Dogecoin is really on the move , Elon Musk tweet sets off Dogecoin buying frenzy

former ceo. vale’s stock down 2.5%. let us make a turn here. when elon musk tweets, the world listens. especially the crypto world when it has to
do with cryptocurrency. in a series of tweets early today, musk set off an investor february
si with a single word — frenzy with a single word, doing, in a tweeted reply to a picture
he then posted of after rocket heading to the moon. doge is really on the move. if let’s get to kristina partsinevelos who’s
been following this story. thank you. elon musk may not always be a man of his word,
but his tweets sure are worth a lot.

Elon musk promised he was going to take a
break from twitter, but only two days later he broke that vow, and he tweeted about this
cryptocurrency doge. this cryptocurrency doge. this is a lion king
meme, rafiki’s face is elon musk, simba’s face is the doge logo, and this is symbolism
for the soaring price of doge. but what is it? it’s a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. it was invented back in 2013 as a joke, and
it’s still considered a joke, but yet its year to date value has increased 659%. on january 28th, that’s just last week,
doge coin was the most tweeted-about cryptocurrency, beating out bitcoin. a lot of it had to do with those reddit investors,
they were talking about it on wall street bets. so much so that robinhood, that free-trading
platform, had to disable its instant buying button which means you could take instant
bank transfers to purchase some of these cryptocurrencies.

but you have today billionaires reuniting
on twitter, mark cuban also tweeting about doge coin adding to the momentum. and we are seeing this all across the cryptocurrency
markets with bitcoin, bitcoin just above $37,000 right now. they believe that bitcoin will hit at least
40,000. jpmorgan predicting the 100,000 point. we know elon musk is wealthy, he’s actually
worst about $1 — worth about 180 billion, beating out jeff bezos, and we also know his
tweets are worth a lot. liz? liz: well, well, well. just to let people know, doge coin right now
is about four and a half cents, so i get what mark cuban’s saying. it’s not a big extension of your..

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