Dragnet: Big Cab / Big Slip / Big Try / Big Little Mother

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for the rest of the next week will be dry everywhere you go taking good care
of the dropped off a customer near the corner of all the well-known permanently
an apartment building on the robbery africa report we quote with one group of
look good but that was the couple that with the
caller will call them wilshire boulevard dropped to one block from their own door
waited for remember him downtown compared to the traffic moving through
the proposal will probably drive up to be looking to the people have been on
wilshire boulevard but when i go about before including a description of the corporate
america either number two months near remember blow-dried pick them up
out of welfare i remembered that you want out of the coroner at with plenty
of you'd want me to lebanon but whatever when he was going waveform here game it's all about the
throughway adopt the flag in forget was about a half an hour later he came
running back to camp jump in public they could benefit from brave what america
member pretty good now at a big government you know we went one democrat
bob dylan nor he was the prime minister wearing with them that i didn't think my
head out the word about without the dropped out that if you were right there lol knowledge management program
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with broker who had to do anything to help out a bit of a perfect bill with director admiral boorda portable
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new to find the perfect them during the day after the robbery another week low if you could drop
complain he'll have no idea where you want who worked for river pakai at whereas recruitment all are and i'd are on with good during the following previously withheld
in time got away with anything firmly believed we were able to get it
became apparent that he wouldn't that be able to get to and from the king of the
holdup week at the club competent and ethical
cooperate big needed help with my people could
could explain that with the tremendous volume of business if there will be
thrilled to be almost impossible to hercules after her birthday we got for the descriptions of the fact
that giving detailed information about that michael kunwar the problem will be buried and the fact
that we have to go to wait for him and i would prefer that result prevented proper operating trademark clinton creative cooking the men will find
include growing broke up with that happen again or no deal with all of them
have been working i did not have a plan to get things
along wilshire boulevard medicinal your first infantry american-born on third mark twenty four point nine
with the laptop broke out of the captain of the cold war from liz forty-fifth eloquent earlier probably more tomorrow afternoon reporter recalled car program car ca bar point one further pretty i about that uh…

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shopping bag at the security with a plain brown paper bag with the
record with the wind could blow from the bottom of the bed to recover
from the food with a feel for for the purple location one of the prices at the moment but
apparently the wrong enough of the problems in the a credit
for the customer been deducted with no market along with weapon or
prefer crippled location approximately two hundred who've looked
at the fingerprint proposal would probably thought that
leaflet they wouldn't work the film over with trickle-down records
we found out that the government reported stolen three-month conflict without proper movement report but he
couldn't help it regrettably belgrade photograph to the
president before october the book together we kept the blood of the robertson told
selfless wasn't there mundy much twenty-third we started up by
the president made up before reflects all the wardrobe startlingly
realistic there have been picked up because of the better part of creative windy afternoon with proper small
delegates at the corner of certainly with him i'm angry that wrote that he didn't
recognize reflect for the president could have come from
their character electrical equally callers want what we
look forward to it really true yeah bottom left up to about four point uh…
available and will reflect your opinion note didn't quite identical credit romer repentant math curriculum have you ever
heard of it with you know recorded conveniently normal longer
drive a car american mankind walked over to lock
them up at directly with anybody else noriko utility room record what did not want to talk about rokahr forever city anything obviously recover from smoking-related
rarity if i'm not going to get naked naked
rather but route recall robert program where we were
recruiter proper probable itself i remember probably book contract
for i think that lol corporal breakdown roadbikereview finally worked under
observation he had not been a so without a problem with a lot of refrigerated or
frozen food program martin welcome to the president dropped
out of a strongly worded apart from the federal minimum removed
from her seventeen until a final note here eight thirty lou and i think that uh…

Provided that
equipment but nobody uh… floor remember we're probably about the
problem evening widening co-operative but barrel there or prac are are brought up you've got that going morocco dot capri conglomerate pockmarked are your okay dogmatic burned out there uh…
they pick up a lot of trouble their on correct on or for from our more coherent yeah who quote wanted to know report my life courtney ward you will work for for him tire rather brought your burden them or brevard recruiting croat program
before from martinsburg superior court of the critical for forward comparable
right in a moment the results of the truck uh… rohrabacher with program convictable
free comparable report degrees uh… one comparable spoke with a deadly
weapon robbery in the first degree of
punishable by improvement from break for the country for a period of time off
work from five years football predictably weapon of
punishable by improvement for period not quickly ten years ladies and over that we could record a global network gathered for the
fiftieth annual comparably international appropriation of people fully dragnet done but which over the top law
enforcement operation vibe removable customers a week you
block homes in trouble made of conflict is about the former
governor um…

Uh… com around and there either round baram roberta grown birdwell radically from from applicable
technical advice summary of the beautifully wm wonder woman who'd
believe or writing to apply the reverend mcdonald bookmark remote runways that remark would run around the ralph
moving million buyout group red blood on the album meanwhile
overhead algebraically room foot and combat part of the republican for you jeff toobin who bring greg and out talking about monday morning it rebecca but then replying to all of that material you've got a call from the owner of a
new carlisle on doug we thinking about going on worked up ab tak happened aa god program documented problem act program parliament thirty minute robert
mclaughlin hopefully bartholomew will travel for barbara barbara barbara
nickelbein undergrad remanded to police are from beginning to another prime time
commitment pregnancy victoria pure report back uh… rai will remain forever one wonders if it
would look a lot about their partner franklin about right now but i've i'm going to be off of the compass
bickering about the room for them opera every drop gap premium allot time filling wrote the book i was
in effect for it compare that with the couple to make a
report today bankrupt thankful they are unpopular interfere hatfield river every morning i got up early who work in the garden with beautiful
day i was afraid for her about the backyard printer about report about that guy next door the radcliffe
it more difficult by the problem about that but every they'll work colonel well you know companies out of poverty
and a little late you know respectful um…

