hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily update 
on our cryptocurrencies and stocks now if you like   this hit that like button i really appreciate it 
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next week is that playstation 5 giveaway as well   all right let's get into some serious 
reasons why buying crypto is still a   fantastic opportunity and i'll let you 
know what to buy and when to buy as well   now let's talk about three reasons why you really 
shouldn't care about the china crackdown and what   it really means and what it actually doesn't mean 
because a lot of these laws already existed and   they don't really make sense for people to 
just panic sell their investments so we'll   talk about that let's talk about how elon musk 
and i've talked about this in previous videos   elon musk's tweet sent dosh going up basically to 
double almost in price we got down to lows of 14.7   cents in fact people in my patreon got it at 14.8 
cents it rebounded from that to 30 cents however   around 29 cents and it's now kind of going between 
25 and 27 cents but you could have easily doubled   your money by buying in on that deb and that's the 
power one single elon musk tweet so can elon musk   send dojo into 50 cents from 25 cents absolutely 
we're one single tweet in fact most of his tweets   send DOGE going up between 30 to 125 yeah that's 
the power of him just talking about dogecoin ones   all right let's talk about robin hood's ipo yes 
their ipo has been delayed because there's so   much excitement into cryptocurrency they 
have to figure everything out with it   once they get that all settled they're gonna 
actually ipo a little bit later than they said   so let's talk about why coinbase is the right 
choice for you in terms of just using a safe   exchange where you know your money and your crypto 
is going to be safe then let's talk about actual   stock why coinbase stock is so cheap right now 
they are still under their reference price of 250   they were as high as 420 dollars so this 
presents an amazing buying opportunity here   all right let's talk about what the 
experts think about this bitcoin crash   is this a time to get out of crypto is this a 
time to get into crypto let's talk about that and   then let's talk about el salvador and their new 
crypto line what this means for other countries   that might follow in its footsteps now if you are 
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money year over year i can do that we have patreon   and you get access to my private discord group too 
almost a thousand people in there we're talking   about stocks cryptos and long term investing all 
right let's get into all of our cryptos and stocks   all right everybody let's take a look at our 
portfolio really quickly before we get started   we're at 672 673 almost with tesla we got it 
613 up 900 bucks not bad DKNG draftkings 5160   got in at 45.

We're up 13 and then x 
bank almost 42 dollars we got into 33   we're up 24 and these are all going to break out 
very soon as soon as we get that tech sector shift   apple is at 133 dollars we got in at zero that's 
why it says we're up sixty thousand percent if   you have some free apple shares that link is in my 
description for robinhood and WEBULL that's giving   out for free stocks NOK nokia 558 we got in at 402 
we are up almost 40 percent really amazing gains   if you want to get those live alerts the second i 
buy or sell a stock you can end up via patreon if   you want to see this whole portfolio every single 
stack i have how many shares i have again that's   the very first link in my description and i do 
portfolio reviews as well all right dogecoin   coin's at 23 cents a little bit of a pullback 
let's go back to the the little weekly view   here actually right here it says 16 cents we're 
actually as low as 14.8 cents then we skyrocketed   to uh it's not even telling us but we're actually 
above 30 cents so doubled our money easily if you   bought it on this dip and then sold off right here 
so we'll go through like where DOGE going let's   take a look here so right now you can take 
a look here if we followed this chart we had   a buy signal here at this basically 14 15 cent 
range right here you can see that we're as low as   that's not even showing it but yeah as low as 
14.8 cents right here we got that buy signal   at about 16 cents let's see here nope we got it in 
about yeah 16.7 cents when we skyrocketed all the   way up here we had the sell signal about 29 cents 
and now it's actually still free falling downward   so we basically still have that cell signal on 
for dogecoin let's take a look at bits analytics   and why do we have a sell signal for dogecoin 
well because our very next support line   see right here the reason it actually bounced back 
up is elon musk's tweet not actually anything else   just because right here if we take a look 
that would be us being right around here   there's no support line right here which means we 
probably will get down to about 13 cents that's   our next strong support line and then bounce off 
of 13 cents or you know another elon musk could   send us skyrocketing back to 50 cents so it's 
really hard to predict dogecoin because elon   musk is really manipulating it so moving on to 
taking a look at our crypto fear and greed index   we are still look at this blood everywhere and 
just remember when the market is bleeding you   start feeding and buying those dips and that's 
what i've been doing with my stocks and with my   cryptos so yeah we're still in a downward trend 
and yeah i kind of expect us to probably keep   going down for at least another week or two all 
right so bitcoin let's refresh this 31 524 let's   take a look at what bitcoin is doing so again same 
thing here bitcoin with that good buyer to 28 000   and then selling it off around that thirty five 
thousand dollars here and then buying back in   when this actually bottoms out if you're part of 
my patreon i will send you that alert when it's   time to buy into bitcoin dogecoin and ethereum 
not right now we're still free falling all right   ethereum 1840 let's refresh this it's probably 
lower than that 1805 ooh it's about to get into   those 1700s now let's take a look at our little 
support and resistance levels here for ethereum   we have a really strong support line at about 18. 
let's take a look here yep 1785 to about 1820 so   right now we are at this really really strong 
support line let's take a look here let's say   the bottom of the support will be around 1766.

