Dyson Visits Telser’s Ship | Scars (Part 2) | TRON: Uprising

You had simple orders. Give Dyson a tour.
Make sure it goes smoothly. So why didn't you?! There was a minor security lapse,
but Dyson was unharmed. Fortunately, I was there to stop
the Renegade from claiming his target. – If I hear one more mention of Dy–
– Mention of whom? Oh, no one important. Dyson! So glad to see you're treating my ship
as your ship. Is a, there a problem, Tesler? Not at all. Why would you say that? Because I sense a surprising
lack of control over the city. It might be necessary for me
to stick around a while longer. Maybe indefinitely. Besides, I'm looking forward to meeting
this, uh… Renegade. But we'll never catch him
if we're always sitting around on the job. Will we? Doesn't this tour come with guides? I'll handle it. There won't be any more trouble. So, how long is Tesler going to keep on pretending he can handle this Renegade, hmm? Permission to speak candidly,
he's shift here than we gave him credit for.

But, hardly a threat. Hardly a threat. You'll forgive me if I no longer
trust your word on that. I'll…be right back. Warning. Cooling failure. Overload imminent..

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