Let them about
that they've been there well he did a pretty good too from europe that put try out different
lined up for it mhm and what you got back you know i mean the mobile home park on who have a bill the five male figure bountifully
collected the board meeting of the republican selflessly but getting the comfort of its cruelty
in umpire we're going to do for the regular link but that was that the
practice game you goodman is in the neighborhood dot gov graduate tape-recorded upright
for them you know i thought it might be good public relations between department
norberto in unemployment would be good public
relations brother buland they get out there on the
neighborhood know your friendly here gordon coast favorably them either the white a clinic and they thought
possible i figured you know dot blot on the air
if they can be treated properly philip regulation rival are reflect that bases will close to the deflect the big
leagues in the way the fifth of the pop couple of times and i thought it was a
if that is a app geography the block update that we
discussed it and it's like you know olivetti pent-up it'd be recognized settled by the get before thumbplay
became the third one place to do while i was up to make an advocacy
videos with company elective so bad that we have a reorganization ruling organism well-read end of the fact that building twelve
fourteen too and i thought that was a little unfair to the neighborhood reno fired certainly have the right
thing to their well i got out michael the more i thought by the side of the
played first base for you want i've played for thirty-four without fear of
death college by threatening further finally had to put rightmove continue making a difference where i
work til is what they are they just lemme regularly particularly today would
like the day off no open erotica davebmat on the back all right although privately encouraged to get that praful what would the final four hoping to get back in a new york
fortunate to have a little frank mcconnell millennial walked in the field
you got everything went quiet weather warmed up with enough i didn't get one hit i think that the back and get a relative
read what was the final floor of the game the final political are the original brother you play five
innings what with the court of the problem whitbeck twelve that was at the end of dot the little things corrupt the file
at but with the other configuring african
you want foreign though derivative the other thing would run to the batting
line-up twice the way they were gone i think they were
going to have to cali helicobacter they've been out for over an hour only
one out accompany them misinterpreted the repairman you know i don't have to drop it will be
a bomb public confidence than i would have to get in i never thought anything like that program let me know if you play was pretty bad you'd never know hadn't backed out of ten editorial etc only him but by then her to get better collector or i was bill today i guess popped up buddy builder walpole reported well right away but he got i want to give them a corrected and cut
more and more in boulder isn't the product codes are ast buckingham lead probably buildup
mccallum confident with the parking lot on walking boulevard along the bottom of
lake with a lot of late model cars uh…

But locker alvarado pre-opening office
in the printer we're not going have to go on with it point that he didn't have any medical review at that we've got the better without what doctor for your call robert byrne
buddy all heckman clinton brag about in
colorado thinking that one no they're not coming effort stuff happening good woman nabretta right back uh… compartment product background my part five five home when needed dot the unabomber
director uh… you're a member of the copping i'm getting down dived on their own
tempted me about the program preventable yet again promoter unraveled that is out of this guy even better than
that flatbed if you still plan on saturday night down
the at about nine back when i would think that the thought
they wanted to let that brought him back here they're kind of government utica said about the benefit melbourne we don't have one that were never video the movement of lcd monitor mhm to do it well i mean collector i would like but i
thought it was an overstuffed onward the state department but quality got hit better and i think the important doesn't
get monarch off happened regarding criminal karmaloop part of the day on the ground work we've got a couple fifty wounded very wonderful contract but in the
belief that we want to get money out of uh…

Admitting record from their political twenty-two hundred
bucks about eight hundred underway with the
court right away that they do among toward a mechanical got over only got
thirty two hundred memory broken people radio here like that will come in with a
preview what democratic ever there was a great weekend war had begun we blew it he did he work they deplored had been
collected at the moment at the event they can go with it republican and if you look like a good deal agreement ratified technet into them out began vetoed lester thurow but but but but but maneuver you know one for the footprint party one for the
cockpit model have been one of our government
government government money him workers uh…

Brought women morning afternoon any other reason than to be a lot of
people none had put in the world burden i'd
like to point out to be added to feelings them in prison for two hundred
from different people he had been on a gag that you tried to
help them about how well we got to come by most of
them were killed when crime yadav from without the that after the war public wouldn't go into the way to do
that got to run on people coming back to
confront one hundred michael milken invertebrate air cookbook what kind of a dedicated to the man who
could be worth it with carter won't poop important for me windhoek packing their contract we that brought
on by a number of one which is on the political reason we didn't do that about them wonderful differ from the indian from
you many problem for them to complete you know you've been threatening to
complain and i don't remember to pile of debris that or i think right but i think about it reply quote with all of the m_v_ down
south wrapped up a little equipped with bed into body-building foot from the
department didn't forget about with them but with the proforma bulk brattleboro apart from carter because yeah p dot we are spectacle is that but they felt that i think though that but picked up i think though that they think that that
that that point to a gathering of people out there like five and the number five eight five five or
older five-day five by owner what we've been he got away with it wrote both out of the night here before nakai from no reporter and i thought about it everything to get america the fact that
you know that uh…

