Dogecoin News: Can PAYPAL Bank get doge to $4ūüöÄ Safemoon Update

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily update 
on the dogecoin in all of our stocks and cryptos   now if you like this hit that like button i really 
appreciate it and it helps the channel a lot   also let's talk about my top five stock picks at 
the end of the video so make sure you stay tuned   for those couple of these are down by almost 
50 percent so that means you can double your   money by the end of the year all right let's also 
talk about scammers please be very careful in my   comment section i don't have whatsapp i don't have 
any kind of phone numbers and i will never ask   you for any money if you see that in the comment 
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free consoles free t-shirts and free coins   so you'll never have me ask you for any kind of 
money all right let's talk about dogecoin going   to two dollars possibly even three dollars and how 
worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies can get all   cryptos to go up even higher than where they are 
right now also let's talk about germany that's   now starting to invest into cryptocurrency and 
allowing companies to invest in them let's also   talk about how does coin and ethereum mining 
is making people very very rich now one of my   rigs right now isn't making me super rich but 
i'm making about three hundred dollars from it   so having three or four let's say mining rigs set 
up in your garage you can make somewhere around   twelve hundred dollars and that's after i deduct 
electricity costs and everything else i'm taking   home about twelve hundred bucks that's pretty 
good profit now also keep this in mind that twelve   hundred dollars that you make could potentially be 
five thousand or even ten thousand dollars because   once you mine these coins what if they double 
triple even go with 10x when ethereum goes to my   projected price of six thousand to eight thousand 
whatever i mind is going to quadruple in price so   maybe the 1 200 i'm mining right now could be 4 
800 actually let's say 12 to 24 months from now   also let's talk about how bitcoin is getting 
pumped and dumped so i think there's a couple   of really big whales that have billions of 
dollars of bitcoin they're trying to drive   the price of bitcoin down so they're doing some 
sell-offs get rid of it causing it to crash and   then they're re-buying even more on the dip so 
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triple that money and you can talk to me basically   on any given day on discord or on patreon all 
right let's get into all of our cryptos and stocks   all right everybody let's take a look at our 
stocks very quickly maybe just the first five   six of them just so we can see where we're at for 
today all right charge point is at 2520 and we   are in 70 shares we got in at 20 bucks and i told 
everybody on patreon now is the time to buy and   we are up over 20 and 300 and chargeboard 
is getting to somewhere around 55 dollars so   this 20 is just the beginning all right lemonade 
is that 90 it's crashed down from wow 93 94   we got in at 80 again there was that patreon 
alert that i told everybody eighty dollars   was our strike price as soon as it went 
under eighty one dollars i bought in we   got ten shares of it and we are up twelve point 
four one percent and a hundred dollars already   so we're doing very very well we've taken that ten 
thousand dollars at the beginning of the year and   we're now over fifty thousand dollars so this ten 
thousand to a hundred thousand dollar challenge i   think we're gonna end the year at around a 
hundred ten thousand dollars so pretty good   year already pfizer is our little stock we keep 
as a savings account we have 15 shares at 35.98   and we are up 38 dollars but we're collecting 
those beautiful dividends that's why i like pfizer   all right tattooed chef that was the one that 
i told everybody let's sell this off it's gonna   dip down so we sold it off at 25 and i told 
everybody on patreon now is the time to buy if   this dips under 17 it went down to 1668 that was 
a fantastic buying opportunity and then i started   scooping up more of it so we got a hundred shares 
of it at 1668 and we're up 82 or 5 percent now   the whole market is down and we're already up so 
this is really really good news considering i see   them easily doubling to tripling by the end of the 
year so in the next let's say 16 to 18 months we   can quadruple our money with tattoo chef all right 
golden nugget online gaming is at 14.86 we got in   at 14 bucks so we are up 63 dollars and over six 
percent so really really good buying opportunity   to still actually get into it all right nokia NOK 
now remember everybody i said nokia's going to get   to around 40 someday and those of you that believe 
me that actually bought when i said that alert on   patreon you would be up 16.5 right now because 
we got it in at four bucks and now it's at 4   68 and actually it's been up let's see here 
just for the last 24 hours it's been as high as   481 so we've been up well over 25 at some point 
and eventually once nokia gets to around 10   a share we're going to reevaluate see what we 
want to do with it but this could potentially hit   40 dollars per share all right NIO we have 38.79 
for NIO per share 200 shares of it and we are now   up 300 dollars NIO is easily 75 to 95 dollars 
by the end of the year so high conviction and   yield i love them and i'll probably keep adding 
more antonio as long as it's around this 40 range   all right amd we have 40 shares of amd at 79.27 
and we're up about a hundred dollars but amd is   going to do very very well once the entire sector 
shifts back to tech you'll see a huge rally near   hitting somewhere over a hundred dollars by the 
end of the year now if you want to see the rest of   my portfolio and get those live alerts the second 
i buy a stock and the moment i sell it make sure   you join me on patreon that's the very first 
link in my description that way you can mimic   my portfolio you can follow along and next year 
