Dogecoin News: TRENDLINE SHOWS BULL RUN COMING with DOGE at $1.21, ETH at $6300.

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily
update on all of our cryptocurrencies and stocks and if you need your portfolio reviewed
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right let's talk about experts and what they are predicting for dogecoin now just on the
bearish side which means it can go up a whole lot more from this prediction but they're
saying we can get to three dollars and sixty cents so we're going to go through that article
and in fact they're saying even at the lowest price they're predicting those going to hit
about 75 to 76 cents by the end of this year and around 1.20 by january or february so
let's talk about that and when it's going to hit that 3.60 mark that they're predicting
which is pretty unbelievable if you're getting into dogecoin right now at 20 cents imagine
the profits when we hit that 3.60 mark so we'll discuss that let's talk about grayscale
yes there is a grayscale bitcoin etf coming you're going to see a lot of etfs and mutual
funds bringing in adopting and basically adding bitcoin and ethereum you're going to see if
this is going to start off with bitcoin then it's going to move over to ethereum then cardano
and then other cryptocurrencies and this is huge in the last video we talked about how
much money could flow into cryptocurrencies if they just put in one to two percent of
a mutual fund that would actually more than 10x bitcoin itself and why is bitcoin important
and it 10xing well if bitcoin 10x is we usually see all of the cryptocurrencies more than
10x than bitcoin just like right now take a look bitcoins up about four percent and
ethereum is up eight or nine percent so once bitcoin starts rallying the big crypto names
like ethereum and other ones start going up even higher and right now we have doge dogecoin
it's lagging a little bit so when that breakout happens we're going to 32 cents then that
55 cents so we'll discuss that as well and then let's talk about why dogecoin is going
to more than triple by the end of this year it's really important we'll talk about some
changes in adoption and how dogecoin can actually become a real world cryptocurrency let's also
talk about u.s regulations why they're really important and why they're going to help make
sure that your investment is safe just keep this in mind if crypto is unregulated and
it gets banned you can lose 90 or more of all of your investment but if it becomes regulated
what happens then the government is going to make sure they can collect their taxes
and then it's going to be here to stay and your investment is going to be safe so there's
some serious upside with cryptocurrencies being regulated all right let's talk about
irs yes the internal revenue service has seized over 1.2 billion dollars of cryptocurrencies
and what's really interesting is what they're actually doing with it after they have seized
it it kind of tells you a lot about where cryptocurrency is going to go in the future
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cryptos all right everybody let's take a look at our portfolio really quickly before we
get started arc is at 122.50 and we are now up 740 dollars so those of you that are part
of my patreon know we sold off all of amd some of us took over 50 profits that's how
you get in we're buying in those mid to low 70s and now we sold off of of amd and i'm
going to show you which stock we're going to get next so arc was a really really good
buy we're up for 739 remember if you're a long-term holder of arc and this is an etf
so it's just like a mutual fund but you can actually day trade it with it if you want
and i think arc is going to get to somewhere around 530 in the next three to five years
some seriously ridiculous profits here and if you want to go you know down that safer
path this is an etf they have about 50 stocks i believe they're down to 48 stocks right
now so much safer than just buying one single share you know company and what's fantastic
is i think you know just by the end of this year we're going to be somewhere in 160 to
170 range but already almost 800 gains so we made some good decisions in the last couple
of days moving on uni software we are up now almost six percent another 200 so this is
a good one we have micron technology and we are up seven percent over here moving on to
coinbase we are up almost 13 with coinbase half a thousand dollars really good pick over
here then we have tesla our tesla pick is over 16 up and we're up almost 1400 apple
is our free share if you want some free stocks from robin webull those links are in my description
that's why it says worth sixty seven thousand percent because i paid nothing for it and
you know apple is actually a dividend paying stock believe it or not no no kia is it six
twenty three we're going to four or two up 55 again this is how we took ten thousand
to eighty four thousand seven hundred dollars and again if you wanna join that ten thousand
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000 then restart the challenge again with ten thousand dollars and you can send me your
portfolio as well i'll review a rebalance to get you back on track to double or even
triple that money all right dogecoin is that three percent up nicely bouncing back tradingview
has dosh going as they sell right now but i think we're actually hitting a buy i see