Panel could be easy that you can't get into
place it looks like i'm not going to have
another lekin but uh… they may not be rather
warm at least anyone to go to william colby committee that perfectly qualified ne down the road kind of going to let you know bogoria prepared pyramid but the job however one girl we can get away with
them and feel comfort from confirmed i bought the car on good faith begged
her to die before you before on the part little more without a complete difficult carter
would put on a local t_v_ honolulu or do burden to come out with the proper
fingerprint the owner of the youth colada mccollum
told us that the carbon walked between early they didn't think he would flow
from the fingerprint dining room going to call the bank america and the
problem a democrat from another part of the proper to do the things without provide the number of the
company information we've got nothing other than dirt-poor communities in the
area company picnic on the field of view is
that they've been able to find a partial comparable to the airport aerobic went to the man who blocked the
colorado government job and other people optical uncomfortably
automobile none of it man week after the auction program and pick
up he had reported on the pink slip nine-thirty felony pulled up and put a
forty-three seventeen three with a lot of conflict like that but it
was wrong with double car parked in front yard went up the crowd orlando i've got to get there nor any of those rally more from you may
have another work an adorable or michael o'connor program we want fleet foxes electrical we want to get the benefits lockton
cut-and-dried korea crime don't these deductible now there was a very good piglet here match when talking about the venerable you
look at the director convertible you don't want to know where should be on frontline repeating
accounted for went to wanaka getting up but i don't think they're not going to
cut her throat cut past retirement program we're not yeah you're right who wouldn't it be a good for me to
believe god confidence is not buried with full
saturday night kohut group in fact there are more who want the country line could be a big problem no i didn't get back to the bottom of it
what you want polemical because the conflict with him well i'm glad you could have gotten a
lot to me i know i picked up by the lapd phagocytic before saturday activity where parker
dot com yesterday afternoon carter there's no doubt ticket after he struck out of this particular
behalf of the contract parked out there who have been using yard needed music over the weekend and then marketing i got a better reacting like
victoria spent the whole weekend in comparing one director but they come up empty it may be able to
and out of my favorite he likely to take care for if you don't
have to travel from affecting conflict i think the product rather than at probably come back a few
good men how many people yelling i can take a look at confusing him
further so you might be one selected fit the description to it pictures one them active wouldn't have been prepare when you have to have recruiting well i can get into a better than
expected and i can't figure kind of picture oktober complain record last month of brokers are often san
diego polka dot but safely i would be good for the car twenty two
hundred dollars twenty-two hundred thing cardinality fat timothy curator complimenting after axed conflicting with the conlog equipment because you've got a very hot one
hundred marble after going through the pictures he was
unable to deliver them to keep the momentum colin colin automobiles opening for the people who live report
card in half one of them at a record of the reference
code violations section forty one twenty th of a naval blockade we propose pick-up truck come together and been
released physical description however did not
make that it was perfectly looking for eleven thirty five a m we have a used car dealer taken back to
unlock virulent victim of the office early on i don't know what part of the
fact without and get them for that money
would go a long way popped up right that we did who has been delayed but believe norcross clinic ubabank now and he output you're looking for pregnant the authentic story of your police force
selection after outback ac we've got the call from a bad cop than
drama at eleven thirty a_m_ that morning
amended walked into the bank and preventative care for the amount of
twenty two hundred dollars on economic growth in the ground because of the amount of the trip said to be ok but i didn't get here what blvd at noon for making about the
trip and that's all the perfect one of the
caller he was able to keep you waiting till we
get there and they were taken into custody without
any trouble he denied having to do with the film
conquer that we've made a mistake from downtown fed requested but i mean i don't know what to develop
a lot like yup yup there's nothing i can do warrior downingtown airport when you are coming into the picnic gets
a lot of the coming week that therefore i wanna where i don't know what this is all about not
about to get my friend from troubled by member number i got nothing to look at
the wrong but i don't believe that a lot more trouble for cult leader that i don't want a poker game i think that we give up here i don't know what the name any names
were very helpful million dollar weaponry filled with more the way for you onlookers poker game feather in ur dollar-an-hour driven from the illinois look for a couple months went left on
the wording right on the road to help him what do you mean help me i got no
trouble because they kept him from product
architect i won the money with the payment for the debt power struggle to get my money does
nothing wrong with that now that i want to tell every one of my program and i
don't think that them up and go on but we thought that the fabric of the
global warming workers from animal maybe do you like that no problem well i gotta
go with the clinton people even admit that but like you can't do a problem with
that adopt veronica who's lived out of the men over fifty wafer target on roaming bulletin or edit your fun public weapons would
like to ask you go ahead i got nothing more important
than technical identification europe couldn't help but uh…

Yeah graduate with a phone interview was
with drug dealers book murderer i have practical effect if the room would remove consultant
direct you might get down to the members of
finished up and put the without the benefit of the foreign minister let me bring out the logo i went out
with a throughout your career is perfect and again with my life they're not going i think we would plan if you didn't over but we do a whole
come off it correctly we got him you know if you want to do anything about
the they feel that that the what we got a cabinet we're going to favor the so you don't
know what to do with a lot of helicopter but i'd like to do it but you know i
really works but i can't drop off the phone but i had
nothing to go ahead that all over right here guy give it to be a couple coca
coca-cola to the guy is now i think i'm a cop when you look at what we got on
the books here you can never know that we got that young inappropriate vector
and i got it looks like metabolic parenthetically let up around for that go on coming correct the practicality
happily and one syllable word it'll make it easy for you broke into the office
can be done in san diego ca lic funny yet they go tonight that were coming from a lot of talk
about them he felt like that conflict but for mailing list you might think somebody uh…

away from up here for a greg lamotte now but i don't know who moved from a
crowded but i'll be happy to meet him outcome but what about the rhetoric told the pics you got the ethical if
carter but what do you call it that indictment
stole his car go without a doctor's carla for the
quick cryptic but would prefer court-ordered buck review that might work for your kind of
cool properly you got to give up on your felt that if
you are not trying to do anything i don't plan to go along with you guys
affected account traveler itself and i would have you've got a problem on
the world at the market will live but i'm trying to get people become part
of things they didn't do with which to use a different way work through the
concept of that way something's wrong what your record for one thing improve
with molly ivins walk along the contradicting doctor billy from federal record directly europe nineteen thirty-nine
brought up that three years left in nineteen forty five to convince
pep talk for that you know there is no longer nobody told mother at nineteen forty six grand theft
auto reporting patient taken together the lapd full-time people that believe that i they take it from a guy you're bringing
it would be about the bride to be a better unilaterally if you're still father
colorful you've got it i don't know how to do it any more
trouble than i have done a lot of plant broken i'm not going to tell you what i
wanted to know what the when he got out of the giving you advice mr butler
slippers rarely guy who dreamed up if you can
probably spent the next twenty years killed a matter of fact the walking
around hydrothermal ticket africa aftermath sure about that part of the
people who are you trying to do cost a lot of trouble i haven't done anything you know what i
did come in and you think that the man you don't think i don't know i think refugee carpet from apple pie about it tomorrow will you print that work for the record
got a couple fighting your definitely will no way out of not that i can't read well what happened to her this is just
the way of question sake of argument what happens if a cop-out procurement we
are looking for about uh…

Can't help but notice but the fact that a lot of money no
strike over the weekend of the thing about this how much do you remember kakinada we got
to make if you do it you know immaculately view there's no jury trial
there nothing you can do level of the book that way don't figure electoral process private school marveled at the press been confirmed congregate up however let me finish credit card
without having to do before five o'clock one to ten years path hack ap bac past kohinoor perfect on september fifteenth float with those
of the for equipment superior court of the state of
california for comparable plan removably both of them dot com hide backing programmer break with tried and convicted of grand
theft auto three com but both prescribed by law grand theft auto punishable bumper from
the perfect for the country for a period of prop one repairing mir hold was placed on the prospect five san
diego county for prosecution on the brokerage charge padmaja hack uh…

Crack backpack uh… backpack ap
bac backpack back backpack patrick revolver about that
before technical apart calmly off of the people
believe w anyone in a moment with a weak point in technical advisers government on a whole
apartment monday morning parking ramp breaker right tonight where ben alexandre
overriding jacqueline hedberg available grandpa some problems music but what we want belt-tightening speaking sad castigating jessica being loaded team highest in
quality best for you digested the indonesian redmond story or a low nearest ruled names have been changed to protect the
innocent new detective sergeant beside the
homicide detailed you've got a call them and then you better get insulted like me warlords failing so all your job smokers lifestyle change and now it
should you choose just received the only cigarette ever to give you one
proof of low nicotine highest quality this proven record with smokers no adverse effects to the nose croak and
sinuses from smoking chester p chesterfield regular or king-size low in
the goatee highest in quality that's for you pregnant the document on women and
children for the next thirty minutes and
operation of the los angeles police and when we travel step by step on the side
of the and you would like to appease transcribe from official police fire from beginning to win from crime to punishment dragnet has the story of your police
force in action was wednesday november eighteenth school
which is what we were if they want to know how much i deeply and my partner's
frank smith bosses catwoman my name's freddie comes on the way back to the office it
was ten thirty two a m in that room forty two uh…

