to my friends today we are going to be talking about what the touch wind is I started a video about how bitcoin was going up and now let's talk a little bit about dodge coin because 2 today I don't know what has really given back, we are not going to talk a little about what I think about this action and also about my position when I have at this moment and when I really want have in the future in the portfolio show the price actually speaking of what is currently in This moment you will not believe it but it has been going up and it is really quite cheap right now that one still cannot come and buy oneself, it is no longer at the price it was before it was quite cheap but right now it is still a good position we will be talking about my position about the future that I think for this virtual currency and also where you can buy it let's go Whether or not you are about this, you should not subscribe to the bell channel so that you can testify each time we make videos divinis laugh stimulus stock taxi everything that makes us money We see it on this channel so do not forget to subscribe also to like it so that more people can see this video and if you already have two icons and you have bitcoin write in the part below what do you think you know these virtual currencies having said that we are going with the video let's start really seeing two like right now at this moment then here we are seeing it in robin hood if you do not have a broker at the bottom you can come and there is the interim robinho will bring one share when you deposit is also alive that gives you four shares when you deposit 100 dollars are not brokers although robin hood is the one with the 2 coin ok then remember se it is now here you can find it as when you were young you write it and it will appear to you and here let's see the price first for a dollar that you buy in two coins they are giving you what is a equivalent of 100 coins of 2 join then in a nutshell you are buying 100 coins from 2 jun now we know that ok if we see each other in the past bitcoin started quite cheap and right now is worth a coin is worth more than 40 thousand dollars that now I am not saying that this can happen with two coins why not but what I am saying that it started at a price that nobody thought about it and it reached the clouds ok so we really have to have it like this mentalities like this when saying good can do there is a possibility ok although I do not think it will come at the price of bitcoin but what we can say is that there is a great possibility that it will rise from price and really at the price that is at the moment with which it rises a little really does the differences now my friends before buying as I always remind them they always have to do your research task always try to do well but well your task of research because really clear money you have to take care of it as if it were a baby always I said never buy because someone tells them to buy always do your research to me I like to show them what I am buying for it does not mean that I tell them to really buy here I am showing my position and what I think about this coin having That said and right now at this moment I have 1775 points 94 invested at this moment here we can see what I have invested at the moment so here we are talking about 1700 of 6.2 and invested ok the cost for the coins are 1,136 this means that at this moment I will I am gaining 675 point 21 because then once again I have invested what is 1100 but how I am earning them 675 in total the quid and I have 1700 75.29 so my investment has earned almost a 61 percent since I started investing in this currency this is so then right now for a dollar is really you bought making some toast simón this is worth about a penny every coin when I bought it I was half sitting and we can see the growth that has had ok so the growth has been quite strong let's see here what is the semblante team we are going to see the graph of five years and here we can see that the graph begins quite low but already here you begin to see more sales of what virtual currency is and this is Among all virtual currencies, remember that the more governments print, the more money What happens is that the currency of the countries is evaluated as the dollar devalues When many investors are evaluated because that is why they try to move their money and what is currency virtual also not only that but we know that at this moment many companies are taking for these virtual currencies then it is not going to be really very strange that these same companies like PayPal begin to add not only bitcoin but also want to add another type of virtual currencies and this is where two coins fit and the other virtual currencies out there at this time because because they are going to give other alternatives and because they have the other alternatives here you can have them introduce them to these platforms where more people will be able to buy it sell exchange and this is going to be that this currency is worth much more that is why I I find a very good future I think that only with the idea that this coin can be bought by what you robin hood makes this coin go up and this is what I think because more people they are a little easier to stay they can buy it does not cost them much because it is on the platform of roaming and this platform is growing so I feel that this helps much more to logical currency in which the price that many people are also grows 12 because in reality it gives fear investing and this is understandable and more now is in these times there is not much money because it costs also invest for that because we already know that we know what time has a good risk now with this type of two joint really if we think about a dollar you have 100 coins really If if we invest 100 dollars that would give us 10,000 coins now, let's say that this coin later five years to go through the roof and be worth a dollar we are talking that for 100 dollars because it was possible to earn 10 thousand dollars so this investment because it really is not it becomes so dangerous because if it is not so then the maximum that is lost is 100 dollars but if it is so the maximum that you will win is ten thousand dollars and more then really the advantage of losses it is not much and its advantage to win is quite large now many experts said that this coin was not going to go up more than one sitting and yells we see that it is already beginning to exceed more than one penny we can see it here right now I was between spending a penny went back down but It is already being maintained but it surpassed the sitting something that many had said that it was not going to do I think that this is going to exceed much more as time passes and now there are other companies that they are already starting to use it all this makes more people start using it so much as always my friends remind you they always have the body money always investigate well before buying this wiki at the bottom and there is robin hood and you can see it here we can watch and at this moment I will always be making videos I like to show them the actions that I am buying so that they can have an idea and let's go my idea right now of these two coins is that in this moment I have let's see how many we have in this in what full exposure we are going to see if here I see how many and here we are how many and let's see here quickly then We have right now I have 178 thousand 522 coins in quantity at this moment my idea of ​​this action is reach a million then I will always be monitoring them so do not hesitate to subscribe to the channel in the layer that tones once that according to videos we are going to try to reach a million two joint if we are going to monitor it later, similar to how we did to theaters, I always like it show them so they can see it remember I know there is nothing impossible do not let someone tell me that something is impossible because you can do everything if you want and this is something that It is very true when one proposes it to a large town then it can always be remembered that there is nothing impossible that I have everything if you want we are not seeing until next time

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