Dogecoin News: Will Doge overtake Ethereum & reach $5, Crypto Festival, Safemoon update

hey everybody it's Alen let's do a daily 
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about a goldman sachs analyst that says buying   copper could be a potential alternative to buying 
cryptocurrency so should you be buying into metals   we'll talk about gold copper and silver as well 
let's also talk about china yes they're trying   to make a robin hood rival they like the way the 
application works how easy it is for people to buy   and a lot of times people use robinhood when they 
first started almost as kind of a gambling i'll   just throw a little bit of money here and there 
and see where it goes and this new application   from china is kind of mimicking what robinhood is 
doing all right let's also talk about crypto being   bought using apple pay you can now use apple pay 
if you have apple credit card or apple pay enabled   you can go and purchase cryptocurrency and 
that might be a huge catalyst to people buying   more and more cryptocurrencies also let's 
talk about margin right now just from me   looking into the data people are using more margin 
right now than ever before in the history so you   have to be very careful with how much margin 
you're using what percentage you should be at   so for example if you have a hundred thousand 
dollars invested should you take out another   hundred thousand dollars a margin or 50 000 or 
20 000 let's discuss what percentage of margin   is a safe percentage because you do not want to 
get margin call that's a huge risk you can lose   a ton of your money all right let's also talk 
about paypal paypal is going to let you withdraw   your cryptocurrency so let's talk about 
what that means for the future of cryptos   also is it finally safe to 
buy cryptocurrencies in india   that ban is now slowly being lifted so we'll see 
what that means as well for just people all around   the world buying cryptocurrencies especially 
in india then let's talk about polka dot and   cardano are these the two new cryptocurrencies 
they're about to break out now we talked about   proof of work and proof of stake and what they 
are i'll go over those as well in this video   but you have ethereum right now using proof of 
work and proof of stake at the exact same time   while ADA cardano is using proof of stake 
so what you're really doing with polka dot   you know with i'm sorry cardano is you're 
kind of staking it you're not doing both   eventually that shift with ethereum is going to 
happen to just proof of stake so we'll talk about   what's staking your cryptocurrencies really means 
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a rebalance you can send it to me i can take   a look at hopefully get you rebalanced with that 
portfolio back on track to double or even triple   that money year over year all right let's get 
into dogecoin and all our cryptos and stocks   all right let's take a look at a couple of the 
stocks in our portfolio really quickly so we got   amd now at 81.43 up 1.68 percent on top of our 
profits so we're up almost 5 right now we got   it at 78.11 that's a good profit i want to get 
this to about 4 000 market value so hopefully we   have some other stocks that rally up we can sell 
those because this is our ten thousand two hundred   thousand dollar challenge so we're only using the 
money we actually have all right COIN coinbase   is at 241.99 and we got into 241.73 so we're up 
like three dollars not much but we're not losing   money and we're still under that 250 dollar 
reference price all right apple's at 124.78   we got in at zero because this was our free stock 
from robinhood if you want some free stocks from   robinhood that link is in my description for 
robinhood and webull they're both giving off free   stocks NIO almost 42 dollars we our average cost 
is 38.79 we're up 400.

I see NIO easily hitting   65 to ninety five dollars in the next 12 months 
in fact this year it's probably gonna end well   over seventy dollars all right moving on to PLTR 
palantir is going to break out and right now in   this 22 23 dollar range this is an absolute buying 
opportunity i have 5 281 dollars in it at an   average cost of 2302 so we're basically breaking 
even right now but once palantir breaks out and   gets back to those 45 50 dollar 52-week highs 
you're gonna more than double your money here   all right let's take a look at NOK nokia we 
got in at four dollars and two cents we're up   at 520 already so we are now heading to 30 gains 
and this is what i was telling everybody nokia   is going to get to about 20 per share this is a 
fantastic buying opportunity still because you can   quadruple your money here now if you want to see 
this entire portfolio get those live buy and sell   alerts and if you just want to talk to me or get 
a portfolio reviewed you can do that via patreon   very first link in my description there all right 
let's get into dosh going up one percent fantastic   so it's now has a really good support line around 
that 30 cent 31 cent mark which presents a buying   opportunity here all right and i think with DOGE 
and you could very easily more than double your   money it's going to get back to that 65 70 cent 
range very very soon bitcoin down from almost 66   thousand dollar all-time highs to 36.

