Dogecoin vs. The Weekend Warriors

coin real quick we're going to talk about 
dogecoin versus essentially the weekend warrior   guys i hope you enjoyed the last few streams 
i've done and i hope you took what i said to   heart because if you did you would have sold 
your position at seven cents or so and you would   have been smart to do so because the last two 
streams i did uh we pretty much talked about why   this coin was hyper overvalued why it really was 
going to end up going back to a penny and why   it was just kind of a moment that just happened 
because of game stop and amc stock being   halted during robin hood trading so do me a 
favor guys hit the like button before we continue   on uh i appreciate you hanging out with me i 
appreciate all the new subscribers as of late   and it's been a very very cool experience but what 
i've done over the last uh like 48 hours or such   is i've left this dogecoin runner from my robin 
hood app open on my computer i have not touched it   i told you guys a few days ago that i put 220 
dollars into my robin hood uh app purely to buy   dogecoin i entered at two and a half two point 
zero two three cents uh i knew it was a meme coin   i knew that there was no uh utility behind it and 
when i say utility i mean it has no functionality   it's just a store of value that collectively 
people have decided to put their money into   and i decided to participate in the social 
media experiment that is pumping this particular   cryptocurrency many people out there are on 
youtube right now telling you guys that this   is the new hype cycle this is the new 
surefire way to become a rich person overnight   and i am very very sorry that you 
guys have come across many of them   on youtube they are bad for crypto they are 
bad for investing and they are bad for you   uh genuinely sincerely the people that are that 
are sitting in front of a green screen that are   just repeating you're going to the moon over 
in the over and over again um those people are   very dangerous to watch because they're going 
to influence a lot of young people and a lot of   first-time investors into doing foolish things 
like chasing positions that don't make sense   if anyone watching this video for the first 
time is watching this video because they don't   know what dogecoin is that makes total sense 
but isn't it weird that you're considering   or at least you've thought about or at least 
you've heard about investing into a coin   about a dog that you've never heard about this 
is a weird year guys 2021 is showing us some   weird things but as we're sitting here dogecoin 
is crashing to a little bit under three cents   to point zero two seven three cents yesterday 
at one pm it was point zero two three cents   and we watched it skyrocket to 
about seven cents throughout the day   roughly around 10 p.m it hit its all-time high 
it kind of got to almost eight cents very close   that's when i told you guys that the european 
and the asian markets were opening and that's   why a lot of positions were being like liquidated 
purely because people waking up to just free money   american investors are very interested in the 
stock market and understand that robin hood   let me rephrase that young american investors are 
very excited about robin hood because robin hood   has gamified the application and made it very 
exciting with the with the the pinks and the   greens and and the sort of a screen where it looks 
like you're playing a game this doesn't really   have an attachment to money for most people when i 
put 220 in this the other day and i watched it go   up to 500 something because i hit the seven cents 
and i watched it go back down i told you guys that   i was going to continuously leave that amount of 
money in here because i wanted to rise and fall   and show you guys what that was going to be like 
by buying in at two and a half cents right this   right now is 190 bucks i put in 220 bucks so 
all of a sudden this is less than what i put in   that's not the greatest investment right but just 
yesterday it was up to 500 in the blink of an eye   let me kind of backtrack real quick and tell 
you guys why i think this is interesting   so over the last few days we've seen wall street 
journal bets this kind of like crazy wall street   uh reddit platform up here out of almost nowhere 
uh it seems that way but many big things seem to   just appear out of nowhere they have been growing 
for a while they have over 6.5 million followers   less i checked this afternoon i'm sure they 
have more they seem to have a strategic daily   movement pattern of what they're trying to do 
what they're trying to chase and whatnot right   a lot of them have specifically gone after two 
stocks that you guys have heard over and over and   over i'm not even going to get into that so what 
happened the other day when robin hood decided   that those two particular stocks were going to be 
halted uh and some other various stocks that were   kind of in the same circle uh they they halted 
all those and they only allowed people to buy   i mean rather they only allowed them to sell they 
didn't allow to buy yo yo yo what's up west coast   uh what's up sam uh everyone check out sam if oh 
i got to figure out how to get sam on this show   and talk about his hustle because this guy is a 
hustler extraordinaire um i'm i'm pretty stoked to   hear that you're into crypto as well man there's 
a lot of new people out there that are coming into   crypto for the first time and it's a fantastic 
opportunity but it's a scary scary time yeah i   i know i know bro it's a scary time and right now 
you guys are going to see this coin kind of bounce   around and i really don't expect it to ever get 
to a dollar and i explained last night in my live   stream why it's very unlikely that it ever would 
because it would have to become the third most   valuable cryptocurrency overall this coin has no 
inherent value it has nothing it's an intense like   it does nothing you guys are collectively deciding 
to pump it because a social media page has pushed   many people to do so now that's great that's 
fine the hedge fund attack on the stock market   like sticking it to the man that actually makes a 
lot more sense because when you guys are pushing   against a hedge fund somebody is losing money 
that makes sense when you guys are all throwing   your money collectively into uh dogecoin on 
these sorts of coins what's happening is some   people who've already had it from the beginning 
just decide they're gonna sell and that's it   some people like earlier somebody said it's all 
