Easiest Way To Make Money Trading Crypto in 2021 (How to Get Started)

i've absolutely crushed it over the last few weeks since january 7th when we opened up this buy bet account up for trading on youtube we're up a total of 700k you guys see these numbers every day if you watch us on our live streams and i can tell you before i really learned how to use market cipher i was not a great trader in fact i was downright bad so many of you guys have asked about market cyber that we decided to do a series of tutorials on it starting with the basics it takes the guesswork out of trading and can take your portfolio to a whole nother level find out how let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges biswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswapdex.io okay guys so we're gonna jump right into this tutorial i'm going to be showing you guys the basics of how to get market cypher set up because we got to start there if we don't start with how to use trading view and how to set market cypher up then you're not going to really be able to do much and i know it's overwhelming if you haven't used tradingview or you haven't ever used an indicator before so first thing you do is uh here on bitboy crypto slash deals you will find our buy bit tutorial if you want to know how to set up by bit make sure to sign up for an account for by bit uh that way you can take part in our trading competitions and you know we just gave away a full bitcoin and things like that so make sure to head on over to buy bit and sign up that's our number one trading site uh we like some other ones as well but by bit is our number one it's where i do most of my trading if you run into a problem with a vpn you can cover that there with unlimited vpn here is market cipher now we got a special right now where you can get 10 off if you want to use market cipher uh and here's in this tutorial video we go over some of the you know how i use it but it's not really the basics and i want to show you guys how to how to start off brand new you've never used tradingview you've never used an indicator show you that so you can click right here and it'll take you to the market cyber page you can sign up there uh make sure to get the deal and so once once you do that once you sign up with market cipher and of course this is uh kind of what it looks like right here this is where you're going to be able to buy it you're going to be able to learn more about tutorials learn how to set it up but i'm going to show you guys how to do that today we've been using it to crush the market as you guys know right now we're up uh you know about 7 8 on this trade i've got going on this morning got a nice entry price at 17.09 gonna go ahead and lock some profits in with that one so we can't lose the trade so that's good news um of course if you guys want some proof of how well market cipher is uh has been working for us just go here to our closed p l here on by bit i mean guys the the numbers here do not lie they absolutely do not lie uh this is uh market had a little bit of a dip since we showed those screenshots a minute ago you guys can see this is dynamic based on you know what's happening in the moment that's our p l with bitcoin uh we just started uh doing some trading with ethereum and see our p l with ethereum is pretty good and then we got this outstanding trade uh right now all of these i mean look at all these green trades with ethereum we did have a few red ones but going back to bitcoin you guys will look at our bitcoin trades like it's pretty remarkable what we've been able to do with market cipher there was a five bitcoin liquidation we made that back up in four trades uh but you guys look you just see all the green i mean you can look at the numbers and you can bear those out and you can see that we're winning obviously a whole lot more than we're losing i mean we got some pages where we have pages with no reds all greens uh so guys here we are on trading view now you're going to need trading view to set up market cyber what's going to happen is you're going to sign up for market cyber you're going to send them your trading view username so you're going to want to have that set that up i'm on premium there are some different options to sign up for i use a premium i think it's 30 bucks a month something like that you can get the plan kind of in the middle that's seven dollars and fifty cents or you have a free version i would suggest if you're gonna pony up the money for market cipher uh go ahead and pony up the the money for the upgraded plans i mean it's only you know minimal amount to how much you can make with this and of course guys trading results these trading results i've had over the last couple weeks they've been absolutely phenomenal most traders are going to get in you're going to have some losses you just got to take those as some lessons sometimes don't get wrecked don't get liquidated make sure you got tight stop losses and you can learn over time how to lock in profits that's a big key uh to how to make money with trading so this is trading view right here there's a lot of different options but what you're going to need to know is how to search the charts that you want to use so we're going to be using bitcoin and usd this will link up directly to the buy bit chart you can also create a watch list over here on the top right if you see i have a watch list it's the the icon with the four lines there and then i've got some ones that i watch all the time i watch ethereum i watch bitcoin i watch chain link and i watch uh this is the cme futures uh but let's just say you don't have that how would you find the chart you need well first of all you're gonna come up here to the bar and you're going to type in btc usd and that's going to take you to the bitcoin chart i'm going to find the perpetual contract chart for by bit so we are going to click right there so this is how you pull up charts you can also search other things this is also a social media site where people can publish charts and things like that uh so you can search you know plenty of different things here but what we're gonna do is once you're here on the chart that you want you guys can see it's got different charts you can you know quickly click you can hit bitstamp here it would take you to the bitstamp chart uh you could click coinbase uh and you can see those numbers as well but we're going to stick with by bit there if you want to see what some people think about uh about bitcoin and its current you know state you guys can see the post from the social media aspect of trading view there's different charts that are published you can look at the charts and it's a good way to get a kind of a feel um about what's happening you can also see that there are uh some news stories over here you can see about bitcoin if you want to keep up with the news related ticker symbols you can check xrp if you're into that kind of thing um and right now you it's got a grade that shows you where the technicals are right now it's showing it at a buy um it's slowly moving back over to neutral i think that'll move over a little bit today but this chart right here isn't going to really help us we're going to have to click full feature chart here and we're going to go to the full feature chart now i'm going to have market cipher already pulled up on here uh i'm going to show you guys how to add it uh from scratch okay so here i am on the chart now you guys can see this is blinding i need some sunglasses it's ridiculous so we got to turn this to night mode