Dyson Arrives At Argon City | Scars (Part 1) Opening Scene | TRON: Uprising

Accessing ship manifest. Entry granted. Priority clearance. Dyson. Who is that? And why don't we have one of those ships? – Not that we need them.
– We don't. Oh, not him. That vile two-faced phony. Dyson. What a wonderful surprise! To what do we owe this pleasure? I think you know. I'm here to fire you.
Condemn you to the games. I'm joking. Of course, is the
customary review of our satellite ops. I doubt I'll see anything to warrant that. Oh! And there's also the matter of the– What's his name… Renegade? He's nothing. A minor nuisance. Odd. Because Clu hears different. Well, I have to see for myself. I think I like him as much as I like the Renegade. I want you both glued to Dyson. Every moment he's here,
make sure his visit is brief and uneventful..

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