DUFOUR 560 Super-detailed Luxury Bluewater Sailing YACHT TOUR under $1M

Hey guys, Victoria with NautiStyles here! Welcome back to the channel! Rico and me are in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico and today we're going to show you a really cool yacht. Rico is here to check out one of the yachts he runs and have tagged the cruise And the owner asked us if we could show this really cool to you guys and he absolutely said. So We photograph it and show it to you. Rico is really excited to show you this yacht. Because he was part of a lot of promotion projects that happened on this yacht. He also brought this yacht from California to Mexico where he now lives.

He spent a lot of time, and a lot of hours sailing on it. So let's take you on this tour! Welcome back guys! This is 2017 to 4560. Typically, this is what you will use to climb on On board a sailboat. That's what we're all used to ?! It is not the most convenient method or the appropriate method For people with special needs, so I want to show you guys that this yacht has a really cool feature. This is definitely a unique feature. This platform is hydraulically lowered, It also has an additional step here, an additional step here. And kicking it, you have it A remote control for this purpose! So when she lets you lift it up when you come back She drops him off and gets into the boat. If you're trying to impress a lady, this probably makes it cool. You walk to Your yacht and you just press the cool button! OK come! Well guys, you can Enjoy co-star in action now.

Go ahead superstar, what do we do where are we? We're on the swim platform . He's still in training so only forgive him if he's a little rusty! This is the swimming ladder That goes down in the water. And then you have a little suspension rail that you go in there on Bowls. This helps you get in and out of the water. Then we have the huge garage technically , Which the owner does not want to use as a boat garage because it does not Really meaning to him. It's a really small space for a canoe boat, but a lot of storage space, Scuba gear, snorkel gear, power cords, auxiliary lines, you name it. For the dry surface, Keeps it nice and clean, it's exceptional! Yes, you guys use it all the time. We use it all the time! very nice. What's in here? Under the climb stairs, we have two diving tanks.

And two diving bottles. A good little space for her – to store it. So this is not a standard? You guys only Fitting this in? Yeah, exactly! Yes, it works! Transom shower is here! Really convenient location. Tucked away! You want me to go on or? I mean – okay! Fabulous! It looks like you are doing well! Have some The white lights that are toggle on here. Here is another remote key for the swim platform. We installed another fresh water outlet here. Just in case you need a little extra water besides Walk-in shower for anything … rinse the fish when … after you've caught it, etc. So, come on! This is a really cool cockpit! To monohull it is huge! It has a lot of entertainment areas .

Where does Rico actually stand … I'll take this and he can show us how that ends! Close this and you have … Check this out! First off, you can obviously shut down the Lifelines … one giant sitting area And it's really cool as if you want to hang out with the rest of the crew, And with an eye on everything, you can be entertained well. You can see everyone Sitting in the cockpit! Have a great conversation! Yeah, do you want to show how Will the sky look like here ?! No! This will be your department! I can show, And I show everyone what is underneath! go ahead! Well, first of all a really cool spot from The lines, which are obtained – the AFT comes as you know.

Your main paper and so on. Good storage Here! All font storage goes there. You have manual bilge pumps here All electric winches. Then we upgraded the sound system. Really upgrade the sound system! More storage. This is the front of our canoe garage, which as I said, we all use for storage. Then If you look over there and there are two 10 inch subwoofers out there. Even this boat rocks! Rocks! This boat rocks! For some people who are not seafarers, there is a common question. why is that The little plank? Little … yeah, the one who sometimes breaks his toes, but he is Kind of important.

Yes, you can hurt yourself a lot here, but clearly, the recovery is underway, you know you are Just dig in your heels and don't slip across the cockpit to the other side. Actually it comes in hand! very good! Well, you are already on Helm, so you can also keep going! Here we cover engine tools, Volvo Penta hardware, your RPMs, and more. Plus Shore power input, extra speaker for VHF radio, and Volvo Engine Start and Stop buttons . We have just upgraded Raymarine electronics to the latest version of our Blueprint, and our displays Multifunctional, we have a String Counter here. This boat has a retractable BOW pusher, It is a remote control. Talk about the BOW retractable push tool, because this one A kind of elegance. Not many people may know what this is. What is the use of that? it's not A perpetual tunnel, where your BOW thrust sits and creates clouds on the sailing ship .

