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Hello and welcome back to Make Money Online. Today, we'll be looking at why Doge might be the new
Bitcoin and why you should buy it. Dogecoin is one of the trending crypto currencies, which is
grabbing a critical spot in the crypto space, Dogecoin is a high value buy for the years to come. As predicted by experts, the project has a lot of potential
to grow. Dogecoin aims to become the default crypto for merchant
payments in this year itself, which will eventually lead to greater gains. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of
digital money that, much like Bitcoin, enables peer to peer transactions across a decentralized network. One important difference is Bitcoin is the original block
chain proof of concept. Bitcoin is groundbreaking. It is, some believe, world changing tech with the potential
to transform how money works in the 21st century, according to Sina Dotcom. Adrian Lee, a senior finance lecturer at the University of
Technology in Sydney, was once quoted saying, It's a puzzle to me why Dogecoin is so highly valued. Dogecoin is an easily replicable coin.

It barely distinguishes itself from Bitcoin. The dog is a mascot, has always been thought to be somewhat
funny. If you spend any time on the Internet during the last
decade, you've probably heard of the Doge meme at the peak of the means popularity. Near the tail end of 2013, Parmer,
an Australian marketer for one of the world's largest tech companies, made a joke combining two of the Internet's most
talked about topics cryptocurrency and doge. It was a joke taking aim at the bizarre world of crypto and
bitcoins multiple derivatives. Marcus, who developed Dogecoin freely, admits to finding
large chunks of Bitcoin source code completely incomprehensible, but knew enough to change a few core
elements for Dogecoin.

For example, Marcus created one hundred billion dollar
coins as opposed to bitcoins twenty one million and made them easier to mine. Dogecoin is already close to being mined out, while
Bitcoins final coin will be mined in twenty one forty. The font was altered, as well as the key word mine was
changed to dig because he thought digging was more of a dog thing than mining, Marcus had a relatively powerful gaming
PC with two graphics cards, so he was officially the first person to mine Dogecoin. But given the nature of mining, which gets increasingly
difficult as the currency is mined, his computer was no longer powerful enough to mine Dogecoin after about five
minutes like a split. What he mined 50 50 with Palmer and that was that both got
about five thousand dollars worth of dogecoin. And that's all the dogecoin either man would ever own. In online crypto circles, dogecoin became popular very
quickly, form threads moved rapidly, the name Dogecoin echo throughout dark corners of the Internet. But Reddit was almost certainly the main driver in

The rapid rise to crypto stardom. The Dogecoin sub Reddit exploded almost immediately. And with that explosion came the infrastructure any
cryptocurrency needs if it's to become successful mining pools. But it was the tipping bot that drove Dogecoin into
the stratosphere, if a user posted something to the effect of, hey, Dogbert, tip this person five dogecoin, that
Reddit user would automatically receive five dogecoin. People were sending Dogecoin back and forth in a feel good
exercise that cost very little money in real world terms. The failure of Mualla push Dogecoin into prominence run by
a British man calling himself Alex Green Moolah was a cryptocurrency exchange designed to help people buy and
sell Dogecoin. They infiltrated the Dogecoin community with startling
efficiency. Alex Green began by doling out Dogecoin in exchange for
upvotes on the Dogecoin sub Reddit. He also donated generously to charitable causes. The community were involved in like twenty five hundred
dollars to a cancer charity or three thousand dollars to help get the Dogecoin NASCAR vehicle on track. The community loved it. Soon, Mualla began hiring people from the Dogecoin
community for key positions in the company. Later, Mualla began soliciting the Dogecoin community for
investment dollars, and plenty donated Dogecoin to the cause.

Why not? Mueller had been generous in the past. It made sense to repay the favor. Mueller received over three hundred thousand dollars from
the Dogecoin community across three separate rounds of investment. And then it all came crashing down. Months later, in October 2014, Mueller went completely
bankrupt. The Dogecoin community would end up losing every single cent
they'd invested. The situation got worse when it was revealed that Greene
was actually Ryan Kennedy, who is notorious in the UK anime community, for running companies terrifyingly similar to
Mualla for a coin that would become what it is today. It was not expected to survive the scam saga yet. The coin is here staring us in the face and making waves in
the crypto industry. Currently, Dogecoin or doge is trading at above three point
one cents, with doge price two point sixteen percent down. Today, the market cap of dogecoin is USD four billion, with
more than one hundred and twenty eight billion dollars circulating.

