DOGECOIN Price Prediction to $10 (Major Companies Accepting Dogecoin)

dogecoin to 10 major companies accepting dogecoin this will send dogecoin to the moon dogecoin supporters have watched the coin grow from nothing to become the 10th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and that's not all along the way they've also witnessed the first crypto perfumed dogecan body spray made by axe oscar meyer's pack of 10 dogecoin branded sausages and dogemon go an augmented reality game now it seems like they can even pay for their taco bell order with dogecoin yes you heard that right and not just taco bell you can also buy your favorite pizza or ice cream with dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency of your choice of course this isn't possible right now but that's the goal of a new partnership between crypto payment processor bitpay incorporated and verifone incorporated one of the world's largest providers of those little machines you use to pay via a credit card or venmo at a checkout line through the partnership the companies are aiming to broaden their customer base and promote digital asset acceptance with the market cap for all cryptocurrencies being two trillion dollars it's no secret that holders of the currencies are looking for places to spend their crypto money however spending crypto can be a headache in the worst case scenario customer may need to move coins to an exchange sell them then move money into a bank account to spend some people use their crypto money to buy gift cards others are signing up for debit cards offered by the likes of coinbase global incorporated which lets them use crypto anywhere visas accepted but despite the challenges the majority of people still wish to use cryptocurrencies to make payments so to ensure wider adoption verifone is seeking to make crypto payments easier and as per the company it's an easy as using venmo or paypal but for crypto transactions well here's how it works once at the checkout you'll choose your crypto wallet on the device generally used as a card reader you'll then scan the qr code from the screen using your crypto wallet and choose the cryptocurrency you want to pay with you can use bitcoin ethereum dogecoin bitcoin cash litecoin five different stable coins and even wrapped bitcoin and once the crypto funds have been verified the merchant will receive an approval message and receive the crypto and us dollars in their bank accounts now this is an important point unlike other solutions that allow merchants to decide whether or not to accept crypto after transactions are settled verifones merchants must accept the us dollar because this is what protects it against volatility widespread use of tokens for purchases has been a goal that has long eluded the crypto industry this is because most users are focused on speculation and merchants are easily scared off by the price volatility of the digital assets however with the partnership between verifone and bitpay the funds will be settled promptly into the merchant's bank account in traditional currency once a transaction is completed so there is greater protection from the price swings as per the reports many merchants are already in talks to sign up for this new service though it's still unclear which online and physical merchants will begin to support crypto payments verifone's reach is substantial some brands that verifone works with already include american eagle outfitters macy's william sonoma taco bell and whole foods so it's likely to have an impact on crypto payment adoption but the question is will mainstream adoption follow now that's a bit difficult to answer just last week social network twitter allowed users to tip in bitcoin paypal holdings incorporated has also boosted its efforts in digital payments starbucks 2 formed a partnership back in 2018 to create a venture design to more tightly integrate digital currencies into global commerce while crypto payments are surely on the rise however there are still certain issues that might hamper mainstream adoption in the united states recently the people's bank of china published guidelines to crack down on crypto activity throughout the country these measures intend to cut off payment channels dispose of relevant websites and mobile applications as per the law although this may impact crypto's reach it's too early to tell what effect china's measures may have in the u.s or globally but in addition to china's recent crypto ban both consumers and merchants could face several challenges when it comes to spending cryptocurrency for example accounting challenges tend to be a major concern for us-based users yet no tax implications will be present if users convert crypto to stable coins that can be spent on verifone devices accessibility could also create challenges for both merchants and consumers as some crypto payment solutions require a number of steps for purchases to be made for instance bellowstock mentioned that verifone has seen competitive solutions where crypto must be transferred from multiple wallets and then converted to a gift card to be used for payments so the product that verifone and bitpay have built should really turn out to be simple and intuitive which we'll find out very soon since merchants will start rolling out the solution later this year and when that happens doge investors can expect an increase in price currently the dogecoin price has dropped 38 from september 7 to where it stands now at 20 cents this downtrend is sliced through the demand zone ranging from 21 to 23 cents previous attempts to reclaim this failed miserably as buying pressure fell short now doge is hovering above the 19 cent support floor in hopes of taking another jab at the resistance barrier but for that to happen we need a potential spike in buying pressure that clears this hurdle and potentially kickstarts an uptrend in such a scenario dogecoin price will first encounter the resistance levels at 25 cents and 26 cents while overcoming these blockades will not be easy doing so will allow dogecoin to scale higher and tag 31 cents it'll be difficult path ahead but the community is stronger than it's ever been so this too shall pass well that brings us to the end of today's video what are your thoughts on the partnership between bitpay and verifone do you think there will be an increase in price once retailers begin accepting dogecoin payments share your thoughts in the comments section below also you found our video informative don't forget to hit that like button and share it with your friends until next time stay tuned subscribe to our channel for all new updates coming up you

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