On a lot of sailboats you have a retractable bow launcher. So it is It actually drops it in the water and when you are done using it, it backs off again. And they have No disturbance or anything flush hatch, no drag. I think you are doing a really good job! I think you just gotta keep going and do these cool features here! really? Yeah! I'll let you do A little more. Good exercise for you! Then since we are already talking about Helms we have an almost inverted image On the side of the port.

It is a double helmet mounted on this boat. We have one wheel, but two turns. Since the boat has a very wide beam, it is very easy to be able to switch from Starboard to port, port to starboard. What do we do next? Well there is something cool Here – I know that! So maybe … you want to see that? Yeah! Yes please! Well let me just open this one up. OK! Fabulous! Welcome to my outdoor kitchen! Actually, it's not mine! Hello Chef Rico! It is the owner's outside kitchen ! I wish it was you! Look at this kitchen here! that is great! Clings! I will come.

I mean, that's totally comfortable! Look at that! So this is like a baking tray? It is a cast iron tray , Which gets very hot. I mean hot enough to make some really good steak or seafood, whatever Want to do. We have a little storage space here for your utensils. Really large outdoor basin , Which is really cool especially if you are doing some fishing. You can put a cutting board In the right place. You can chop the fish at the back Here, throw all the scraps overboard. It is really comfortable. Then there is it below Our Propane Tank Storage. Very comfortable as well! It's a very cool design I must say! I am from A big fan of this tub! Nice to have this! Fine! What's Next? you are done? weight? Maybe there is more to display! Yes, but you are done, right? Can I take charge? Well take over! OK! Well we're in this front of the cockpit, it's just so huge And a large seating area here.

Well let me get started! Okay, so we'll get started – on our side Oversize storage room! check it out! Yes it's like Lazarette, it goes to lower. So this is why the right guest booth has a little less headroom because we have a room Big storage is there. Well, we'll see that in a little while! Since it is Popular with a lot of Sailing Monohulls, you have your convertible table here. So on both sides, you can Have a nice dinner outdoors here! There is a spot here for light, you can put it down! Yeah , Same thing on the other side! And here we also have a disposable cooler! You can fill in ice! Then we get around this looks like the same seating area, but it's not! check it out! Oh, look at that! This comes! Can you help me on the other side? There is a leg Download it! There's a pillow that's being put in here and all of a sudden I got on Beautiful pillow shams! love it! So you can relax here! You can sit here! Lots of spaces Wonderful to catch some sunshine on this yacht! Yes, also here we have a drinks fridge.

Very cool feature! I really like it! What do we have here, dear? if you have Lots of fonts. All coral lines, main sail, traveler lines, that go out next to Accompanying corridor. I got a manual winch. There is an electric winch here on the port side. And then this will be Cool here, just as the entrance road is attendant. You can raise this. You have all your storage space there. Once again, lay the dry surface down so everything stays nice and no Dry thing rots. Cool feature, it keeps the cockpit clean! That's big sums … Excellent … Excellent … Excellent … Excellent … Excellent … Excellent cockpit! So we are moving forward. It has really wide walkways, and it really feels really safe. This yacht features All types of teak wood, with this gray dam. The one that looks really beautiful – it's the kind My favorite ! It looks really modern and definitely looks very luxurious. Yeah! And I just want to Point this out quickly! The owner wanted to have this boat with a V-Boom in black as well To a mast or rig painted black.

