DON’T Give Them Cryptocurrency [2 Min Funny Video on Saying No to Bitcoin, Ether, Crypto Gifts]

"How about them wanting crypto as a gift 
and you not being keen on the idea?" Anonymous! You're not supposed to say that 
part out loud. If you are a HODL maniac,   and all of your relatives suddenly 
remember that you're into this stuff,   and now they all want part of the gravy train. 
And not only do they want you to gift them crypto,   but they think that you are a millionaire, 
nay billionaire, nay trillionaire, because   you bought at the peak of 2017 and 
they do not know the secret tears   you. You will be asked to buy them cars and yachts 
and mansions and gift them crypto in amounts that   they think are appropriate to your newfound 
wealth and you will not want to do that. So   give them a gift card to the outback steakhouse 
or arby's or if you don't have something like that   think of a disgusting chain restaurant 
that serves fast food pretending it's   healthy exotic family fare.

Give them that 
instead and then tell them that you lost your   crypto in an unfortunate boating accident, 
it's always an unfortunate boating accident. And be clear it was a boating accident in 
a kayak. Don't let them think you have a   yacht. Then they're just gonna want more crypto! 
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