new age digital 
asset bank they do this with bitcoin currently   both anchorage collateralizing and eth opens new 
doors and the partnership with bank prov targets a   different client base in a direct quote silvergate 
primarily has crypto clients bankprov has a larger   set of traditional clients so you can also see 
this as another step in crypto becoming mainstream   what this means to you is this is just another 
green flag from traditional finance for ethereum   as an investment now let me pose this question 
to you maybe digital gold isn't your thing maybe   a global super computer isn't really your thing 
maybe gaming is your thing well next piece of news   major auction house south of bees heavily 
respected opens a virtual replica of its   london gallery in decentraland the virtual 
gallery is located in decentraland's voltaire   arts district and can be found using map 
coordinates 5283 wow very cool and i suspect   they wouldn't be giving decentraland the time 
of day if they didn't see potential value there   sotheby's i hope i've been pronouncing this right 
sotheby's the 277 year old british auction house   announced friday it is claiming its stake in the 
metaphors with the launch of its very own virtual   gallery with the purpose of that virtual gallery 
being a destination for artists collectors and   viewers to engage in a direct quote we see spaces 
like decentraland as the next frontier for digital   art where artists collectors and viewers alike can 
engage with one another from anywhere in the world   and showcase art that is fundamentally scarce 
and unique i.e nfts but accessible to anyone   for viewing okay mana definitely an altcoin to 
keep on your radar let's keep moving next piece   of news for eth competitor slash inner operator 
cardano cardano ada stake addresses have exceeded   a 600 000 milestone i.e more people than ever are 
choosing to support the network that's according   to the data according to the data provided by pull 
tool which is cardano's data collection tool the   total staked value of ada is 42 billion which 
represents 73 percent of the total 60.2 billion   supply and subscribers of this channel we covered 
a similar story like this a few days ago but   what's significant to me here is this increased 
growing exposure of cardano staking by various   platforms marks a turning point for ada for 
example imining a publicly traded canadian company   recently included cardano in its list of supported 
assets for staking services i-mining aims to   introduce cardano to institutional investors 
very interesting what are your thoughts on this   from january 1st to the end of april the number of 
ada active addresses increased by over 417 percent   while the number of transactions on the network 
increased by 380 percent over that same time   period i like it now again some of this data 
we've mentioned to you before but as different   projects different alt coins continue to grow 
this channel will always keep you informed   and next piece of more fun crypto news lower cap 
altcoin news did elon musk just pump c-rocket and   yes that is a name of an altcoin and this is what 
elon musk just recently tweeted pretty interesting   troll but what are the details so did the ceo 
of tesla and a literal spaceship builder just   support a cryptocurrency called c-rocket named 
so for its mission to send mail e-jack in the   same direction as his reusable rockets and the 
answer is yes it looks like it and from what i   can tell this low-cap altcoin is aimed to be a 
network of adult-themed nfts hence the name and   this is not a one-off for elon it's probably a 
two-off investors think this is the second time   that musk has endorsed the project the first they 
believe was yesterday when musk tweeted canada   usa mexico with no additional context people 
are thinking that's an acronym for the altcoin   now you'll have to tell me your take on this 
i'm choosing to see this as a positive because   i think it's now clearer more than ever that we 
shouldn't take his tweets as gospel he has the   biggest troll on twitter but if you're interested 
in adult themed nfts maybe this altcoin is for   you it was actually founded a few months ago by 
lydia a british tick-tocker and software engineer   and lid used to post videos about 
cryptocurrencies but she fell in   far deeper and elected to create her own project 
based on the binance smart chain adult actresses   shelby paris lacey london and lauren phillips are 
ambassadors of this altcoin wow what a time to be   alive i'll keep you updated like always that 
is the video my name's austin see you tomorrow appreciate you you

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