We have a forward mounted radar. We have the KVH satellite system On the hub plus the web clock and the flashlight on the starboard hub, and all It looks very elegant. Is the Osprey that usually sits there, is that standard or is it additional? No, there isn't now. Luckily! Because it makes a mess! It is always there! over there An eagle that constantly tries to loiter over the mast. Yes, we have already tried to do Everything possible to prevent him from landing there. But he's determined, yeah he still does that. Teak on the salon surface, which looks really nice, and there are optional pillows too For that too. So we'll see these two holes from the bottom when we go down there. But You guys can tell it's really big, and a good size! So there is a lot of cross breeze that He could enter through them. Yeah! In front of the right in front of Dodger, we have the traveler, who Order to boom and walk forward.

Okay! Well let's do that! So By walking forward on the bow of the ship we have a tender. So this was just one of the criteria that The owner really wanted it. He wanted a fit fit for the center console, which is of course on Sailboat, on a mono-hull sailboat, and sometimes it's a challenge to store that somewhere, unless you are You want to drag it without stopping. Like I said, the dirty garage was just too small for that. Well, we get some Custom shocks, which sit on the bow of the ship.

Shockproof teak. not done Installed indoors, it's actually just floating on it and the boat is strapped to it At multiple points. So it works just fine! It works very well and there is only a turtle that says Hello! Gosh! Oh, he's gone away! Yes, a sea turtle! Fabulous! Oh sorry, I just got … the picture bombed by a turtle! Is that or Osprey doing here? This is Osprey does exactly and yes it should Clean it again! repeatedly! So yeah! Just for reference – this is the Achilles 350 with 25 Yamaha external. Plenty of space. Small tender, great for wandering around.

Oh, here it is! Oh yeah he's sitting All the way there is on the mast! Here he is wondering when we will leave, so he can get back here. Definitely! Where to sit on the anemometer. Just destroy another wind feather. All the way Forward, we have, I mean, this boat has a top-down zero twist symbol all the way forward Which, obviously, we haven't done now to keep it out of the sun. Then Genoa Appropriately sized as our main sail, it's also on frol and has a sunscreen on it. UV Visor Then Earth Treats Series We've Been Upgraded. The boat originally had a span of 130 feet From the series. Owner has upgraded the chain to 250 feet to provide additional maneuverability for docking space Deep waters.

What do we get here? Okay! This is … since we're changing menus today, why not go there? Fine! Fine! But you don't know what's out there! Yeah! I can find out! I can do it! OK! Okay! here we are! here we are! Change roles today! So that's technically places for the crew. Captain's quarters! As the captain just told me. Yep, not because I slept there before. lhave I never stayed here, because the owner of this yacht is a very nice way you get Stay in a nice cabin when you go with it. I make really good food! It makes really good noodles! Well, stop interrupting my tour! Well go ahead! Well there is a bed here, and there Some fishing gear here, and there is a store. We used all the spare parts and tons of parts and a lot more. So all the way forward you see that hole there? Yes, this is here ?! This is your access to the anchor locker.

So if you need to do some things anchor with a chain And things there, so this is where you are going ?! correction! So you do not have access from the top, and it is not You have another hatch or something, and it's also a partial safety backup, because if you are On heavy seas and you've gotten a lot of water over the BOW, you are also not draining your anchor cabinet You aren't at risk, you know your anchor locker surplus or more likely To have water coming into the boat or something. It looks like an extraordinary feature I've never seen her before. Yes, well! So this is a correct zero symbol? Well, we've got a sink. Yeah! Do you this is good? Yeah! Well great! We agree on that! We also stock tons of spare parts here. Get to the waste tank! Yeah! Uh! Here! For the header below Code Zero here, You guys can see that. And there's also an extra storage space here.

