DogeCoin Predictions, Update $0.40 soon, DOGECOIN WILL BE IN SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL !!

hey everybody it’s ALEN let’s do our daily update
on the DogeCoin now before we get started if you   guys have any comments or if you’re actually
investing into any other stocks let me know in   the comments down below also if you’re adding more
shares of dashcode let me know how many shares   you have that way everybody can know what you’re
actually adding on now let’s talk about Doge Coin   and what actually happened today so there was
another pump and dump and they seem to happen   every couple of days now those pump and dumps
are basically people buying as much as they can   causing the actual value of dogecoin to go up and
then they dump all of it and get rid of it now i   will actually go into a couple of reddit posts and
where you can actually follow along and see where   these communities are and how they’re actually
getting together to do these pumps and dumps   now when it comes to actually talking about
pumps and dumps there’s going to be two   different types of people now i’m the type
of people that actually buys more and more   of the dogecoin every time it goes down because
i’m thinking about investing into a long term   because i see those 16 cents and 40 cents maybe
even higher actual valuations and prices coming   true so i can actually see the doge coin hitting
16 cents very soon so there’s no need for me to   just keep selling out of it and there’s the other
type of people that are basically just pumping it   up and then they sell it off and it causes this
huge crash in price so when it actually crashes   like that that’s just an opportunity for me
to buy more of it all right we’ll also discuss   which states which states in america are actually
heavily invested into dodge coin and their very   first state is california they’re super super
heavily invested into dogecoin but i’ll show you   the entire map a little bit later in the video
of which states are actually buying more of it   versus other ones the second one that’s actually
pretty heavily invested it’s also actually florida   now before we get started consider subscribing
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be blocked all right let’s get into the DogeCoin all right everybody let’s take a look at the
actual price and i love what’s actually happening   now we’ll discuss this actual pump and
dump right here but before we get into it   this is exactly what i love to see because
there’s a constant slow upward movement which   means all of us they’re slowly buying into
the doge coin we’re basically making money   and if you take a look over the past
24 hours we’ve gone as low as 4.6 cents   to as high as almost six and a half cents
and then this is the actual pump and dump   that happened but it ultimately doesn’t matter
because if we take a look the overall progress   of this cryptocurrency of dogecoin it’s beautiful
i love it because even if we just go back a week   we were in at about two cents right which means if
you completely ignore these pump and dumps because   these are just temporary investors they’re not
actually buying this long term if we ignore the   pump and dumps we’re slowly going up so even for
those of us that actually might have got caught   and bought high it’s okay because we can now not
worry about it as it’s slowing going up anywhere   we’re gonna average down our cost so the way i
see it is right now for me if you take a look i’m   not sure what time zone you’re at but for me it
usually happens around 8 p.m and immediately right   after around 8 o’clock i see that dump happen
so let’s just take a look at the last 24 hours   so we were as low as about 5 cents and
where i as six and a half cents right here   but you can actually go back to this morning and
gotten it four cents which means if we just go   over to our calculator and we take a look four
divided by six that means if we subtract one   from that that means that’s 33 percent increase
in your money so what does that mean so if we go   and you put in a thousand dollars right if you buy
it down here and you put in a thousand dollars and   you sold it off right here you would have
made 330 dollars right off of that if you   were just part of this pump and dump group now you
could be the other type of investor which is me   i don’t care what they’re doing i’ll buy it
when it crashes down at a discount right here   and then i’ll keep adding more because
if we take a look it rebounds right back   from that because there’s more and more investors   investing into it there’s more businesses actually
now accepting the DOGECOIN so if we take a look   you know it was basically practically worthless
down here but now we can see even if we go all   the way back to that initial spike up from
reddit and from wall street bets we’re not   slowly going back up and up and up which means
if you were somebody that got caught up here   do not panic sell it’s okay we’re almost back
to that seven eight cents anyways so if we take   a look right now we are at almost 6 cents so
all you can really do is just add more shares   it doesn’t matter if you bought high if you bought
low just add more shares because if we take a look   this is a beautiful steady upward movement that
makes me feel great about adding more shares so   every week when i get paid i try to add at
least another hundred dollars to doge coin   just to increase my shares and if this
actually goes to 16 cents or 40 cents   in the near future that’s amazing imagine you can
take that thousand dollars that you put in and it   could be ten thousand dollars that’s that’s
a huge increase in profits so let’s look at   this map and where people are investing more now i
don’t have a map for the entire world but i have a   map for united states but it makes me feel very
good about investing into dogecoin because more   and more people just keep putting money in it
and it keeps growing in value which is amazing   so here are the top 10 united states of america
states where dogecoins popularly shot up after   a group of redditors decided to make it the
crypto equivalent of gamestop and it seems to   happen now on almost a daily or two every two
three days where it keeps going up and it even   happened today it happened a couple of days ago
so we’ll go over into reddit and i’ll show you a   couple of the groups and you can follow them if