Currently, the twenty four hour price movement
chart indicates that over two billion dollars worth of doge were training. But what is Dogecoin? Dogecoin is a peer to peer, decentralized and digital
currency that allows you to send money online easily. It was initiated as a joke, but who knew would become so
significant in the crypto world, the cryptocurrency is even used by some retailers to accept payments.

Its logo is a dog that's their friendly mascot, which also
makes them so much more likeable. Among the social media crowd, the fact that Dogecoin was
launched in twenty thirteen and is still around is not a joke. That's a long time in the world of crypto currencies
and helps Doge achieve legitimacy and credibility that other coins don't have. It is one of the top thirty crypto
currencies by market capitalization. With the market being so volatile, predicting the
cryptocurrency price is really one of the most difficult tasks. Ms Zakharia M, a prominent steam blogger, claims
that a single dogecoin would be worth one dollar in five years time frame, with all other fiat currencies moving in
and out of Doge one dollar or even ten dollars, a doge is reasonable five years coin does.

Dotcom predicted that in twenty twenty the coin will surge
by more than half a cent. Dogecoin has already been adopted as a means of payment for
goods and services by merchants such as E gifter, all game or dot net and dozens of other online stores. There are even speculations of doge getting closer to
currencies like IETA and Tranh to jump upwards into the top twenty five within a rather small period of time. Even the traders are quite optimistic about this token. Dogecoin was initially thought to most likely hover around
the two cents mark or the maximum expected price might be two point eight cents and the minimum expected price might
be two point one cents. But by twenty twenty five, Dogecoin was predicted to likely
reach the four cents mark, it might reach five cents. Also, if it doesn't come across any turbulence, Dogecoin
price prediction suggests that the dogecoin price is up for a long term gain in the price value of a five year

This means that in twenty twenty five, the dogecoin price is
forecasted to stand at around four point four cents, the highest expected price in twenty twenty five might be
twenty eight cents, and the lowest expected price might be four point five cents. As for the Dogecoin price chart and the dogecoin price
analysis, Dogecoin has a greater capability and might outperform other peer cryptocurrency is by 20 30. It might even go up the ranking ladder and go ahead with
major integrations and partnerships, it might increase the user adoption rate by 20 or 30.

Dogecoin might reach 20 cents 20. 40 is a long way to go. By then, dogecoin might shape itself to be one of the top
five cryptocurrency. Given its progress is stable, the community might turn out
to be one of the best one amongst its competitors. There is a probability that Doge might integrate with
profitable organizations, which might increase the valuation. Incredibly, by 20 40, dogecoin might reach two
dollars. Dogecoin is considered pretty attractive for traders who
are looking to cash in on short term spikes in the value of volatile coin. This chart shows us why the chart shows the
coin making eight hundred percent gains like it's nothing. Get ready for another 60 percent leg up here.

With this breakout, will you enter TARAND indicators make
it very easy. This chart shows Dogecoin has definitely been on the high
point of the week, reaching a new all time high in a very short period of time, largely due to the spread from WSB
and Reddit. Currently, Dogecoin has broken out of a pennant it's been
in since the newly found all time high while finding support on the new uptrend line. Although briefly breaking below yesterday, if those can
break above a strong resistance level of four cents, we could potentially see a run up close to the newly set all
time high bear case. If Dosch fails, we could see it retest the three cents to
two cents range. Watch out, though, as market directions can change rapidly. Do you think Doge will do over the next few days? This shot reflects people's desire to hold on to the coin
and sell Doge USD at a pretty expensive rate.

If we look at the chart, we'll see that the buyers are not
even let the USD price go down to the lower border of the consolidation triangle. The upper border of the triangle is at the level of five
point five cents. The liquidities all on top is at six to seven cents, which
will be difficult to break through without, say, Elon Musk tweeting about it again. I hope you enjoy this video. And if you did, please give it a thumbs up. Subscribe and click the notification bill. What are your thoughts on Dogecoin? Let us know in the comments below. While you're here, check out one of our other videos. See you next time. Hollywood..

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