EARLY MORNING ROUTINE | Waking up at 5 A.M. ☀️

Good mining and welcome to our 5:00 a.m. morning routine. Every weekday my husband and I start our day at 5:00 a.m. which I
know is so early but I thought it would be fun to show you how we wake up early
and get our day started on the right foot if you're not a morning person but
wanting to start waking up early I suggest creating a routine so it will
become a habit for you usually the lung goes off at 5 a.m. and Brandon hops in
the shower I usually lay in bed for about 5 more minutes before I start
breakfast and coffee Coffee definitely helps waking up early
be a whole lot cozier and we make pour over coffee so I just heat up some water
in a kettle and then add my coffee grounds to our little filter and then I
just pour it over once it starts boiling another thing I love to do is light a
candle in the morning it just makes me feel super calm and makes the whole
wakeup process much more enjoyable now it's time to and get started on
breakfast so usually we have oatmeal we alternate from oatmeal and eggs every
other day so today I made some banana and peanut butter oatmeal and I need it
for Brandon first while he was getting ready for work I usually make breakfast
because I love to cook and thankfully I have the luxury of having a slower
morning but he has to get ready for work and head out the doorway earlier than I
do so we cook our oatmeal in a big pot at the beginning of the week and then I
just have to heat it up on the day I also love to add some honey to coffee
and I also add a little bit half-and-half of almond and coconut milk
so as you can see I just add bananas peanut butter peanuts chia seeds
I just love to pack it in with all kinds of good stuff and now it's time to wash my face I
usually have some pimple drying cream on so I need to wash all that out and this
really helps me wake up so I've been using the ultimate skin spot from vanity
planet and I've been loving it it comes with three different attachment heads
the daily cleansing brush the ex foliate in brush and silicone brush and we have
made of quick-drying non porous silicon that resists bacteria buildup making it
more hygienic than standard cleansing brushes so I really like the silicone
option so you don't have to worry about changing brush heads every few months
and this ultimate skin spa cleanses six times better than manual washing
especially this early in the morning when my hands are all tired so it makes
it a lot easier and it exfoliates and removes bacteria to promote visibly
clearer skin so if you're interested in trying out the ultimate skin spot for
yourself be sure to check out the description box for my discount and I'll
have a link for you there as well so as Brandon is painting I head over to this
cozy little chair and sleep on my coffee and check my phone I like to wait at
least 30 minutes before I check my phone so it's really great to have making
breakfast as the first thing I do and then I just have my quiet time I do my
devotions and read my Bible but no matter what you do I just think it's so
important to have that quiet time whether you're meditating or praying or
just thinking of what you're thankful for that is just a beautiful way to
start your day now it's time to make our bed in tidy up
our room a bit it's time for Brandon to head to work so
we say our little goodbyes and he is off now I open the windows and let in the
light when we filmed this it took a little longer than it normally does for
a regular routine usually it wouldn't be that sunny yet now I just fix up my
breakfast and heat it up oatmeal's super-easy so I just kind of make it
separately but the days I make eggs I make them all at the same time I also
cut up a peach because it's peach season and it's so super yummy
well you breakfast I like to write down my goals and intentions for the day I am
such a lover of to-do lists and I love writing them down and it is so
satisfying as I cross them off throughout the day and it really just
makes me feel so much more organized and I know everything I need to accomplish
at the beginning of my day now it's time to get ready in a doll up
a bit so I do work from home both stays and they don't always wear
makeup but on this particular day I was filming and going out to lunch so I
decided to put on some makeup in the summer I like to be a little more
natural and just find some bronzer and concealer and keep things a little
lighter so I did that and then I added some curls to my hair now that my faith in hair is complete
it's time to pick out an outfit so I just put on this sweet little polka dot
dress from boohoo and I picked out a couple earrings to pair with it and
that's pretty much it after I'm all ready I just had to my
desk and check my emails and begin my day thank you all for watching this 5

morning routine I so hope it was helpful to you please let me know if you
have any tips you would like to share for waking up early and getting your day
started on the right now.

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