you want to get into this pump and dump scheme   or if you just actually want to wait for the
scheme to actually finalize and then when   it crashes you can now buy more for yourself so
enthusiasm from users in a crypto team the reddit   group helped the dashboard soared by 800 this week
it all started when satoshi street bets tried to   piggyback off a recent gamestop trading frenzy and
i showed you guys that right here if we go back   you can see where it actually spiked up this is
what they’re talking about but that’s okay if   you were here and you got caught up and you bought
real high look at this beautiful upward trend so   we’re going to get back there and we’re going to
pass it so do not panic excel just add more shares   so insider compiled a list of top 10 united
states where dogeocoin popularity is surging   the mean base cryptocurrency dogecoin has seen
an explosion in price after a group of writers   try to make it the equivalent of
gamestop and let’s take a look at these   actual states now most of these southern states
right here including that’s that’s pretty good for   florida that’s pretty that’s i mean it’s
heavy and basically california is overtaking   almost seems like everybody bought
some dashboard in california   so we can see a lot of these southern states here
are pretty happy about buying doge coin and i can   see it’s slowly moving upwards so that’s not bad
there’s a good movement to so the least interest   is up here but i i see this actually going up
over time so investors are flocking to trade   dash coin and other hot digital tokens on voyager
a platform with no robin hood style restrictions   it’s ceo says bitcoin will hit a hundred
thousand dollars this year and shares three   other cryptocurrencies to watch so just so we can
actually go over a couple of price predictions   from what i’ve seen i don’t know how realistic
they are but i’m gonna tell you guys anyway   the guess is that bitcoin is going to reach about
a hundred thousand to one hundred sixty thousand   dollars the second guess is that ethereum is going
to go somewhere between two thousand and five   thousand dollars which is amazing considering just
a month ago is about five to six hundred dollars   and the other second important one is dashcoin
and there’s a lot of price predictions between   16 cents and 40 cents and i know i’ve seen a lot
of people saying that’s gonna go up to a dollar   now the market cap for a dollar is just almost
unrealistically high but honestly anything is   actually possible now those other predictions of
16 cents and 40 cents absolutely well goddess has   almost as 10 cents so 16 cents is very plausible
especially if we go back and we take a look that   even from that actual frenzy people are now just
more and more convinced into it and it’s going   up and up and up so right now just for today
you know we had a high of basically six cents   so it’s very easy to see can it double to
12 cents to 16 cents yeah absolutely so   elon musk says that dodge could be the future
but you have to be aware of tides of crypto   and like i said whatever investment you ever ever
have you should generally put about one percent   if it’s very volatile and risky and your best
investment that you know is always going to go up   that’s 10 at the very most so i have a couple
of investments in my portfolio that are 10   10 my portfolio is tesla and 10 of my portfolio
is apple all the other ones are less than that   around five percent dogecoin right now is about
half a percent moving towards one percent as i   slowly add more elon musk is giving dash quite a
major street cred in the tech finance world but   says why it’s going to be potential to be the king
of crypto you might not want to go all in on this   gamble and yes absolutely don’t ever gamble all
your money to any one stock or cryptocurrency ever   we got the tesla chief our friday night at a boa
in huibo where he was sending a slew of autographs   and posing for picks messed up so what did the
ilama say he said dogecoin is the people’s crypto   and honestly with the movement towards dogecoin
and all the excitement and it’s slowly growing   in value it may actually be the people’s crypto
and the fact that it’s uncapped so bitcoin is   actually a capped currency so it actually has
a limit to how much you can mine it in the next   two or three years all of bitcoin will be
mined and it’s no longer profit profitable   to actually mine because you just waste more
electricity than what you get back now with   dashcoin there is no actual limit or cap
so you could potentially mine it forever   you know if you could actually kind of bypass
electricity costs so elon twitter dogecoin is a   cr is the people’s crypto and he can double down
with us saying that the will of the people will   determine its worth and that he’s down to give
some exposure if it facilitates dodge’s growth   to the end by the way dogecoin has risen some 600
since last year since it was trading well below   a penny and now has gotten as high as eight cents
of late actually for a very few couple of seconds   maybe even a minute it peaked at 10
cents which is amazing so yes it could be   the next bitcoin which is worth forty thousand
dollars these days but elon does note that the   fact that dodge dash doesn’t have a cap orifice
limit hurts its potential in the long run and   that is very true as well but also cut on
the opposite side could be a good thing so   let’s talk about dogecoin a little bit i think
it has a very good and bright future i love that   people are actually investing in it i love that
elon musk is backing it and is very happy for it   and honestly what could actually cause the
dogecoin to go up just another couple of   elon musk tweets and we could actually double
or even triple in price that’s pretty amazing   so elon musk dogecoin tweeting has believers
barking for more now here’s the very amazing part   right now dogecoin has become the seventh
largest cryptocurrency about to be the sixth   largest cryptocurrency in the world and at
this rate in the next two months it could   actually be the second largest cryptocurrency
right under the famous bitcoin all right guys   thank you for watching consider subscribing so
i can keep you up to date with doge coin all of   my other stocks and i’m making another video
showing my entire portfolio that way you guys   can see where all of my money is invested thanks
for watching and see you on the next video you


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