Self planted that glove now so
i'll just got the coffee made clear lectures hot newton women come in last week require okay i was surprised yes ma'am hearsay what was it slope you we just yes i understand it here's our view which is to officially
to us u_s_ catholics twenty over their like
you won't believe he discovered he had in one place deficit sure dismal weather note those are
discovering in the loop pics is my department yeah hope it clears up before
sunday what he had to get at this time journal i don't understand why is it
that way widow now really good for you take a look at this skycaps just the ticket right here his s_l_a_ that here today mister he'll head of the ability in the refusing to eleven blockage of booklet it says eazy-e_ simple install in a few hours
fest the ticket you need one of these p_c_r_ backyard lately not up for a
couple of weeks what are the last time i did see a well does it matter pretty bad
design awful i to stand there look at perry's united
one of the rocks of mine carries a fireman knowledge of that's near second
of he lives on the other side there is the answer yeah that's right usually tries auto sales talks unless he
had tells me on that and that's pretty good to jill would you believe it up and i bought two
hundred and forty six thousand dollars worth of insurance point tammy just a policeman this is all ok for just a paper here what's wrong with your yard to drive to
god yet hot weather this summer you know who plans that they put out drop like
flies dot today like flies but this is the answer this tragic state home
sprinkler system histology cellophane look at it what is
it but the home sprinkler systems or read
what it says here resists corrosion rust en route dancing it is iced but one of these little gems
in the backyard to turn on the project everything's all water collapsed and
they will oppose his turned on slaughtered you know put this in yourself right well i could tell like it says here in
the papers and any trouble at all who's going to do it well i've got to get our stuff together
and then just start on a sunday you know about ten ten thirty in the morning all
parry and they'll work out the idea that uh…

They do at of zoozle jamnagar hop
over the past see what it's all about know what happened i got and you know i got him sergio they see me laying out the
sprinkler system right off to go to want to help well if you want to give me a letter to
just ask him we just can't do it that way till it
wouldn't be right wouldn't no he got to be subtle some of the cat that whitewash
the fence who you know bandit whose name was whitewash defense he
still reading those books no but i remember that he was pretty subtle i got
it figured out that the more and you know look around started asking
questions and next and we'll be working that we get the system in optimal
barbecue to sit around ten on the newspaper it'll be cool at the present before sending more the
merrier doesn't what should a job it rains and the old
prairie and it will be out there you guys you will be able to see new the
hoses in the sprinkler heads and i would have been earnings will be any need to
put in the sprinkler system analyst well is that right yes it's the he settled what he said right or i will be relevant okay political or city user with the mir their just got
a call if we had to make himself ten thirty seven a m frank and i
notified the complaint board what had happened and left the office doesn't go
out of the city hall garage started doing which in the first treatment over spring
city hughes the reporter who called me was waiting for the miracle said aware if he got the address it yet twenty six eighty two may have had more
happily and that's it catholic type telescope kodak thailand omitting jim ko production for a couple of seconds so
you know there's another crankiness how do you have to call you finally
september paper three hundred frankness you know he's talking about well i got case show and working right
now he says that he had uh…

Checkmark five feet theoretically none of that happening can you please allow also fully shocked
example kids certainly billionaires what the job well controlled maintenance the appeal levy dimensional weight they say that hollywood elite i'm making changes in
march that it wasn't for her planned can listen in catalog here certainly fifteen minutes mammal figure killers thirty dash and according to k actually i believe the guy together before eleven o'clock twenty six eighty two art war was a
two-story spanish to her was a large courtyard in the center of
the you should know part number eight was at the rear of the

We got there there were several other people standing with the infamous
to police units arrived in the office of trying to keep the crowd away from the
start of your car eleven oh three two throughout that perhaps it department sea views and i try to figure some way
to talk to men out of carrying out his threat to take his own life signature endlessly jealousy medical and
accident plus you could do it those tajik ever seen before his insulin leisure switching solicit use candidate
show you get some idea what to do in an attractive to you actually mentioned one of my cash to new
states and the door late notice manpower thank you inside out and get in touch
with casey and see what he's been able to come up with intention said the levy condition so much from him or status collided with a lot of
definitely too much to say about speaking right now to try to get in los
angeles seamlessly sick institution it said he looked at adecco co dot the
idea to let me in it has popped open the door analyst at the time unisys unisys here to try to get your
officers should use you michael particularly in deployed then they're gonna body of you hahaha he he looks as if it was uh…

He said i know you are on the image here here cannot get it hillary anna tristan deputy tony that again in the
clinic joked around until just coming in and jenna the state all right let's go upstairs ram one boom estimate then okay let's go no but you put together the attitude that i
would but they don't really know no go ahead
and make yourself comfortable weakening thanks but you know that no reason to is not important utility errors and i know that who say that no no but you go ahead care have a lot of these i want to be
able to see your hands mhm what's this all about there's no other way redeeming paul that i've been thinking about it
since i got home his nothing for me anymore i'm not going to prison that they think
they're going to take me panorama who says you know that we have fridays i
said i have to go to jail for ninety days and i have a plan at the time in
ninety days and i'll keep it at the mall i'm not going back to prison you've been
here before yes five years four but nothing five years because i didn't
agree with what they were doing i'm not going back i'm not going out to
myself well activities will start in the beginning tell me what
happened and set up for japan's name to a check
digit yes but you've gotta understand i didn't have any money going to take my car away from me and
they had a mile and a rival money on my credit is rock hounding me i thought if
i could just get a little money to pay the bills that i could pay it back when
i got a job i was gonna pay attack all over the
really wants how much was the cheque two hundred fifty pounds who's mainly
concerned with them and i know i got a check and send is that he has the money i was going up and back i have a job
coming up since i got paid only going to put the money back i didn't mean any harm i knew it was
wrong but was the only thing i could think that they were hounding me what about the car couldn't you sell it
and i suppose so but then if i did it wouldn't be able to get my job i need my car for that i had to keep the
machine but he'll have a trial if you tell them
what happen though probably understand the car with an allowance i've had a
trial i told them i was killed in a decade for to check a job and i had to
go to jail you should have been put in the forty s ideas an escape where was that in czechoslovakia they put me in prison because i wouldn't
do it they told me they killed my father my mother and then they put me in prison i know what it's like i'm not going back
prisons here in concentration camps you know that's what you say it kind of a
different have lived in them you see here she shorty shrimp runt insensitive last fall's than my lost its
lease when i was kicked by a got you know why i was kicked you know i don't know because my clothes which one that's the
reason he kicked me out all my clothes so enactment forefront devotes all over
and i was in things like that to happen here near enough by the people that they
happen in the prisons i'm not going to have had many again

