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hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily update 
on the dogecoin now if you like this hit that like   button it helps the channel out a lot and i really 
appreciate it now let's do a quick summary over   the seven things i'm going to cover in this video 
the first thing is that big whale that holds 2.1   billion dollars of dogecoin and could it possibly 
be robin hood the second really big thing is   robin hood now accepts deposits and withdrawals of 
dogecoin so it's becoming more and more mainstream   and more and more accepted worldwide and big 
companies are now accepting it also the third   thing is going to be elon musk endorsing 
the actual dogecoin which even if he just   puts a billion dollars in there that's less 
than half a percent of his entire portfolio   storm gain is now adding dogecoin which is also 
huge huge huge the fifth thing is let's cover   how quickly it will take for us to get to 15 or 
even 20 cents per coin which will easily triple   our money from the current five cent mark and our 
sixth thing is bitcoin how is bitcoin going to   actually affect doge coin and i think every 
single time bitcoin goes up people realize   cryptocurrency is real and here to stay and 
it's going to help us a lot in the long run   and the last thing we're going to cover in this 
video is why you should take dogecoin seriously   and i really really love it i keep adding more 
and more and every time it dips down i buy so i   can actually average down my cost all right before 
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i have over 12 years of experience in the stock   market all right let's get into the dosh coin all 
right everybody before we get started a couple of   you asked me what the dash coins or bitcoins look 
like so they come in a little clear plastic casing   like this that's the back of them in the front of 
them and i just mailed them out i do about five of   them per day so as long as you leave a comment 
down below i pick five people you can email me   your address and i just mail them out to you if 
it's in america it comes within three or four days   anywhere else it's probably a couple of weeks 
also that playstation 5 giveaway is march   3rd so make sure you are on the channel on 
that day and you leave a comment down below   alright so we are at 5.7 cents right now which 
is pretty amazing because we came from about 4.8   cents that's a huge upswing and all this time that 
we've been down i keep buying more and more adding   to my portfolio because i know dodge coin is going 
to that 40 or 50 cent market this year which means   we can make some serious money this is basically 
the beginning stages of dogecoin just like bitcoin   if you regret not buying bitcoin at a hundred 
dollars and now it's fifty thousand dollars well   that's what dogecoin is right now it's at five 
cents and it's going to that dollar eventually   and get it now while you still can even if you 
have to sit on it for a year or two eventually   when you can say i turned five cents into a dollar 
you're gonna be very very rich all right bitcoin   is at 52 000 and just breaking all-time highs 
which helps us out a lot once bitcoin hits about   a hundred thousand dollars at the end of this year 
we're gonna see dashcoin easily at that 20 or 30   cent mark which is beautiful so these little this 
little dip you know here there if we take a look   at the last week going up and down this doesn't 
bother me every time we go down that's a buying   opportunity all right ethereum like i said in 
the last 10 15 minute videos i made on dogecoin   ethereum is going to break that 2000 mark and then 
by the end of the year ethereum is going to break   that four or five thousand dollar mark all right 
so xrp ripple we now have a lawsuit on our hands   here so we've seen some big whales selling 
off which is fantastic i invest into bitcoin   ethereum dogecoin and ripple and when i see a dip 
like this boom that's a buying opportunity for me   all right let's get into stormgain adding 
dasdogecoincoin and the crypto meme is now in full   swing which is huge so let's read the briefing 
stormgain joins the dogecoin listing party   this follows the latest growth in popular 
dodge derivatives a lot of the intense media   attention this indicates that the asset 
is going more mainstream and honestly i   think it's becoming seriously mainstream we 
see hospitals now adapting it and allowing   basically to pay off your bills with it we're 
seeing car dealerships we're seeing celebrities   basketball players everybody is slowly getting 
in on this little doggy train and which is huge   the more people that know about it the more 
people that buy into it the larger the market   cap is going to become and the more it's going to 
