Dogecoin Listing On CoinBase Pro This Thursday! DOGE Price Prediction Today (2021)

Hello, Kevin from CryptoMY. Let’s talk about Dogecoin in today’s episode. Today’s price predictions let us continue to pay attention As you can see now, this is the Binance chart of DOGE/USDT If you don’t have an account on Binance or other platforms (such as MXC) Or Huobi, I will put the link below Friends can sign up. So once you have completed the registration Let's enter the Dogecoin price prediction. As you can see now, this is DOGE/USDT On the daily chart, I want to share with you my previous video I have actually made a quick update to the DOGE price forecast As you can see here, I said that Dogecoin might reach $0.50 in the next few weeks Or if it successfully breaks through this symmetrical triangle in the next few days or we call it As a descending triangle.

So now I actually listed this 1 I released it on May 30th, about two days ago. Now as you can see here, Dogecoin has a very good upward move. Why because it has successfully broken through this symmetrical triangle, or we call it As a descending triangle. Why the descending triangle is because of this part Can be used as support line, support area and this 1 can also be used as support zone but whether it is a symmetrical triangle Or descending triangle, we can see 3 obvious candlesticks, I mean these 2 candlesticks <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> has successfully broken through this triangle on the daily chart.

So now this is a very, very obvious, what we call a breakthrough, a breakthrough Click on Dogecoin now, it’s slowly Move to the $0.50 area. Let's take a look at the H4 chart. The H4 chart makes a very, very similar movement, I mean, of course it is a similar movement Because it comes from the same chart, but from a different time frame. Looking at the H4 chart, let's see what happened here. So once the candlestick successfully breaks this symmetrical triangle, or we call it As a descending triangle it has risen to here and then it Market adjustment. So it will do something like Minor corrections, and now it soars all the way. What we need to monitor now is that we need to see the nearest resistance level, next The nearest resistance level before it rises all the way to this $0.50 area.

Because of this $0.50 area, yes, it’s far from here But in order to reach this $0.50 or above, there is a resistance zone nearby We need to pay attention. This line can actually act as resistance The level has been touched here 1, 2, 3 times so I actually put the horizontal line here, So we can see it correctly. If Dogecoin wants to break this $0.50 Or if you want to break through or bypass the 0.50$ barrier, you must first break through this 0.42$ Or 0.43 USD mark first so now this can be used as a small resistance Area, so I believe Dogecoin will slowly move towards the 0.43 USD mark First, then it will float around this area, and then it will decide whether Break or not break but suppose it does not break, Assuming it doesn’t break, then what will happen is, As you can see here, the moving average of 20 is near this area, and it is far from Candlestick.

So now if Dogecoin is not managed Break through the 0.43 USD mark later in the evening or in the next few days, Then it will float around the area until the moving average is close to the candlestick Because as I said in the previous video, moving average 20 can also be used as Support and resistance levels. So here are the support and resistance levels It’s getting closer and closer, assuming it doesn’t break, then most May decide whether to break the support level or break the above. Look at RSI, RSI is a little bit show A bit overbought but okay. It's still around 70 It’s not really overbought yet, but remember, if you say that RSI is higher than or Above this 80 level, then only you need to be cautious because it may have a slight impact Before it continues to correct further upwards. So right here, it may take a break for a while, and then continue to rise further So, so far, it’s good for Dogecoin, Dogecoin/USDT and the good news recently is that let Let’s take a look at Elon Musk’s Twitter.

Elon Musk just tweeted I want a few minutes before. Found this photo from my childhood. Basically this photo shows what he was doing in his childhood and In this photo you can actually see the Governor’s meme coin, I believe this One of the reasons for the further increase in the price of Dogecoin. I think there is a slight reason for his tweet. This tweet received 12k retweets and 84k likes. So I believe somehow I believe this tweet will actually affect Price has a slight impact on Dogecoin, but has the greatest impact on Dogecoin Today's price value is coinbase pro listed. Coinbase lists Dogecoin in professional trading platform. This means that coinbase pro is on the market Dogecoin is fast. As you can see here, Coinbase Pro is A blog post, users can transfer Doge to their professional trading account, <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> If liquidity conditions are met, trading is expected to start on Thursday.

So usually when anything, when any coin listed on coinbase pro, The coin rising further is very, very high. I think most coins will increase by a certain amount when they are listed in coinbase pro The market value actually affects the price of Dogecoin. So I can say that at 80% on Thursday, the price of Dogecoin will increase further. This is just my prediction. Of course remember to do your own research, because this is just Based only on my own opinions. But I believe the hype will only continue There was a period of time because whenever they listed on a certain platform or listed on a certain exchange, Usually the hype will only last for a certain time frame. So last but not least, the latest news, I think this has just been released for a few minutes before. Added Dogecoin and Cardano as payment methods On local bitcoin. LocalBitcoins is one of the largest peer-to-peer The cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, it expands the available product portfolio Payment methods including Cardano, Doge, Polkadot, Chainlink, etc. So LocalBitcoins now accepts Dogecoin and ADA, and they will actually also somehow Affect the price of Dogecoin. Yes, of course Dogecoin can go further More in the days to come. Hope the governor can break through this $0.43, and then it will soar all the way to this $0.50, but if it doesn’t Then it will float around this area. Hope it won't break underneath because The nearest support level should now be near this area. So this is something we need to pay attention to, yes. That’s all for today’s episode, because based on what I have seen and based on my understanding, I believe this week’s Dogecoin will have a very, very huge impact on the price Due to the value of this coinbase pro list and the accepted LocalBitcoins Dogecoin is on their platform.

So I think this is all for today, If you like my episode today, remember to like, share and subscribe. I will see you in the next episode, goodbye..

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