There were a hundred of us all arrested the same time eight hundred
misuse in eight hundred men people i knew eight hundred human beings in homes and
families and i'm the only one alive now all the
rest of killed all taken the boca martin run-through
showers that don't tell me about prison mister you as i know i've lived in them totally yes limiting the judges and
steering forgery cherry has economy delorean talk this thing or we'll work
something out of the reason for that looking like you're planning it's not
that important maybe not two years and anybody we work something out here let me call
with jeff knows sit down mister hughes but i'm not a stupid man i have degrees
from three universities are speak four languages i spent five years jumping every time a
god looked at me five years wishing they kill me five years wishing i could live in hell
because it would be much better than the way things work now they think they're
going to send it back they're not you understand that judge mister you
don't you're yapping conditions but you said yourself that you thought
about all night but is it possible to making this thing
more important than it really is no i came in here to help you i want you to help yourself occasions
optimist is a go depend on how to tell you can check them
out make you believe me but none of this one of her chief you wanted to be happy
if this were the reason she came to this country is in it yes i read the books about freedom
that's why i came here now to try to take that freedom away
from me before i even had a that can take it away from i thought to check i admitted i told him
i get it but i told him i pay the money back that
didn't seem to make any difference is still said i had a good trip you said
yourself that you're put in prison for not agreeing with the authorities would
suggest that that's what i said we don't do that in this country in the left everybody's inside was opening with his
own life dot laws laws are written to the people
to protect the people you understand that go to the people themselves right
along as yes i understand they don't break the law just a little bit you keep that you don't pianist and
their yes when you broke the law benches in the
right i told you i'd get out bro donation epi
broken the law you can't make it right by saying you pay the money back but the
fact that you do want to rectify your mistake will certainly be taken into
consideration by anybody in authority initially and that i don't know i tried i think actually by over in iraq can't come to any so uh…

Take something for this heading at
that point authorship what this note here on the bureau that's what
i wrote that what i do this right now nobody understands what has happened i
mean i cannot accept the jail term all i wanted to find peace and freedom because this is the only way to do that and try to cause anybody any trouble
please take care my dog that jake as you know this is all
religions i don't know i wish i did but i dont but
we're not going to need is adobe no reason for suit everything i mean i
think so unless you don't understand it here i got a kick out right that's all
you want to white scrapbook this note a lot i didn't
think that you need it but we had this thing straightened out
but we haven't i've told you get out rightly within he said that she pled guilty admitted
reports that check is that right that's what i see how can you hear a
community home they gave me twenty four hours to arrange kept my dog that put up
obama gave a twenty-four when you get the money to the bottom one of the companies but it really put
up for me love about the dog did you take care no match at worli replication lucy lactose sitting there like that hackman yun k obviously wednesday here they would like
real good dogs and paycheck friends i have let's not sure you veterans who tell me
who but only for one i'd like to be your
friend ever just give me the chance about we say was saying about what the leather case
any of that what is it you don't have to answer tell you what's
a booklet unites issues i have i am which is now a a policeman you had to take me to prison but you
made a mistake a big mistake if i'm gonna kill you destined for greatness authentic story
your police force section cigarette these his energies sheets test at supermarkets and strollers
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research laboratories supervisors this continuing program chesterfield the only cigarette pepper
with a record like this chesterfield best for you eleven eighteen had been in the apartment and had a
check for thirty minutes during that time you get a chrome plated lugar
politically we go to the kitchen to see the dogs and cats chicken or steak
records click on my bill but i'd given my genitals to the frank
it's gotten to take the clip off etiquette noticed it when i kneel down
and that the judge ito definitely motion illegal in the living room he followed keeping the gun pointed at
me only gotten the center of the rome he
told me to sit down and he walked over to the other side of the senate cheer
some cigarettes on the table next year please give me one yes sir still here's he's himself the institute replacement chip this right and killing is no they have done it
before burn yeah to discount or the cuban anyone that he
was one of the prison camp the one who kicked me epr escaped alive but now i have it done out on a person other people to make
what to do or what i know how to do it you're listening to you because you know
if you don't know if you do you know that that should maybe touching a lot of killing i know what it
is known as the ticket what about the people you love you well uh…

Are they going to feel like
you've been away you shouldn't do home editor and peace and pretty sure about
that time sure is a candy needed to use it even over here in this country have
made any friends are going to care about at all for the people in pictures my it and was photographed it christmas party all signatures will take
a right now but this one here says to jam with deepest regards sorry mary jane sister yes answer looks like a nice to meet his we should care what you i don't think someone because all of
them they felt sorry for me all the time to try to make it easier because i felt
sorry for but i did know but i did all the time i
know well some of the things that they were
on the pictures but make it look like that so i'm
putting a kidney you really believe that i don't have any
other choice allies have been such a good believing
anything long tunnel i guess since my mother that
was a at the beginning of the war but after the conference they came one
night whitaker and my father took on both the never saw him again i heard what happened justice thomas athlete in anything budget would come over this country and
ask if you want to end of the five years of work for the czech forces there in
war was over i got permission to come here i think you said before that she came
over here because you wanted the freedom mentoring yes he found a dingy i guess i
will never try to tell you if you don't know what church to go to the home say
which i think if you get sick all anyone into this thing i try to tell you i know about prisons i
know what goes on behind the doors i lived there lived and died eleven and one dash as a president of
the wasn't let's just do it there they got to full too i remember when the people from the
relief organization to come along to god to take us out of court of the prison
that make a stand there and tell the people how good they were to us if we didn't say it that way then they
take us back and beat us to death by know what goes on behind the doors i
know because i saw it live it don't tell me what happens now you and your lol come on tell me
that you don't send me back but about them who's going to take care
of the dogs is that the reason that you hear that the reason he came home with
him take him idon't know somebody with unanimously their myspace feeding them that's all
you know that it not added decried we've seen the minute they welcoming never shown no a lot of the dog shows around the other
children come to a real good their dog shows in prison out-and-out attenuate on how to make you
believe me if you just let me get the judge over here let him talk to you baby
can make you believe it is not gonna be like it was in your country you'll be welfare to get decent clothes
nobody gonna beat you we don't do things like that you're not going to process
going to get the judge originally column on the phone wouldn't be here in just a
few minutes we'll tell you didn't do something there's no reason why we can work this
thing and let me try to help you plan on one of the lady mr prodi i really do but
it it it it's hard to believe in anything but just ask you one thing i've never seen you before honoring
outside his room and i ask you to believe me by promising to give you my word that i
won't let anything happen to you don't know let me know that you know let me
take a when we can work things out they think wouldn't do it i think we can it here now to take me you on into it with please don't they don't worry i cannot make it like that dot wanted by the equipment that night and i
know and i don't want to go back bought me that died when i won't go back
now if i could list and it'll be for the
exhibition at the airport and another twelve million canadair regional event candy we've got to have to find a secular
spokesman jim believe me i will let anybody hurt your family anywhere that
you stiletto technology manipulated and caitlin electrician you know what you
don't want to meet again kit uh…

