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so you like usdc i've noticed block fi yeah pays like eight percent on that how are they able to pay so much money and why shouldn't i take like 500 grand put it in u.s uh usdc and just get the interest on it yeah no reason if you've ever wondered how to get paid incredible passive income in crypto then this one's for you it's time to get block fi and i don't mean building lego fortresses today we're going to discuss how you can make insane gains by just taking your hard-earned crypto taking out crypto loans and earning crypto for shopping with the block 5 visa credit card let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens following all the top decentralized exchanges biswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at bitswap decks dot io welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button turn on the bell for notifications smash the likes if you like videos explaining how you can make passive income meaning doing nothing and getting paid sounds sweet sounds too good to be true well it's not it is possible it's called block five and it's one of the most loved platforms in all cryptocurrency now if at any point during this video you want to check out their staking returns crypto lending solutions or the new block by visa credit card you can do so by visiting bitboy crypto.com deals and of course thank you to block five for being a partner with the channel but first off what is block five well block five was founded in 2017 with a head office located in new jersey that provides professional financial services to individuals and businesses worldwide the company is also regulated at the federal and state level in the united states in 48 states allowing users to earn apy similar to a bank except you'll actually earn something for your money like those traditional banks that pay in some cases less than one percent ap wide looking at you bb t block buy is one of the most trusted names in cryptocurrency having raised over 150 million dollars in funding recently for its credit card product and partnership with visa block buy is a credible way to earn interest on your crypto holdings with very little risk block buy is backed by industry leading investors and companies including valar finchers morgan creek capital management coinbase ventures galaxy digital susquehanna government products winklevoss capital and many more block five's primary custodian gemini is a licensed new york trust company the subject to regulations by the new york department of financial services or the nydfs with blockbuy you can use your cryptocurrency to earn interest at up to 8.6 percent apy borrow cash and trade various cryptocurrencies all from within its app instead of just huddling although it's worth noting that usdt has an interest bearing 9.3 percent at the time of this recording according to block phi interest rates here's a chart showing how much apy you can earn of course these rates are subject to change at the discretion of blocked by but right now block by offers extremely lucrative stable unmatched earning potential yes i know for you yield farmers you can theoretically earn more than that however what you need to realize is a good majority of platforms offering high yield will eventually become unsustainable while several of these yield farming apps are designed to benefit early adopters and then implode or collapse yield farming is degen stuff and while yes you can certainly earn a lot of money it's not an overall safe way for the masses to send their crypto into a platform and forget it like block fi is so how does block buy safely generate these returns for its users it does this by lending out funds to institutional investors institutions and corporations generating interest in addition to that unlike traditional banks there are no hidden fees in block fight interest accounts just an annual return of up to 8.6 percent starts accruing immediately after you deposit and go through the kyc process beyond that there's compounding interest every month compounding is the result of turning your money into a bigger stack compound return of course is the rate of return usually expressed as a percentage that represents the cumulative growth or loss on an investment if we compound capital over time we will soon see how fast it grows as the apr continues compounding with our initial investment blog buy makes this easy allowing you to buy sell and trade cryptocurrencies and earn interest on crypto and your wallet that is supported like eth bitcoin litecoin and some stable coins you can use the compounding calculator on block by's website to find out how much you can earn and decide what crypto you are paid out in finally we have the lending feature you don't need to sell your crypto assets just to access cash block buy lets you borrow us dollars to meet all of your needs with collateralized loan rates as low as 4.5 apr interest whether that's buying a new home or acquiring more crypto on a down day block buy allows you to truly own your crypto and do with it as you please more recently block by introduced the first ever bitcoin back program like cash back partnership with visa allowing its customers to earn 1.5 percent back in bitcoin on every purchase typical rewards credit cards earn card holders cash back points or airline miles for their spending block buy gives back bitcoin the gift that keeps on giving although it's important to note that starting out the card is only available to us users and it's not yet currently in the hands of anyone with a pending wait list nonetheless when you receive the card block by states you'll receive a credit limit in usd value you then can spend this limit each month and if you pay your statement balance on time you won't be charged any interest on the balance what's more for every transaction that you make on the card you'll receive back 1.5 percent cash back which will accrue and then automatically be converted to bitcoin and placed into your block fi account monthly this means that block by isn't just offering 1.5 bitcoin back for purchases they're effectively offering 1.5 bitcoin then allowing you to further compound that with 6 yield a year now there's one thing i have to mention though the card will have an annual v of 200 however the amount you can earn from this is absolutely unheard of and will allow many to earn and own more bitcoin over time i know definitely i'm signing up now this is different from the crypto.com card as the crypto.com card allows you to spend your crypto using a debit card at any store block buy has you spending fiat and rewarding you in bitcoin each month for your spending habits now whichever method you prefer whether it's blockfy or crypto.com you can find those by visiting bitboycrypto.com deals additionally as a welcome bonus for the first year blockbuy is offering 250 converted into bitcoin if you spend three thousand dollars or more on the card within the first three months so compounding that 250 worth of bitcoin could amass itself into a larger amount over time more so blockbuy has hinted that after launching its product they plan to add even more features and offers over time including additional benefits both on and off blockfly's platform if you want to sign up for blockbuy and support me feeding my employees like the cat and tj who are not in fact the same person despite what some people in telegram think you go to bitboycritter.com deals and click on the blockfy link still trying to figure out which one of those guys will be more offended but which living platform is your favorite let me know by dropping a comment down below that's all i got be blessed goodbye out [Music] you

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