I can see it. So it looks like there is also something here. This is the access to the BOW drive. Okay! I got you! Oh, this is the pillow from the cockpit, right, we are stretched out? Well then Here you have a remote control for your crane. The crane is right there! Or you can Use the buttons in Helm! Wonderful and these stairs lead us up and down! How did you do Hassan! Liar! You were talking the whole time! I like it, this is more fun. Yeah! Yeah! But i think I don't know how people like it! But I liked it! I'm much leaner to get out of this hatch … just new. It's a staple classic, with a sail bag and lazy slings in case you were wondering! So there is the climb ladder where we started! We'll go To check inside! This time I'm on the tour! Well, are you ready to check inside? Let's go! What do you think guys? Very spacious salon To Monohull is not it ?! It looks really nice and spacious.

It has a lot of seating areas And various possibilities. So we have this sofa right here. We also have this really cool big size table To six people – seven ?! Yeah! Easily! Yes exactly! And what's really cool is that this goes down and there Two kinds of cute pillows to put on top. So you have this kind of beautiful lounge area or Actual extra sleeping space that almost looks like a queen size bed when it's underneath ?! She is more than the size of a queen! She is more than the size of a queen? Oh yeah, it's huge! Oh there it goes! It's magic! Since I actually helped Rikku save some kind and set up this yacht for this trip downhill Mexico, I know it has a lot of different storage areas. So let me show you some of them! This is really cool. Plenty of space! Yes a lot of space, easy to get to too Which makes it really great for snacks too, right ?! Also, you have this here! Also, we have some great storage areas here as well, and there's one here and there's also one in Angle too.

So it's extra storage for the things you don't use often, but it's fine too Own it when you are on long trips. With which you can definitely sail around the world on this. So you might want to have some storage for extra parts and extra things that you know it's from Really difficult to get in certain parts of the world. So this extra space will be here! Tada! Welcome! Fabulous! Beautiful bottle rack! Wine stocks! Which! It's a French boat! right! And therefore! Yeah! You have to make sure You get your own wine store! It definitely must be filled again! Fabulous! Yes, it looks a bit empty! Yeah! Also, a good place to hide, if there are pirates coming on board! They will never find you there! OK! Fine! Navigation station! You obviously have a great planner table with storage here, too! And what's great about this is that you can actually use this space in this aspect almost like Small office this way, too.

So you have room for your legs here! So, I was doing it In Tahrir here yesterday! It is very comfortable! So it's a beautiful space. There is storage underneath The mobility table too and storage space under the mobility seat! Fine! What do you have here? On your board? Well we've got an OEM keyboard for all our low voltage stuff and then we have it There are 110 keyboard for ports, water heater, battery charger, etc. Then we set An additional switchboard there. Also, the low voltage, because we ran out of space and added a whole bunch of Extra stuff to the boat. The owner has a really very good voice. So we had to upgrade a lot Of things. It must be fun for you! It was a lot of fun actually! Then we have the remote control for the generator. Raymarine repeater so we can see what the wind, weather, etc. are doing. That's cool, love the way … Can you … yeah … Thank you! That's really neat here! check it out! So, Fusion Stereo, which we've just upgraded to the newer model. There is a VHF radio, water maker control, and Vectron Energy Control! The water maker is a very large water maker.

The owner decided Get a large sized water maker, as I would like. It produces about 60 gallons per hour. So this helps you … That's a lot! … fill up the water tanks very quickly. So you don't need to run the generator For a long time when in progress! Yes, especially for three-cabin yachts, they have a lot of water. That's a lot of water that you don't need to save much of! Yes, you can take it Long shower! Yes sure! Where's Rico TV? It is actually behind you! Is this the remote control? Yeah! There is your TV set! So you can lower this nicely, put some pillows in there, and spend time Watch a fun movie here! It is a nice! Then directly behind you above the cabinets in the kitchen, There are some really cool high-end speakers and a huge sub-ceiling, Under the floorboard.