Button uh… ability understands that you it'd all week that
shows that that biases patch echoed in money we tried to stop him it i don't know that's right we got no
benefit if you get the kind of each other that tell me something what would
you do a comment on that door i'd check will be money everybody get out again at
a point that i had a right to be here but you get to know that it is i think
that this was a little an objective i'd know that i have a shot killing the ac i hope you're happy just media politically said panama story will be over its true the name of change to protect the
innocent on november nineteenth an autopsy was
performed in the coroner's office in and pull the county of los angeles state of
california in a moment the results of that autopsy now is out of star trek web thank you george minimum friends we've
been getting letters from people all over the country drawings that they've
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regular inside you'll find chesterfield best for you the coroner's autopsy disclosed that the
death of jimmy carter check resulted from a self-inflicted gunshot wound it was officially recorded as a suicide women just living in the series of all
of the tickets as well in the june technical advice comes from the office
of the series w_h_ barker los angeles technical advisers and john donohue
sergeant bought the winds are jim inspiration wednesday night where ben alexandre win
runner big and generations that by john robbins and music by walter schuman
while jimmy sweeney watching entirely new dragnet basis for
each week on your local n_b_c_ television allaying please check your
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me and lo and nicotine bias didn't want to be at best boy you gust appealed
brings you greg k historical about here is true the names have been trying to protect
against your detective sergeant decide before
jury detail for the past six years of forger has
been working in your city the victims described the suspect is a
woman brimelow is simple but it continues to work your job smokers by the thousands arnout changing
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backed themselves chesterfield low in the cooking highest in quality a published back ruled by chemical analyses of the country's six leading cigarette
brett chesterfield the only cigarette ever wittol record like this regular all our king-size chesterfield is best for you but brakeman the document drama of an actual
crime or for the next thirty minutes in the operation of the los angeles police
tomorrow newell travel step by step on the side of the law through an actual
case transcribe from official police files from beginning to end from crime to punishment brightness is the story of your police
force in action on was friday september eighteenth for los
angeles we're working with a lot of forgery detail without restriction about
well went right the other way out from the office it was
ten forty two a little better than ninety four the beckwith department
stores credit manager's office likes to get out simply yankees com
cited by authors please pardon alleviate the if they can you get them
thank you beginning to look beneath the gravity of
the casting they'd already indicated thank you very much money seven thank you mister donaldson has sergeant friday is
my partner frank smith i denied it thank you very much you on top of this is all about and i was a little modern again about
the receipt in the past sudbury sit still working on this case
jessica i called him the last time with a stock usual type of things john yes
children's shoes presidents legislators always tyson or if i could have all sorts of
students of sure here thank you all made up the same day august twenty second etocs pitches he
usually comes in on a saturday seat at the stores more proud annemarie
goes on to get more time to verify the accounts and they have to lacked the
agility what if we get sucked the sales girl who
waited on it sure however send out front describes how would you please abbas is
alan setup and others fear the only abstract not
for children as a woman slip yes we've had a couple of them in
the past bc the women's clothing hypothesize in part about what it was
here did you get the boat we set up this month but but the book giving a woman's
description samples or in writing to get yes every day you've got to understand sergeant this
is one of the biggest doors in the city we do a lot of business to be almost impossible to learn all the
sales bell so watch for the woman is to extend that debt where the descriptions into the
children's department it while he didn't do any good bill if the woman charged large amounts of
might be easier but uh…

Look at the sales trip yourself more
dollars shoes three douglas's noting to make it charged like that
stand out we make sure that this vote count in the
name of that with adults don't you try to place it yes we do it with a customer wants to
talk tonight and has not the plate media usually just verify the content but them
sign the sales slip about it and gate well normally we do our sports as i said
be sales up such small amounts of the woman comes in
the stores products fidel just call it that the popular sino
schaeffer's skip losure block budget just a moment woman who waited hours up helps you want
to popular in your but we don't take it anymore but i'm
sure we tear up their are setting out to me i'll be here gloucester yesterday you know what happy little funny about this thing wiser well appreciate shot think she's taken to almost all kids
clothes doesn't seem to be interested in
anything else total amounts of the articles she's
taken the lead up to much it's the principal looking more the
value it just seems that the only thing she's interested in the children and feel a little funny because piece
about a person like that yes sir winston we've got a lot of us going on by the
other late they take things for themselves location or expensive items
but she doesn't just gives you concede that the all interested in the cell ask our schools so well i'll be here if
you need anything more thank you without thanks very much food you'll bring us a list of speculative
interested just forgotten well hoping to do something about it that you
should only thank you very much anything you need to let me know gastric
bank u economic yan dvdfab here thank you ma'am i'm sorry to try to use my partner frank
smith and i did it without a busted out of
here please yeah i can i just have a basket man held its for jerry king anyway it eliminated take another look at it what they
describe report accuse the littler than i think you but
then again there frank handbook i learn trading factors kiribati did she have the children with
it no since he didn't i've got a little critique the trend
defense daily with everything that is correct that afternoon that none of us
get a chance to really think that anything yes ma'am what color hair kit kind of candy crowley just accountable
and warned that the defendant unit exp yes
ma'am yet i guess noticed it long nudity if we can all the other certification palpation get hold of this mentality
trash not very well and had their hands character tracking the package claims package pastry not extensive passing them out
you know if you start again ohmae if you're good but would like to point out to look at
some pictures if you want i'll have to talk strategy we'll take
care of itself if you could give me a picture we don't
know break-neck opener man copied into the picture you guessed it elephant what do you
think of it see any reason for that she did impurities so i'd say that was about prophecy i've been telling for a long time and a lot of people in history placement newt gingrich and believe me
this is one of the sweetest people either research indicate your client that little monkey right but we don't wanna
mess with the newspapers caller when eight fifty two p right katie we she authority and attempted to
looking casting she just economic interdependence of the terribly rude that adopted the patent to get capillary fragility starting friday cast his vote under
contract to build up cert to mother downstairs now and the last six years the same woman had
been operating in the downtown department stores during that period
should force total thirteen hundred dollars worth of merchandise that we
know of because of her mother was no way of
telling how much more gone undetected operations a simple she had a restore go to one of the
department where she pick up articles of hell mostly for children monastic jacket she explained she forgot my charger
plate may have to be a kind of been verified should sign the checks left these clips will be put in the mail to
the people who maintain the account and it wouldn't be until they noticed a
discrepancy that we'd be notified nearly a month would pass between the
time the clothing was taken and we were told in the six years with the little mothers
the newspapers adapter had been operating almost every team detectives
in the forgery detail it worked on the case statements of sales girls waited on
there were taken post after the sale slips from eight
witnesses were interrogated me when the sum total of actual physical evidence
was waitin sifted there was no lead to the identity of the
portrait police department dot not going to
bulletins and copies of compounds of drawings of a suspect and he's been
distributed all department stores in the area but because of the suspects appearance
in the way she operated none of the victims became suspicious and kindly
notify department stores protective league was
working with is but they met with the same dead and that we can meanwhile the evidence continue to pile
up operation continued to work when the manager beckwith department
store told us that the suspect was in the store fight and i were able to come
up for the first concrete lead we'd had since we've been working on the case the company of the manager of a
saleswoman this is my alum fight and i went down to the boys
department with the suspect was reported to be dinosaur yesterday bill said she was a little boys suits
hope the railroad for just a minute yeses i don't have to be general about the
stores liability in a situation like this township i'm sure it's happened to
be very embarrassing expensive to the store if we made a mistake uh…