Again it 
presents another almost doubling of your money   just keep this in mind if bitcoin gets to about a 
hundred thousand dollars by the end of this year   you're going to triple your money you put 
a thousand dollars into bitcoin right now   you're gonna end the year with three thousand 
dollars so a good op buying opportunity as well   you don't have to buy thirty six thousand dollars 
of bitcoin to get those amazing gains and i think   my one to two year price prediction for bitcoin 
is about a hundred eighty thousand dollars so   just keep that in mind even buying a little bit 
of it can give you some pretty decent returns now   ethereum is my all-time favorite here and winner 
i think ethereum can end the year by quadrupling   yes ending around ten thousand dollars in fact 
my two to five year predictions around forty   thousand dollars and five to ten year prediction 
is around one hundred thousand dollars in fact a   goldman analyst said they see ethereum around 180 
000 that is unbelievable and just to let you guys   know 52 percent of my entire cryptocurrency 
portfolio is in ethereum i also have lots   of cardano but this is my overall basically 
more than half of the portfolios in ethereum   that tells you how much i believe in them all 
right ripple is uh yeah it's going to hover   around a dollar not bad another buying opportunity 
if you can find it because it's been delisted   at a lot of exchanges cardano around a buck 69 
not bad i really really like cardano around that   dollar fifty dollar fifty five or less range so 
if there's a small dip like right here for example   167 still a little too high for me if we 
just go back to may 31st here 2 p.m or 1.65   so still not as low as i wanted let's 
go back a few more days see right here   at that dollar 57.55 range that's where i like 
to get it so two days ago hopefully we'll see   another small dip and you can start buying back in 
to cardano all right safemoon is down four percent   let's take a look here now i don't know how 
many of you will have safemoon or holding it   or are planning on buying it let me know in the 
comments section what you think about safemoon   where you'll be buying it or are you holding long 
term i want to see how many long-term investors we   have please leave a comment down below let me know 
about safemoon and let me know about moonshot and   what are the cryptocurrencies you may actually be 
investing in are you investing into polka dot are   you investing into polygon leave a comment down 
below and let everybody know there's almost 36 000   of us here and we'd like to know what everybody's 
investing in i actually bought around forty   thousand dollars of dogecoin in last year around 
november because a lot of people told me about it   they told me there was actually gonna rally up i 
love what elon musk is doing i made a lot of money   off of paypal off of tesla basically everything 
that elon musk touches turns to gold so i said   you know what i'm not throwing 40 grand and i made 
a lot of money when dogecoin rallied up to those   60 to 70 cent highs i actually sold off 75 percent 
of it and just kept those gains and now i have   25 percent of my per you know 25 percent of that 
money still remains as does coin and now that it's   around 30 cents and consolidating i'm going to 
slowly start adding more and more back to dogecoin   until it gets back to that 60 cent hopefully a 
dollar by the end of this year all right polygon   is down about 2 percent not really down it 
really likes this dollar 75 to 1.85 range   and it's just done fantastically well for anybody 
that's actually bought it all the way going back   to actually all the way to february even early 
early february let's say late january some amazing   returns in fact the last seven days up 150 so 
really good gains let's refresh our coin market   cap web page here and take a look at where bitcoin 
is at 672 million struggling struggling to get   back to that 1.2 trillion dollar market cap that 
it was at ethereum is down to 25.41 this is a good   buying opportunity i'd like to add a couple more 
ethereum to our portfolio for youtube all right   goldman s top commodity analyst sees copper is an 
alternative to crypto i think evs are absolutely   the future that's why you saw tesla rallying up 
to 900 that's why you see NIO and all these other   major EV manufacturers going up so much in 
the last 12 months where they're going to need   lots of aluminum copper and i think tungsten is 
another one so that's what you want to do if you   see something that's going to be the future 
and it's going to take a huge giant chunk of   the market for example tesla right now out of 
a hundred vehicles sold in the united states   82 are teslas that's how well TSLA tesla is doing 