So watching a movie here is amazing! The sound is fatal! I feel it should have been Being in front of the camera, when we're talking about all of this because you're smiling all the time. It is a nice! He and the owner are definitely on the same page when it comes to this! Well I'll lower that down and have a kitchen overhaul! But before we talk About the kitchen I want to point out to you, what is really cool at it This model is because it has a lot of natural light. You have all this awesome … look at this … let me Arik … look at it … yeah, it's really cool! You have slots – two slots here too, which you can open In front of the crossed breeze, all of this is also visible. Tons and tons of very nice natural light! On a monocoque, it's evident that it often feels like a little dungeon and down.

Here, you can also tell that it is very bright. We don't even use light on the camera because There is a lot of natural light here. OK! very right! Coming to the kitchen! Port or starboard? Where do you want to start? So we will start from the right side! We have a fridge and a freezer! Freezer is here! Rico Ice Cream! We are leaving tomorrow, but I am eating it today! And also we have a small microwave here! Way Which they did with the lockers is very interesting! It's an unusual type that I haven't seen on a lot of mono-bodies Other. They actually did it this way instead of this way! I mean it definitely depends on whether you are You like it or not, but if you're up and down and it's rocky and other things, things probably won't fall off. You easily. So maybe this is the reason why they decided to do it this way, but of course, that is The preference! Thus you have storage areas here! All really good storage! You have a lot of Top storage for sure! Certainly! this too! This is huge! It is very cool for all the people who like The method we're going for here are oils, sauces and yes just super great storage this too.

Also, there are drawers here! These drawers are just huge! Look how big they are! Snacks drawer! Yes, really big! What are these Rico? I got these by request! Actually when We mandated the boat when we're not using the air conditioner to shut this down here so it wouldn't fall over Anything in it and no dust in it either. This is a very cool idea! So this is right here Another bottle organizer !! I mean seriously, the French are not messing around when it comes to By bottles! And also here you can also access a whole other storage space there. right Now We move to the port. On the harbor side, we have a very deep double basin, a litter here And also a big staircase here! look at this! The way this is used is for all cleaning supplies And stuff! It is huge! Then here, all of that stuff shuts off nicely! So he's kind of cute! They just are They work well! If you like, you can put another shelf in here and you know double up The space! But as you can tell it doesn't even feel like it's full.

There is a large storage space ! I already saw another DUFOUR, this cabinet used for an espresso machine, which I thought it was so cool! Yep, that's kinda cool! I think it's an option! This is actually Top loading refrigerator. It is also an option on this boat! We have another excess refrigerator or It's getting really cold and it's almost freezing! I mean if I'm taking some trips Navy or on some trip around the world, I'll want this to be a fridge! Extra freezer! Yeah! It is a nice! Or kind From the freezer under the floor, but great! that's cool! I liked this! This is also great for oils; only you know your cooking stuff! Do not worry About bottles or you know that kind of thing gets smashed or destroyed! And here We have our gas stove! This thing is kinda cool! So it has a nice storage compartment here! Very beautiful! This is our gas stove and because it is obviously single-body It swings when we're sailing, like a gimbal! So, when it's on and you're cooking and laying Everything is in good shape! I have done a lot on cooking This heel! Yeah, exactly! Also, it's kind of a nice feature here, which I love! I think it's great for like onions and things like that! You can put it here! It is dry store Covered, but a little too airy! You can leave it open as well! It is a good kitchen! It's definitely very practical! And my neighbor now, since I mean, now get like Perspective, then you are standing there! You always have something to stick with.

It is practical Oh really ! You lean on him, you can hold on to something. Yes, you can actually do some Decent cooking in action! Sure, Rico is the master of cooking going on a monocle! I get A little bit seasick at times, but it's totally okay! love it! One leg here, cooks here, it is Rico! Fine! Should we check some guest cabins? Yeah! So we'll go AFT. We're gonna go On the right side first. So this is one of our guest booths! This is the layout of three compartments. Ao as you can tell it's a good sized bed here! Of course, these are really big guys! Look To those bulky storage containers! Yes, this is a very large storage area! Then we also have Hanging cabinet, which holds a whole bunch of things in there, too! Yes, we stocked some Things there! Yeah, but it's big and you'll also get that right here! And you also have this The cute little thing! check it out! It can be like a shoe store or know anything! It is a nice! Basket the laundry ! It is a nice! Yes, that's it! What do you have here? Here we have some cutouts, which Wind breakers and other similar large crane breakers etc.