about putting our money into something and gaining   wealth collectively no that's not how it works 
because humans are greedy and there's going to   be some people who have dogecoin already and all 
they're going to do is withdraw their portion once   they've had a significant amount of profit and 
they don't give they don't care if the whole price   collapse on you guys because they sold a gigantic 
portion and they're super extraordinarily happy on   their yacht now and all you guys are you know sol 
there's a lot of videos on youtube and tick tock   that are extremely crazy right now and extremely 
dangerous and extremely foolish i just spent   the last half an hour getting super irritated 
watching youtube videos about dogecoin people   there are some i'm gonna be kind right now 
there's some people on youtube who are out   there promoting dogecoin as if it is as if it 
is the next godsend to the financial revolution   this coin does nothing it is a meme project i'm 
not usually the type to continuously revisit   something like this over and over and over 
again but i felt it was very necessary because   it's friday night and a lot of american 
investors and i'm trying to do these videos   specifically talking to american investors if 
you're not an american investor i apologize   but this is the arena that i understand the most 
if you're an american investor and you've been   tinkering in the stock market over the last few 
days and uh in the few weeks of early january   you seem to be making a tremendous profit that's 
fantastic cool cool cool now all of a sudden   you guys are saying that robin hood has restricted 
the ability to purchase new cryptocurrencies like   doge and whatnot because they're not giving 
you that buying power anymore where you could   basically purchase the money right away i did a 
test earlier today to see if that was the case   for my account i was able to buy uh i think like 
20 bucks of tesla we did as an experiment i didn't   try a stock a crypto we try to stock just to see 
what the after hours tr platform was like because   robin hood has like gamified purchasing stocks 
and cryptos and in the past i never thought   about buying cr buying stocks or uh after hours 
now i've trained my mind into the crypto world   since 2015-16 that we trade constantly daily 
we don't sleep we live this we breathe this   a lot of people are now coming over to this 
because they're becoming extremely excited about   these gains that they're having and they want to 
look for somewhere else to put it human nature is   we just want more it's simple it's easy it makes 
sense this coin is not going to go back to a penny   just yet because there's too many young people 
invested in it that have no idea what it means   to make a profit or to take a loss or anything 
on that because they just want to buy dogecoin   to tell their buddies they own dogecoin it makes 
sense that totally makes sense i i respect that   i also understand that there's a lot of people out 
there right now on youtube telling you guys that   this coin is going to go to a dollar this is going 
to go to the moon this is going to shoot upwards   and all sorts of trajectories this coin is only 
going to go as far as the wall street bets and the   social media experiment behind it allows it to go 
that's it this coin has no utility it has no value   it is a store of value guys do me a favor hit 
the like video on the video real quick i need   to take a swig of this wine i'm getting a little 
parched from talking so much so hold real quick no just a nice sip of wine now it's interesting 
to have this doge coin going behind me right now   because you guys have seen it kind 
of steadily go from three cents   down to under three cents back to up i want to revisit an idea that i talked about 
yesterday which was i think that this coin will   never get to a dollar but i think this coin will 
have continuous cycles between one cent to eight   cents something like that the reason being because 
people like to move their their coins they they   get to move them around a lot and they get really 
excited uh there is something to be said for taxes   with every move and crypto and everything that's 
a different video a different person i'm not going   to talk about that what i'm going to talk about 
is gamification of crypto and gamification of   stock market trading dogecoin has really kind of 
come into our lives at a very very perfect time   there's a lot of young technology people out 
there who are really irritated with the fact that   they've been made to stay at home for the 
last year and with this wall street bets   now they have a little ammunition 
in their pocket to feel that they   can participate in a movement right the people 
who stormed the capitol recently i don't care what   politics you're into but just for an example they 
thought they were storming to create a revolution   the people that did the wall street bets reddit 
page do you guys see that gill person 34 year old   guy with the headband with the triple screens like 
um that guy created a revolution in his basement   and that's more likely the type of warfare that 
we'll see going forward and the more aggressive   sort of trading we'll see going forward this is 
like and i said this all night long yesterday   this isn't all men for themselves sort of world 
that we're living in now in the trading world   and i mean that purely when it comes to trading 
because if you put in at eight cents last night at   10 o'clock you're really mad right now because you 
lost a lot of money but if you sold your position   at seven cents last night roughly 
20 minutes before it dropped   you're thrilled because you've sold at the top 
now hit the like button if you guys sold at the   top and comment for me if you are still at a loss 
i'd love to hear what the discrepancy is really   i myself i'm holding i'm gonna continue to hold i 
have no intention to add to this position of 220   that i put in uh i made a mistake when i bought 
in yeah current loss i'm i i'm sorry for that   bro yeah and it is one of those things that a lot 
of people are going to hold and the reason you're   going to continue to see so many social media 
people pumping this is because they've lost money   already when people are on there first of all 
anyone who pronounces it dodgecoin does not know   what they're talking about first and foremost okay 
it's not even how it's pronounced it's dogecoin   dodge coin would be if like that car manufacturer 
produced a cryptocurrency or something right   it's dogecoin anyone who says that on their 
youtube video just turn it off next person first   off right if you bought at 0.24 still holding 
