the founder and ceo of ethereum vitalik buterin has made a big move in my opinion this move could be a definite game changer for dogecoin investors so let's take a look at it hello guys and welcome back to crypto fire where we talk about dogecoin cryptocurrency and investing before we go any further please keep in mind that we're giving away a hundred dollars to a random subscriber all you have to do is like the video subscribe and leave a comment on your favorite cryptocurrency read our description for more info about it the winner will be announced on 25th august now let's get started with today's video so i know we talked about this in the last video but considering how huge it is i think it's definitely worth another mention the dogecoin foundation keeps getting better and better now it has two new notable board members one of them is none other than the founder of ethereum vitalik buterin dogecoin started as a meme in 2013 and now it is supported by some of the most influential figures including elon musk and mark cuban another addition to the board is an advisor to elon musk and also the head of his family office jared burchall in the new iteration the group of dogewoin will include its creator billy marcus and the community advisor jared burchall will be playing the role of a legal and financial advisor and last but not least the core developer of doge max keller will be the technical advisor other members jens wikers michael lumen and ross nickel stay the same clearly the dojo foundation has some great members now but the one i think we're almost excited about is vydog buterin let's be real his big move to dogechoin can be totally game-changing for dogewin investors to add to that excitement we have the price prediction of ethereum analysts have very bullish hopes for the coin according to nigel greene the ceo of the de vere group ethereum is going to even cross bitcoin's value in just a few years we all know ethereum is the one coin whose price has grown the most this year and nigel green thinks this trend won't stop anytime soon in his opinion the reason for ethereum's amazing performance is the fact that it has real use potential and it is the most in demand development platform for smart contracts and that's true that's why he thinks the price growth of ethereum will continue to be bitcoin this year and probably in the later years too seeing how great ethereum is doing it's great to see vitalik joining the dojo foundation nigel green isn't the only one impressed by ethereum's performance though the founder of lynn alden investment strategy lynn alden herself stated that bitcoin and ethereum have significantly boosted this year and according to her there is still great potential for them ethereum's real use potential is definitely quite high and another great news for today will prove that a new white paper published by microsoft talks about an ethereum-based tool that can help prevent piracy piracy concerns have increased a lot these past few years and that's why researchers at microsoft have come up with argus it completely makes use of ethereum's blockchain and is a great anti-piracy system basically it looks like ethereum has very high utility and that is definitely making its price rise now this is obviously very bullish news for doge as well considering the man behind ethereum vitalik buterin is joining the advisory board for dogecoin now considering how well ethereum has performed ever since it launched we know buterin definitely knows his way around the crypto industry and having his smart brains on the dojo foundation is definitely great news and then there's the new london fork upgrade which is boosting the price even more by burning a lot of ethereum tokens every single day three hundred ninety five thousand dollars worth of eth is burnt every single hour after this london fork upgrade this upgrade has basically activated the deflationary mode for eth which is leading to the rise of its price after all the success ethereum is currently priced at over thirty two hundred dollars and chances are high that this value will only increase with butter and joining the board there is a definite bridge between doge and eth now so there are chances that we'll see doge go into deflationary mode as well taking doge into deflationary mode is actually being planned dogelabs is hoping to create a dogeburn wallet which will make the code go into deflationary mode if this ends up happening we'll definitely see the price of doge really rise so thanks to buterin dogewoin might just become the next bitcoin let's just wait and watch moving on let's talk about the correlation between doge and bitcoin it's pretty high now which is what i've been saying for quite a long time the correlation between dogecoin and bitcoin is at a total of 0.88 now and as the correlation increases shiva inu and dogecoin have both consolidated and this correlation is great because we know for a fact that bitcoin is really strong bitcoin held its value above forty four thousand dollars even after a hacker apparently took off with millions of dollars in crypto during asia's trading hours japan's liquid exchange announced this hack and at the time crypto investors were quite worried about where bitcoin's value could drop but obviously bitcoin is quite strong and it totally held its ground since then the market capitalization has dropped a bit in bitcoin has fallen from its 200-day average a few days back analysts were predicting a breakout but that didn't happen that has worried the investors once again but the chief investment office is zero cap john duet thinks there's no reason to worry according to him bitcoin still has support and the price will go back up all this bullish news and predictions have made people totally crazy about cryptocurrency fomo is definitely real and no one wants to miss out on the amazing opportunity of investing in cryptocurrency and that's why the adoption rate of cryptocurrency has increased lot nigeria has become the sixth leading country in the whole world when it comes to cryptocurrency adoption this came as quite a shock considering the central bank of nigeria itself banned cryptocurrencies but i guess fomo was definitely real for nigerians besides nigeria the leading nations when it comes to cryptocurrency adoption rates are vietnam pakistan and india talking about cryptocurrency adoption there's some great news from argentina as well the argentinian president alberto fernandez is open to the idea of adopting cryptocurrency as a legal tender another country in south america el salvador has already adopted crypto as a legal tender and chances are high that argentina will follow in its footsteps soon the great news linked to crypto adoption doesn't end there we all know jpmorgan bank has registered its passive bitcoin fund with u.s regulators already well another bank has joined the club as well wells fargo also registered a private bitcoin fund with u.s regulators with this fund wells fargo has become the recent huge bank that has an indirect crypto investment vehicle for now when it comes to cryptocurrency adoption countries are mostly focusing on bitcoin but if the trend keeps up there are huge chances that dogewoin will start getting adopted as well moving on switzerland is making moves towards cryptocurrency adoption as well in fact the european payment services provider worldline has already partnered up with bitcoin sues that is a swiss bitcoin services firm together they are planning to launch an omissional payment solution that would enable merchants to accept bitcoin payment in switzerland another switzerland-based company has made moves as well leontech which is a swiss financial firm has recently collaborated with icf bank icf bank is one of germany's leading securities trading banks with this collaboration lien tech is hoping to bring crypto assets to investors throughout germany and austria there is some bearish news for today though several cryptocurrency traders lost millions of dollars after a major outage occurred at binance many of these investors are planning to hold proceedings against finance considering they lost millions of dollars but the proceedings aren't that easy considering binance has no official headquarters investors don't know how and where to take the company to court for the proceedings obviously this has angered the investors a lot but hopefully binance will find a way out for investors now before we look at dogecoin's price let's take a look at the doge fear and greed index for a minute it still stands at 68.

that's great considering the greed still overpowers the fear which means a lot of people are looking to invest in dogecoin if the trend keeps up we could see the market cap of doge go really high finally talking about the price of doge it is currently priced at 32 cents but let's look at the more important part over the past 24 hours the coin has had an increase in value of around seven percent that's really bullish and with that we've come to the end of this video thanks for watching till the end if you enjoyed it please consider liking and sharing it with your friends also please subscribe to the channel and turn on post notifications for daily videos on dogecoin in cryptocurrency if you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comments section below goodbye take care.

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