Dogecoin Is Getting BIG INVESTMENTS (This Is Huge!) Starbucks, Elon Musk, Bullish – Dogecoin News

Dogecoin has been the subject of some concern throughout the
year as the Elon Musk propagated coin continued to grow in price, with the hype getting even more intense until just
recently, many were hoping that Musk will help consolidate those coin as a cryptocurrency and eliminate the tongue in
cheek tag from it. Although its demand and price had surged over the last
month, climbing to a staggering 10 billion dollar total market value. The price of Dogecoin plummeted by almost
half since its early February peak. Despite regular Dogecoin tweets from Elon Musk, Musk is
known to have been propagating news about the cheeba in-your-face cryptocurrency as far back as two thousand
nineteen. At the time, he mostly referred to it as his favorite
cryptocurrency. Tesla, an automobile company under Musks supervision, just
recently purchased one point five billion dollars worth of Bitcoin, which excited the entire cryptocurrency market and
caused the price of Bitcoin to continue spiking, leaving Dogecoin with just a brief period of upsurge accompanied by
a dip to its current position on the charts.

The question out on the market is, was Musks propagation of
dogecoin a shill move or genuinely because he wanted to boost its price and make something great out of the only
coin perpetrated by many to be a joke, given its origin? Well, we'll have to find out as we go into details on
Dogecoin and all of its latest happenings in today's video. Hello again, and welcome back to Crypto Online, where you
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wouldn't hurt to subscribe and look through some of our previous videos every once in a while. Amidst all the noise, the dogecoin price seems to have
failed to rise even after Musk's latest Dogecoin tweet and is currently down by about 40 percent from its highs.

Just this week, Musk tweeted an image of dogecoin cheeba on
the moon depicting a bullish mindset towards Dogecoin and indicating that its price would go to the moon. A popular cryptocurrency freeze, a move that failed
woefully, too, to have much of an impact on the dogecoin price. You clicking on this video tells me one thing you're
either well invested in Dogecoin or you're in a dilemma as to whether to invest in it or not. Well, you just hit the jackpot as this video will be very
helpful for you guys to make up your mind and also decide on what's going to be profitable in your near future. Now, the first and most important thing will be looking at
is QuickTrip, if you guys don't know what QuickTrip is, you've never heard of it, don't worry. The line has got you covered. So QuickTrip tweeted this
image with the caption me telling myself, I'll get gas in the next morning, which got a comment from another Twitter
user asking you all except Dogecoin yet to which QuickTrip responded to the moon. You guys know that to the moon is a phrase used by the
crypto market to signify a bullish mindset and a something that's been very directed towards Dogecoin in the past
month or two due to the and so many people using that term.

So what does that mean here? Is it possible that QuickTrip knows about Dogecoin and is
really bullish about it, but who are QuickTrip and why is this so relevant, given the context? If we do some research about QuickTrip will find that they
were one of the largest convenience stores in the United States. It's a chain of convenience stores founded in
nineteen sixty five with seven hundred locations and nearly twenty eight thousand employees across the entire country. And again, it's just a convenience store where you can buy
normal things. So the reason they're super, incredibly important for the
Dogecoin community is this looking at the revenue, they have an annual sale of five billion dollars.

Now, if we go a bit further and put that into perspective,
they serve nearly eight million people or eight million customers each week. If they decide to start using Dogecoin as a form of
payment, that would be a game changer. With this, so many more people will find out about
Dogecoin. They service eight million customers nationwide every
single week. If they start promoting that, they accept a new form of
payment, dogecoin. So many more people will start actually doing some research
on dogecoin.

Eventually, all of us will profit quite a bit from it. Now, another thing to keep in mind is that they have twenty
eight thousand employees. Imagine if they start giving their salary and dogecoin or
giving them an option if they want to receive it. In Dogecoin, probably most of their employees will be like,
what's this? Why are they trying to give us her salary in this? But they do a little bit of research. They find out more and who knows, maybe they accept having
part of their salary in crypto. And ultimately, this also benefits everyone. In another interesting incident, one Starbucks customer
sent in an email asking when the company will start accepting Dogecoin as payment. The response was quite interesting. And I'll put it up in the video here so you can see for

Apparently, Starbucks is looking into dogecoin just because
of our buddy Andrew here. Interesting right now, the reason I'm actually bullish
about this is that if you do some research about Starbucks, you'll find out they make 10 times more than the immediate
competition cost of coffee, which is the second biggest coffee vendor after Starbucks. Now, the revenue that Starbucks raked in in the past one
year is estimated to be around twenty one billion dollars. And now Starbucks decides to do the research on Dogecoin,
and they become one of the leading brands to accept dogecoin as a form of payment.

That will make a huge difference. And there's a reason I personally think Starbucks could
actually go even further with this move and go ahead and do this in case you guys that know coffee is one of the
biggest industries in the world and Starbucks is currently leading it by so much. Now, there's a new coffee brand that came out named Doege
Blendr, this company is specifically focused on Dogecoin and as the name suggests, you can actually buy their coffee
using Dogecoin from a marketing and PR standpoint. I don't think Starbucks would want to miss out on the
amazing trend going on on Twitter, ticktock, Instagram, Reddit and basically everywhere. Everyone is talking about Dogecoin and Starbucks would want
to make sure that they're in the lead and they don't want any other company coming even close. So they have to get into the game early. Right now, in terms of dogecoin predictions, it seems like
there's going to be some resistance forming, you might have noticed that the price of Dogecoin has spiked over the last
twenty four hours and then it came down just a little bit due to the resistance that it has hit.

If it breaks that resistance, hopefully we could see the
price hit 10 cents by the end of this month. I would be very excited to see that this is just a
realistic goal. I know some of you might be like, I really want Dogecoin to
hit a dollar by the end of the month, but a dollar that soon seems highly unrealistic. I do personally feel that it's incredible that these
billion dollar companies are actually looking into Dogecoin, given an annual revenue of five billion dollars. It's obvious that quick trips possible adoption of Dogecoin
as a means of payment would most definitely see an exponential growth in the price of the dog named
cryptocurrency, not to mention of Starbucks adoption as well.

Even if it just hits 10 cents, I personally would say
that it's really some growth. In closing, this is cryptocurrency forecasting, so always
keep in mind that these predictions are based off of personal opinion, as I'm not an expert trader nor a
financial advisor. So I always remember to do your own research and consult
your financial advisor before you buy into any cryptocurrency or make any trades. Don't forget to drop your questions or suggestions in the
comments section below, and we'll do our best respond to each and every one.

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