Dogecoin News – Getting DOGE to $1 by buying 100K of it – FULL PORTFOLIO REVEAL Ep.2

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our update on the 
dogecoin in on our $100,000 portfolio so i'll put   it somewhere over here i'm going to show you all 
the stocks having my portfolio how i got it to   26,000 and how we're actually going to get this 
26,000 portfolio to a hundred thousand dollars   by the end of the year so those of you that 
haven't seen the previous video we bought   ten thousand dollars worth of bitcoin at around 
twenty nine thousand dollars when it hit fifty   eight thousand dollars we sold that off and 
then we bought some dogecoin we bought a couple   of dips and resold it and now we bought all of 
these stocks in my portfolio which i will show   you right now we'll go through each stock how 
many shares i have and what i plan to do with it   and then these actual stocks we're gonna resell 
for some penny stocks double or triple our money   with them and then get this twenty six thousand 
dollar portfolio all the way a hundred thousand   dollars now if you need help building your own 
portfolio go into my description go on patreon   and then download that discord application 
to your iphone or to your android phone   then you can actually text me and talk to me 
we can take a look at your portfolio figure out   which stocks to buy which stocks to sell and 
how we can actually double your own portfolio   also you can just watch this video and the next 
videos if you're subscribed to my channel and you   hit that bell notification icon you also know what 
i'm buying and then you can mimic my portfolio if   you'd like you can see on every new video which 
stocks i bought how many shares of it i got   and you can follow along and quadruple your 
money just like i will by the end of this year   all right let's get into the dosh 
going and let's get into my portfolio all right so let's take a look at my entire 
portfolio and let's kind of recap how we   got here we took ten thousand dollars 
january first we bought bitcoin with it   we sold that bitcoin at fifty thousand dollars 
and doubled our money to twenty thousand dollars   then bought three separate dips on dogecoin 
and upped that by a couple of thousand dollars   then we took that money and we invested into these 
stocks so what we're going to do right now is   going to go from the 26 000 right now to a hundred 
thousand dollars by the end of the year so let's   go through every single stock that i have in this 
portfolio and i'll show you what i'm buying in the   future as well after i show you these stocks 
so our very first stock is going to be tesla   so we have tesla right now sitting at 666.

bought in a 665 we're only up about a dollar   which is not bad so our total return right now 
is only about five dollars and that's okay we're   buying on the dip right now to actually average 
down our costs so our second one is going to be   arc we have 145 shares of ark ark is right now 
at 120 259 and we bought in at 125.29 so we're   down about 391 dollars now arc is going to 160 in 
the next couple of months and i think it's going   to finish off the year way past the 200 mark so 
i'm very okay with ARK being a little bit down   near my predictions for NIO are somewhere 
around $95 at the end of the year right now   we're at 41.81 and we bought in at 44.21 so most 
of the portfolio is going to be down but that's   okay we're not panicking you always just add a 
little more money and you average those costs down   so we are now down negative 250 dollars that's 
because you can't ever time the stock market   whoever tells you they can't that is a lie as the 
stock starts to dip you buy on the dips and you   average that cost down and obviously i can't ever 
predict the bottom of any of these stocks so i'm   just happy to get them at a discount our very 
next one is 200 shares of fold uh forest road   okay we're sitting at 10.98 and right now it's 
at 10 30 so we're down about 120 dollars not   bad our next one is gonna be XPENG we have thirty 
seven dollars and four cents for x-bang right now   we bought in at thirty dollars and 
sixty cents so we're up two hundred   twenty four dollars with XPENG all right 
our very next stock is going to be pinterest   where it's 71.48 for pinterest we got it at 68.50 
i'd actually like to add even more pinterest   if it dips down so we're about a hundred 
dollars nothing special end phase is at 157   we have five shares of end phase and we're up 
about 51 dollars so i wish i bought more of end   phase at the time of that dip REDFIN is 16 at 
67.13 we're in at 66.02 so we have 15 shares of   red fin and we're up about 17 palantir is 
down to 23 dollars our average cost is 24.59   and we're sitting at about a negative 160 loss 
again everybody's portfolio is probably going to   be down because of everything that's happening 
and all the news that's coming out so that's   okay we're just kind of reconsolidating 
right now with a lot of these stocks   the upward moment is not going to happen until 
after april so the next two weeks and all of april   is when you actually try to put more money into 
your portfolio so you can average those costs down   so you can see those huge returns at the end 
of the year all right brookfield renewable   let's take a look our average cost is 45.41 
so right now we're up about seven dollars   so next one is going to be pfizer 35.65 right 
now we bought it at 34.80 so we are up 33 dollars   okay what's our next one lemonade is sitting 
at 96.43 we got in about a hundred dollars   in 96 cents so we're down 135 square is at 
224.63 and we got into 232.11 so we're down   90 and our very last one is going to be teledoc 
which is at 194.83 we got in at 188 so we're up   71 so this portfolio right now has a quite a 
few stocks they're negative but that's okay   we're not concerned about short-term thinking 
what we really want to do is buy into stocks and   companies that we are very very confident are 
in doing very well long term so i know quite a   few of these are actually going to double or even 
triple by the end of the year so right now having   a small loss of 100 or 200 doesn't concern me at 
all now if you guys need help with your portfolio   go to my description join any of the tiers for 
patreon and then download that application it's   called the discord app on your iphone or on your 
android phone and then you can chat with me 24   hours a day we can take a look at your portfolio 
which stocks to sell off or which stocks to buy in   and we can get you to that double triple or even 
quadruple of your portfolio all right thank you   for watching i'll keep you guys posted with what 
other stocks i'm adding make sure you hit that   like button it helps the channel out a lot and i 
really appreciate it and if you have any comments   or suggestions i'll always take them any great 
stock picks put those in the comments section   below also i'm giving out five free bitcoins 
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below hashtag bitcoin and i'll send that bitcoin   out to you all right thank you for watching 
and i'll keep you guys posted on this hundred   thousand dollar portfolio in my upcoming videos 
see you in the next video or i will talk to you on discord do you

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