an uptrend so i'm not sure why they're sending that signal let's take a look over here we
are now neutral so we're out of that we're actually you know extreme fear with a whole
lot of greed over here and now we're neutrals because of all the regulations they're coming
for crypto bitcoin has bounced back from thirty seven thousand four hundred dollars this morning
to thirty nine thousand eight hundred fifty two nice little rebound and we do have a sell
for bitcoin now i disagree with this i'm gonna keep adding bitcoin right now because there's
a lot of good news with those etfs and mutual funds coming in for bitcoin in particular
and it's lagging a little bit behind the theorem you can see bitcoin is up four percent and
it theorems up nine percent let me refresh this i think it's up a little bit higher than
that so really really good news here oh yep 9.11 percent very very good all right ethereum
is another buy signal so ethereum could end the year around five to ten thousand dollars
very bullish on it moving on to ripple here it's at 73 cents we have ADA cardano at 1.39
i was sending out those buy alerts at 99 cents and a dollar three and a dollar and six and
we have seen some serious profits here we're getting close to that point we're gonna double
our money on cardano all right polygon is up four percent at a dollar and six moving
on to chain link it's up another 2.75 percent trying to get to that 25 mark stellar xlm
is up almost 4 to 28 cents and we do have polka dot here at 19.22 that's pretty good
recovery you could have bought polka dot yesterday for 16.85 cents i actually saw it at that
mark and i bought a couple of coins into my COIN coinbase portfolio all right moving on
to bitcoin over here we do have bitcoin at 39 867 it's still down about 0.7 percent over
the last week and just keep this in mind if you're a long-term holder bitcoin could get
to a couple hundred thousand dollars per coin so if you're gonna average in you know i suggest
pick a day monday or saturday or sunday whatever day you want historically saturdays saturday
evenings are the cheapest times to actually buy depending on what time zone you're in
obviously but friday is the best time to actually sell and then saturday or sunday depending
on what times you're in so it's either going to be saturday or sunday morning for you but
i you know on the weekend people usually sell off some of their crypto to go out and spend
money and enjoy themselves this causes a sell-off and a little bit of a dip so historically
if you're trying to let's say pick a day maybe saturday or sunday morning add a little bit
of crypto every single week and average into it over time and if a dip comes buying more
obviously but you know i would absolutely be buying crypto into your portfolio every
single week over the next at least five to ten years now finders experts predict dogecoin
price to hit one dollar and 21 cents by 2025 and almost four dollars by 2030.

So if you're a long-term holder you can see
some ridiculous profits with dogecoin now i think this is on the bear side now if those
rockets start going and elon musk gets that mission to mars but let's actually pull back
a little bit and let's just talk about the moon mission if he actually gets to that moon
mission in the next one to three years and he actually decides to name and just like
he said he said dogecoin was going to be the official cryptocurrency on mars we can't see
dogecoin hitting one to two dollars in just the next 12 months not the next three or four
years so this is pretty amazing news and he actually does own bitcoin ethereum and dojo
in his portfolio which is good news because he's gonna then try and do everything he can
to make sure that all three of those cryptos succeed now grayscale gears up for a bitcoin
etf or exchange traded fund as crypto prices rebound from recent lows although the world's
largest asset manager with almost 35 billion dollars under management grayscale will likely
not have the first bitcoin etf approved in the united states it is not planning to surrender
its sizeable market share anytime soon with crypto prices across the board rebounding
bitcoin recently crossed that 40 000 mark for the first time since june of this year
grayscale has hired 20-year etf veteran dave lavalle as its first global head for the etf
or the exchange trader fund this is the future my friends we're going to get etfs and mutual
funds getting on board and i'm going to tell you exactly why every single bank etf mutual
fund whatever it is if they don't get on board the crypto train they're going to lose clients
and customers this is why you saw wells fargo bank why you're gonna see what jp morgan chase
bank another one a couple days ago it said they're setting everything up for their wealthy
clients so they can buy cryptocurrencies if they do not do this these people are going
to pack up shop they're just close their accounts down move over to a different bank a different
mutual fund or a different etf which means they are forced to do this so they can stay
competitive they do not want to actually lose customers in fact the exact opposite is true
if you're a bank and now you actually accept cryptocurrencies and you let your customers
purchase it own it invest in it more people are going to flock to that bank increase its
profits and you're gonna get more customers coming in so they're gonna do this just to