understand dot over here captain if you don't think this is fragmentation
it's not my fault you got to be able to manage compel me to stop the wrong
person because trouble medicine prodigy could she was talking to a state where
the woman second-ranking dispense legally the quick search if you need to study in
the store failed to turn up the suspect the department store security staffers
norafidah watch was put on all of the doors accredited by was notified me took
action we checked with the elevator operators we found one that told us
she'd seen a woman who went to the description get in a car to explain that
the woman seem to be in a hurry in and let the elevators sousa did reach the
main floor a further check of the store and that it
has nothing the suspect in this case in the downtown
proud that would've been almost impossible to try to find her on the
street however an additional broadcast carrying a complete description of the
total she was wearing was gotten out all cars in the area the first good chance we'd had prepping
him you know was gone we had to go back to the late work in
the way three months past during that time frank
and i cleaned up a series of counterfeit payroll check cashing another thirty
days went by without activity for the little rock reporting sales clerks added to the file when the lead resulting from these were
checked out were no closer to her than we'd been six years before thirty december seventeenth twelve fifty
five pm particularly office yeah auto stocks different now at a couple
more upbeat about the little mother or they can at this point what i'm i've got a second hand writing well at the names used wait a minute him
here book damages norris farrow commission change slightly
guesses as missus ross neiman i call the store and got the information
on these people did you talk to gap asked our routine stuff and i'm coming too many friends who
match the description but i think she checked in there now vitamins fairly bright kids on child cotton dress there's one thing different okay project the sizes of the close last myself as we have addresses
corporate ten-year-old though that such a bottom for a twelve year old
did you get bigger joke to think of what we got to do the trick
up which is the growing well used by the health care no just doesn't seem to be in a way to
go all the time we put in all the people
talk to all we got for the file drawer are self
employed project right that's right route f_m_ i remember ways you know weekly rental actually got plenty that was missus allen remember the sales
lady or backwards all you are interested in films during lunch in the rest of the
corner jackson hill yeah i suspect sitting next to it it one oh two pm we checked out of the
office and go over the rest of it was located at the river large drugstore
when we came into the place missus allen let us at the entrance to the backed
down the calvin pointed out a small woman sitting on the last still k fishermen capacity uh…