yeah i bought in at 0.23 cents uh at 1 o'clock   yesterday and i purely did it because i wanted to 
participate in the social media experience i told   everyone that if you bet on this if you put money 
on this you do it because you understand that this   is a gamble it could just as easily go up as 
it could go down any money you put on this coin   should purely be what you're willing to lose for 
me i put 220 bucks on it because i figured that's   like if i go to the casino or if i go out for a 
night of drinking which now i guess you're allowed   to do again i still don't know the rules of the 
world anymore that's a whole nother conversation   for another day but you guys are going to continue 
to see these little pumps like this upwards   downwards upwards downwards because everyone is 
very confused on what's happening with dogecoin   there is no reason whatsoever that it should 
have ever been valued at 8 cents really last   night it had a nine billion dollar market 
cap that means at one point there was nine   billion dollars invested in it and i refreshed 
the button and it went down to six billion   dollars i refreshed again and it went down to 4.5 
billion in the blink of an eye what that means is   some group of people just made a tremendous amount 
of value based on a bunch of youthful people   misguiding each other to chase a cryptocurrency 
that they have no idea what the heck it is   if you guys understand that dogecoin is a 
meme coin and you understand that it's a joke   and you understand that you are having fun right 
now participating in a social media experience   experience jesus i wanted to say experiment 
or experience and that's kind of what came out   but it's both it's a social media experience 
and it seems to be an experiment this little   trading scenario with the wall street bets 
reddit page is fantastic i applaud it i'm   thrilled by it if people can make money right 
now and you're making money on these trades   the better for you i'm very proud of 
you guys and honestly like that's all   that anyone ever wants is to be a successful 
trader when they're watching videos like this   if you're watching one of my videos it's 
either because you're into trading or crypto   and you want to make money with the little bit of 
money that you have you want to make more right   what's a crypto that i recommend a crypto that 
i recommend something that i hold most of my   portfolio in is cardano cardano's a coin 
that i've been telling people about since   it was nine cents just a few months ago 
it's currently sitting at about 34 cents   it seems to be on pace to be at a dollar within 
the year they have a trajectory that could be   parabolic in a sense and could actually replace 
ethereum as the primary cryptocurrency in the   entire world someday uh probably always second 
to bitcoin because bitcoin is always going to be   a tremendous like store of value but cardano 
is my favorite project and in the short term   that's what i'm buying mostly uh most of the time 
when people up here are telling me about dogecoin   um first off the only persons that i will 
listen to about dogecoin are the people   that can pronounce it correctly and i swear if you 
guys go on youtube to another dogecoin video after   this and someone says dog coin or doggy coin or 
dodgecoin or dodge like i'm not trying to make fun   of these people but i'm telling you that this is 
the people that you should not be taking financial   information from i'm not a financial advisor but 
i've been doing this trading cryptocurrencies   for about five years now and i started this 
cryptocurrency channel right at the beginning of   all this craziness i've spoken at conferences i've 
watched people make a ton of money and you know   why because it's super fun but it's also on the 
other end i've heard a lot of horror stories about   people ending themselves because of tremendous 
losses so be careful this is not a game to play   unless you're willing to play in the arena of like 
tremendous gains and loss in the blink of an eye   stock markets are different you can lose a lot 
of money that's yeah whatever but cryptocurrency   is a 24 7 beast and if you trace dogecoin and 
you put in money at eight cents last night i   am very sorry for you i made a tick tock earlier 
where i basically explained how sorry i was for   people that put in at that position because that 
is a position that is probably not recoverable   it's very unfortunate but unless the wall 
street bets decides to directly push everybody's   attention towards dogecoin in his group which 
his group now is double the size of los angeles   i want to give you guys that as a perspective 
right los angeles has roughly 3.5 million people   the wall street bets reddit page somewhere has 
somewhere at about like six six point five million   people last i checked about an hour ago this 
guy's page is flying upwards in every direction   like everyone and i mean every direction in terms 
of social media pages on his on his twitter i i   think i showed my girlfriend last night he was a 
hundred thousand every time i'd revisit his page   he was up 200 400 600 800 000 now 
oh jesus christ sorry about that   this coin is dangerous right you guys have to 
understand this at this point and i'm going to   keep repeating this over and over and over and 
over again dogecoin is a dangerous investment   because at this point it is tremendously 
overvalued this coin really has no value   it has no functionality there's going to be a 
lot of people who tell you to go buy this the   reason they want you to go buy this is because 
they're trying to hedge their bets to bitcoin   so when people come in and raise this point 
this coin up what do you do what do they do   they sell their bitcoin and they put it in they 
sell their dogecoin and they put it in a bitcoin   and then they watch that bitcoin market go up 
i just want you guys to pull back on some like   you know life thoughts for a second look at crypto 
charts look at dogecoin look at bitcoin and watch   how they kind of correlate together they kind of 
do this dance whereas one goes up the other one   goes down up and down up and down why does elon 
pump you pump it you think elon does not give   a two cents about any of this really he's having 
fun with you guys you have to think about it from   this perspective if you were the richest man in 
the world what would bring you joy if i was the   richest man in the world what would bring me joy 
would be toying with the masses emotions like that   with the tweet he put two words on his twitter 