actually beat out other companies other banks this is absolutely coming to every single
bank which is another huge catalyst for cryptocurrencies this is why even some of the cryptos that
are down by 40 or 50 in my portfolio i'm okay with it i don't mind we saw ethereum go up
by 40 in just two weeks this is how quickly crypto can rebound so since i'm writing my
crypto portfolio does not bother me at all if you're actually planning on seeing that
crypto go up by 10x 20x or maybe even more all right those coin price predictions for
2021 we have another article here from forex crunch so dogecoin predictions here one month
we could have some kind of a resistance around 26 cents which is still a huge profit just
think about it this way in the next 30 days you go from the 19 20 cents that we're at
right now to 26 cents you're talking about a 23 increase in value in the next three months
it's going to 42 cents over here so if you can wait patiently let's say for 90 days 20
cents to i don't even have the calculus to 42 cents is more than doubling of your money
so and then start of 2022 we're talking about easily 74 since i agree with this even with
all the volatility the bare minimum doge dogecoin is going to be in the next five months is
75 cents which is triple to quadrupling of your money and i'm okay with that now if it
goes to a dollar or higher that's even better news but 74 cents is fantastic so all you
have to do is learn patience even tesla for example i've been buying tesla for the last
four or five years and i was losing money a lot of the times i was down five percent
ten percent fifteen percent and i was buying after that stock splits it came out to about
67.68 from the prices i was buying it four years ago tesla jumped up one thousand six
hundred percent but i had to patiently wait over the last seven or eight years i was buying
bitcoin at three thousand at nine thousand i bought a couple of bitcoins like an idiot
at seventeen thousand dollars yes then it crashed down to about three or four thousand
dollars i lost something like seventy eighty percent of my money what did i do absolutely
nothing i kept it and i left it in my wallet and what happened with that 17 000 purchased
it skyrocketed to 65 000 so you have to be patient when it comes to stocks and cryptocurrencies
as long as you did the research into it and you know it's a good investment just let it
sit if you stir into your portfolio every single day it's gonna drive you insane because
crypto and certainly some growth stocks are very very volatile now u.s crypto regulation
talks are heating up with three major teams emerging here's what they mean for investors
so let's go through this a little bit one of the founding principles of cryptocurrency
is that it's decentralized and unregulated but the united states government isn't too
worried about crypto's founding principles in fact crypto regulation has been a frequent
point of interest lately in the united states for lawmakers and government agencies just
this week lawmakers debated proposed crypto regulation in the one trillion dollar senate
infrastructure bill that actually is what caused cryptos to crash and that's why we
went back about eight nine percent with bitcoin and security and exchange commission chair
gary gensler talked about the sec's role in regulating digital assets a few key themes
have emerged on the subject of the new york cryptocurrency regulation stopping cryptocurrency
crime and tax evasion that's very easy nobody wants crime right so that's not a problem
and tax evasion should not be a problem if you make money by buying stocks or cryptocurrencies
you have to report it to the irs both of these are non issues in my opinion pay your taxes
move on and especially if you go up by a couple thousand percent of cryptocurrencies pay your
taxes you made out really good now why crypto stocks are up big today and this goes for
you know in fact actually start rebounding at the end of august 3rd so august 3rd 4th
5th we're seeing a huge rise in crypto prices so key points here regulations are likely
coming to crypto as the sec and congress begin writing these rules for the industry this
will give cryptocurrency some more legitimacy again this is absolutely true we do want legitimacy
and staying power you don't want to throw a lot of your money and life's investments
into something that's not legitimate and there is no staying power this is fantastic news
and like i said we do want regulation of some kind you do not want crypto to be like the
wild wild west why well imagine you invest your money into a exchange that's not regulated
and then they run off with all of your money and you lost your entire life savings this
has happened in africa and other countries we do need regulations and we need people
to be held responsible for the money you invested into those exchanges all right let's finish
reading this and could define the rules of operation for crypto companies this is fantastic
news i agree with all of this here all right the irs has seized 1.2 billion dollars worth
of cryptocurrencies this fiscal year let's find out what they did with it the united
states government regularly holds auctions for its stockpile of bitcoin ethereum litecoin
and other cryptocurrencies diseases and then holds in crypto wallets it really kicked off
with a 2013 takedown of silk road a dark web marketplace trading in illegal goods where