in the ev sector so you actually want to invest   into things that you know ev manufacturers are 
going to need so consider that all right china's   robinhood rival pile into the crypto craze as 
they look to compete overseas two of the china's   rivals to stock trading app robinhood are looking 
for cryptocurrency is a way to compete overseas   future and tiger brokers said this month they 
are applying for licenses in singapore and   america that will allow the local customers to 
trade cryptos the rule comes as digital currency   prices fall and beijing increases its efforts to 
limit speculation in the market so i think this is   actually fantastic news here and there's more and 
more of the world that's just kind of getting into   crypto so yes you can spend cryptocurrencies 
using apple pay that is fantastic news   i can see a day in the very near future and 
i'm talking about in the next couple of months   not years where you can actually get on 
the apple website and click the buy button   use your dogecoin or other cryptocurrencies 
and purchase an apple product like a laptop or   anything else and when that day comes and you have 
a company like apple that has two trillion dollars   of money they're sitting on a giant mountain 
of money get into cryptocurrency that's when   you're gonna see dosh going bitcoin ethereum all 
these cryptos going up by 10x yes 10x all right so   paypal plans to add crypto withdrawal features 
now just remember paypal is something that   actually elon musk created and then sold so 
this is like it's this is little elon musk's   child that's now getting into the crypto world as 
well and tesla tesla got into the crypto world as   well they bought 1.5 billion dollars of bitcoin 
and now what is elon musk doing he keeps pushing   and pumping up dogecoin and now that paypal 
his little child that he sold off to ebay   he's basically in it we're seeing this crypto 
movement picking pace up very very good news   so if your portfolio is down in the cryptocurrency 
section don't worry we're going to see a very very   huge rally coming up in the next couple of 
months so 5 000 bitcoin have moved from a   digital wallet to the cryptocurrency exchange 
bitfenix the world's largest cryptocurrency is   now trading at 37 000 actually i think 
bitcoin is now down to about 35 or 36.   it's very interesting i don't know if you guys 
know anything about bitfenix just want to kind   of mention that there's more and more exchanges 
popping up on a daily basis it's pretty amazing   so is it safe to buy cryptos in india here's what 
exchanges say after rbi's clarification so this   this clarification comes in the light of recent 
investor communication by various banking entity   entities like hdfc sbi which cited the 2018 
circular and intended to alert them of the   uncertain regulatory landscape of this space so 
that actual regulation from 2018 cannot be applied   so i'm gonna i'm gonna guess that we're gonna 
see a huge rally in cryptos and a spike up in pr   prices and these market caps growing because now 
you're gonna see a giant huge chunk of the world   which is india i think it's something like 20 
to 25 percent of the world's population is india   imagine when that market now gets right back into 
buying cryptocurrencies that's going to be huge   all right ETH ethereum dosh going surge as cryptos 
continued volatile recovery actually like that we   have a steady recovery ethereum crashed to about 
1700 then starts slowly getting back and now   we're around 25 47 which is good i like a nice 
diddy recovery that's actually good and healthy   for the crypto market so top crypto prices 
polka dot ethereum dosh going gain up to 18   those of you that invest into polka dot let me 
know i'm actually going to start investing into   them as well is it a good investment have you 
invested into it let me know in the comments   section i would like to actually know now i'm 
going to begin investing into a polygon for sure   but polka dot is definitely something i'm actually 
eyeing all right our very first stock is going   to be coinbase i think i've mentioned this in the 
last like 15 videos i don't even know but coinbase   is still underneath that 250 dollar reference 
price this is a absolutely a must buy a really   really good buying opportunity and i will get into 
them right now one of the safest crypto exchanges   in the world in fact i can confidently say the 
safest crypto exchange in the world is coinbase   in fact a lot of these companies like square even 
tesla yes elon musk threw in 1.5 billion dollars   into coinbase and purchased bitcoin through 
them that's how good coinbase is our second   stock is going to be amd i'm going to i'm 
doing a separate video make sure subscribe   to the channel so you can see that video on 
