DogeCoin News, Predictions, Update – Doge to $0.40 then $1?

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily 
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talk about market crashes let's talk about market   corrections what the difference is between the two 
and how knowing that difference can actually help   you save a lot of money if you know how long a 
market correction lasts then you don't have to   worry about your actual stocks being down and then 
let's actually talk about why you should have a   certain percentage of your portfolio as cash that 
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talk about doge coin hyde actually shot up to six   cents what elon musk tweeted and the power of his 
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long term portfolio versus a growth portfolio   all right so dogecoin is at 5.7 cents right 
now it was actually at six cents basically   elon musk sends a tweet out and dosh going goes 
from four cents to six cents that's the power   of elon musk just keep that in mind also bitcoin 
actually went up because of square square bought   a whole bunch of it which helped the dogecoin 
go up and helped ethereum go up which is good   so ethereum is now back to 1652 it was actually 
really yesterday was a good buying opportunity   if we take a look at right here we could have 
gotten in at around 1300 which is very very good   actually there's a huge sell-off if we just take a 
look at bitcoin it was actually down as low as 44   000.

So ethereum is slowly edging 
back towards 2000 let's look at ripple   so this is a questionable one if you're an owner 
or ripple and you have these coins don't sell off   but now might be the time to actually bind on 
these dips because of their federal lawsuit   so we'll talk about that in a little bit but that 
last room i actually drive the price down even   even more so right here let's take a look you know 
we could have actually gotten a lot of these coins   at 37 cents so consider adding some of ripple 
if it actually goes down back to that 37 mark so   dogecoin is now available on crypto locally and 
i love actually finding news like this as more   institutions places car dealerships hospitals 
and just websites add dogecoin and it becomes   more available it's going to actually become 
more mainstream more people are going to own it   so what helps dogecoin go up in price is more 
people actually holding on to the dogecoin   and buying more dogecoin as the market cap 
of dogecoin increases it's worth more money   so now if these institutions end up buying it and 
accepting it we can see a huge increase in price so tesla comma square make 5 billion on 
bitcoin investment while small cap crypt   crypto stocks surge so square 
actually keeps adding more money to   bitcoin and i actually see tesla adding probably 
another 1.5 billion dollars because they've so far   just in the 50 000 range of bitcoin they've made 
1 billion dollars when they bought it at around   thirty thousand dollars so if they buy it again 
and they just make an announcement on twitter   they're gonna send bitcoin to sixty or seventy 
thousand dollars instantly so i can i can see   all cryptos inc including dogecoin and ethereum 
and ripple actually benefiting from institutions   buying more of it and when mutual funds 
add even one or two percent of bitcoin   every single crypto will go up and we're gonna see 
bitcoin going to easily 100 to 150 000 and we can   see dosh going going to 20 or 30 cents this year 
possibly even higher so elon musk says dogecoin   is literally going to the moon in the latest 
tweets tying the cryptocurrency after buying   coins for his infant son and pushing the price up 
by nine hundred percent almost this year which is   huge so dogecoin jumps 25 after a one word elon 
musk tweet about the red hot cryptocurrency   this is as of february 24th 5 18 p.m so very very 
new news a tweet from elon musk sent dash queen's   prize soaring on wednesday the tesla ceo fired off 
a tweet at 8 am with just one word literally 10   minutes later he followed up with another tweet 
on the actual moon so if he actually ends up   setting these rockets in the next five or 10 years 
to mars and he makes dogecoin the cryptocurrency   of mars can we get to one dollar or even two 
dollars honestly sky's the limit or mars is   the limit right all right so dogecoin ripple 
cryptocurrency crashes after moneygram ice   is the deal so this is why that crash occurred if 
you guys didn't know just wanted to keep you guys   updated now we're but back to that six cent range 
because of elon so this really doesn't even matter   long term so five cryptocurrencies promising to 
gain mainstream adoption and like i said crypto   locally car dealerships and all these places 
adding dogecoin is making it more mainstream so   let's just skip down to dogecoin and you guys can 
watch read this article later if you want to read   about the other cryptos it says doge is an open 
source peer-to-peer crypto which has exploded in   popularity in the recent past weeks what began as 
a joke has become a inflationary coin contrasting   coins such as bitcoin which are deflationary 
because of the limited number of coins created   deutsche has continually gained popularity 
since it has an active community of miners   so right now one of the big positives for dogecoin 
is the actual fees for mining it have increased   which makes it more profitable to mine which is 
huge so we're gonna have more people mining it   because now they're going to make mon more money 
from those fees secondly we have the possibility   of the actual dose coin creator capping it if he 
says i'm going to cap this coin and let's say 150   billion coins and that cap stays input or even 
caps that let's say 200 billion coins what that   means for us if we reach a 1 trillion market uh 
cap so right now let's take a look at bitcoin   bitcoin right now is a 930 billion dollar market 
cap so if dogecoin actually goes to a 930 to a 1   trillion dollar market cap dosh coin capped in 150 
billion coins and a 930 billion dollar market cap   will send dogecoin to seven to eight dollars per 
coin yes we may never reach that sixty thousand   dollar mark of bitcoin because bitcoin only has 
21 million bitcoins but if the creator caps it   we can go up to seven or eight dollars just so 
just imagine right now if your five cents per coin   goes to eight dollars per coin all right let's get 
into our very first great stock and this is just   going to be planet 13 holdings they're at seven 
dollars and 34 cents let me actually refresh this   seven dollars and 35 cents and if we take a look 
let's go back you know we were always we're about   768 here 763.