Then the key The battery this here is intended for the generator. Generator isolation switch. So you can turn off the battery in In the event that you don't want to drain it and just want to have an easy time to start a generator again! OK! We also have these holes here, and they are the breeze of our cross! There is a window here, We have you covered right now! And these are the two people that you can unlock And they go to the cockpit. There is one here. So this is the cockpit side! and that is The outer side! So you have a nice cross breeze here! And we have an internal boss here. It is a wet head! So you have our launch here – done! This can be tolerated when you shower. So you can rinse the entire area knowing it's perfectly fine! it's a Good size for what it is in this cabin. You have your toilet paper here and all Storage areas here. These are actually a really good size! So deep indeed! Oh, guys, Oops, this is a tank. Clutch tank. Yes, but that's a very good size for two.

Just put some Toiletries and stuff for a week or weekend. very easy! Well, now we're going to the port! In the cabin where Rico and I are currently staying. This is a good size bed for sure And he has this storage / access here. So if you're lying around here and you're just one From those people who wake up and don't know where you are, you can definitely hit your head! So We sleep with our feet this way and our heads like this. So you have more space here – You are sleeping by my side.

So it works really well! It has a large storage space for this size Cabin. We also have an inboard cape, which is also a daily excursion for the entire yacht when you take some Persons on a one-day trip. And this one actually has a dedicated shower somewhat of a wet head, however not exactly. This is actually a combination that Rico really loves, because he believes It is very convenient to be able to flush and clean the toilet as often as possible Learn. Very cool type! So what we have is, check it out! like this! Also, another feature that I really like is very simple and should be present in every boat, which is …

Try it! This drying line is so great, if you know you have a bikini to hang it up Or just if you're doing some extra washing and have a place to hang. Nice to have that! It's very simple and you can obviously get another hook and you know to triple this If you really want to, if you have a bigger shower! I really like this little invention! I think my job really comes! Here too, we have our toilet paper underneath and very deep. Large amount of storage! Yes, and if that wasn't enough … check it out! We have this here and there is also another space down there maybe for dry towels or Know anything else you want to put here. So as I said, it's like a day head. So This is going to the booth and I'll see you guys in the salon! Welcome! Yes, that's really very convenient! So what about the master? Let's go check it out! All this way forward.

This yacht has a very beautiful master. You mean a master suite? Master suite! It is a queen size bed. Almost wandering around. You can get all that far here, so it's a good idea to make a bed here And things. It's actually very comfortable many of you ask. So it's not bad at all. As you guys can see, there's a lot of storage. All of these are great storage areas And mirrors too. A cupboard, which are shelves on this side. Good sized, deep shelves. And more Storage for things like little hangings, I don't know, ties and socks! Shoes as well! shoes! And on the other side, on the right side, on the right side, we have a good sized hanging cabinet. But they too They use all that door storage space. Also, we have generous drawers. Two of them! Oh actually two, that's amazing! Really great size too! There is a lot too! we've got Four slots! Look at that! Two big holes then two smaller holes forward! Yes, and that You can open it! So if you have some breeze, it's really okay to sleep without air conditioning! So what makes this so unique is the way the heads are dissolved in this cabin! So once we got into this aspect.