it might bounce off of 1766 otherwise it kind of   looks like we might go all the way down to 1300 so 
if we crash under 17 let's take a look here yeah   we are right about here so if we get down under 
1700 we're heading straight for 1300 dollars   so we will see right now still if you take a look 
here we're still in this sell-off phase so we're   not at that buy again i will let you guys know on 
patreon when it's time to buy into it so ripple   is at 60 cents has it gone down under 60 cents 
nope holding on to 60 cents down about 12 almost   and again this is continuous free fall here so 
we'll see where ripple ends up cardano dollar 28.   now if you can pick up ADA cardano at like 
a dollar and two or a dollar in three oh   my goodness that's a huge huge buying opportunity 
let's refresh this and take a look cardano is 1.26   but right here let's kind of take a look 
in this week so right here where were we at   on the 22nd we hit 98 cents if you want the lucky 
ones they got in 98 cents you made some good money   now right now again cardano is selling off as 
well this is not a buying opportunity you're   either holding or selling xlm stellar is at 24 
cents is it holding on to that yep it's down   about 10 percent most crypto is down about 10 
to 15 percent safe one down another 11 percent   and you know this hype that happened 
let's see let's take a look here so   safe was relatively brand new came out about 
sometime in april shot up excitement people   took profits a little bit more excitement and 
then from around let's take a look here may 16th   people never looked back they 
just started selling off safe moon   more and more and more selling off and we're just 
basically continually going downwards in value   let me know what you are doing with your safemoon 
are you holding on are you using this as a buying   opportunity are you selling all of it off or are 
you buying a different cryptocurrency let me know   in the comment section down below amp is at 11 
last year down to five cents see if it's gone down   even nope yep it's still at 5.5 cents actually i 
thought that amp was probably a good opportunity   even at 9 cents so at five cents could be a 
fantastic opportunity but as you can see here we   have no support lines here at five cents either 
so you know the next support line for amp is   literally at two i think it was a 2.8 
cents the last time i looked at it so   polygon matic matic let's see here is at a dollar 
and seven are we still holding on to that we are   and then bitcoin is still at 612 million dollars 
actually thought anywhere around 598 million   dollar market up or so it's probably a good buying 
opportunity so let's take a look at this article   three reasons why china's bitcoin crackdown just 
isn't bad first reason i'm gonna ignore these   reasons let's just go through my first reason 
nobody cares they don't people gonna pack up   shop they're gonna relocate to kazakhstan wherever 
they wanna go texas they're gonna set up that shop   again they're gonna continue mining you're not 
gonna stop people from making millions of dollars   so china's relationship with bitcoin has long been 
defined by regulations as news of the country's   latest restrictions once again dominates headlines 
keep in mind the lord is just reiterating   restrictions they placed like seven years 
ago for some reason people think this is news   so bitcoin is not banned in china it's the very 
first reason they have not banned bitcoin as it   currently stands chinese citizens aren't being 
forced to surrender their assets to the state   the terms bitcoin and ban have been thrown out 
and a lot of regards with china clamp down but   it's important to note that it has no outright 
ban on holding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies   china's central bank is primarily concerned with 
the increased popularity in cryptocurrency because   it is directly challenging the nation's economic 
and financial stability so this is absolutely   true for every single country whether you're 
in india united kingdom china united states   of america canada no matter where you are i 
know there's a lot of viewers on my channel   from india no matter where you are cryptocurrency 
affects the stock market what am i talking about   for example i hold 90 stocks 10 percent cryptos 
so 10 of my money is now not in the stock market   which means the stock market is not going to do as 
well as it could have if i put that 10 percent in   right so i is one person i'm not going to impact 
the stock market at all but think about billions   of people if they just put in one percent five 
percent ten percent there's a lot of people on my   patreon they are hundred percent into crypto they 
don't have a single stock image imagine if you add   up millions hundreds of millions of people they're 
now putting their money into crypto and not   stocks what does that mean you're slowing down 
growth of these companies of these stocks right   so this is scaring countries and people 
because they want you to put the money   into the stock market not something else if you 
leave it as cash just keep this in mind also   one hundred dollars next year literally 
has a value of about ninety seven dollars   your money loses about three percent per year 
in value so that's why you want to invest into   stocks into companies into bonds into whatever 
that's more than three percent that way your money   doesn't depreciate in value and that's why the 