We're down about 3.72 percent 
but this is a company that's going to go to   it's gonna double and let's read so it's 
a basically green plant company based   out of nevada united states the company 
opened its green plant dispensary in vegas   which became the largest green plant dispensary 
in the world at around 112 000 square feet   this is why i actually love tesla this is why 
i love planet 13 holdings because when you have   a gigafactory that can produce more 
vehicles than any other company in the world   when you have basically uh these dispensaries 
there are the largest in the world this company   then has the largest opportunity to grow because 
they can scale so quickly now let's go to otgly   cd projekt red if you guys don't know their actual 
game had a lot of bugs and glitches got pulled off   in playstation store completely cyberpunk 27 2077 
was removed it sent this stock crashing really   really badly just want to show you how badly 
crashed when the game got released there were 31   right here on december 4th because of all the 
bugs and crashes they've continuously gone down   right now at 17 you can actually buy this at 
half the price once these glitches get resolved   and this is one of the best games in the world 
it's just way up there and they're gonna go to   somewhere around 20 to 25 and slowly rebound back 
to that 31 especially once revenue comes out we're   gonna easily double our money with this stock 
so second fantastic stock that we can double our   money now and i know a lot of people talk about 
10x seeing 20x inc in reality if you can find a   company where you can double your money you've 
done very well all right abc amerisource bergen   and this is also another fantastic dividend 
yield stock and if we take a look they were   at a high of a hundred and twelve dollars 
right now we're about 105.

This is a stock   you buy and you hold down two for the rest of 
your life so take a look at this actual company   all right apple this is also a forever stock 
just like amerisource bergen down to 124   once they make a deal i know the deal fell 
through with hyundai but once they come out   with the deal they're going back even just the 
announcement of that deal to 143 that they were at   and then they're going to the 200 mark that deal 
fell through but they will make another deal   there will be an apple car and once the new imacs 
roll out all the new macbooks 16 inches come out   and their actual glasses the apple glasses come 
out their air tags come out and their new revenue   actually comes out we are going to 
make a lot of money on this company   so you should have at least five percent of 
your portfolio in apple all right square is down   let's take a look in the last month we were as 
high as 276 down to 243 another fantastic pick   i would add at least five percent of your 
portfolio to square as well baba is a   company that's going to someday be 2 000 per share 
they're basically the amazon of the world and they   actually deliver to the entire planet where amazon 
is mostly concentrated and focused on america so   you have amazon that delivers to 330 million 
people that's 90 95 percent of their market   and you're comparing it to baba that delivers 
to seven billion people across the entire planet   extremely undervalued company in the next 10 
years this is going to be a 2 000 per share   company especially once ad group ipos and 
comes out and the revenue for them comes out   really really really important for you guys 
to consider adding alibaba to your portfolio   and the last pick here and i went from 
cheapest which we start off right here   with uh planet 13 at seven dollars and 
went to olive into the most expensive   which is regeneron at 465.

If we take a 
look at the last six months let's go back   even a little bit more we were at 550 we're 
not 461 and you're getting into basically   one of the best companies at a hundred dollars 
off per share absolute to buy do some research   if anything get a pen and piece of 
paper write down planet 13 holdings   write down cd projekt red amerisource bargain then 
write down apple write down square and alibaba   and um regeneron and add them to your watch list 
and slowly if you don't have the money right now   slowly add positions to these companies all right 
thank you for watching i will talk to you guys   either on discord if you're in my patreon 
group or on the next video have a good day you

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