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Together we will grow dogecoin.. guys, I guessed correctly the graph I drew
yesterday. If you don't believe it, you can check out the video I uploaded yesterday.
We are about to enter an uptrend. day-to-day
price action it's about understanding. how far we've come
and understanding this is a five-year investment guys this is not a get rich
overnight. you are precious to me. theory this is put your money to work
for you and build your wealth through cryptocurrency guys if you want to
change your financial future in my opinion cryptocurrency is the best way
to do that. so, and you are so early guys one percent of
the entire population. is invested in cryptocurrency so
understand guys we've ran all the way up to 64 000. now we've corrected down to
30 000 right in my opinion guys the next move. for bitcoin will be up to a hundred
thousand dollars. and i believe that's gonna happen before
the end of the year guys we're seeing exchanges start to dry up we're starting
to see some bullish.

So, pressure come back in the market guys
and when i tell you guys that i believe once we flip back to
bullish you're gonna see a wave of adoption like never before.
i believe that companies are loading i believe institutions are loading.
i believe there's a lot more mainstream adoption coming from cryptocurrency
that will only be coming out when we're in bullish territory you have to
understand. the mainstream media definitely owns
this market right. they're not going to push anything
positive in the market right now until they're ready to.
send it right they're not going to say anything positive they're going to
continue to put fear in this market. so that weak hands the retail set hands
are selling to these institutions and once they've loaded up enough that's
when you'll see the whole entire. narrative switch we will see everything
switched back to bullish we'll see so much mainstream of pop
adoption coming we'll see institutions.

We'll see it all guys
and that's when this next move will come. and we got to talk about dogecoin guys
dogecoin lovers out there my family i will show up and show out every
single day. you guys know i will i'm making two to
three videos every single day to make sure
that we do not miss a single thing. across this entire market. right
the one thing we know is that anything can happen at any moment.
but let's talk about something for a second we already know we've gone from
under a penny to 75 cents right now we've crashed it's
all over at 25 cents but let's look at what's really happened. guys
we've seen mainstream adoption faster than we ever thought possible we
see we can buy a car with dogecoin. you can buy a house with those coins
many hundreds of retailers are accepting.

Those coins
through excuse me guys through bitpay so understand guys we've seen.
so much happen in a short amount of time we also have
elon musk and spacex doing a fully funded mission.
through dogecoin showing that doze coin can be used as a form of currency and
guys that's a an extremely bullish. thing to happen and
we're still waiting for the elon musk and tesla news. that i believe
is coming so understand. guys while everything is doom and gloom
right now we went from under a penny. guys,Good days are waiting for us.

And guys, ı am not
financial advisor. this video for educational.People like to scribble dogecoin. let's read a news
now.. Inability to Escape Range Not a Good Indicator..
doge came off weekend highs yesterday and slumped to nearly 22-and-a-half cents. Yes,
since the lows were touched, doge has climbed a bit and, as of this writing, is traversing
slightly over 24 cents. However, after seeing some slow and incremental gains for a few
days like the broad cryptocurrency market, the inability of not achieving a real test
of week-long resistance levels is likely a negative indicator.
doge has been struggling between a rather tight range in many respects and it did achieve
a high of nearly 27-and-a-half cents on the 29th of June. Since then, doge has suffered
from its regular bouts of volatility, but it has not come close to retracing the one-week
highs. It looks as if every buying wave is met with a rather consistent amount of selling
which remains nervous. When the 24 cents mark was penetrated lower yesterday after serving
as support essentially since the end of June, the move was harsh.Dogecoin remains a favorite
talking point of many important social media trading groups and it needs to be questioned
how long many of the speculators will be willing to hold onto their positions, particularly
if the trend remains progressively negative.

It was reported late last week in the NY Post
that Robinhood, the popular U.S based retail broker, has a lot of exposure to Dogecoin.
A large percentage of the trading in the Robinhood platform has been generated because of the
cryptocurrency. Technically, doge continues to tread near
important support and can’t quite seem to lift itself up from its lower price band.
After yesterday’s move lower, the slight rise in value from doge can be perceived as
positive. However, until the cryptocurrency breaks, resistance near 24-and-a-half cents
puts in a sincere challenge to 25 cents, and traders may believe that negative sentiment
will rule the day. Selling doge within its current price vicinity
looks enticing if it can be accomplished over 24 cents. Traders need to use solid risk management,
but shorting doge with a target around the 23-and-a-half cents level could prove to be
a rather intriguing speculative wager. Conservative traders may want to place their take-profit
orders near current support levels around the 0.23850000 ratio.
Current Resistance: 0.24560000 Current Support: 0.23850000
High Target: 0.25450000 Low Target: 0.22300000 We may be at the bottom right now.

But if
we look at the glass half full, we can profit.let's see what they said here.
Daily Tech Analysis –July 6th, 2021 It’s been a relatively bullish start to
the day. Dogecoin would need to move back through the day’s pivot and early high,
however, to avoid another day in the red. dogecoin slid by 6.21% on Monday. Following
a 0.04% decline on Sunday, Dogecoin ended the day at $0.2311.
Bearish from the start of the day, Dogecoin fell from an early morning intraday high $0.2466
to a late morning intraday low $0.2259.Dogecoin fell through the day’s major support levels
before finding late morning support. Through the afternoon, Dogecoin broke back
through the third major support level at $0.2285 to revisit $0.236 levels.
A bearish end to the day, however, saw Dogecoin fall back to end the day at $0.231 levels.
At the time of writing, Dogecoin was up by 1.21% to $0.2339. A mixed start to the day
saw Dogecoin fall to an early morning low $0.2308 before rising to a high $0.2349.
Dogecoin left the major support and resistance levels untested early on.For the day ahead
Dogecoin would need to move back through the $0.2345 pivot to bring the first major resistance
level at $0.2432 into play.

Support from the broader market would be needed,
however, for Dogecoin to break back through to $0.24 levels.
Barring an extended crypto rally, the first major resistance level and Monday’s high
$0.2466 would likely cap any upside. In the event of a breakout, Dogecoin could
test resistance at $0.26 levels before any pullback. The second major resistance level
sits at $0.2552. Failure to move back through the $0.2345 pivot
would bring the first major support level at $0.2225 into play.
Barring another extended sell-off, however, Dogecoin should steer clear of sub $0.21 levels.
The second major support level at $0.2138 should limit the downside.
We've come to the end of the video guys, I hope you understand what I want to say. Express
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see you in the next video.

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