DogeCoin Update – Could DogeCoin be the next GAMESTOP ??

hey everybody it's Alen let's talk about DogeCoin yes that cute little shiba inu dog cryptocurrency 
that has made a lot of money for a lot of us   now they are up by over five 
percent today which is good news   so let's talk about elon musk who actually 
discussed this cryptocurrency let's talk about   future price predictions and where i see them 
going and the potential to hit 16 cents or even   40 cents in the very near future so before we get 
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on alright let's get into DogeCoin DOGE all right before we get into our 
favorite cryptocurrency the Doge Coin   should we look at a cute little shiba inu 
playing around for a couple of seconds why not all right dogecoin is up today it is up by 
over five percent we're at five point three   zero percent today that's a pretty good profit 
if you bought last week now i actually bought   after the dip i bought before the dip once 
it went up to about eight cents i sold off   and then when it went to about 2.8 i re-bought 
another 500 so i'm slightly up but that's not   bad if you're actually investing into this 
as a day trader or you like to just do that   pump and dump scheme you can do it or you could 
be a long-term holder as well because i see   this cryptocurrency i see the dogecoin going 
all the way to 16 cents or maybe even 40 cents   but that 16 cents is definitely going to happen 
and i can show you why i can just base it on the   actual history of the coin we can go back 
all the way over here where it was like 2   thousands of a penny and basically worthless and 
then it shoots up to one penny so we go up over   a thousand percent right then the history repeats 
itself and it goes up by over a thousand percent   and we go as high as 8 cents actually you could 
have been at around 10 cents for a very split few   seconds that's kind of how high it actually 
went so if i see another thousand percent   rally this thing can easily go from that eight 
cents to ten cents that it was at to 16 cents   and the way the reddick group and wall street bets 
is actually pumping everything up and i'm going   to discuss that a little bit later in the video 
we're going to go over the next gamestop stocks   that could potentially 10x or even 500x just 
like gamestop did but that could also happen to   the dashcode especially if we take a look at this 
article here elon musk talks about mars neuralink   dogecoin in surprise clubhouse interview and 
we already know that it went up by over 20   just by elon musk talking about it on twitter 
for a couple of seconds and the fact that he   talked about it talked about it again could 
cost to skyrocket in the next couple of days   so i'm gonna hold on this time as a proud owner 
of dashcoin until i see it hit a reasonable   number i'm going for at least 10 to 16 cents 
before i actually decide to sell any error off   so after gamestop the rise of dogecoin shows how 
memes can move markets and yes this is a meme coin   but now more and more companies even a vacuum 
cleaner company in a gas company are actually   allowing payment of dodge coin for what you owe so 
if more companies move in that direction and allow   dogecoin as a currency i can see them going 
sky high and hitting that 40 cent price target   now i know a lot of people have talked about 
one dollar and that's a possibility in the very   distant future but that 16 cent to 40 cent 
range that would be amazing if it happens   now let's take a look where they're at they're 
at point zero three dollars so three point two   five cents they're up four point fourteen 
cents right now they've gone is up as high   as six percent today which is pretty amazing 
so if we go over here dodge coin price forecast   dodge's future is defined by two crucial price 
levels dogecoin price had a 1100 pump yes oh my   god if you were in this play before it skyrocketed 
before that surge you could have gone from   basically one dollar of investment to a thousand 
dollars return which is incredible on january 28th   thanks to reddit group called wall street bets and 
i see them doing this again so i'm going to add a   little bit of money to dogecoin the next week or 
two because they're gonna pop this coin up again   absolutely so although the digital asset plummeted 
from point zero eight seven cents down to three   cents it's still holding up three hundred 
percent so there's a lot of people holding   onto a coin there's a lot of people adding 
more money to it dodge is trading between two   critical levels that will determine its future 
so if it passes this critical level its future   could skyrocket back to that eight nine cents or 
even to that 16 cents that i'm actually expecting   so it says dogecoin price is on 
the merge of another massive move   and yes i believe this move is coming i'm waiting 
for it i can't i'm just excited i'm going to put   another four hundred dollars into dodgecoin and 
see where it goes because if if this rally happens   and this thing skyrockets again we're gonna make 
some money here now let's take a look at the most   heavily shorted stocks gamestop we all know 
about it dillard's amc up those were the two big   plays amc and gamestop what was the not the 
big one virgin galactic up 80 percent now   those of you that are actually on my 
channel that have been here for a while   i've talked about virgin galactic i see a bright 
future for them but when they skyrocket about   80 i had to take some profits when you see 
something like this happen take your profits   i sold out half of uh virgin galactic and 
i kept the other half football tv as well   this is gonna be big fubu tv will be big in the 
future bed bath and beyond shot up so much for me   and i only had a thousand dollars in bed bath 
and beyond but it would it just went up too much   where i just sold off the entire position took my 
profits and actually bought some doge coin with   it believe it or not ligand national beverages 
sunpower is going to be huge all of you that are   on my channel they're investing into some power 
if you have it right now sell some of it off   when it dips down we can rebuy into it because i 
see a huge huge future for sun power and sun works   but if you're up this high in such a short period 
of time always take some profits never a bad thing   to take some cash hold on to it when there's a 
dip get back into the play tanger gsx tootsie roll   gogo accelerator diagnostics and beyond meat 
had a huge rally now i love beyond meat but   i've sold off all of my beyond meat positions 
and i've bought tattooed chef yes you guys should   definitely invest into tattooed chef i see a huge 
a bright future every time i walk into target now   every time i walk into menards into walmart 
walmart just keeps getting more and more tattooed   chef products which means their revenue is going 
to skyrocket in the next couple of quarters   so tattooed chef please put some shares into 
tattooed chef all right guys i'm gonna keep you   posted i check all of my stocks at four o'clock 
in the morning as soon as the stock market opens   and i will let you know before it actually 
opens somewhere around seven o'clock at eight   o'clock in the morning i'll show you a video 
if there's anything important you need to know   or there's a position that we all should close 
so make sure subscribe so you get that video   all right i will see you guys in 
the next one and thanks for watching thank   you

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