when i restart this every single year i'm going to   start with ten thousand dollars and we're gonna 
go and try and get that to a hundred thousand   dollars by the end of the year so make sure you 
stay tuned when we restart this entire portfolio   january 1st of next year and do this 10k to 100k 
challenge again all right dogecoin is at 9.44   up beautiful gains already and we're gonna 
see this rally starting let's go back to a   week in one week we're up 42 what a beautiful 
return how many stocks in your portfolio are   up 42 in the last seven days probably none of them 
bitcoin is up seven percent in the last 24 hours   and about 12 in the last week so that's also a 
decent return but four times less than dogecoin   all right let's take a look at ethereum in the 
last week we're up 18 those are really good gains   so ethereum is doing much better than bitcoin 
especially over the last one year let's just take   a look at the one year mark here we have a theorem 
at a 1239 percent return on your money in one year   bitcoin is up only 557 percent and i know 
i say only which is 557 is unbelievable   we talk about almost triple the returns 
if you actually got into ethereum   and then let's go back to dogecoin and i didn't 
want to look at this but dogecoin is up almost   14 000 in one year fantastic all right cardano ADA 
is up 3.5 in the last day and about 20.63 in one   week that's why i said load up on cardano this is 
going to be 100 per coin someday so i slowly keep   adding more and more to it safe mode is down 
by six percent in the last 24 hours and in the   last week it's done about nine percent but in the 
last month you'd be up fourteen hundred percent so   i'll send an alert when it's time to actually buy 
into a safe moon it's still consolidating if it   actually goes below the support line i'll crash 
by another 60 to 70 percent so once it's actually   stabilized and there's the basically even number 
of people buying versus selling then i'll send   that alert out to all my patrons to actually 
get into safe mode so i'm still holding on   trying to get into it moonshot is up about half a 
percent so it's not doing a whole lot so we'll see   where it actually goes long term all right polygon 
so matic is now up 1.61 it's still not a buy for   me i think i'm gonna wait to see what happens in 
the next couple of days and then i'll probably   start getting matic all right so are wall street 
giants playing the make bitcoin cheaper game again   and what are they talking about here if you 
didn't realize bitcoin crashed to about 46 000   in just the last 10 days and now it's come back up 
another 10 11 000 so what's happening is the big   whales that have billions of dollars they'll do 
this pump and dump scheme and then dump tons of it   cause it to crash and collapse and then re-buy so 
if you have a lot of money and billions of dollars   you can affect the price of bitcoin a lot so this 
is exactly what's happening so when it crashed   down to about 46 000 that was a really good time 
to buy into it and i was actually gonna get a   thousand dollars of it but i did not so next time 
it dips down i will buy a little bit of bitcoin   so proposed like legislation in germany could 
allow 425 billion dollars to flow into crypto   so this is a huge update to anybody that's a 
crypto holder if this actually goes through and   we get another 425 billion dollars to flow into 
crypto we can see all cryptocurrencies rallying   up dogecoin could hit that 50 60 mark bitcoin 
could go up to somewhere 75 to 85 thousand 000   just off of this actual legislation so we will 
see where that goes i'll keep you guys posted   so we are all crypto people now and i 
like this article because it kind of   explains how most of the world is slowly moving 
towards cryptocurrencies the adoption is becoming   real more companies dealerships businesses even 
paypal is getting on board so when this actually   switches over to mutual funds and mutual funds 
add somewhere between five to ten percent of their   money to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin bitcoin is 
gonna rally to about a hundred eighty thousand to   one million dollars and you don't even see doge 
and then benefiting hitting that one to four   dollar mark so the future is crypto for those of 
you that do not know so three stocks were crypto   exposure forming price consolidations and i want 
to talk about one of these actually so one of them   is going to be coinbase obviously and they just 
actually went public maritime digital holdings   and that's mara that's the second really big one 
and the third one is gonna be micro strategy mstr   these three are actually really really big players 
and i'm pretty pretty welly ver very very invested   into actually coinbase those of you that are 
on my patreon you know that i have about 10   almost 11 of that portfolio in coinbase right 
now because i see coinbase going to about 520   by the end of the year and then my long coinbase 
projections are about twelve hundred dollars   just in the next four to five years and 
then marathon digital which is mara and   uh microstrategy are also big players so 
those of you if you're invested into either   mira or mstr let me know in the comments section 
below that way you know if you think it's a good   buying opportunity maybe the rest of our actual 
community here will invest into it as well and   i can research into it if you want me to let 
me know in the comment section also bitcoins   for today giving out two bitcoins i'm giving out 
this copper one and i'm giving out this gold one   and all you have to do is write hashtag bitcoin 
in the comment section there are t-shirts coming   as well they're coming from china so hopefully 
they get here the next couple of days but for   today two bitcoins right hashtag bitcoin next 
wednesday is the playstation 5 giveaway and when   you come back and that video is up all you have 
to write is hashtag playstation5 and that is all   it takes for you to enroll into that giveaway so 
coinbase paypal partnership aims to ease people   into the world of crypto this is huge those of 