be worth and the more money we're going to make   which is huge i love this and this is definitely 
absolutely right here breaking news huge   also who's the dogecoin whale why robinhood may 
be the biggest owner according to some reports   well i read about 20 articles on this and if 
robin hood is the actual big whale that's huge   they're probably then never going to sell off 
and that just means that this little doggie of   ours is going to the moon and i actually love 
the fact that there's more just big companies   investing into it and if we skip over to this 
next article robin hood is now allowing deposits   withdrawals for cryptos including our load 
dogecoin so the daje coin is going to be   huge if you have a giant platform like robinhood 
that's saying yes to cryptos like dodgecoin what   does that mean what that means e trade is next td 
ameritrade next webull is next once we have these   huge platforms and brokerages actually following 
in robin hood steps we're going to the moon   we're seriously going to make some big big money 
here all right so elon musk may finally endorse   dogecoin as well as concentration walls are over 
now in the last couple of videos i covered how   dogecoin is absolutely loved by elon musk 
and how elon musk absolutely loves dogecoin   and even if he invests just a billion dollars 
we're gonna break that 20 cent mark absolutely   and in the last video i talked about how elon 
musk said he's going to make the dodgy coin   the dodger coin of and official cryptocurrency 
of mars and that's huge news for us and we   already know there's a lunar base being built and 
spacex and elon musk is going to help with that   he's going to send 1 000 starships to mars and 
elon musk has never lied to us if he says he's   making this the official cryptocurrency of mars 
you absolutely can't believe it now little x his   little newborn son he just bought him millions and 
millions of dollars of dodgy coin which is huge   so we have the richest man in the entire world 
that's pushing for our little doggy coin to go up   and i love that so this is all nothing but good 
news so how did dodger coin become so popular   well it started off as a dual cryptocurrency but 
now has a market cap of seven billion dollars in   a huge global following now just so you guys know 
let's talk about the fact that what would it take   for the dodger coin to hit that one dollar mark 
well we would have to honestly match the market   cap of ethereum yeah so it would have to be 
somewhere around that second place as the last   second or third largest cryptocurrency in the 
world to hit that one dollar mark but that can   very easily happen i mean we went from basically 
a coin that was a meme to a coin that right now   has a market cap of about seven point four billion 
dollars and as recently as a few days ago it was   at nine billion dollars so all we need is a 
couple of big whales a couple of big pushes and   we're we're going to be the second largest 
cryptocurrency in the world so that's huge so   let's move on to the next article here doj coin 
prepares for a bullish impulse towards all-time   highs so right here we're talking about the dodgy 
coin hitting if we just skip to right here it says   it's currently creating the patterns handle after 
being rejected by the 8 cent resistance level   a spiking buying pressure around the current 
price levels could see the crypto retest the   overhead barrier and slice through it if this were 
to happen the cup and handle formation forecast   is 75 target that might take this altcoin to about 
14.4 cents that's just telling us that we're about   to triple our profits so every time i get paid i 
put in at least 100 200 whatever i can because how   many times can you say that in the next couple 
of weeks we could easily see a tripling of our   money that's huge huge news taking the dogecoin 
seriously i am absolutely taking it seriously   and this is what i just covered earlier that 2.1 
billion dollars being held by that giant whale   which we all suspect is robin hood and cov 19 
medical supply seller accepting dogecoin for   payments i covered this yesterday for those of you 
that missed my video again i do daily updates on   the dash coin make sure to subscribe to my channel 
so you can see all my videos and follow-ups also   i'm gonna start doing videos on the top two stocks 
to buy every single day that way we can diversify   our portfolio with stocks and cryptocurrencies 
all right stay tuned for more great videos   i'm gonna keep you guys up to date with all 
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single day and what i'm selling this year alone   we are in february i'm already up 20 000 and you 
can see those real-time trades on what i'm buying   and what i'm selling the moment i actually do 
it all right see you guys in the next video you

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