and people freaked out wouldn't that be fun think   about it like that right he's a very very wealthy 
man in fact he's the wealthiest man in the world   people are saying he might be the wall street 
bets guy why would he be he doesn't have the time   for that he's kind of a busy guy uh he likes 
memes he's a clever guy he's an he's a tech   nerd he's probably understood this better than 
most people out there could ever understood it   um but when he put recently in the 
last few months that he was the   ceo of dogecoin this is him having fun 
these are nerd jokes these are hilarious   but this is it whether or not you guys buy 
dogecoin i don't think it matters to him   i thought about this earlier today when i threw 
this out to my girlfriend when i said that could   delushcoin could elon be actually involved with 
it somehow maybe he bought a bunch of dogecoin   and he pumped it now he's made a hundred 
million dollars why would the richest man   in the world try to trick people just to make 100 
you know what i mean like it it almost seems like   beneath him in that sense so why would he 
tweet something like it seemed inevitable   or hashtag bitcoin or ceo of deutsche why would 
he do that because he's amused by it right like   i'd be amused if i was the richest man in 
the world just toying with people like a god i might be wrong if i'm wrong please let me know 
if you guys think i'm wrong but these are just my   thoughts on that so back to dogecoin here we're 
seeing it sitting at three cents and a lot of   people and i'm telling you guys i'm just showing 
you the perspective of robin hood right here   because i want to speak to the the new traders who 
are more so on robinhood there's a lot of people   who understand that they can buy dogecoin on 
binance on external exchanges on different places   where they can actually physically hold it well 
i say physically but they can take it off an   exchange and actually possess it themselves be in 
control of it with their own keys a key being a   set of either 12 24 seed words which allow you to 
unlock a particular device being usually a trezor   or a hardware a hardware wallet like something 
like that treasure ledger something like that   uh i apologize for the little like extra with my 
mouth but i've done more live streaming today than   i have in a long time and i don't usually talk 
this much but i've been watching all these live   streamers come up here just lying to you guys 
all day and it's irritating the hell out of me so thank you thank you thank you i need some water so the one thing that i really just want to get 
over why does everyone think it will moon by   monday see i think that the people that are saying 
they wanted to moon by monday have invested at a   high point and they really need to re-visit that 
high point so they can not be at a lost position   last night at 10 pm we saw it at 8 cents 
almost roughly 7 like 0.078 cents right   around 10 p.m pacific standard time last night 
currently we're seeing it at .023 cents uh   what time is it it's eight o'clock pacific 
standard time roughly right why do people   think it will pump by monday because most people 
are foolish and they are chasing wild dreams   because that is the reality of it this is a coin 
that has no utility no particular value other than   people have collectively decided to participate in 
a social media experience and put their coin in it   why do you think sell it now i won't lose 
nor win anything so why not wait till monday first off like whether you should sell it now 
or buy it now that's always got to be on you   and figure that out before you enter the game for 
me whenever i enter a crypto position i do one of   two things i either go i'm completely okay with 
this money i'm putting in there going to zero in   the blink of an eye and if it doesn't i would 
like to take out this much money when it hits   this particular number do i think this comp this 
is over hyped absolutely but the reason that it's   dipped so much guys right now is because robinhood 
has limited the particular buying power of people   and what i mean by that is just yesterday and a 
few days before that and almost every other day   before that since robin hood has existed they've 
allowed people what they call buying power and   buying power is essentially a line of credit that 
they extend to people to buy cryptos and stocks   when people have been making a tremendous amount 
of money in a short period of time that's really   great but most people just jumped onto dogecoin in 
gamestop in a very very short period of time with   extraordinary buy-ins without having that money 
in their actual account so what does that mean   let's say i went in last night for a hundred 
dollars and i did my buy-in from robin hood   they are fronting me a hundred dollars of credit 
and then they are going to recover that from my   bank account within a i don't know three to five 
business day period usually is what it seems to be   now past that it seems to be a whole different 
strategy because they're issuing all sorts of   alarms because they tend to be creating a volatile 
market themselves scaring the hell out of people   and then telling people they can only sell 
certain things so you can still buy dogecoin   if you choose to that is why the coin went down 
and then continued to go back up it would only   go up if people were allowed to buy it so the 
reality is people are buying this coin right now   because they're excited and they're doubling down 
a lot of people think that they're just playing   with house money or because they're sticking 
it to the man if you guys are participating in   the amc and the gamestop uh coordinated 
strategic attacks on those stocks and   you're doing it with a particular reason other 
than just like making money i applaud you guys   on that if you're doing it purely to make money 
be very careful because you could lose money   just as quickly the people who are doing it for 
an agenda and who i specifically mean i applaud   they're doing it because they understand that 
there's a higher purpose that they're kind of   seeking out in trying to rewrite how capitalism 
works if the wall street reddit page actually does   get like legal issues brought to them by all these 
legal you know u.s trading commissions it's going   to be a crazy time i want to do something real 
quick guys i want to look at tick tock real quick   and i want to talk to you guys about these 
crazy videos because as i as i looked through   here earlier i was just going through my 
feed but i'm just going to type in dogecoin   i want to pop up the first one that pops up 
