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right we're on dot here and i'm going to zoom zoom out onto the big picture a bit 
i've been trying what the [ __ ] is   wrong with this [ __ ] these stupid 
indicators off [ __ ] off indicators   [ __ ] indicators you don't need 
them it's a bunch of [ __ ] they're   conspiracy theories like seriously they 
are they're self-fulfilling prophecies   it's like a whole crowd of people standing around 
and they all believe they're gonna swim across a   river and they're all talking about it and at six 
o'clock we're all going to swim across the river   then some guy up the other 
side sitting in the tree he's watching it and everyone jumps in and swims 
across the river and the guy in the tree goes   oh my god i thought they'd swim across 
at six o'clock cause they do it every   day at six it's it's a this is what happens 
it's just it's an organized thing it's like one thing for certain is the reality of what 
is dished up is what is dished up so you gotta   make the most of what you get 
anyway i got carried away this is all that run from the last crash until he finally 
took off beautiful run up here of dot kept   on that trend line the whole way through beautiful 
to trade you can get in and out of this or you can   just hold it should really hold it it's really 
hard to time the market you're just better off   to hold most times but if you can time it you 
can do better and i have bet the market a few   times without actually 7x throughout a few months 
there after christmas done very well with dot it's   just great and reliable now we've got this drop 
here we've had this big green red crash anywhere   here is a great time to get in but i would wait 
for it to come back down here or it will zigzag it might um go up here and then it might drop 
down like that all right the next low light   and then up so you jump in here you just 
wait for it to come down and it sort of just   eases it's it's like uh it's inertia just slowly 
crawls down and the velocity slows and you just   pick around about a time you just go in 
by near enough is good now you can't get   it it's hard to get it right if you set 
some trades down here we've been great   hopefully the market doesn't drop again 
we just that's what we're hoping for then this could be a good trade to hold for a good while i would wait until 
it goes up here pull in the big   big hole on it really pull in some decent money ah these my tools keep getting changed for some reason like   i used to have a default range 
of tools that i could use yeah   these ones somehow it keeps changing back 
i must have to be on that paintbrush but so let's say you can get in here 
let's say it comes down there   and you can wait until that trend line whether 
it'll be a few weeks until it gets up there so   there's 70 percent that would be a 
beautiful trade i mean man that's   nothing wrong with that and if you 
take it slow and this is only on spot it'll take a while like this is a patient one it 
might take weeks won't take a few weeks but then   again got starred in that last crash it went 
flying all the way up here it outdone a lot of   the other coins a lot of the 
other coins just zigzagged   up and down here and they're sort of bleeding 
and they bled away and dropped off the cliff now this is all according to uh sort of fingers 
crossed that the market actually does get strength   and pick up very hard to tell what it's going 
to do and it might possibly go the other way   so you should be ready maybe to get out 
if you know how to read the cards and see   when the the big crashes are happening if 
you've got the time during the day you can   actually watch to watch the last two and you see 
you can just see when i watch bitcoin the bitcoin   chart you just see it drop a bit and it's like 
ah that was a more dramatic drop than before   normally it'll just go sideways sort of a 
bit of a drop down slowly work its way down   and then up that's nothing unusual but when 
it just boom goes down like that and then   they buy up and it picks up because i think uh 
we're going to get in while it's a little bit   low but then i don't realize that then the 
sound they get pushed down pushed down and   oh no we're in the avalanche we're stuck we're 
going down the mountain man we're covered in snow   and onwards it just goes on and like you stuck 
up here oh no and just hot everyone's hodling now   i'm actually hodling too but i got stuck in a 
different situation and i won't go into that now   but i'm happy holding the ethereum it's nice and 
solid for what that's long enough for this video   there's dot beautiful coin to trade i've made like 
this is dot is a great coin i love trading dot amigos

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