amd their actual chips are in playstation 5's   in xboxes gaming pcs they're fantastic graphics 
cards also they're not doing a partnership with   tesla they're going to supply chips and parts to 
TSLA this is going to be huge once we find out   what percentage of money and how much tesla is 
going to invest into amd to purchase these chips   this could potentially get amd to double in less 
than 12 months really good buying opportunity here   all right PLTR palantir is getting ready for a 
breakout we had bp which is beyond patrol renewed   their contract for another five years i think 
it was a 320 million dollar contract in fact all   companies that end up working with palantir and 
investing into them and using them never really   leave in fact we had the federal government get 
involved with palantir that's how well palantir   is doing and i think they're getting ready for 
a breakout this 52-week high of 45 dollars which   will put you at doubling your money right now is 
nothing where palantir is going to go in the next   couple of years in fact me saying can palantir 
10x and get to about 230 dollars yes absolutely   i'm a long-term investor into palantir i'm going 
to keep them all right moving on here to TSLA   tesla is not a stock i know people say it is it's 
not this is literally a mutual fund because elon   musk has companies within tesla they're probably 
going to start selling those batteries they have a   new battery cell that's much more efficient that 
just works better and this is probably going to   be a million mile battery they're also going to 
be selling insurance they're going to be doing   those robo taxis selling parts tesla also has 
that neural link they have the boring company   all the technology from spacex and the satellites 
are going to be utilized yes when elon musk gets   all of those satellites up and running they're 
going to be used for their actual self-driving   autonomous technology this is huge people don't 
even realize this but when you drive your tesla   he's going to use his own satellites to make 
sure your car drives itself gets you there faster   this is huge neural link is also huge the boring 
company is just amazing just remember we're not   we live in a two-dimensional world where you 
know you can either go into the left lane or   right lane once you get those actual tunnels 
going and you can go underneath the ground   he's basically creating transportation now and you 
know he's adding it to a three-dimensional world   that's gonna be huge tesla this is right now 
is ready for a breakout again i see them very   easily getting back to about 720 dollars which 
gives you an upside in just the next 30 to 60   days of a hundred dollars per share can tesla get 
up to that 900 52-week high in the next 12 months   absolutely in fact my price prediction for tesla 
is 1500 in the next two years that gives you an   opportunity to almost triple your money moving on 
to our etf our last stock is actually etf which   is an exchange traded fund run by cathie wood 
who i consider the warren buffett of our times   at 110 right now actually 111 went up a little bit 
this is a steal you know what cathie woods said   she said that because she bought all of these dips 
and crashes she expects 30 to 40 percent returns   on all of her etfs year over year for the next 
five years that's just amazing and mind-blowing i   have 2600 shares and i keep adding more and more 
to my e3 to come that's how much i love kathy   wood and i believe in her actual etf here and 
let's just take a look at her real quickly here   let me zoom in a little bit here so these are her 
top 10 holdings right here let me highlight them   so you can take a look and tesla obviously is 
number one she's TDOC Teladoc is number two   roku is number three square here 
and then coinbase take a look here   it's now moved up all the way from i 
think the 30th spot to the eighth spot   let's take a look how much she has appointments 
here so almost four percent three point five   three percent and it's she keeps adding more 
and more coinbase which is pretty unbelievable   all right thank you for watching if you want to 
join my patreon and support the channel you can   do that very first link in my description patreon 
will give you access to my live buys and sells   you'll get to see my entire portfolio how 
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half a thousand people that group chat is about   stocks cryptos even real estate i can also look 
at your portfolio review it hopefully figure out   how to rebalance to get you back in the green 
to double or even triple that money year over   year alright thank you for watching i'll talk to 
you on patreon discord the next video take care thank   you

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