The right side! It is a real head! What are you doing there? So it's so cool! It's a header with a sink of its own. Also some storage right? No! No! Oh yes! Some storage here. Maybe I'll add an extra shelf if you are making some long trips! Yeah! So that is a nice separate door, and it has a suitable door, for all the people who are Enjoy privacy like Rico! And on the upstream side we have a really big shower! Kind of like a wet shower, Because it's not separate, but I mean all this is a shower and you have a sink, because We have all that wood here and also whatever you have sitting at the table. We have this awesome … Oh, it's like a foldable shower door! Bathroom door! But check it out! How big is the shower! Oh that's cool! Those, there is even a small seat! It really is a nice sized shower! Command very different ! And I think he's …

Oh no, he's doing it again! What are you doing? It's a bathroom for two! And all your storage is here! So you have it on both sides and the same as in Other cabins. Plenty of Storage! Plenty of Storage! Really good sized sink there! Ah, look at that! this is wonderul! Wow this is a huge storage over there! I didn't even know that! Yes to all your shampoo like extra! And I mean for For long sailing, this boat has plenty of potential to take on a lot of things! Yeah okay! Well let's show you the engine room.

Room! Yeah! I'll let Rico do this! So the easiest access It is directly below the stairs and is in a state of shocks. So it's a smooth slot and we get Access to the rear of the engine, as it was at the rear. we've got The transmission is forward-facing, so it's a V-Drive mode on this ship specifically, But the rear of the engine is easy to get to, you know, although it's up front here. I have holes here, we can close them. The quantity of the generator, the amount of the motor for the water, Get a freely colander in there, if, you know, we suck anything in any grass or plastic parts, or plastic bags Or anything that might be easy to reach for cleaning! If you want to get to the side of the engine, There is an access panel in either cabin.

Oh, that's convenient! Yes, let's go to that side Here – next to the port! So there's one painting here! I see! And as you can see, it is protected from sound There is access to the side of the engine. We have the same thing on the other side The right side too! Very decent arrival! Engine service is easy on this boat! OK! Fabulous! Well guys, this completes our tour for the 2017 DUFOUR 560 EXCLUSIVE Edition or Exclusive package! I know you guys are asking us to show you more Monohulls, and some Bluewater sailing yachts. So I hope this was interesting! Let us know In the comments what do you think! If you want to own a ship like this And sail around the world or what you're going to do with it, how are you going to use it Put it in the comments below! So we wanted to show you guys what it really looks like in the evening when you're just chilling on the boat.

Most of the time we don't get to show you guys the beautiful evening ambient lighting. On this yacht, it's pretty spectacular! So we wanted to make sure that we give you a little glimpse! So if you enjoyed this video, please Like, Subscribe, Comment, and Share! It means so much you guys! It makes a huge difference! That is the best and free way, you can help our channel grow! So we really, really appreciate it! And if you're interested in more liveaboard and our boat life videos check out our Patreon Channel! This yacht is not for sale, not yet, not officially, but as Rico says every yacht is for sale for the right price! So in case you guys are interested, leave us something in the comments down below or contact us directly and we will pass it on to the owner and see if he wants to sell this one and step up! You never know! You never know until you ask! So it's our last evening.

We go home tomorrow! Did a whole bunch of stuff. So thinking to lower this down and put some cushions in and maybe watch a movie. Sounds like a great idea! See you guys later! Enjoy the quotes! Hey guys, Victoria with … awe … we … Rico and I are in Cub … where are we … Show the swim ladder, the garage, storage … Hey, why don't you do that? I do that? Yeah! Why don't you do that? OK! Yeah, you want to hold the camera! And then we have What? I don't know what you got! Yeah! OK! This boat has a site …

What's called? Look at this Osprey! Look what he's doing! I know he's making a mess! He's terrible! He's – oh there he is! I hear him! He's laughing! Yeah! He's laughing at us! Check out the interior! Let's go! OK! Let's go! Let's go! This is here! As you put it here! When we record it – is a lot better! Take a step, step, step! one more time! You didn't record that's? That it – that is the one I need.

I don't need two different ones! Let's do it! We just came in! We just came in. This is cool! I can't lift it. I can't do it … The bed is a large queen! OK! Fine! What am I a small princess? Too small! Too small! So it's a queen-size bed! Queen, queen, queen! It's a two-person shower. Potentially three! This is kind of becoming a thing … What? .

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