stock market's so important you know it's kind of   stopping your money from losing value and you're 
collecting you know the increase right in the   stock price collecting those dividends if you 
have dividend-paying stocks so just something to   keep in mind there and that's just slowing down 
growth improved mining decentralization really   really big reasons so while the exodus of miners 
may disrupt the crypto market in the short term   in long term increased decentralization 
promises to make the bitcoin network less   vulnerable to the rules and regulations of 
any single country it's estimated that 65   of bitcoin mining takes place in china with 
miners now forced to relocate to other countries   the redistribution should help ease previous 
concerns of china's mining dominance   this is actually fantastic news i know 
crypto is crashing but did you want 65   of bitcoin mining to happen in china probably 
not the fact that china did this is probably   the best thing that could have happened to 
crypto these people are going to go right   now a lot of people are relocating to kazakhstan 
to texas united states basically a lot of places   where they can get good internet connections and 
low electricity costs that's the key right there   so them relocating to these other countries this 
is actually going to help stabilize crypto help   it increase faster in its value now our people 
said you know what i don't want to invest in the   crypto 65 of it comes from china well now if more 
of it comes from other parts of the world right   you're gonna have more stability and then 
crypto's gonna rally up again very very soon   just something to keep in mind so a greener 
crypto mining industry people are going to use   solar panels hydropower you name it to my crypto 
why you initially lose some money right on those   solar panels but eventually you know it pays 
off and then you're just collecting free money   basically so for example when i set up my mining 
rigs i was at a loss i mined in mind and literally   for the first four months of me mining zero 
profits but then that equipment paid itself off   four months later i was collecting money so now 
my only actual cost is the cost of electricity   so just something to keep in mind so dogecoin 
strikes major gains as elon musk gives a shout out   to the meme coin and takes digs at bitcoin this 
caused bitcoin to go down and dosh gonna skyrocket   from 14.8 cents to almost 30 cents doubling in 
price this is what i was talking about dogecoin   going at 24 25 cents right now could be at 50 
since literally one single tweet from elon musk so   just something to keep in mind that's 
how quickly you can double in value   so if you're down 20 40 you could literally be 
up literally one tweet from elon musk robin hood   delays its ipo after sec review of its crypto 
business so popular trading platform robinhood   has delayed its ipo plans which was originally 
scheduled for later this month after its   prospectus became the subject of regulatory 
scrutiny what happens according to a report   from bloomberg sources closer to the matter 
disclosed that the united states securities   exchange and commission this is the sec has been 
asking questions about robin's cryptocurrency   business specifically so their cryptocurrency 
business is just growing and growing as they add   more cryptocurrencies and more people invest on 
robinhood because it's free and people love free   coinbase charges you all these other exchanges 
you lose a lot of money that adds up to a ton of   money if you pay five six dollars to purchase a 
certain cryptocurrency what if you invested that   six dollars into some meme stock and then six 
dollars became thousands of dollars right you   don't want to be stuck in that situation so robin 
hood keeps getting more users on the platform   more people are buying cryptocurrencies so once 
this actually you know they're projecting a 30   to 60 day pushback before the ipos which doesn't 
really matter i wasn't going to buy into their   stock anyways at 225 queen b stock is a solid bet 
on the crypto future absolutely i've talked about   this coinbase is under its 250 ipo price this is 
a buying opportunity if i ever saw one and i'm   gonna ride this probably to about 420 then i'll 
reassess sell-off and then get back into crypto   moving on to pay now accepts 
bitcoin payments from any wallet good news and   moving on to bitcoin jumping five percent 
as el salvador braces for a crypto uh   30e wallet airdrop so bitcoins jump coin signs 
with the announcement made by el salvador's   president on thursday evening you're gonna see a 
lot of country follow in el salvador's footsteps   we have so many catalysts here that once this 
actual crypto sell-off stops these catalysts   are going to cause a huge increase in price now 
we might go down 40 50 percent but we can we can   easily go by two three hundred percent in a single 
day after we get some good news so bitcoins crash   what experts think let's read this a little bit 
so chinese burn when crypto prices followed the   largest lower can be rapid said adam manson and 
kitty mintz from the ft we saw as much of the   price of bitcoin plunged by 12 a day on tuesday 
taking the price below 30 000 for the first   time since january and dragging down many other 
altcoins including ethereum and dosh going with it   so death crosses bitcoin recovered 
