Dogecoin News – MARKET CRASH & $100,000 FULL PORTFOLIO REVEAL Ep.#3

hey everybody let's do our update on the 
dogecoin and let's go over my entire hundred   thousand dollar portfolio so right now 
doge is sitting somewhere around 5.1 cents   it's actually a fantastic opportunity to buy 
in and i've been trying to average down my   cost as much as i can but right now at 5.1 cents 
it's a really good time to get in all right so   what you really want to do with your portfolio if 
some of your stocks are actually up and you have   some high conviction stocks then sell those stocks 
that are up and use that money and put it into   the stocks they've actually crashed by a lot if 
you believe in them so that's what i did today i   sold about five different stocks if you remind if 
you go to my description and you click on patreon   or if you're part of my patreon already then 
you got those alerts on what five stocks i   sold and then i took the money from those five 
stocks and i doubled down on my stocks that   actually have really really strong connections in 
so let's go through my actual portfolio for today   so let's take a look we're sitting at twenty 
four thousand nine hundred ninety three dollars   and i'm doing full transparency here i'm 
gonna show you every single stock i have   how many shares of the stock i have and what i'll 
be buying in the future and how we're gonna get   this portfolio to a hundred thousand dollars by 
the end of the year so right now we're sitting   on twenty four thousand nine hundred ninety three 
dollars which means i'm going to 4x this portfolio   to a hundred thousand dollars so every single 
week you'll see me update this portfolio i'll   tell you what i bought and how i'm slowly inching 
my way towards that 100k by december 31st so if   you want to follow my footsteps or mimic how 
i'm actually doing my portfolio what stocks   i'm buying make sure you're subscribed and you 
hit that bell notification icon so you can get   the alerts on what stocks i'm buying through 
those actual comments all right so let's get   into our very first stock and that's tesla so i'm 
sitting on 12 shares of tesla let's take a look   so my average cost is 665 dollars for those 
12 shares and i'm down about 422 dollars   i'm not concerned at all i see tesla 
somewhere around fifteen hundred dollars   in the next twelve months and then somewhere 
around four thousand to eight thousand dollars   per share in the next five to ten years so 
very very high conviction very bullish on tesla   and i'll be adding more shares as time goes on but 
right now tesla hasn't really stopped crashing as   i'm leveled out and hasn't found a support level 
that's why i have not added any tesla shares   as of today so let's go back let's take a look at 
my very next one so arc i'm sitting on 145 shares   of arc let's take a look at my average price 
of 125 for those 145 shares so i'm down about   thousand five hundred dollars in arc i love cathie 
wood i love arc invest and i'm going to keep   adding more to this etf an etf is an exchange 
traded fund for those of you that don't know   and i think she's actually gonna do very 
very well in terms of this arc innovation   etf because what she's doing now she's 
selling amazon off she's selling facebook   any of these companies they're not gonna 
give her huge returns at the end of the year   and then she's adding more positions to where she 
thinks she can double maybe even triple her money   so when it comes to ark i think we can 
easily see this etf going to somewhere around   200 to 250 dollars by the end of the year so i'm 
absolutely not going to sell any of those shares   NIO is one of the actual stocks i added positions 
more actual shares to today so i'm sitting on 140   shares of NIO my average cost is 42 dollars and 70 
cents and i have 5 203 dollars so a huge position   so right now that's 11.5 percent of my portfolio 
and i don't really want NIO at 11.5 percent but it   was so cheap i had to actually buy more today just 
remember when the market is bleeding you start   feeding you start adding more and more shares 
to your portfolio because right now short term   what your portfolio is doing doesn't really matter 
it's that one year five year 10 years out is what   you're really concerned about now if you guys have 
portfolios they're in the negative you're losing   a lot of money and you need any help go into my 
description down below join me on patreon any of   the tiers will do and then download that discord 
application to your cell phone either iphone or   android and then we can chat through discord we 
can figure out how we can get that portfolio to   double maybe even triple in the next 12 months all 
right let's move on to our very next stock here   frx forest road is right now at that 
spac pre-spec level which is unbelievable   i don't think you'll ever be able to get a 
force road lower than where it's at right now   and we're pretty much bottoming out to as low 
as we can go so my actual position is sitting at   and ninety cents 220 shares and my market value 
is twenty two hundred dollars and i'm down about   a hundred eighty dollars nothing major and i'll 
probably add more shares tomorrow or the next day   if i can all right x spend is our next one it's at 
30 and 80 cents see what i'm sitting at on x bank   i'm sitting on 50 shares of XPENG my average cost 
is 30.97 so i'm only down about eight dollars and   hopefully i can add a little bit more money next 
week hopefully the stocks actually stay down i   know that sounds weird but the longer the stock 
market keeps going downwards and the more money   i can put at these discounted prices the bigger 
returns i'm going to get at the end of the year   all right palantir is at 21.93 which is 
unbelievable so i'm sitting on palantir here   at 2433 per share i have three thousand dollars 
a pound tier and this is one of those companies   that i think is going to be somewhere around 200 
per share from the 24 so that's a 10x return in   the next five to 10 years so i'll probably keep 
adding palantir to my portfolio and never selling   these shares out i'm currently down 336 dollars no 
big deal all right lemonade is our next one at 89   also unbelievable i just can't believe how 
many of these stocks are at 50 to 60 percent   down right now if you have money it's just one of 
the best buying opportunities especially on these   ev and tech stocks and you may even want to 
consider actually just buying it with margin   and that's what i'm doing in this youtube 
portfolio that's how i'm going to get to that 100   000 with the 25 000 right now i'm going to use the 
money i have in this portfolio and i'm going to   combine that with margin i'm not really concerned 
about the 2.5 percent that robin hood charges for   margin when i'm expecting 50 to 100 returns so 
long term that two percent is just really not   it's basically inconsequential all right 
let's go on to our very next stock here   square is that 213 we are sitting on 12 
shares of square we're down 218 dollars   again no big deal i'm not really worried our 
average cost is 232 dollars and i actually thought   232 dollars was super super cheap so right now 
at 213 dollars it's it's almost a must buy so   if i get more money i will add it to that 
absolutely all right teledoc is at 180 250.   cathie wood and ARK INVEST keep buying up teledoc 
i'm going to keep buying up more of it as money   comes in i'm sitting only on 13 shares but that's 
already over five percent of this portfolio   the market value is right now 23.72 
and my average cost is 187 dollars so   i'm only down about five dollars a share not a 
big deal so if teledoc doesn't do a whole lot by   tomorrow i might actually sell off teledoc 
i'm perfectly fine with taking a 66 dollar   loss and maybe adding more of that to 
one of these other high conviction stacks   and that's how you maximize these portfolios you 
have to know when to sell off your stocks they're   doing okay and put it into a different company or 
different stock that can give you greater returns   and possibly double or even triple your money so 
not only do you add money to that portfolio but   you sell off certain stocks they're barely doing 
you know good and then you take that money and you   dump it into a stock that's not crashed 15 20 
percent because now the upside is even bigger   all right bio nano genomics sitting at seven 
dollars and fifteen cents right now i have 30   shares of bio nano so right now it's at 7 15.

