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Thank you Michael Well now the dos okay do so. Sorry, crypto like Bitcoin Ethereum, especially do oh right, do just are very self interested in buying. Do if you have do you have a lot of those maybe you want to say Hey, let's is insane and cryptocurrency cryptocurrency. If we talk about the history of Dolgecon, then Dolgecon's History was started when the initial release of Dolgecon It was done in fifteen years which was done seven years ago but Today, the valuation of the dollar has been approx fifty rupees which is Is in Indian rupees and if I take a dollar or According to the US key or according to the INL, both of them are the same.

In the video, I will tell you why to buy Dolgecon Should you want to buy such a corrective currency So why should you buy Dolgecon only? That there are some similar history or some exploits which we also There were two software engineers who created the incredible one Were you from Adopt were from an IBM do you think joking It becomes such a digital currency that its market today Allen Mask Q about capture want to market it up Dozg about Dolgcon i.e.

This corrupt currency Why did Allen Mask want to encourage it with the gun Are Dozkon in such a digital currency joke joke That is made like Mimes, that is, it can achieve There is such a currency of dozen that even Dozgan does not know man Where am i going to go now i am also called father of dozland Why don't you say Dorgen's Peetha is from this tweet I can only guess that now I can talk about my opinion If I do, Dodge Con has become a currency that is going to come In some time, a huge currency is going to be made worldwide which is very Are encouraging more, that is its currency which market Wanting to be market up does not mean that its The price range will increase or its market capture will be one hundred There are twenty seven million in which one hundred and thirteen million one hundred and thirteen million corrupt currency has been mined in its initial release Hundred December was done on 1515, i.e.

Seven years from today Before and the software engineers who did this, they had some means I made it like the Japanese made it like this dog Something similar was seen in this memes of Japanese dog When DorjCon was built, Dolchcon costs fifty today If I tell you the price of the rupee has been approximate, forty-nine Dolchcon in Indian rupees in a lump sum of rupees fifty paise The price is finally such a price of Dolgecon so rise Or what is the reason Dolchcon is such a cryptocurrency Has been made which can give very valuable money to a person But should we invest in DorgeCon or not? Should do in Dodscorn if you have cryptocurrency If you do not know anything then let me tell you today cryptoin currency There is such a digital currency, that is, like a human being has a There is a currency and there is a similar digital currency that every A person does not have it, if you want, you can invest in it.

If you want to or not, then you cannot invest in it, but There can be a lot of reason why you should invest you digital Like the one you heard about Bitcoin in currency You must have heard about Bitcoin, same thing Dodscroin DogCan is a digital currency Bitcoin work Today, the price has been proxied to fifty rupees and Bitcoin has Price has crossed four million in today's lump sum in currency and if I talk corrupt currency go ahead There can be a big reason in the market why our Why are you promoting this digital A currency is a currency that if you invest today then tomorrow Obstructs to give you a return if you invest it Tomorrow also hinders you from cheating, let's call it Karpatto If you want to take a risk, then I am in this field Gone is the Japanese of this dog who makes dots That is, it makes currency, that is, digital currency joke Jokingly, currency has been made into a very big currency, its price Today approx fifty rupees have been done and its day to day price The growing point of dots was zero point fifty paise at a time.

Price but today it has been priced at around fifty rupees It can be guessed that in today's market capture Dodscan and Such Cryptocurrency Are Important market capture and why is this happening? if you Even before we know that the whole world is much bigger than the corona virus Facing the epidemic. All of you from the same time Businessmen or students like us are playing planes. Buy Crepto Currency And This Is Why Crepto Currency Today Has reached such a high level. And its craze increased so much Used to be. Market capture so much in the coming days You cannot even think about these digital currencies..

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