Dogecoin price prediction (2020-2025) / WHAT EXPERTS SAY!

hello dmitry bonder there that's really hard to predict price of dashcoin i would say it's almost impossible i'm not elon musk you seen the price of those coins with just one tweet but what i can do and i will do in this video i'll show dashcoin price prediction which i have gathered from top cryptocurrency experts like trading beast coin leaker wallet investor and others so stay tuned smash like button let's go to understand the whole picture in general let's check dosh price looking back and doing past price analysis and then we will check correlation between this analysis and expert so look at this so in 2013 when the dodge coin was first listed the price was very small it's even hard to pronounce 0.000255 it's just 40 spot one cents 140 off cents but one month after that it will increase 10 times and hit 0.002306 it then look back strongly and for three years it was the lowest level but later in early june 2017 the dodge picked a new high of this to this number with bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market rising in january 2018 the price was incredibly rising smashing limits and hitting all new time height to this number but later in 2020 doscoin ended with a price four times smaller than it was before and the current price of dodge coin right now is about 0.566 so it's almost equal 1 million part of bitcoin right now okay but the question is what price will be the next five years okay so let's start with the first prediction analysis from a trading beast and trading beast it's a kind of leading forex and crypto education portal which offers price predictions for over 1 400 coins for the next three years and according to dashcoin forecast by trading bees the price of the dashcoin is likely to increase in the years to come the trading beast predicted that the price of dashcoin in 2021 will trade within the range of 0 041 maybe 0 0 4 7 they plan to raise the exchange range uh to this level by 2022 and by 2023 dash coin could continue the rise and set the price about seven cents it's expected by trading beast by 2024 the coin will be worth about 7.7 cents for one coin okay and the next expert which proposed this coin price prediction is a wallet investor while in investor is a portal that offer cryptocurrency price prediction as well as prediction of stocks commodities and currency pairs so the crypto predictions are for every day of demands and feature the information about the minimum maximum and the average price of coin so okay what i found on their website wallet investor claims uh deutsche is healthy investment in the long run and those going possible price in 2021 could be about four cents while it's expected that just in 2022 will end with a price about 23 percent increase so they also think that dashcoin will rise slowly in the next few years but will that take time to reciprocate in some way the maximum price for 2024 is predicted by about 5 cents by december 2025 and based on their prediction by december 2025 dashcoin is expected to reach a maximum of six cents per coin with the average price about five cents per coin the next price prediction for five years is made by coin linker and coin linker is a cryptocurrency comparison website that features at a glance info on the latest uh information from cryptocurrency markets so they they getting all information from different markets and put this information on their website and coin liquor gave dashcoin for coming years the most optimistic price outlook they expected only one year dosh could heat the price about six cents and will hit a almost nine cents by 2025 which is at tenfold in just five years and the long term forecast by this company for dosh shows that the price will reach long term price stability with a profitable investment opportunity and by 2030 it's estimated that the coin will reach one dollar mark yes you heard right one dollar and about one dollar is also a kind of prediction made by wheat maxim one of the biggest dodge funds a man who has a hand on pools analyzes and explains what the market is doing on his youtube channel so by his prediction doshcoin is expected to rise by around half cents in the next months or two and doshcoin has been embraced by dealers like a gifter and hundreds of other online shops to pay for merchandise and service now so by using the profitability uh regression analysis yeah it's very complicated but let me explain they predicted the price i expected to raise at least three cents by may 2024 2025 so it's totally up to you to trust or not to track these predictions but i made my analysis because i'm buying doscoin and i want to understand what kind of predictions what what price levels many experts have when they are doing their analysis so feel free to make your analysis and make decision to invest or not to invest but in case you have no dos yet and you are wondering where to buy and store it here is some advice so dashcoin can be purchased from a wide variety of exchanges including binance and coinbase or robinhood there are sli three or four most common and while they are commonly considered reasonable secure i strongly suggest users do their research and it's also very important to say that it should also be noted that such exchanges limit the state country and overall location from where you can buy your dashcoin so if you have purchased the coin and looking for the best place to store dashcoin then you have these best wallets uh where you can store your dashcoin without compromising the security ledger nana i'll have a link in my description highly recommend tweezer device jack swelling dosh coin paper wallet and some other so to conclude i want to tell you that no one can predict the price of cryptocurrency and dodge coin with a total certainty that it's a crucial to understand that the price predictions serve merely as a suggestion of possible price development and are not intended to be used as an investment advice from me i'm just a youtuber so please please please don't take my words as investment advice meet your investment consultant and make your own research thank you for watching this video i hope you like it smash the like button and please tell me in the comment how many dosh coins you have and what is your prize prediction have a good day and peace out [Music] you

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