some grounds midweek said bloomberg   rising to 34 000 on wednesday but it 
is still down by almost 50 percent   now this is actually not true because sure we are 
down 50 since april but as a long-term investor   if you bought bitcoin a year ago bitcoin a year 
ago is hovering between seven and eight thousand   dollars so you still be up 300 to 400 percent on 
your money so you have to look at these stocks and   cryptocurrencies long term where are we right now 
from a year ago you know if you keep looking at   your cryptocurrencies every single day and you see 
these crashes and dips you're gonna drive yourself   to insanity you buy it set it and forget it all 
right moving on so update for the bit curious   tesla billionaire elon musk suddenly sends the 
dogecoin price sharply higher after trashing   bitcoin and we went through this we doubled in 
price that quickly so crypto price alert jp morgan   issues serious bitcoin warning as ethereum 
binance bnb cardano xrp and DOGE and lose billions   just want to kind of go over this article 
really quickly without even reading it   because jp market manipulates the market they 
talk all kinds of nonsense to drive prices down   on companies and stocks they want to invest in 
and a lot of times they write articles really   controversial false articles just 
so they can get people to read them   so please don't be discouraged by nonsense you 
read in the news or in these articles so coinbase   again under that 250 reference price this is a 
good buying opportunity and i'll be adding more   of it to my portfolio that's our first stock pick 
of the day and let's just go back year to date you   know it's probably not even going to show us in 
this chart but actually yeah because literally   people bought it it spiked up around here 
it's not showing it but we were as high as 429   and let's see if no it's not going to show us but 
yeah right here our 52 week high is 430 dollars   almost so you're talking about getting coinbase 
at half off from if it's 52 in high but once   crypto starts rallying what do you think is going 
to happen to coinbase i think cathie wood price   prediction of around 500 dollars to 520 i agree 
with her we're getting to about that 500 price   second stock pickup days amd my price prediction 
stands 110 to 120 dollars by the end of the year   absolutely 120 in the next 12 months so 
good buying opportunity and they're gonna   skyrocket because they keep coming 
out with better graphics cards better   processors they're killing every other 
competitor absolutely goodbye right there   regeneron another good pickup if you're 
a long-term holder you just want to gain   a good decent amount on a monthly or 
yearly basis regeneron's a good pick here   regenerate pharmaceuticals is an american 
biotechnology company headquartered in westchester   county in new york and they are set to easily go 
for to about 750 dollars in the next 36 months and   i think they're going to go way past that but 
take a look here 52-week highs of 664.

We're   getting way past that just by the december of this 
year fourth pick of the day is got etf not a stock   and this arkad this is the arc innovation etf 
they have about 53 different stocks in this etf   an atf is like a mutual fund but you can actually 
day trade with it so very safe buy down from   160.52 week highs i see eric k i think cathie wood 
was sad 30 to 35 year-over-year returns over the   next five years and just from analysts projections 
me doing research 520 in the next three years   actually it was three to five years they said that 
ark was going to be at which is an amazing return   so a lot of my portfolios have ark in them and 
i keep adding more to them so good pick up right   there apple apple with their new chips with every 
single thing they're doing they're possibly going   to be using their own 5g modems i'm going to see 
that 16 inch macbook pro coming out in the next 30   to 60 days another huge catalyst the new iphones 
what are we now end of june almost july so you   have august and sept september we're talking about 
less than two months right well july and august   and then maybe a week in september before the 
new iphones are announced you're talking about   nine weeks right nine weeks those new iphones 
will be announced 16-inch macbook pros the larger   imacs huge catalysts where i see apple going up 
possibly 20 by the end of the year also collecting   that smile but decent dividend here hopefully 
they also raised their dividend yield because   they're sitting on like two trillion dollars of 
money and it's just collecting dust increase your   dividend yield apple but that's our last stock of 
the day if you need your portfolio reviewed i can   do that via patreon it's the very first link in my 
description if you want to get those live buy and   sell alerts again join me on patreon download the 
patreon and the discord application to your phone   and you'll get those live buy and sell alerts 
and my daily posts on patreon and then discord   you can chat with me we'll do audio calls i 
can read your portfolio you can talk to over   700 people now we're heading closer 
to a thousand people on discord   so you can do group chat on there those 
audio calls chat with everybody and just   invest all right thank you for watching and 
i'll see you in the next video take care thank   you

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