has 654 000 views so i'm going to just play   that real quick because you know what i'm 
not going to do that because they might be   playing a song that might demonetize 
my video and i don't want to do that   but what i'm thinking most of you guys are doing 
are watching these young kids screaming about how   much money they made and how excited they are and 
all this stuff cryptocurrency is the most volatile   trading experience that any person will ever 
have and the reason i keep referencing 2017   guys is because this is this is a thing that 
has happened before this sort of like 800 up and   then like 700 down sort of thing isn't unheard 
of it isn't unheard of at all there's going to   be a lot of people who are going to continue to 
hold purely because they understand that they're   participating in a social media experience that's 
super cool i applaud you guys there's going to be   a lot of people who are foolishly holding on 
because they think that this is going to hit   a dollar i can tell you right now that the odds of 
hitting the dollar are very very low because for   that to happen the total market cap of this 
particular coin would have to be somewhere   over 125 billion dollars currently their total 
market cap is somewhere under 5 billion dollars   they would have to come up with 95 billion dollars 
within a short period of time to get to a dollar   that's an insane amount of money guys like 
ethereum and bitcoin have more than those and it's   taken years for those coins to get established 
i'm not saying that it's not impossible   for people to decide collectively they're 
going to put their wealth into something   and demonstrate some kind of act of 
rebellion i guess they want to call it   but there's not anyone that they will be 
hurting except themselves because when people   are investing into dogecoin what they're doing 
is they're putting all their money into a pot   and then the people who had a bigger part of that 
uh pot let's say because they got there earlier in   the game will be able to take out their earnings 
at a much bigger rate than you could have ever   imagined and it's gonna crush you guys and that's 
the reason i'm making these videos over and over   and over because i'm watching these youtube videos 
all day long and it's just guys saying dodgecoin   like i can't even say it as wrong as they do 
because it doesn't make sense to me it's dogecoin   dogecoin like and people are referencing like 
oh mia khalifa got into it she's gonna take   it further guys this is a young lady who has 
a career in a particular way of life that is   trying to re-establish herself as an influencer 
so what that one particular person is not going   to make this investment go up 95 billion dollars 
come on you're tripping like this coin maybe will   go back up to eight cents purely because wall 
street bets and some other buddies of theirs   have an invested agenda where if they can get this 
coin to cycle from one to eight cents continuously   they can make so much freaking money by doing 
that guys by just taking their profits from the   crypto market during the day putting into a coin 
coin like car like dogecoin at one or two cents   having a bunch of social media influence and 
having the you guys pump it to seven eight cents   they sell it now they've taken their 
profits from the stock market during the day   and they've executed a magnificent 1 cent 
to 8 cent execution on top of all you guys   and then they exit that's most likely what's 
happening most of the time with this kind of   scenario now there's going to be a lot of people 
out there who are making foolish videos on tick   tock that are like i just made 25 000 in one 
trade that's crazy yeah that's that's wild man   that's like the same thing as if you put 25 000 
on black or red at a roulette table and you win   yeah maybe you win maybe you lose but those 
people that are like losing you know like if   that guy would have lost he wouldn't have 
posted that video that's what i'm saying   think about it from that perspective so earlier 
today someone asked me why would elon be invested   in this i personally think elon would only be 
invested with this because it's amusing to him that's it he has a different agenda 
he doesn't time for that there's a   lot of young cats out here who are investing in 
dogecoin because they actually think this has   um a chance to make them super wealthy 
but every youtube video you see   you're going to see people saying silly 
silly things like well if it gets past 8   cents then it's absolutely going to get to 10 
cents based on what let me show you guys some a lot of you guys are looking at robinhood all 
day long but how many of you guys are going   over to which is actually 
the coin chart and i wish there was a night   uh dark mode let me put a dark mode there we go 
oh that's way better for you guys all right so   this is where we have the chart of 
what is happening in the cryptocurrency   overall market right now we see that wall street 
bets have somehow creeped their way into the zero   overall position that's a joke that took me by 
uh quite a surprise yesterday bitcoins at 33   200 33 276 right looking nice looking good 
ethereum's going up then we see dogecoin   has slipped all the way down to the 14th 
overall position yesterday that was at the   seventh position listen guys yesterday 
dogecoin was at 9 billion 9.5 billion   market cap it's at 4.1 so if you guys think 
it's going to a dollar you're tripping i really and i i genuinely mean this i'm sincerely 
sorry for anyone who purchased dogecoin at eight   cents last night roughly between the hours of 
nine and 10 p.m pacific standard time because   that's my time zone it's a wild ride guys dogecoin 
is going to bounce around but there's a lot more   useful cryptocurrencies out there that 
actually have utility and function   price prediction for ethereum man price 
prediction for ethereum is out of this   world and realistically don't worry about the 
price prediction of a cryptocurrency you should   be buying a cryptocurrency because you're invested 
in what it could accomplish cryptocurrencies like   ethereum are the backbone to most cryptocurrencies 
on the market so if you think about it like this   many of the cars out of like let's picture 
we have a car right ethereum is the gas   uh rather it's the oil that makes all the parts 
of the car work and all those different projects   would be different parts of the car you have to 
have ethereum to make all these other projects run   and to function so ethereum inherently is going to 
go up as other projects just go up ethereum to 5k   yeah i hear i hear i hear the wall street bet 
