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dogecoin featuring in the english premier league dogecoin may not be heading to the moon but it's definitely heading the premier league yes you heard that right players for watford fc which was promoted to the world's richest soccer league this year will wear dogecoin logo on their sleeves for the 2021-22 season if so what does that entail for dogecoin hi welcome to crypto doge news where we publish the most up-to-date cryptocurrency news every single day but before we go any further don't forget to check out our webshop at for some amazing t-shirts featuring dogecoin and what's more we're also giving away a t-shirt to a random subscriber every week all you have to do is subscribe to the channel if you haven't already like the video and share it with your friends now let's get right into it the english premier league is said to be one of the most lucrative soccer leagues in the world and is one of the most widely watched throughout the world however things are different this time around as the watford football club fc is scheduled to wear the dogecoin logo on its sleeves for this 2021-22 season the yellow and black watford fc jersey will now have a dogecoin logo on its sleeves the initiative is all part of a sponsorship deal with gambling company the deal is worth at least 970 500 what is even more interesting is that it'll be paid in cryptocurrency to further create some buzz about the partnership also plans to give away 10 million doge which is worth 2 million dollars well dogecoin had never appeared in high profile sports events in britain with the english premier league dogecoin is going to push the envelope yet again however it's not that uncommon for the shiba inu to make its way into sports stadiums the coin's ardent supporters have sponsored athletes and sports events several times since 2014 when dogecoin holders coordinated on reddit to sponsor nascar driver josh wise and even sponsored jamaica's winter olympics bobsled team undoubtedly a strong community of investors and of course elon musk musk has long been a strong supporter of the dogecoin community he shared a slew of dogecoin memes on twitter which have influenced the currency's price and even aroused people's interest in fact according to chain analysis dogecoin is currently being adopted by new investors at a level not seen since the late 2017 bull market it's available in most top cryptocurrency exchanges and owning a small amount of dogecoin may be a fun way to join the cryptocurrency community after all the coin is full of surprises however as an investment one of the dangers of dogecoin is that it remains an extremely speculative play its price often jumps on the backs of tweets from elon musk or mark cuban but the fact remains that dogecoin does not have a white paper or a real business plan if it is to succeed as a digital currency it needs partnership with a lot more retailers and it needs a full-time team to resolve any technical issues that arise and drive it forward but it is worth pointing out that these issues could be resolved soon enough why well that's because dogecoin recently announced it would reform the dogecoin foundation a non-profit that will support the coin's development and give strategic direction the original foundation was established back in 2014 but fizzled out after the two co-founders distanced themselves from the project now it's back and it means business reviving its foundation board not only aids dogecoin's development but also helps to alleviate some of the worrying factors about dogecoin dogecoin has long been criticized for its lack of utility and well that's understandable dogecoin was originally designed as a joke coin which means it deliberately didn't have a long-term plan it's just recently started to find utility as a formal payment as of august there are over 1600 merchants accepting dogecoin as a form of payment and the number is only expected to keep going up going to this widespread acceptance billionaire investor mark cuban believes that the joke is now legit his argument is that if people are using dogecoin to pay for goods and services and companies are accepting it then it's a usable currency and to an extent that argument holds water cuban says that people spend thousands of dollars in dogecoin each week in the maverick store many cryptocurrencies have struggled with mainstream adoption but dogecoin has an active community of supporters which has helped it succeed when more serious coins have struggled moreover the dogecoin community has also made extensive use of the currency for philanthropic purposes people tend to donate to organizations and causes through dogecoin as long as the currency stands for each purposes its follower community is enough to stabilize the crypto in the market it all sounds easy but surprisingly it's not coin market cap presently lists over 11 000 cryptocurrencies implying that making it to the top is a really tough task thankfully though with the help of the dogecoin foundation dogecoin will easily be able to navigate the ever-changing competitive environment of digital payments it is worth noting that the dogecoin community has been run entirely by volunteers up until now which is difficult considering it has now grown into a multi-billion dollar project the doge team has had a difficult time keeping up with everything and to make matters worse there are no leadership as well leadership is equally important for any investment you might make and up to now it hasn't been clear who's holding dogecoin's leash the involvement of heavy hitters such as buterin and musk gives the whole project much more credibility and something to look forward to so what are your thoughts on dogecoin do you think that dogequins inclusion in the english premier league will help it reach new heights share your answers in the comment section below also if you found our video informative do like it and share it with your friends until next time stay 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