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hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily
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next 12 months fantastic returns all right let's talk about ethereum yes we're going
to discuss where ethereum is going to be in six years the chart predictions for ethereum
six years out are insane and this is why i'm slowly switching more and more of my portfolio
into ethereum so we'll discuss that a little bit later let's talk about dogecoin the rally
that's gonna take it to about 30 to 32 cents so what should you do when we get there should
you sell off buy more we'll discuss that as well then let's talk about some regulatory
heat yes that's causing this panic in the crypto market you're seeing bitcoin now selling
off a little bit pulling back to 39 000 and because people are afraid of the taxes on
crypto well guess what the taxes always existed the only difference was people tried to actually
cheat the system so we'll discuss what that means and why i'll probably buy more bitcoin
into my portfolio let's also talk about german funds yes german banks their exchanges and
businesses are not going to be able to invest into cryptocurrencies this is huge why because
other companies other banks and exchanges are going to follow in their footsteps because
they have to stay competitive they don't they're going to lose those customers they're if you
can't invest into crypto in your bank you're going to do what you're going to go to a different
bank absolutely so this is going to cause a huge rally in cryptocurrencies in the next
couple of weeks so we'll discuss that as well then let's talk about the top best cryptocurrencies
for the month of august if you want to diversify your crypto portfolio and then let's go over
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all right everybody let's take a look at our portfolio real quickly COIN coinbase is a
238.60 we got in at 216.

We're up 10 percent tesla is at 715 it was actually as high 7
20 today and we got in at 6 13 we are up fourteen hundred dollars amd is at almost 108 dollars
unbelievable we are up 21 apple's at 145 this was our free stock that's why it says sixty
six thousand percent if you want some free stocks or we below HOOD robinhood those links
are my description nokia's is six dollars and fourteen cents so we got in at 402 we're
up 53 this is how we took ten thousand to eighty four thousand dollars in just eight
months and again if you wanna follow this portfolio if you wanna get your portfolio
reviewed rebalanced and get those live balance alerts make sure you join me on patreon and
download that discord application all right doge dogecoin at 21 cents holding pretty strong
at that 20 21 cent mark let's take a look over here we have ah we do have a cell alert
although i am going to keep whatever doge i have all right so right now you can see
it's turning green over here on the fear and greed index which means we're probably getting
very greedy look at that extreme greed as of july 31st august 1st august 2nd and once
extreme greed like this comes what do you think is going to happen we're going to see
a dip so be very careful you know here take a look over here when we had that extreme
greed and it started somewhere around let's take a look april 24th right extreme greed
extreme greed extreme greed and then boom a master a huge sell-off so be very very careful
and we've seen that in the past so you have to just kind of pay attention to your cryptos
all right bitcoins at 39 760 and we've seen a pretty decent pullback we were as high as
42 500 almost 43 000 here actually i thought we were actually a little bit higher than
that as well and let's take a look over here we do have a little bit of sell signal for
bitcoin all right moving on to ethereum at 26.43 and still going up and let's take a
look we actually have a buy signal for ethereum unbelievably they might actually continue
rallying up all the way through august 4th august 4th is going gonna be that day where
you either you know buy the news sell the rumor or it's gonna be one of those days where
it actually continues rallying up to that 32 3300 mark remember my last video actually
about five six videos ago i said bitcoin is gonna get easily to 90 to 180 000 the next
couple of years and in just the next couple of weeks i said that ethereum was going to
get to about 2500 25.50 because it has a strong support at that level and we actually passed
that by a hundred dollars which is pretty amazing now ripple's at 75 cents not bad we
have ADA cardano at a dollar 32 again pulling back a little bit now what did i say about
cardano i like cardano dollar 25 and under so if we do see a dip to 125 that's a good
get some more cardano opportunity all right polygons at a dollar and five moving on to
chain link it's down about six percent so challenge is another good one that i'm gonna
start adding to my portfolio stellar xlm is down seven percent as well with polka dot
