DogeCoin News -Predictions – Jay-Z UPDATE

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily update 
on the dash corner we're going to talk about jay-z   the ceo of twitter and how he's partnering up 
with jay-z and what that's going to mean for   the Doge coin for bitcoin and for ethereum also 
let's discuss the daytona actual dealership not   accepting the dogecoin and what that's gonna mean 
for other businesses they're going to actually   follow in their footsteps also let's do 
some price predictions going into 2021   2022 and 2023 and where i see the actual value 
and price of the dogecoin going into the future   also before we actually get started consider 
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dollars all right let's get into the dogecoin all right everybody let's get started with the 
price so we're at 6.8 cents right now which i   think is a great buying opportunity so i usually 
wait till about six cents to add more shares   all right let's look at bitcoin let's 
refresh this we are at forty six thousand   nine hundred thirty five so bitcoin is slowly 
approaching that fifty thousand dollar mark   which means we're probably gonna approach the 8 
to 10 cent mark consistently with dogecoin also   before we get started i'm still giving out those 
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actual dogecoin and t-shirts all right so let's   get into it twitter ceo partners with jay-z on 
a 23 million dollar bitcoin development fund   investing millions to build teams in africa and 
india now this is huge every time a big superstar   rapper even a ceo just like this ceo of twitter 
puts money into arlo doge coin that means the   market cap increases the value increases and that 
means our load dashboard is going to keep going up   so let's read into it twitter ceo jack dorsey 
and musician jay-z have pledged 500 bitcoin   around 23.3 million dollars towards this b 
trust an endowment to fund bitcoin development   dorsey announced on twitter today the ceo said 
development will initially be focused on teams   in africa and india but that he and jay-z plan 
to give zero direction to the plans b trust is   currently looking for three board members with 
an application form noting its mission to make   bitcoin the internet's currency so why is this 
huge well we have elon musk buying bitcoin   we have elon musk buying dogecoin now we have huge 
corporations actually adding the little dogecoin   add bitcoin to their actual mutual funds and now 
we're gonna see huge push for mutual funds to add   bitcoin and every time bitcoin goes up so does 
ethereum so does xrp ripples up dash coins up   everything is up in the crypto world which is 
amazing so can we reach that 30 40 cent price   target that i set for this year i think that's 
becoming more and more realistic which is huge   so africa and india are two interesting markets in 
which to focus bitcoin development as techcrunch   nodes cryptocurrencies have grown increasingly 
popular throughout african continent for making   cross border transactions cheaper and in some 
cases being resistant to government control   and this is actually huge imagine if you're a 
dangerous country somewhere where you don't want   to have actual physical money on you you actually 
have your cell phone on you and you can actually   change for goods or products or money using 
bitcoin that's going to make it safer for you   you're not going to lose your life savings 
so there's push towards all cryptocurrencies   including dogecoin is going to be huge so 
meanwhile the indian government is currently   looking to ban private cryptocurrencies in the 
country while also investing in the creation of   an official digital currency so that's kind of the 
equivalent if you guys heard of chase bank their   actual stablecoin this is what india is trying 
to create but i don't really think there's any   real way to ever ban anybody because you can 
just download any actual application or just   go directly to the webpage set up your account and 
purchase any cryptocurrency you want also you can   just simply use a vpn you use a virtual private 
network and then you can do whatever you want so   i think the indian actual plan to bank crypto is 
pretty hopeless all right let's move on so daytona   dealership takes advantage of doge coin hype 
with promotion accepting cryptocurrency so this   actual dealership right here is moving in the 
right direction they're basically beating the   other dealerships and now they're going to 
increase their sales as soon as neighboring   dealerships see oh now daytona does ship 
is doing it they're going to do it just to   compete just like tesla elon musk put 7 he bought 
1.5 billion dollars of bitcoin that's one point   five billion which equals seven percent of them 
their total cash value into bitcoin i'm gonna   see mutual funds putting in at least one to two 
percent if that actually happens we're gonna see   bitcoin hit around a hundred thousand dollars if 
they're actually as bullish as elon musk and they   move towards that five to seven percent bitcoin 
is going to about five hundred thousand dollars   and that's when arlo dogecoin is going to hit that 
50 cent possibly even higher mark which is going   to be huge for us they're investing into dashcoin 
for long term and just to be transparent i am   a long-term dogecoin investor i add a little bit 
every time i get paid and just increase the number   of actual shares that i have all right so why 
is dogecoin dropping the crypto has stumbled 20   since monday record all right i'm actually going 
to skip all the way over here to the back and   just kind of go through this actual chart so over 
the past couple of days dash held steadily around   seven cents 7.2 cents region the bollinger 
bands tightened around the price to indicate   lower the volatility but the tranquility changed 
into a scenario of bearish pressure over the past   few hours the price descended toward the lower 
end of the bollinger bands and continued to slide   and there was some demand to be seen around 
the 6.3 cent region but another retest of this   level saw dodge drop further to five point three 
four cents so they're saying if this line gets   retested it may drop down to five point three 
cents so let's take a look and we're heading   holding steadily i can go back to actually take a 
look at the entire week and we're steadily staying   around seven to basically 6.8 cents so that line 
was not really retested and right now if we look   at the market cap and the actual circulating 
supply that's not really telling us a whole   lot what's telling what's telling us the actual 
circular supply is going to basically increase   because dogecoin is uncapped so you 
can continue to mine it and mine it in   mind it and there's some good and there's 
some bad parts to it for example bitcoin   is capped a little bit over 20 million 21 million 
actual bitcoins and when they're actually done   mining it i think that can actually go up to 23 
million and then they're done that's it now with   dogecoin it's not capped which means the circular 
circulating supply can actually increase basically   infinitely but i'd see in the future dogecoin 
stabilizing because we're gonna have a stable   number of actual people mining it and that 
stable number could be somewhere around   maybe 50 cents in the future we'll see that's just 
my prediction but there's actually predictions out   there staying that it can go up to even 
a dollar now those market caps are just   so astronomically huge but you never know with the 
way actually cryptocurrency is moving so anything   is possible so four highlights in the history 
of dogecoin community according to its original   creator billy marcus let's go through those four 
dogecoin creator took to reddit to remind that   the supporters of the community were less obsessed 
with the actual soaring gains this included   sending olympians to russia and building 
wells in kenya the creator billy marcus said   he wanted to remind people of the true value 
of the dogecoin joy kindness learning giving   and empathy one thing i really want to point 
out is he actually sold off all of his shares   of doge coin to buy a honda civic i did some 
simple math on that depending on if you bought a   used one for around fifty fifteen thousand dollars 
twenty thousand or maybe thirty thousand dollars   he could have potentially been the richest 
man in the world with hundreds of billions   of dollars to his name so yes because he sold 
off his dashcoin too early he literally now owns   the most expensive honda civic in the world 
valued somewhere around 200 billion dollars   which would have made him the richest man in 
the world and this is why it's important if you   start investing in these cryptocurrencies while 
there are low valuation right now and a low price   if you hold on to it in five or ten years you 
could potentially be a millionaire or his on his   case he could have been a true billionaire 
with more money than anybody on the planet   all right so dashcoin priced expectations for 

So dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that many   investors found hard to take seriously but just 
keep this in mind we're up over a thousand percent   now in just the last few weeks all right so in 
2013 dogecoin emerged with the market cap over   on 3.5 million dollars now let's go back and 
just take a look at the market cap right now   8.8 billion dollars so just imagine what the 
future is of this actual coin 2014 to 2015   after enjoying a great first year dodge didn't do 
so well from 2014 2015 as the market's attention   shifted to newly debuted coins including stellar 
and monero the price became around i don't know   what this is a 10 10 000 of a penny 2016 2019 
rec recorded new highs and gained elon musk   support this is where it actually really started 
taking off reaching that one cent actual barrier   2020 to 2021 we actually hit the 10 cent mark 
just for a little bit but it held steadily around   eight to nine cents for a little bit which 
was just amazing so 2030 price predictions   they're saying that it could go as high as 20 
cents by 2030.

I think this is very very bearish   i see dogecoin somewhere between 50 to 60 cents 
minimum in just the next one or two years not 2030   and hitting that maybe 50 60 cent 
mark in the next three to four year   and that's me being very bullish because i see 
the world slowly shifting towards cryptocurrencies   all right thank you for watching i'll 
keep you guys posted i do daily videos   on the dogecoin and all of my other 
stocks so make sure you're subscribed   and you have that notification icon turned 
on alright see you guys in the next video you

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