Dogecoin Up 134% This Week (How High will it Go?) || Update on my Dogecoin Purchase

welcome to the channel i'm harlan dwight in today's video i'm gonna talk about dogecoin going to the moon you just gotta get started um it's had an exciting past 24 hours or so and we'll see whether or not it goes up a little bit further uh typically on my channel i'm documenting my journey of eliminating almost 50 000 in debt and so each week i'm providing updates on my debt-free journey as well as sharing lessons that i've been learning along the way one of those being cryptocurrency now um dogecoin was the first cryptocurrency that i've ever bought back in the late january time frame with a whopping 25 and the only reason i even made the investment into dogecoin was because elon had tweeted about it and i was like you know what it's gonna go up and sure enough it went from 25 to like 78 that night before dropping back down to 24 but since that point i've added maybe about another 350 or so into my dogecoin purchases and and after my purchase of dogecoin i think that's all i bought for my initial purchases of cryptocurrency i bought some other cryptocurrencies since then after doing research unlike just following a tweet now if you look over here dogecoin is about 13 cents and the total amount i have in the dogecoin is 665 my average buy-in is at 4 cents and the the total profit that i have is 464 dollars now this profit actually does not include the 150 of profit that i took yesterday i took some profit at eight cents and at nine and a half cents and definitely missed out on some gains now that it's at 13 cents however you can never go broke by taking a profit um so definitely one of the things i recommend um before getting into cryptocurrency or investing in general is only invest what you're willing to lose as well as have an extra strategy whether that be trading which i don't typically like to do i'm definitely not looking to do that with stocks um or whether that be long term so definitely have an extra strategy which i'm still working on i don't have it and so that's why i decided to take a little bit of profit yesterday and then pretty much let's see uh what happens with the rest of my dogecoin um so definitely been exciting 24 hours the other thing that i would mention is that being on the debt free journey has given me a little bit more wiggle room to do things like investing in 2021 i started roughly about 11 months ago been able to reduce my debt by a little over 41 000 and last year i pretty much put all my money towards paying down debt and this year i've had a more balanced approach putting some money into investing and then still putting a large chunk towards paying down debt so if you are still looking to pay down debt it's okay to invest and pay down debt at the same time is really what works for your own personal situation so that is it that's all i wanted to share in today's video it's been exciting 24 hours for dogecoin dogecoin to the moon dogecoin to a dollar we'll see what happens with dogecoin definitely if you like the video like the video also remember to subscribe if you haven't already and i'll see you in the next video until next time

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