down five percent to 1771 but it did have a massive run-up so it was overdue for a little
retracement bitcoin at 536 we were buying it at 453 if you don't remember just a week
and a half ago unbelievable so these four charts show ethereum's ridiculous growth in
six years and we can extrapolate from this data where bitcoin could possibly be in the
next six years which is unbelievable let's take a look over here so we're going back
to 2015 and you know you if you just take a look at the number of transaction it's basically
zero very little five ten 10 100 and we're heading back to 2020 we're somewhere around

Well for 2021 by december 31st of this year
we expect it to be well over 500 520 unbelievable moving on to the ethereum gas that's being
used ah we're somewhere around let's take a look over here what is this that looks like
1.5 and moving on to this year and end of this year almost kind of looks like it's gonna
double more than double all right let's take a look at the unique addresses again more
than doubling by the end of this year and let's take a look at the contracts created
so we're gonna we're assuming that in 2020 we had ah that's pretty that's not bad so
we're pretty good over here now we're assuming that we're gonna get another 10 15 percent
more of contracts created annually this is actually millions over here so for just from
this data here what's our expected price for ethereum well i would say on the bullish side
if there could get to 10 10 yes 10 000 either by the end of this year or by the end of next
year that is unbelievable all right dogecoin price prediction doge is prepping up for a
rally towards 30 cents dosh going price confirms a triangle breakout around that four hour
chart dojo and both target a 30 cent amid the renewed upside momentum the 19.69 level
to beat for the bears amid the bullish rsi and we have beaten it we're around 21 cents
i'm expecting a nice little run up all the way to about actually they're saying 30 cents
i was actually expecting it to get to about 32 cents all right mid-sized crypto exchanges
shut down amid fsc inspections so this and the news of the irs enforcing taxes more has
caused bitcoin to retrace back from almost 43 to 39 000 so i will be slowly adding back
into bitcoin now because the rally for ethereum keeps going so i'm not selling any of my ethereum
yet i have all of it in my portfolio but i will be buying back into bitcoin all right
block five faces regulatory heat a sign of possible crypto lending regulations the crypto
lending giant blockFI Sofi is facing regulatory scrutiny from a handful of states in america
i have a proposed public listing they're gonna get this resolve this isn't even an issue
i know quite a few people mention that in my patreon but this is absolutely not an issue
they'll get their t's crossed and their eyes dotted all right bitcoin daily german institutional
funds cannot invest into cryptocurrency for the first time in history bitcoin miners bring
about 970 million dollars in july almost a billion dollars of bitcoin was brought by
miners last month unbelievable so three all coins to watch out for closely in august now
the big one is always going to be ethereum for me just keep that in mind now ethereum
and its hard fork this could be a huge catalyst again ethereum will launch a long-awaited
and somewhat controversial hard fork also called the london fork upgrade on august 4th
the hard fork is a significant change to networks programming that makes older versions obsolete
the london upgrade is not to be confused with the major ethereum 2 upgrade that's being
carried out in stages and aims to solve some of the coins scalability and sustainability
problems ethereum's co-founder and creator vitalik buterin recently said that the full
ethereum two robots may not be completed until 2022 and there's literally no reason to rush
it in the first place right now you should just be buying ethereum and storing it this
upgrade really does not matter nonetheless the hard fork is important without getting
technical the hope is that the changes will reduce the quantity of ethereum on the market
improving transaction times and stabilizing the fees according to coindesk transaction
fees and ethereum change depending on how busy the network is and high fees have driven
some developers toward other cryptos this is huge if they can get this done in a way
where this actually takes care of the number of ethereum created or actually matches it
so we burn off the exact amount or maybe more you're talking about ethereum essentially
being capped because at the end of each year you're going to have either the same or less
number of ether coins which is huge i mean if this actually goes out the way they're
actually planning it you're basically seeing a theorem is now capped which could potentially
get us to that ten thousand dollars even by the end of this year this is huge news i don't
think people realize what a big deal this is all right aside from ethereum algorand
