DOGECOIN: ¿Invertir O No?

There are world days for almost
everything and now many also want there to be a doge day,
if the day of the cryptocurrency After touching the sky and having an
incredible rise, dogecoin fell and fell hard. Elon Musk's anticipation on
the Saturday Night Live show got everyone clever betting that it was going to
increase in value and eventually exceed $ 1. What happened that night was all
crazy but unfortunately the opposite happened and the puppy's coin paid
the consequences. The cryptocurrency market offers you opportunities like
itself, opportunities that can change your life, that is why it is important to be updated and
understand what each of its technologies does. Welcome to one more episode of dominating and
market, I am Luis Benalcázar and here we talk about money, investments and real estate, the topics
that interest you.

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market chance of the Dogecoin it exceeded 66 billion dollars placing it in fifth
place with a market price of 0.52 cents by mid-May. It is incredible
but Dogecoin is now worth more than the coinbase transaction market.This coin was created
by its creators in 2013 as a joke and was never really expected to be taken
seriously and worse that it was going to be used as a currency within the market, I really don't know
what happened, but the adorable nature of the puppy logo simply made it irresistible and
that is how its popularity began to grow and its price remember that a year ago its price
was only 1 of a fifth of a penny, but no one is going to expect that it
currently has a growth of 21 thousand percent, thus having the puppy coin a growth
of 40 times faster than Bitcoin.

But what were the reasons that made this currency
grow so much and that we all came to think that it was going to surpass the dollar? For this, there were
several scenarios that catapulted the currency. First, it was possible to trade buy and sell is
on the Robin Hood platform. This was in 2018 and its price reached 0.002 cents. This
made its presence grow significantly since the platform hosted millions of
users, the purchase and sale of the currency was much easier without having to go to an exchange
to achieve it.The second event was Tik Tok in 2020 where its price reached to 0.0043 cents.
After the madness of the pandemic, a challenge appears on the social network that became very popular
called "THE Dogecoin Challenge" Here the idea was to make users invest 25 dollars
in shares of the currency so that it can rise in price.

that the currency grew
by 43% in just two days what they achieved in this event was simply impressive to see
that in such a short time they achieved their objectives. The third event is attributed to Elon Musk in
December 2020 where the coin rises to $ 0.03 cents, here the billionaire owner of Tesla begins to
appear on the networks tweeting his contribution towards the coin as a single post saying: One word:
DOGE this was All that detonated so that in just 24 hours the coin had an increase
of 30% percent the fourth event was with Reddit in January 2021 price of the coin
0.01 cents. Just as Walstreet supports giving attention to companies such as Gamestop and AMC, I call them a
lot of attention from the event that is revolving around DOGECOIN. This made the coin
grow by 600 percent in a snap. Fifth event again appears Elon Musk in
February 2021 coin price 0.0 75 cents This caused things to start to stabilize
for the coin here the billionaire owner of Tesla follows Supporting the currency by calling it the
currency of the people this caused the price of the currency to automatically rise by 30%.

the sixth
event was the Dogeday, this was held on April 20, 2021 market price $ 0.36 cents here
Elon continues to support the currency along with other celebrities such as Mark Cuban talking about the currency
and coming to light the possibility of accepting payments in their businesses with Dogecoin. This made
everything crazy but the Dogecoin saga was still far from over. The seventh event
was called the perfect storm, this was in May 2021 and the price was $ 0.60
cents that is the consequence of many events that made the price rise
quickly, the Webul company announced the incorporation of Dogecoin within its platform. jGemini and
Etoro these platforms also adopted Dogecoin having more than 25 million users
ready to buy it while all this happened with the prices of Dogecoin soaring Elon
Musk was preparing to have the most important interview of the night on the Saturday
Night Life program . The faithful Dogecoin community was hopeful that that night at the Elon Musk event he
would help the price of the coin finally break above the dollar at the same time
as important events such as the sale of tickets with Dogecoin of the teams of Oakland baseball
and the Mavericks caused incredible demand to the point where Robin Hood's rig
fell off right at Elon Musk's performance, and right after they could fix it the
results were catastrophic everything fell apart! the comments from Elon
Musk's appearance on the show were that he just didn't have a strong script he didn't get how to support the coin
and at the time they asked him what is Dogecoin? He did not know how to give a clear answer, this hurt a
lot, ie, the market immediately collapsed, the price collapsed so fast that being
at 0.75 cents, it fell to 0.050 cents in a range of 10 to 15 minutes.

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bell and tell me, will Dogecoin be able to and exceed the dollar? We are also on instagram
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ways for Dogecoin to grow and stabilize is for new users to continue acquiring
the currency.

The truth is that we are in a fantastic moment to be able to take advantage of what
the The crypto market is teaching us for Dogecoin to reach a dollar, its
market capacity must exceed 75 trillion dollars. In addition, all these users must
buy the currency and retain it instead of selling it. This is not an easy task but neither is it impossible
since we have seen that many celebrities are supporting the puppy coin, it is said
that Dogecoin has beaten Bitcoin on several occasions Doge is a currency with much
more welcome for the future of money with a lot more supply. lower prices
and faster transactions are its strengths it is made for daily payments and the culture
of its community can easily reason with the general public so there must be a
minimum purchase of 750 thousand daily and with its users willing to maintain the currency. The truth is that
more and more people are losing faith in the current financial system and seeing how the
dollar devalues, they are adopting new forms of investment and it is here that Dogecoin
has been teaching us that if we can, we cannot risk that the value of our money in the
bank is simply lost because the government decided to press a button and create money and
also in inflation, people who realize that it is here is a reality, they simply
prefer to have control of their money and that is why The crypto market has had an incredible boom in the
last year, and currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and others have taught us that they are
sources of creating wealth.

Dogecoin is definitely a much easier currency to work with
than Bitcoin. And if large companies such as Amazon Apple Google decided to work with Dogecoin,
its price would simply increase a lot.Remember that the money that you are entering the
crypto Market must be money that you are willing to bet, it may or may
not remain. The markets fluctuate and that is why it is important to be aware of the news and understand their
technologies to follow them day by day to have a better chance of success in your next
play so we can definitely hope that the Dogecoin surpasses $ 1 dollar everything
will depend on the supply and demand let me know what you think in the comments I read them all
thank you for watching this episode do not forget to destroy that button I like to give it subscribe
and ring the bell remember that you are on average of the 5 people you are with! I am
Luis Benalcazary this was Dominating the Market

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