you that didn't know paypal was giving actually   allowing you to purchase cryptocurrencies for 
free for a while i don't know if that's still   going on but that was a great way to buy 
some bitcoin and ethereum and other cryptos   and now this partnership is huge coinbase is 
becoming more mainstream more people are now   actually buying into the stock and there's more 
people that are actually just buying cryptos on   coinbase eventually coinbase will lower their 
fees for buying selling even transferring out   and that's gonna get more people on their on their 
platform and this exchange is going to become huge   and they're already one of the biggest ones on 
the planet so voyager digital is where i actually   invest and i have a little bit in coinbase so 
dogecoin bounces aims for on all-time highs   we're expecting dogecoin going to hit somewhere 
between 55 to 65 cents in the next 30 days so that   bull run is coming make sure you are ready so does 
going aiming for more highs will it reach the new   record i think that one dollar mark is absolutely 
going to happen in the next four to six months   why is that well we went from about two cents 
to six cents and then rallied up to 44.3 cents   that quickly so if we got that close to half a 
dollar one dollars is very very easily obtainable   possibly even two dollars in the next 12 months so 
federal chairman paul says dosh going symbolizes   a friday market more people are getting into 
cryptocurrencies more people are investing into   the stock market and right now the fact that you 
can buy so many stocks at 50 to 60 percent off   i see a huge rally coming somewhere between 
november to december of this year so if you   load up on crypto and stocks right now you'll 
see those huge returns in the next six months   all right everybody let's take a look at our top 
five stock books for today the first one is going   to be TDOC teladoc here i thought their earnings 
report was amazing i'm not quite sure it's one   of those very weird weeks where people are just 
selling off all companies they're doing very well   same thing when NIO their report was amazing tesla 
TSLA did a very well broke records and people just   decided to sell them off so very interesting but 
this is just a buying opportunity i think teladoc   very easily this 308 dollar price right 
here for their 52-week high that's nothing   i think they're going to go somewhere around 
350 dollars by the end of the year so huge   maybe possibly tripling of your money so i'm 
adding more shares on this dip peloton is at 99   we'll discuss this in a previous video there was 
an accident with that child and they refused to do   a recall and people just decided to sell off which 
is fine i'm going to buy into it they just acquire   pre-core and they're one of the largest companies 
and this is really really high-end equipment and   a lot of people are switching to remote 
permanently so you're gonna see companies like   peloton they have these subscriptions that rake 
their money in month over month see huge benefits   just year over year so really really good buying 
opportunity especially under a hundred dollars   all right let's get into our next stock here 
that's going to be NIO so NIO under 45 is a   must buy every single day they're actually i love 
their revenue they've improved a lot and i think   the next quarter they're going to be profitable 
and in the positive finally which is huge   once that happens investors are going to pile 
in buy into NIO and this is a 75 to 95 dollar   stock by the end of the year depending on 
the chip shortage that low end will be 75   if we can get that resolved then we'll be 
somewhere around that 90 to 95 dollar range   all right coinbase under 300 another must buy 
especially because they were as high as 420   they benefit from the actual volatility 
of cryptocurrencies so when people sell   off cryptos because they're panicking or cryptos 
are crashing they're going to make money and then   when they buy back into it they're going to make 
some more money very simple if you transfer that   money out of your account back into your let's 
say your checking account they're gonna charge   you some more fees and that's what it comes 
down to those profits are huge and coinbase   is one of the largest companies in the world they 
i would say if you wanted to hold the actual coins   not like with robinhood where you don't if you 
want to hold the actual coin you have to go   with the company like coinbase so just to keep 
this you know kind of in perspective windows   hundreds of millions and billions of dollars from 
tesla went into bitcoin when elon musk bought   bitcoin for tesla they used coinbase so that tells 
you a lot about it all right tattoo chef is our   last stock here under 18 this is an absolute must 
buy they have their own farms they package their   own foods this is a fantastic company they're 
going to major stores like target even walmart   and once the actual you know once this crash i 
would absolutely call this a crash because we   have stocks that are way past 60 percent down now 
is over and the market starts rattling you will   see tattooed shifts somewhere around 25 in the 
next three months easily hitting that 30 to 35   range by the end of the year i think tattooed 
chef let's say 10 plus years out could be a   hundred dollar stock very very easily all right 
thank you for watching if you want to join me on   patreon that's going to be the very first link in 
my description if your portfolio is down you're in   the negative and you're losing money and you want 
to talk to me i can take a look at your portfolio   you can join any of those tiers on patreon 
send me your portfolio we can take a look get   you back in the green to hopefully double 
or even triple that money year over year   also once you join patreon you'll get access 
to my private discord you can chat with me the   entire community there's over 300 of us we talk 
about crypto stocks long-term investing and even   dividend stocks all right thank you for watching 
i'll see you there on patreon or in the next video   you

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