algo is the second one to watch out for in august let me know if you're going to be investing
into this cryptocurrency and the third one is engine their takers e and j with all three
recent excitements about axe infiniti axs and its huge price jumps it feels like a good
time to pay attention to other gaming and non-fundable token fts crypto nfts they're
typical digitally collectible and engine users can build them own them and play with them
so this one could be a very big one all three of these you should be looking out for especially
ethereum but i do like engine here as well all right here's what bitcoin ethereum and
chain link investors should watch out for according to top crypto analysts a popular
crypto trader analyst is mapping on what he thinks is the next is next for bitcoin ethereum
and chain link as the broader crypto market continues to rally the synonymous crypto strategist
known as pentoshi tells this 202 000 twitter followers that he's keeping a close watch
on bitcoin as the leading crypto asset looks poised to flip previously resistance levels
around forty thousand dollars so it has broken through that forty 000 but i think it has
an opportunity to get to about 80 90 000 by the end of this year so good gains again the
overall winner in my book is going to be ethereum i'm going to keep stressing that so let's
see what they say if bitcoin can get past these range highs i feel we get to that forty
three thousand dollars and then come down to confirm that is support you have people
that are short at the previous range highs which becomes the range lows why does this
matter well if the price breaks out above that range those people that are going to
be the ones that back fill with intent and limit orders that flips its support so very
very bullish we're probably going to end the year more than doubling from where we're at
now with ethereum we could potentially triple to quadruple this is why i made that move
and that was the smart move remember a couple of days ago those of you that were on my patreon
we sold off all bitcoin out of our youtube portfolio and when did we do we bought ethereum
with that money and what happened with um bitcoin it went up about five percent from
when we sold off at 37 500 and our ethereum has continued to rally almost 40 percent now
so that was a fantastic move and we made some nice attendees over there all right panic
is suddenly spreading among bitcoin ethereum bnb xrp and dosh contraries even as the market
soars towards two trillion dollar price which is pretty amazing again this is that food
fear uncertainty and doubt over cryptocurrencies being taxed but no matter what you make money
on you'll have to report that to the irs you should always be do not try to cheat the system
pay your taxes move on and collect those attendees from your bitcoin and your ethereum profits
our very first stock pick of the day is going to be overstock it's actually down about 20
in the last couple of weeks which makes this a great buying opportunity i actually try
to figure out where overstock can get in the next six to 12 months and i am seeing somewhere
around a 90 return yes 85 to 90 return on our money so i will be holding over stock
in my portfolio for the long term and if we get to that strike price and 90 return that's
gonna be an amazing gain and we're gonna get this portfolio well over a hundred thousand
dollars all right TDOC teladoc another one is down five percent today and this is absolutely
a buying opportunity i love this company and this is going to be the second largest stack
i have in this portfolio very very soon it might actually be there already all right
DKNG draftkings there's our third stock pick of the day it's down three percent again another
one that could potentially double in the next 12 months amazing gains here especially if
you're getting at this price all right exact sciences their ticker is exas it's down three
point six four percent this is a fantastic one to pick up all right moving on to sun
core energy let's refresh this here so with sun core energy we're down about half a percent
and another one that i think can easily double in the next 12 to 18 months all our fantastic
picks now those of you that need your portfolio reviews there's only about 30 some spots open
make sure you click on my link in the description for patreon sign up for any of the tiers send
me a portfolio i'll get you a review review rebalanced and back on track you'll get those
live buying sellers for all of our stocks and cryptos currencies you'll get access to
my private discord which is fantastic over a thousand people in there right now and that's
where you send me a portfolio and i can take a look at it and get you back on track and
those live binds alerts are huge if you want to see how it took 10 000 to 84 000 in less
than eight months fantastic games and you can follow along and even mimic my portfolio
all right thank you for watching i'll see you on patreon discord or the next video take
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