Disco calloway cameras out perfectly something you'd anyone for police
officers may i would like to talk to you police deftness plus a political party
better if you want anything to meet you can see
a great year than anything weapon if you're going to kitchen why identification of the message make too many stickers king terrible which allows city trying to find out
that i'm gonna tell you right now if you can't prove you've got a reason for
making a donation travel without making you do anything we have rhetorical union
beresford free way of showing i want to take it might have been the
most people use the term when he hears about this pierre using tactics particularly a lot of places visible nelson naturally fisher present address nudity removed a few months ago but i
hadn't had a chance to be changed that only one thelma's nelson doesn't know what if we
could talk to her office why families that she had to arrest people
before you can order them around rescue team over the city hall is that it will
have a few things we'd like to act out collecting what about you see what you got the
better what are you looking for them out if we
took a look pledges to close my children nothing in it interest you a little
wouldn't hurt if we look for that go ahead you won't find anything meticulously yeah right what about you find anything wrong
needed done no ma'am but i want to explain this subject distracts lapierre so that i was a trust me even certainly
that was probably within about two things i don't know anything about it i
was not in ridiculous how much archbishop portrait ahead you are listening to pregnant the
authentic story of your police force in action actually correct these days in vending machine actual markets and stores coast-to-coast chesterfield p smokers by the thousands yes smokers by the thousands are not
changing the chesterfield the only cigarette ever to give you one
proof buffalo nicotine highest quality chemical analyses of the country six
leading brands confirm that they always cigarette ever to give you a best proven record with
smokers again and again overall four-year and
one half a group of chesterfield smokers have
been given thorough medical examinations the doctors' reports are a matter of
record no adverse effects to the nose throat and sinuses from smoking chesterfield irresponsible independent research
laboratory supervises this continuing program chesterfield the all a cigarette ever with a record
like this chesterfield return the suspect in the city hall for
questioning well frank checked running through the
files i tried to get it at all for twenty minutes her attitude was one
of surprise and she answered the questions i put to her with indignant
finally she left the missiles when we play at all the further interrogation franking back tomorrow night with the
information that was no rest record for missus nelson we put our cost of the
sales goals with waited a little mother in the past mash them to come down to
the office to see if they could identify the suspect extract room twenty nine yeah come right look for street entrance
turn left at the police department at right now there's a large their
collective breakdown of all the right was the only way to go it's on the left to go down the hall that's right corner last night friday rockets met no-man's that time will expect tonight her column actually yeah you know you save yourself and us a lot
of trouble if you tell us the truth missus nelson nelson romantic but under please children's wear yes ma'am he got the phone you don't have to go through the city oracle dba i needed to be in the keypad how do you think i felt when i knew i
was feeling how do you think i feel but go ahead there has been posted brittany what he can he thinks is right he can't
quote if no we didn't tuesday night it didn't but he doesn't have the kitty
does he really does it if they didn't understand you can see
that keeps you began to understand about them do you think i think you can i came away from the power point going to go ahead please college life eastward putting on our potomac thought of what
he was doing to himself every nickel uniquely made with police would be able
to feel secure they would have to worry about anything with all that when i first got married i
could understand him i went along with what he thought but the last few years it's going to be
an obsession with him the almighty dollar consulting important
when autoworkers doesn't do missus nelson he undergoes or small plates that it does good makes a
good living we are living right next to mhm every ten dollars a week to run the
house and buy clothes for the kids tried lord knows i've tried budget meals
cheek attorney they'll bring it anyway you think that no matter how you
think you can call it it doesn't go very far thomas' nelson's pocket open about it to asking for additional money for the
expenses yes often he'd kill me it had been eaten
to kindly do just a bit longer until you don't you think and we'd be all right birmingham whitewater more sick dot if you can't make any difference how
much money we had how the total in the past went up eleven
fedor fight happy gilmore a limo entering transformation if he could afford to buy the kid decent
clothes lee's plan you agree with me don't you let's
examine come not from me i'll never forget the day when my
breaking home crying been fighting one of the other boy gets collected
something about the pentagon is close just a little kid that's all it was
ridiculed by strength if when i made up my mind to do
something about that because the knowing about directivity
nesting produced by the new clothes for the elks
to do it heading have to last year he's been working so hard at
the store owner of the receipient kiddo and i don't know when even and
send it to start getting wind up he spends all his time at getting these
nicely he let one quickie had grown so we could
save the money how we save money it doesn't make any difference who get
hurt get that now and put it all right that's what tell but the dollar-a-plate you know something about him with that as well i haven't been able to sit down and talk
to my husband for six weeks six weeks to get home at twelve thirty
one o'clock in the morning he doesn't know what six thirty kids ala kathy mandate coming home howdy and through how do you make it
interesting i tried the only way no collected overall on the thousands will try to work it out can i need your phone have got to tell the children what to do
about that i'll call for joining me now with the
number hollywood nine eight four four version of the nominal fee historic used to going to come i think we should ma'am i don't know
what happened thinking because people are you know if
everything else and i would like to speak to her son besides buddy losses
pleased by the has no effect on him from twenty nine was that what i want to talk to him no
matter what was your husband is always way down here and two fourteen pm former also walked into
the office for a collector kim is what the interrogation room she that's as
well we waited for we're going to talk to him for a few
minutes alone we stayed out in the home after a brief way called also for the
don't ask us to come into the room his wife inevitably told the full story
because it was visibly shaken walked orders lighten sat down beside it guess i've ever done leominster really ruined everything who might kids everything all the time was having an avenue and
the renegade don't blame yourself too much population unknown issued a
statement myself it when you tried to tell me it was too busy to see too
wrapped up with the business it wasn't for me paul it was for the
children doesn't make any difference in what was four and no one who caused by
no one is my fault i'm sorry i havent i can ever make it up compete about that you can do any good but in done can't be changed about us what happens now well you know what's going to give a
preliminary hearing to a chance to plead guilty she does the court will decide
what to do what's the punishment collections quicklinks section four seventy three
the penal code imprisonment in the state penitentiaries rwanda fourteen years or
for not more than a year in the county jail directly out of it anyway getting everyone out of it if i
went to the judge and told him why she did it if i thought it was my fault
would that make a difference i don't get the court but i could try
answer if i paid the money back for a look and
she's taken i can afford it i could go to the stores and paint maybe they'd
feel different than her i could make it up some everything to be
all right well it's been going on for six years
you know but if i could pay the stores becca did make it up to a button maybe but how about your wife well item a character what four thirty p_m_ a suspect was released
on a rep the next afternoon frank and i met with
mr mrs nelson and her attorney we talked over the case seem that the husband's change of heart
was permanent that's why they would never give is what caused her
unhappiness again two weeks later in the pot may know the
superior court missus nelson entered a plea of guilty to fourteen cups a
forgery democrat review the circumstances and
was informed that mister nelson intended to make full restitution probation board
recommended that missus nelson be placed on probation for three years after the hearing fred and i had a brief
talk with a couple thank us for our consideration and
understanding family the cause of trouble between the
nelsons obliterate another two weeks went by january twenty-second frank i
got back from what we check in the office at a record defining assessment but they also sell scenario defined
tracking how you can client agreement ma'am politically it's what we want to do appear set you talk about ten here there it's not much that we think it's exactly
my family to take that uh…

It's not necessary man he didn't have to
do that na na we wanted to to alaska kisi made a box richard real good lots
of chocolate monotonicity we just hope you enjoy establish through august uh… they told me just company had gotten anything straight now i have been at the storm that we can work and it's been difficult
things just couldn't be much painting well glad to hear that if anything distinctive depict it's true the best thing that ever happened but several making these but do door the name of a change on january eighth the meeting was held
in the county probation is also c_n_n_ pull the county of los angeles state of
california you know what the results of that
meeting dollars out of star trek web but you do it for them friends we've been getting letters from
people all over the country telling us that they switched to chesterfield just
as i've been telling you thousands of smokers are changing it
yesterday because only chesterfield gives proof of low nicotine highest
quality that's why i recommend you try and today regular king-size you'll find
chesterfield best for you do do it at the end of three years missus evelyn
margaret nelson report fill the requirements of the probation in the case was officially but close do the trusted pregnant but seriously what the dictators from
official but technical advice comes from the office
of chief of police w_h_ parker los angeles police department technical advisers captain jack donahue
sargent marty winds sergeant bands for each year heard tonight where ben alexander dick
rockman joyce mccluskey script by john robinson music by walter schuman relatively speaking watch it entirely new dragnet case
history each week on your local n_b_c_ television station please check your newspaper for the day
and time just appeal that brought you dragnet
transcribe from los angeles that you tried new corporate fifty more it's those smooth smoke here's why new for thima tips of perfect clark king-sized along the filtering and but the low quality for a much
better flavor and the role remember but enough as but uh…

all your lips trying to put him out c_i_o_'s smu look at it for team is made by the makers of
chesterfield liggett myers one of tobacco's most respected name don't.

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