first thing you're going to want to do what we're going to do here is we're going to go down here to color theme and we're just going to hit dark boom so much better especially if you're trading for long hours i know newer people that are getting into this and they're having a really hard time with you know staring at charts all night long you're not going to want to be staring at something that's uh light like that so this is the chart right now for bitcoin as you guys can see it's not doing great now for market cipher you're going to want to use the heiken ashik handles and you guys can see here at the top of the screen you can click the candles it's going to be probably default on candles right here we're going to want to use hikanoshi that's what marketcypher uses now i went ahead and removed market cyber from here so i can show you guys exactly how to pull it up how to use it and things like that so what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to come up here to indicators now once you send them your username you're going to be able to pull this up click on indicators here it's going to take you to this screen this is an invite only script so they're going to send it to you once you sign up so click on invite only scripts and you can see i have these favorited with some stars on the right so once we click these it's going to add them this is market cipher a this is market cyber b and this is market cipher s r so the top part here on market cipher is going to be some icons and some uh some lines down here on uh market cipher b this uses what we call oscillators so what you want to do here is up at the top you can see it says market cyber a here on the lab market cyber sr right here we want to keep these here if you ever want to turn them off and just see what it looks like without marketcypher you can click the eyeball button there okay but we want to click this hide indicator legend and pull that up so we have more of the screen to work with and of course down here if you ever want to get rid of the oscillators you just hit the x here to delete the pane if you want to switch these if you want this at the top you can just click that which i don't know why anybody would want to do that that looks so weird um and so now we've got market cypher set up and ready to use okay so you guys can see at the top here as far as time frames goes i have some things that i've favorited okay if you just click this right here you guys can see that if you just click the star to the right it will add these to your favorites up there so i don't want the one minute i don't want the three minute uh i don't want the five minute i'll use the 15 minute 30 minute 45 minute um six hour and eight hour not that important i do use the uh the daily and the weekly for different stuff i show you guys on videos so this is gonna change this bar so now now i can quickly move in between the different time frames general rule with time frames the longer the time frame the more solid the information is so on the four hour time frame this is going to be very significant now looking at just kind of understanding market cipher at you know a 30 000 foot view if you will okay basically kind of some ways that i use it are you look at this at the icons here okay this is very simple for new people to to learn these icons are based on proprietary indicators that have all been mashed into one and so we don't exactly know what goes in to give these indicators but what we do know is that when you see a green dot it's good when you see one of the kind of yellowish diamonds here that means the continuation of a trend when you see the red blood diamond here that means get out that means the price is going to drop if you're in a long position if you're in a short position you would might want to go in we only liked along during a bull market i talk a lot about them a lot about that the trend is your friend uh the blue dye or the blue triangle here means the reversal of a trend so you might have a trend that is going upwards and then you see the blue diamond that means it is now reversed you may want to exit your position or it might be a good time to load up on a new position now what i kind of use these the lines here for are to pick uh basically entry points into a trade and we'll talk a lot more about those in the next market cypher video i would just kind of ignore the lines these waves right now and really focus on the icons but your money maker is really down here at the bottom your money maker is the oscillators this is where i do almost all of my trading a good rule of thumb when you see the green line here that means it's a good time to buy that means we are over sold when you see the red line we're over bought which means that the price could be dropping soon the green here or the red at the bottom in these waves this is the money flow indicator it shows the money's coming in on the positive side or the negative side usually if it's coming in the red we're going to see a dip if it's coming in the green we're going to see the prices climb the blue are momentum waves this means the momentum is going upwards and when this white area here on the left side of the wave cuts in that's usually a good time to get into position so down here at the bottom when you where you see the money flow also demonstrated by the red and the green the green dots are the bottom means the momentum has been very strong bearish and it is time to get into position to go long these are really good indicators on the four hour chart of when the price goes up a good strategy with market cyber here is just wait for these green dots on time frames the ones at the bottom the ones at the bottom are stronger than the ones that are on the momentum waves themselves um so you can see that whenever you get a green dot you do have a green dot on the wave as well but you can look you can see here's a green dot here's a green dot here's a green dot here's a green dot these are not as strong indicators so the most simple way i would say for you to start using market cipher would be just to be looking on these for these green dots on the 15-minute charts and up but remember the stronger the uh the the lower the time frame is not as reliable so on the 15-minute chart this is not going to be as reliable as it would be if this were on the you know 30 minute chart or one hour charter especially the four hour or the day chart uh so that's just a brief introduction on how to set market cipher up it's a lot about using trading view you're definitely going to want to learn how to use trading view very well if you're going to be using market cipher then there's really i mean you don't have to be using a lot of the stuff on the left the drawing tools basically if you're using an indicator what you're saying is i want to take advantage of other people's knowledge i'm not so focused on setting up my own charting techniques uh and it's paid off you know very big for me so it's something that i definitely think you know is a very very very good strategy so once again if you want to check out market cypher you can head on over to bitboycabbagedeals sign up for by bit and then come down here and sign up for margaret cipher you can get 10 off through february sorry guys that's all i got drop me some comments down below and let me know what specific things you would like to learn about market cipher or about trading in general drop those comments down below that's all i got be blessed bit boy out [Music] you

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