reddit page is talking about pushing ethereum to   5k because they think that would be a fun idea 
but realistically i wanted to do this little   weekend warrior look video because i think there's 
a lot of people who are going to blindly put money   into this and yes this video will pump back 
up to a pretty decent position i don't see why   realistically this coin couldn't get to 10 cents 
but i also don't see why it ever got to eight   cents in the first place should you sell your 
dogecoin if you think you profited enough and you   want to sell out absolutely you should sell your 
dogecoin but if you're doing it because you're   panicking because you bought in at eight cents and 
now it's at three and a half cents nah i mean ride   it out man it's it's more worthwhile to see where 
this goes this is only a 24 hour like cycle right   it got over a million tweets 
what did how do i get to my chat hold on real quick guys i'm trying to do this 
with my phone because i got all kinds of craziness   going on can you just bring up the chat for me 
on that because i can't see what's on the screen   guys i apologize i'm blind as i get older uh it's 
going up a little bit and so this is the one thing   i want to tell you guys is right now a few things 
are happening it is the end of the trading week   there's a lot of people who have decided to take 
out their profits and now what they're doing are   they're figuring out what cryptocurrency to play 
in most investors are degenerate gamblers by   just matter of fact now a lot of young 
players are coming into the game because   robin hood and e-trade and all these apps have 
gamified trading so now just by looking so easy   it looks like you're assuming you're collecting 
points and credits it seems like this seems   perfect for the young generation of the 
world right guys hit the like button   for me i think i see 154 people in here that's 
incredible thank you everybody for hanging out   please hit the like button for me guys that would 
do me a huge solid so we can get more people in   here and talk about dogecoin um i think dogecoin 
will actually get to 10 cents and i think it will   get to 10 cents because this is a social media 
experiment but i think you guys should tread   carefully in this experiment uh i'm down but still 
going to hold i want to get more but i don't have   more money i'm willing to lose it all so i'm just 
going to hold what i have been see and that's the   thing is when when you buy a cryptocurrency and 
this should not relate to stock markets so guys   uh when i speak of cryptocurrencies please don't 
try to directly correlate this information to   stock it does not necessarily apply right um when 
you buy a cryptocurrency you should be willing to   lose every single penny within a blink of an eye 
yes i do bro i hope you're doing well in venezuela   man i hope you and your family are doing well i 
would actually love to hear your perspective about   how cryptocurrency and venezuela is still going uh 
with inflation and whatnot but you know i have an   iron memory i don't forget anything uh i bought 
dallas five years ago out or hold well if you   bought doge five years ago you're killing it right 
like i follow uh dostradamus on twitter and he is   one of the og uh dogecoin miners and he was joking 
saying that if he gets up to another five cents   he's gonna be able to buy two houses cash you guys 
are not thinking about this from that perspective   uh when you're watching these these young twitter 
cats saying going to the moon because what i mean   by that is there's a lot of old school crypto 
people who are waking up to free money right now   they're going hey i have this old hard drive like 
i found this old hard drive that's my old computer   hard drive i pulled it out because i wanted to see 
if there's any crypto in this and a lot of people   are doing that and they're picking out uh either 
bitcoin we've all heard that they found bitcoin   but now a lot of people are looking for dogecoin 
because that's the hot topic of the day and a   lot of people may have had two dollars worth of 
dogecoin that waking up and it's worth 200 bucks   of course they're gonna cash that out why wouldn't 
they that's 200 free dollars they didn't have any   investment venezuela well we enter on a digital 
bolivia era thanks more people see crypto like   an option dude i would love it i don't know how 
we could do it but i know you're out in venezuela   if we could do a live stream together and you 
could share how cryptocurrency in venezuela is   affecting life i would love to be able to do 
that i don't know how we could do that but we   gotta figure that out bro um thoughts on chain 
links any other kryptos push heavily on twitter   so to that point anyone who's on crypto twitter 
uh follow me at the hustle house real quick that's   my that's my twitter handle i'm always on twitter 
that is the easiest way to reach me i don't try to   keep it like fluffy with you guys i'm not trying 
to i'm not trying to make this sugar coated i'm   not trying to tell you guys you're going to the 
moon because there's no way in hell any of you   guys are going to the moon a lot of people are 
going to get crushed uh a lot of people are going   to lose a lot of money because you look at you're 
listening to these jackasses telling you you're   going to go to the moon so like right now this 
coin's at three and a half cents and last night it   was at eight cents amc how's it going should i buy 
listen guys i'm not really gonna talk about uh the   stocks per se exactly although they do correlate 
to this particular moment because the wall street   bet group is pushing it collectively but what 
i want to talk about right now is dogecoin   specifically because i'm concerned when i see 
all these social media influencers telling you   that you're going to make millions of dollars 
or hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight   by investing money that you more than likely don't 
have i'm telling you right now that i understand   my audience is young men 99 percent men between 24 
and 44 years old that means you guys are roughly   seven years up or down of my own age right so for 
the most part we all get each other we're dudes   that are hungry for a better life we're trying to 
find wealth we don't want to work for other people   trading is super fun cryptocurrency is amazing 
we all love to gamble does that sound about right   if that sounds about right hit the like 
button for me guys i don't take another swig hit that like button for me guys 
there's 200 people in here that's insane   i really appreciate that guys shout out to my 
