Easiest Way to Get Rich in Crypto (#1 Current Method)

welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel and all the interwebs now featuring over 200 000 on uh followers on twitter thank you very much everybody for following me on twitter if you're not following me there make sure you are at bipboi underscore crypto uh guys every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and you like crypto make sure to go ahead and subscribe also chance to win a full bitcoin down below in the video description today we are going to be talking briefly about bitcoin about the current trade that i'm in it may be closed by time you actually watch this things are getting a little hairy but i'm going to be talking about what i'm doing this weekend with trading you know we have now started our 100 000 1 million dollar challenge uh we are up on our first trade so pretty exciting um but we're also going to be talking about why i believe your best chance to become a millionaire in crypto right now is in nfts i'm going to be talking about some coins we've already talked about some this weekend but i'm going to be giving you something that just happened that is absolutely massive for nfts and i'm talking about revolutionary life-changing uh direction-altering uh thing that just happened actually there's two of those things one of them not quite as big of a deal but both pretty significant so let's start by talking about my trade market cipher i've got an interview of criminal vapes coming out later today on the channel uh you guys can check that out where he'll be talking about how to use market cipher but uh market cyber was showing a large green dot at the bottom of the 30-minute chart 45-minute chart one hour chart just about to appear on the two-hour chart and so at 56 000 i put in along within 10 minutes of me putting that long in the price rocketed back up over 57 000.

Uh we're trying a little bit different strategy lower leverage but larger positions for this one so i think i'm up about 12 000 in the trade right now uh so pretty good i did set a stop loss in profit at fifty six thousand nine hundred dollars if it drops back down below there i think i'll end up at about nine thousand dollars on the trade but i still have some move for it uh some room for it to run now yesterday a lot of people were feeling very bullish including myself on bitcoin we were right at sixty thousand dollars but sixty thousand dollars is turning to be quite a uh quite an opponent for bitcoin look at my banging this morning um so quite an appointment for bitcoin and it looks like he's shaping up to be a more difficult level than we believe that it would be now this is i think the fourth time we've gotten to sixty thousand dollars and gotten rejected the highest we went above was the first time when we touched sixty two thousand and uh you know we just haven't really seemed to get any momentum after that now some people are starting to worry that this week due to the futures expiring of the quarterly futures or quarter one expiring on friday march 26th that this means we're going to get sell-offs ahead of time i have not thought that was the case but it looked like yesterday we were primed for a breakout and unfortunately we got the break down so now it's going to take a lot of momentum just to get us back above 60 000 meaning we may not have that great week like we thought we were going to have it would have been really nice we could have got the break up over 60 000 and then for the rest of the week we could have you know been challenging up towards 70 we're getting a retracement on friday or somewhere there about so just kind of unfortunate but you know the thing is the beautiful thing about market cipher and bibit if you guys want to sign up for those you can visit biblical.com deals but the beautiful thing is we can make money whether it's going up or down we can make money whether the price drops four thousand dollars that gives us a good position to open up long and you really you really realize that when you are trading when you are a trader it doesn't really matter where the price is you just look for positions but how can you become absolutely massively rich in crypto that's the question nfts if you have not awoken to what is happening in the world of non-fungible tokens yet then we are going to shake you until you wake up because the fact is the nft path has now been cleared so if you didn't know the fatf or the fat f is the financial action task force it's an intercontinental body i think it's based in france actually and that's where the home base is but it's a lot of countries working together in order to come up with solutions uh for financial problems okay you could call them a financial watchdog they're coming after defy okay you need to understand that we just talked about yesterday how bank of america had a report that basically said um that they believe that ethereum is the future because divides can be massive and it is going to be very troubling for banks in the future they see this what do you think this means that means the the old money the traditional money if they're going to want to press d5 down you're talking about kyc aml laws stands for know your customer and anti-money laundering laws these are ways that financial watchdogs keep a checkup to make sure all money is legit of course you know they're always involved in scandals themselves so a little hypocritical but the fact is this divide platforms especially d5 platforms that have american ties could be in trouble in the future now this is going to happen overnight so you don't need to go sell your device coins device is still the future of cryptocurrency but what i'm saying here is devi is going to have much more a much more difficult time when it comes to regulation okay there will be device platforms that do get shut down in the future just you know not soon but something to monitor and something to think about they don't want this taking over however one part of d5 technically is nfts now the financial action task force intercontinental body that is going to be monitoring a lot of the stuff in device they made a change this week to some of their wording uh of what they do they've now said they're specifically worried about fungible tokens nft stands for non-fungible tokens what just happened is the fatf they just gave the green light to nfts and i am so excited about this because we talked i believe on friday about the cyclical nature of different areas and niches in crypto and right now we are in the early days of nft that were very similar to the early days of devi in 2020 early 2020 when compound and maker and these projects were blowing up now now nfts are about to see the same explosion ave it looks like there's no way it could keep going and get it even bigger and it did you were looking at projects like compound that appeared out of nowhere and just 10x overnight we're looking at the same opportunity with a lot of these projects in the nft space ekomi pay attention chili's could be the leader in this space pay attention ethernet chain we talked about the other night this is one you definitely do not want to sleep on wax trust me wax is about to crush it engine another one of these coins looks like it can't go up anymore look at the days of deep eye in 2020 they just kept going super farm uh project from elio trades this is a project we're gonna be working with super close in the future definitely pay attention to super farm and what they're doing on the nft and gaming side of things there's a lot to pay attention to in this space the guggenheim museum the guggenheim museum uh in new york city an art museum they just came out and put a job posting for someone to help them get digital even some of the biggest museums in the world are now looking for ways to integrate nfts and blockchain into what they are doing sorry i'm looking looking the other way we're on our sunday drive to church today and we're pulling up in the parking lot we're a little bit late today so uh we'll see what happens but look at this look a little car right here if you guys can see that in the background what is that it's one of the new vents looks pretty good see there it is whoa new vet uh but hey still can't touch cell cap but anyways guys listen that's all i've got for today i just want you guys to know pay attention to these nft projects we are look nfts for whatever reason with my regular audience you guys to watch all of these videos this is not something that seems to get you guys going really we look at the numbers we know our stats we know the numbers are when we do nft videos they just don't do as well as what we do in ethereum or a bitcoin video or a cardano video we know that but listen this is the future this is what area you're going to want to be paying attention to so do not sleep on these we're going to be pounding these videos out because i want you to have this opportunity to make the most money that you can during this bull run and i believe now that nfts are going to be the best way that you can do that so guys drop your comments down below let me know what you think we got a live stream tonight at 8pm est with crypto love and tokenmetrics it's going to be a blast uh alexander lorenzo going to be there as well so guys don't forget to come back and check that out that's all i got be blessed goodbye

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