Droid 2 Hacks – How to get FREE Wifi Tether on the Droid 2!

hi all folks this is max from zero max calm and droid two hacks so today we're going to try to attempt to install free Wi-Fi tether once you rooted your phone go to google and type android Wi-Fi tether and we want Heather all right and you'll find the google page for the open source android Wi-Fi tether so click on that all right and then um go to downloads all right and then download the last one the pre nine it should be fine and then click on the download all right and then when it's downloaded I'm going to attempt to install it all right so let me zoom in here see better almost on so click there open with package installer if it's installs blocked that means you just got to check the unknown sources on right set the back button and then I just click it again download the game again there you go or you can find the file but today today okay let's click on it again and we should be able to install it fine package installer install and it's going to ask you for permission when you first run it so do open and then close the donation part and then start and allow and you can check if it's actually working do show log loading Wi-Fi driver activating starting a society enabling net rules tether now running if you don't get any errors that means it's working but I'm gonna go double verify it because before I had this I thought it was working on the vibrant and it didn't so let me go let me go change the settings so i can actually not going it's going to be called android tether just yeah this way um okay so let me go grab my laptop to prove you that it is working so i'll be right back so i got my netbook here but it seems like it doesn't want to connect the reason why is that when you have it unsecured in my not connect oh actually did contain a connected to connect oh it did connect so it's connected to android tether that's how I said it and you can set also security password which i highly recommend so let's go to google all right and oh no I just kick me off for some reason should go back on there we go so my android tether is working and you can double check that it's downloading uploading and also access control you can see my eee pc is connected to the computer e pc so there and let's do a speed test and they will do a speedtest were put here and I'll have a also next week or actually i'll have a probably somebody will figure out how to route the epic 4g and i'll have that on my site only do a test here I should get pretty good downloads fees I get pretty good so I can show you side-by-side it's going to start downloading a bunch of stuff in 25 I get perfect 3g here um well I'm not getting this super fast point five that's about average what I get here in verizon even with the full coverage no some cities have it better but now I have another phone that can Wi-Fi tether oops show you there and the upload should be a lot slower obviously actually it's not too bad so I've got 0 point five five and point five seven not too bad so for that took me like what 20 minutes and I just followed the directions on XDA thanks to the people at XDA by the way but i'll have a full step-by-step guide for those of you newbies to android routing and getting free Wi-Fi tether so make sure you connect the power cable when you do Wi-Fi tether takes a lot of energy and don't download movies other big files or upload big files because a verizon will find out and kick you out and that's kind of using the system the point of getting the free Wi-Fi tether is just to have it have internet access in the merchant Caesar when you're traveling you know you don't want to go overboard it's not designed for you to download bittorrent off it you're gonna you know for us i'm going to come after you and you know just use your common sense but that's how you get free Wi-Fi tethering so you don't have to pay extra 20 30 bucks because you already paid for the internet you know these I mean I think they should change the rules so anything you download off it it's you know it should be free no because you paid for it but Android is what makes that work

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