producer over here i appreciate you killing it   uh you know i think that the weekend will pump 
this up because there's a lot of people out here i   appreciate that you already did man i know there's 
a lot of people that already did but there's   probably like 150 other people in here that 
might not have so i appreciate that a lot guys um   we're going to continue to watch dogecoin bounce 
around but you guys need to do it very carefully   if you do choose to invest i'm not a financial 
advisor by no means am i telling you to put your   money in what i'm telling you to do is be 
aware of what is happening because this is   only the very beginning of this there is a lot of 
youth right now that are super irritated with the   government and with their parents and the last few 
years have basically made people very broke and   more so than anything makes people feel that 
they're being punished for no particular reason   now that everyone's been living inside for a 
year we've all decided collectively without   really realizing it that we were going to 
communicate with each other through social   media and through that we just realized how 
much power that was accidentally it seems   because all of a sudden this 34 year old man 
named gil and a handful of other people have   decided that they're going to push the market 
what's up ken bosack what's up what's up buddy if   you guys want to know about twitter ken bosack 
is the man i'm not twitter crypto ken bosack   is the man i've been talking a lot today guys i 
appreciate you all i've streamed something like uh   three hours so far in the last day and that 
is a lot for me i usually try to break it up   but this crypto stuff watching these young dudes 
talking about dodge coin or doggy coin you guys   if if you click on any of these youtube people 
and you take advice from anybody who mispronounces   the product you're foolish like for real for 
real no joke you have 50 dodgy coons very cool all right so back to this real quick we're looking 
at this chart and guys it's just going to continue   to bounce around some bounce and bounce we're 
going to refresh this page real quick and i want   to do something that you're not going to see 
a lot of other people doing dogecoin videos do   i'm going to teach you guys a little bit about 
cryptocurrencies very very quickly if it's too   off the topic i'ma pull back 
but this is very important okay   you see these top 10 currencies right here on 
the [ __ ] coin carp uh crypt   the top 10 cryptocurrencies right there these 
are actual projects that people have worked   tremendously hard to put up on the board except 
wall street bets that's a human humongous meme   that all of a sudden is there we have number one 
being bitcoin real quick guys i'm gonna flash my   youtube channel back uh back to my coin stories 
when it was like the og days and we're gonna do   a lot of uh live research going forward because 
i feel there's a tremendous need for you guys   to understand someone's perspective who has 
been burnt by multiple cryptocurrency projects   the reason i stopped doing cryptocurrency 
products uh videos for about two years is   because so many damn projects were reaching out 
to me and asking me to directly try to manipulate   you guys right there's a lot of people out there 
who have continued to do that and you're going   to see them on live streams and they're like the 
same people who are like we're going to the moon   most of those people have no idea what they're 
talking about if anyone tells you that they're   going to the moon in their video just next video 
that should be the case 300 people in here amazing   thank you thank you guys i really do appreciate 
that uh if you guys are new to this live stream   i actually if you're new to my channel can you 
guys subscribe i would absolutely appreciate that   i'm gonna continue to come back and 
give you guys a different perspective   about dogecoin and cryptocurrency and just 
things like that because most of these people   out here are going to tell you to buy buy buy 
and the reality is that you should only buy or   sell depending on how comfortable you are if you 
feel comfortable putting money into this because   you want to do either one of two things 
participate in a social media experiment   or you want to have fun and maybe make a little 
money then go ahead but if you're doing this   purely because you heard some people on youtube 
and tick tock tell you that they made a lot of   money i want you to think real quickly what 
is their vested interest in telling you that   everyone's trying to make money here right so 
the reason that i'm trying to tell you guys   about these other cryptocurrencies is because 
cryptocurrencies like cardano cryptocurrencies   like chain link cryptocurrencies like polka dot 
those are the sorts of cryptocurrencies that will   change lives continuously over and over and 
over and already have these are coins that   have tremendous inherent value behind them and 
they actually have deliverables meaning they   have projects and products that they're trying 
to create and produce and deliver to the world   which will actually affect how people trade and 
do business online with cryptocurrencies the   financial revolution is in that category if you 
think dogecoin is the financial revolution you're   gonna get burnt no no joke like this weekend and 
i mean this super seriously when i titled this   dogecoin versus the weekend warriors the reason i 
did that is because there's going to be a lot of   people who are charging blindly and foolishly into 
dogecoin because they do not understand that there   is no inherent value it is only a store of value 
and they think they're sticking it to somebody   be careful doing that you're more than welcome 
to to do it but you have to do it knowing that   you very well could lose your money the second 
that you put it in if you guys can comment down   below now that there's 300 and such people in here 
i would love to hear what do you think dogecoin is   like does it do something is it supposed to 
mean something what's the twitter handle again   the hustle house my twitter handle is the 
hustle house it's a meme it's a joke everyone's   commenting it's a joke it's a joke it's a joke 
right okay perfect most of you guys understand   that it's completely a joke that makes me feel so 
much better because most of the videos that i'm   watching out here are saying dogecoin dodgecoin 
or are going to the moon and it is meant to do   it's not meant to do anything it was a joke 