bitcoin was often used for payments interviews with the current and former federal agents
and prosecutors suggest the united states has no plans to step back from its side hustle
as a crypto broker this is freaking ridiculous here they are seizing cryptocurrencies and
then selling it off on auctions so i'd like to find out more i'm gonna do research make
sure subscribe to the channel how we can get into this uh you know in this auction if you
can buy a 37 000 bitcoin for let's say five ten thousand dollars at this auction that's
a steal so we gotta figure out how to get into these auctions you know imagine if you
know you could buy ethereum that's been seized for four or five hundred dollars i'm absolutely
on board with that so i'll do some more research and then everybody that's in patreon and subscribe
to the channel send out a community post as well and let you know what i find out all
right why crypto industries having a meltdown over infrastructure because people don't know
what they're doing and anytime you see a cell and panicking like this in cryptocurrencies
just take it as decide to buy more take advantage of the dips because you really do not want
crypto to be fully unregulated because just imagine you put your money into coinbase you
put your money into voyager in any other exchange and then tomorrow morning you wake up and
they ran off with your money you don't want that we need regulation of some kind we need
it to be taxed because it's just how it is and if it's taxed the government is going
to make sure it succeeds because they want to continue collecting those taxes so it's
going to add legitimacy and serious staying power permanent sting power both are good
points here and this is why i'm going to keep adding more cryptos as this panic resumes
our very first stock pick of the day we sold off all of amd got rid of it we took some
10 d's there close to 50 percent in fact a couple of people in my patreon took between
55 and 60 percent fantastic now amd's overvalued we got rid of it let's get into something
that's undervalued southwest airlines is undervalued by about 30 percent at the minimum now we
could see the rally of way past that well we took that 50 percent profit on amd we're
gonna dump that money into southwest airlines and start buying you know it's three and a
half percent down so we might actually get a close to a 40 return on our money so this
is going to be the next one i'm adding to my portfolio make sure you subscribe to my
patreon to get those live buy and sell alerts it's very important if you wanna do that ten
thousand to a hundred thousand dollar challenge or just know and mimic my portfolio how i'm
actually making these great returns all right sun core energy is down three and a half percent
another fantastic one over here i'm gonna keep adding more to this stock try and get
this to about four or five percent of my portfolio that's how bullish i am discovery those of
you that are part of my patreon i sent out an alert and i was buying discovery when it
dip by six percent at 26 so good pickup still here easily 35 40 dollars in just the next
couple of months so goodbye moving on to WBA walgreens buddha lines fantastic dividend
paying stock and we do know that that other variant is now becoming prevalent and it's
causing some issues they're letting people know that they should wear masks stop handshaking
and guess what you're gonna see pharmacies like cvs and WBA walgreens boot alliance do
really well so they're gonna actually start recovering and getting up there so easily
i'd say another 30 percent in just the next 16 or 90 days our very last stock pick of
the day's gonna be overstock this one has been beaten and battered over the last 30
to 40 days it's down 25 and remember you got to buy the dip and sell the tip right now
you're buying a dip on over stock and we sold that tip on amd amd is now overpriced by about
two or three percent we got rid of it or stock is under value by 100 percent actually about
115 percent i was actually doing the math on it just price projections where i predict
overstock is going to be in the next 12 months and i'm predicting somewhere around and i'm
not even kidding you 140 dollars in the next 10 to 12 months 140 dollars so this is a double
your money play over the next year and this could be one of those that five xx to 10x's
and i was talking about my 5x to 10x docs and one of those was nokia and i think NOK
nokia again that's another good one that could get to 15 or 20 dollars in just the next four
or five years all right thank you for watching if you want to get those live buy and sell
alerts make sure you join me on patreon that's the very first link in my description once
you download that patreon application and discord application you can send me a portfolio
on discord send me a screenshot i'll take a look at it rebounds to get you back on track
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community discord has over a thousand members now you can talk to me we can do an audio
chat you can talk to everybody in discord you get the live buy and sell alerts you'll
get access to my entire portfolio website and additional content all right thank you
for watching i'll talk to you on patreon discord or the next video take care dogecoin,buy dogecoin,dogecoin price,dogecoin
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