DogeCoin News, Predictions, Update – CAN DOGE get to $8 in the future?

hey everybody it's Alen let's do a daily 
update on the dogecoin now if you like   this hit that like button now before we 
get started let's talk about billy marcus   and what if he woke up tomorrow morning had his 
cup of coffee and said you know what i'm going   to make the dogecoin capped and if he caps it 
just like bitcoin is kept that means there will   be a limited number of coins available to mine 
and that would be huge now let's talk about how   dogecoin can actually get to eight dollars 
if billy marcus decides to actually cap it   and let's cover some news and new things that have 
come out and new companies that are actually not   using dogecoin to create vibrating machines yes 
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let's get into dogecoin it's at 5.5 cents right   now bitcoin is at 57 000 and i think it's going 
to head towards 250 000 in the next three years   which is going to help dogecoin a lot ethereum 
is going to break 2000 and then head towards 4   000 this year and ripple is at 5 54 cents all 
right now let's get into dogecoin will doge coin   ever be capped and that's exactly what i was 
talking about so if we do some simple math   here and we just kind of take a look and let's 
say we pull out our calculators we can say that   250 um what do we have here so we have let's 
say we cap the dose going at 150 billion coins   and we divide that by 21 million which is 
the cap of uh bitcoin we'll get exactly 7142   so if we take 56 000 and we divide that by 
that seven thousand one hundred forty two   we get seven dollars and eighty four cents 
which is basically our maximum amount we can   get per dose coin if it had the exact same 
market cap of one trillion dollars right now   so let's say you bought a thousand dollars of 
dogecoin right now what could that possibly   actually get to so if we take a thousand dollars 
and we divide that by the actual five cents   which is what is that right now and you get 20 000 
actual dose coins you can multiply that by 7.84   which is the actual maximum you could get if it 
actually matched that one trillion dollar market   cap or bitcoin right now that means you'd have a 
hundred fifty six thousand eight hundred dollars   for just investing into dosh going yes only 
one thousand dollar investment of dodge coin   could someday get you a hundred fifty six thousand 
000 return if it actually matches the market cap   but that's only if they actually decide to cap 
it at 150 billion coins and i could see them   actually doing that the creators of doge could 
do that and it would be huge in terms of how much   money we could potentially get if that doesn't 
happen our best bet would be about one dollar   we won't reach that seven or eight dollar mark at 
all because the uncapped coin is just never gonna   have that actual value like bitcoin does because 
it's kept and that difference uh of you know we   can never get to actually fifty six thousand 
dollars where bitcoin is at because bitcoin is   kept at 21 million and even if we kept it at 150 
billion for dogecoin our maximum return will be   somewhere around seven or eight dollars so that's 
that's a likely i mean it's possible just remember   he actually created and he could actually 
change his mind tomorrow and make it kept   so let's move on all right so litecoin price 
crypto locally community votes to add dogecoin   which is huge we're becoming more mainstream and 
more companies businesses and places are adding it   and i love it this just means that we're now going 
to basically have a very good solid stable price   around five cents that's going to slowly increase 
over time so right now the market's a little down   there was a six percent correction which is 
perfect for me that means i can buy stocks on   the cheap while they're discounted and i can buy 
crypto just like dogecoin and i'm going to keep on   adding more positions so christie's now accepts 
oxygen bids made with crypto they're accepting   dogecoin and bitcoin so another business that's 
moving in the cryptocurrency direction amazing   all right so tron tron chem sodas dash 
cast it's your uh your so you're uh the actual price of dogecoin is going to 
mimic the vibrations of your toy which this   is one of those cases where you actually want 
dogecoin to be volatile and to move up and down   yes so everybody's getting involved and   everybody's getting aboard the doggy 
train in terms of the dogecoin i love it   so let's talk about elon musk he reclaims 
the position as the world's richest man   so he bought bitcoin if you guys didn't know and 
watch my other videos but he got bitcoin at around   38 uh no he got around 28 to 30 000 and he got 
1.5 billion dollars of it right now it's about   to hit that 60 000 mark which means he just turned 
1.5 billion dollars into three billion dollars yes   unbelievable and he got 860 million dollars to 
put into spacex which now brought him back to   the richest man in the world for the second time 
this year beating jeff bezos twice all right so   what's the significance of bitcoin's one trillion 
dollar valuation it passed one trillion dollars a   milestone that puts the cryptocurrency in a very 
exclusive club with the tech titans like microsoft   apple and google's parent company alphabet well 
that just means we're becoming more mainstream   more businesses are adopting it more places are 
adding it and once mutual funds start adding it   even if they put one to two percent of the actual 
mutual fund into cryptos like bitcoin or dash coin   or ethereum we're going to basically go up by five 
times i will see bitcoin hitting that 250 000 mark   and we can see dosh going easily going to 25 cents 
and that's probably by the end of this year which   is pretty amazing that means your 1 000 could be 
five thousand dollars in just the next ten months   all right so chronos advanced technology selects 
bots incorporate to develop a next-gen dogecoin   mining rig uh for installation in the knas 
flagship line of air purifiers in dogecoin   we talked about also mining in my last 
video if you're interested ethereum   and doge are now very profitable you can make 
somewhere between 300 to 500 dollars per month   mining bitcoin ethereum and doge coin that's also 
very dependent on your actual electricity costs   and dogecoin today is actually up by 8.58 
just in the last six hours which is amazing   and elon musk is attacked he's basically 
attracting people to dosh going more   and more every single day all right so 
that's all i have for you guys for today   make sure you join me on patreon so i can 
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minutes alright see you guys in the next video so bye

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