coin meant to make people laugh and allow   quick transactions it's based on litecoin that's 
it that's it that's it it also happens to be the   most expensive joke that ever existed because that 
joke hit 9.5 billion dollar market cap yesterday   which is absolutely insane hey if it hits one 
dollar i'll be stoked man because i told you guys   i bought 220 at 1pm yesterday so i could ride this 
out so i can continuously revisit this and show   you guys what that position looks like i bought in 
one time i made a mistake i sold when i panicked   because i'm human i thought it i foam mode in 
and then i foam it out and then i fumbled right   back in i ended up losing 2500 coins and i 
basically re-entered at the same position   but i entered early enough at point zero four 
eight cents that's the average cost because i   actually got in at like point zero two three 
cents and then that other one messed it all up   but anyways starting with 220 right now it's at 

I'm not going to touch that i'm not going   to add to it i'm just going to let it ride and 
i'm going to let that ride because i want to   continue to revisit this like this this live 
stream with you guys and and see where it goes   i think that this is a very interesting social 
media experiment i'm here for that perspective   i've owned dogecoin before in the past in 

I used to buy it just for the fun of it   i actually might own some now that i think about 
that on my old computer um but realistically i   think this is a real dangerous cryptocurrency for 
a lot of people to blindly put their money into   if you guys want to do that do it with a coin 
that will like if you guys all want to attack   a coin attack cardano because then you could all 
stake your coins and by doing that you'll actually   make interest so all of you guys would just be 
making money by possibly holding their money   what you guys are doing right now is putting your 
money in a big pot and then somebody else is just   going to pull part of their pot out like a part 
of the pie out and and leave you all high and dry   that's really what it is the irony is that this 
is the most expensive meme that's ever happened   in the history of the world and there's a lot 
of people out here who are super super excited   about getting you all confused and they 
want to manipulate the [ __ ] out of you   because they bought in at seven eight 
cents and now the coins at three and   a half cents and their only option is to 
tell you guys that it's going to the moon   there's only one trajectory here i guess elon musk 
must be the ceo of dogecoin because he tweeted it   he's into bitcoin now it was inevitable right 
like you see all these people out here guys this is an extremely dangerous time to be 
trading if you don't know what you're doing   if you're only putting in 20 40 60 bucks 100 
bucks or you know and it doesn't matter fine   it's not fud man i'm not telling you 
anything that you guys shouldn't know   realistically this is not intended to be fud 
this is intended to let you know that most of the   people on youtube that are telling you guys that 
you're going to the moon that are sitting behind   moon backdrops or clowns and they're going to 
get you guys in a really dangerous position   a lot of people are going to buy this coin and 
just hold it because these wall street bets   reddit page and all these other people on twitter 
are telling them to that doesn't mean it's a good   investment by any means that means that there's 
a lot of people who are going to go ahead and   buy this because there's opportunity to 
make money off of a large group of people   that's it right like it's at three and a half 
cents yesterday when i made this video we   watched it go up from two cents to eight cents i 
told you guys that it was going to go down for a   very specific reason because at night time here 
the asians mar the asian and european markets   open korea just happens to be one of the largest 
investors of all cryptocurrencies ever and so when   they wake up they just eat your profits because 
they take your free money that's all that it is   so if you're doing it for the fun of participating 
in the social media experiment cool if you're   doing it because you're gambling and you're having 
fun cool obviously not for the people you say   i highly doubt that i am actually the only person 
that i've seen on any of these live streams trying   to be truthful to you guys and tell you that this 
is dangerous to put all your money into if you're   going to invest in this do it in a manner which is 
safe by dollar cost averaging into your position   meaning that you're putting in a slow amount 
over and over and over that you're not putting   in a tremendous amount at one time and making it 
dangerous for yourself i don't understand the coin   i appreciate that comment but i beg to differ 
there's not much to understand in a coin that is   nothing more than a store of value i understand 
that it is a low value and currently a lot of   people have collectively decided to put their 
money into it that i understand that's fine   but i understand also that there's a lot of 
people who are putting their money into a coin   purely because social media has told them to do so 
be careful that's all that i'm saying this weekend   you're going to see a lot of people 
buying into this coin purely because   when they wake up on saturday morning they're 
going to feel fomo right so tomorrow morning   more than likely you're going to see this coin 
go upwards of 8 to 9 cents i would imagine   if i'm wrong like i said we'll revisit this we'll 
see where i'm at but i've been pretty spot on so   far i would imagine this coin continues continues 
to climb throughout the night i imagine that most   people are going to be looking to make profits 
and i kind of just want to see where that goes so   i look forward to this with you guys i told 
you i bought in to experience this with you   and just enjoy the ride do your best to hang 
out and if you don't mind hit the like button   if you guys don't mind subscribing and you're new 
to the channel i appreciate that as well this is   an hour long live stream so i think i'm going 
to wrap it up from now and until next time my   name is jason this is the hustle house uh for all 
you negative nancy's out there for real for real   all i want you to know is none of this was meant 
to be negative what it's meant to be is just an   opportunity for you guys to be safe trade safe 
all i want is people to not lose all their money   don't follow the people that can't pronounce 
the coin correctly have a great night peace

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