DOGECOIN TO THE MOON . the reddit hype. dogecoin 1 dollar? #dogecoin #bitcoin #crypto

hi guys tiago here if you are watching this video 
most likely you woke up this morning and saw   the news saying that Dogecoin hit it 200% since 
last days the new movement from the Reddit users   and then yeah most likely it will happen 
again like in like happening with game stop   it's important to know that first of 
all i'm not selling a product i'm not   a financial advisor just sharing here my my my 
opinion on these i like i mentioned in some of   my previous videos not in english but soon i'll 
be doing in one one video in english by the way   um i hold crypto i hold crypto already some years 
i've been reinforcing my positions and major runs   bitcoin most likely and most of all 
bitcoin might take on easy that you should   within your portfolio you should have 50% 25% and 
25% so if we follow this rule 50% of your total   assets in cryptocurrency should be bitcoin then 25 
in the next on the first or the first two or three   altcoins like ethereum my guys as well and 
then there are 25 in the smaller ones where you   read you invest you make your decision knowing 
which one is the best for you to buy.

So, Dogecoin   have been under my radar for quite long and 
i've acquired some position with this take yeah;   with this usual insurgence of the reddit users 
being so relatively relatively recent let's call   it i think this movement started yesterday, 
so you can make the decision to enter now. Now it's worth four or five cents of a dollar as 
i speak yeah the conversion rate is a little bit   uh messed up sorry uh because i use euros and 
then yeah the measure is in usd so if you are   watching this of this in my video it's went up 
high a lot so if you have already some positions   in a cryptocurrency i if you want of course my 
opinion on crypto is that you shouldn't go for the   fast profit but it's buy and hold i've been doing 
this for quite long but yeah Dogecoin can see   a harsh um i think he's now the 7th crypto 
in marketcap or it was yesterday evening   so this bump or this support, this hype 
let's call it – it's the correct word   um might see this altcoin that 
was taking seriously in the past   to the next level so my take on this and again 
i'm not a financial advisor uh if you want to buy   yeah you know crypto is always a good time 
to buy so if you want buy it now and uh yeah.   I'll be doing these small videos when i see it's 
the perfect moment to to add some more information   of course there's a lot of information you 
shouldn't take any kind of decision by yourself   without checking so yeah this is my my 

We didn't make here any   deep fundamental analysis nothing – just 
remember like game stop it went up and then   started to fall it does have risks of course 
measure well your risks, don't go "all in"   invest only what you can and be 
prepared to accept that loss.   We are speaking now about cryptocurrency 
but it's applicable to everything when you   invest you need to invest what you 
are prepared to lose so think well   my personal take it is what it is for sure you'll 
find thousands of videos that say the opposite. Buy, buy and hold maybe for the future it has 
a huge potential tool to grow yeah that's it   here we are we will be coming 
back with further updates out.

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