bought in at 7.81 the market value is 214. very   tiny portion of my portfolio half a percent and 
i'm only losing about 19 so not too concerned   about bionano genomics okay what's our next one 
here let's go to charge point and 85 cents also   half off again i bought in at 21.39 so we're about 
a dollar less so i'm only eight dollars less again   another one of those stocks i want to add more 
money to at this price and you might even hit 19   tomorrow if it hits 19 this is an absolute must 
buy even if you're just trying to do a quick flip   all right so golden nugget online gaming i did 
not have any shares in this but it dropped so low   that i just had to get into it so i bought 50 
shares at 14.43 and i thought that was low but   the market kept crashing and it ended up at 
1407 so it went down another 35 cents or so   not a big deal i'm down eighteen dollars but this 
portfolio now let's go back is down two thousand   eight hundred fifty dollars some three thousand 
dollars in the negative that's over ten percent   and i'm not concerned at all because right now 
i sold off companies that i thought were gonna   give me five to ten percent and i bought into 
companies that now are going to give me 50 to 60   in just the next couple of months so 
what i expect this portfolio to end up at   from this twenty five thousand dollars is well 
over thirty thousand dollars in just the next   thirty days and then the next sixty days i expect 
to be up ten thousand dollars so make sure you're   subscribed so you can follow along with this 
portfolio what i'm buying what i'm selling and if   you guys need help go into my description join me 
on patreon and we'll go over your portfolio figure   out how we can actually maximize those profits 
and get you to double or even triple your money   all right i will see you guys in the 
next next video i'll keep you posted on   what's going on with this portfolio and how 
we're getting this portfolio to that 100k   all right thank you for watching 
and i will see you in the next video you

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