There are many analysts who are saying some
bullish things about doge. For instance, there’s David Gokhstein, the CEO of Gokhstein Media,
who basically predicted that doge is going to the moon very soon.
There are some more like him, and i think we need to look at what all of them said. Hello guys and welcome back to Crypto Fire,
where we talk about dogecoin, cryptocurrency, and investing.
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Now, Let's get started with today's video. David Gokhstein has predicted Ethereum to
go up to 14 thousand dollars in the near future. but more importantly, he predicted Doge to
go up to one dollar pretty soon! We all think the promotion from Elon Musk
is the main reason for the growth of Dogecoin but according to Gokhstein, that’s not the
only factor.

According to him, the retail-focused trading system, Robinhood, and the ‘meme
economy’ have really added to Dogecoin’s growth as well. Talking about predictions, an experienced
crypto panel predicted that they think by 2025, Doge would easily be at a whole dollar
but that’s not it. They also think by the end of that year, Doge would hit a new all-time
high of 1.21 dollars. And their prediction holds Doge as a total of 3.6 dollars by 2030. Moving on, the host of Mad Money on CNBC,
Jim Cramer seems to think that no one can stop the cryptocurrency growth. Which is definitely
true, by the way. Recently, Walmart announced that they’re
looking for a cryptocurrency expert and that’s when Jim Cramer stated his opinion on the
matter. According to him, the demand for crypto will keep growing. He took into account that some big market
players are against crypto but that can’t hinder the growth of crypto.

In his words,
no matter what side of the debate you’re on, you can’t ignore the overwhelming demand
for cryptocurrency. To prove his point, we can look at a recent
report from Chainalysis. According to the report, global crypto adoption has increased
with a rate of 881 percent over the last year! So, no matter what you think, we have to agree
with Cramer here.

Global demand for cryptocurrencies including Doge is definitely at an all-time
high. As the demand increases, so does the price
of cryptocurrencies. In fact, this high demand is what caused a
6% surge in Bitcoin’s price recently. It has crossed the 47 thousand dollar line as
well. Bitcoin hit a 24-hour high of a total of 47
thousand 359 dollars! If we look at the current year-to-date return for investors right now,
it’s a total of 62.2 percent! Investors were definitely frustrated after the crypto
crash this year but if we look at the bigger picture, it actually turned out pretty great.
With Bitcoin, other top 20 cryptocurrencies obviously surged too. That includes our very
own Dogecoin as well, which had pretty considerable growth in the last 24 hours. Talking about more predictions, analysts are
also saying Bitcoin will hold this value.

Currently, at a value of 45 thousand dollars,
Bitcoin is above its 200-day average. And analysts expect Bitcoin to remain above this
average. Recently, there was a hack at Japan’s Liquid
Global exchange and quite a huge amount was stolen. We still don’t know the exact amount
that was stolen, but the value taken in Bitcoin and many other altcoins were above 90 million
dollars. Now, After the hack, investors assumed the
value of Bitcoin to go down, and with that, Doge investors were obviously worried too,
considering the correlation between the two. However, luckily, Bitcoin has held its ground
and so has dogecoin. In fact, Bitcoin’s value has gone up since
the hack. All top ten cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Dogecoin obviously, have actually
had gains of more than 10 percent since then.

All of the coins had a pretty significant
growth but Cardano definitely stole the show with a gain of 18 percent! So, looking at
these gains, I think it’s safe to say the hack is nothing to worry about for now. Moving on, Palantir, the data analytics software
manufacturer, and Elon Musk’s Tesla have started adding gold and Bitcoin to their treasury
of reserves. And according to the CEO of Quill Intelligence,
a lot of other companies are going to make decisions like these too.
According to him, businesses don’t have a lot of confidence in Central bank monetary
policies now. That’s why companies are making the best possible decision when it comes to
their reserves. And for that, they’ve chosen Bitcoin and gold.
The fact that big companies are keeping cryptocurrencies as a reserve is definitely great news for
crypto and Doge investors. Moving on to crypto adoption, we know it’s
growing day by day. And even today, we have a bunch of great news related to that.
Well, we know Visa has been wanting to join the crypto industry for quite a while. And
they took a huge step in that direction.

The blockchain-based payments firm, Wyre,
has recently joined Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program. With this partnership, Wrye
can now be easily integrated into Visa’s technology. That means Wyre can now allow
instant payouts of cryptocurrencies to a user’s bank account using visa debit cards.
Not only payouts but with Wyre’s card issuance programs, users can now easily convert their
visa debit card balance into cryptocurrency. That is definitely great news for us Doge
holders, considering that means crypto is getting more accessible.

More accessibility
means more people investing in it and the price going up. moving forward, to increase the accessibility
and demand of cryptocurrencies even more, the crypto rewards app, Fold has come up with
an amazing plan. Fold has come up with an augmented reality
scavenger hunt game for users, kind of like Pokemon Go. We all remember how excited everyone
was when Pokemon Go first came out. Well, the aim is to get people excited about cryptocurrency
using something like that.

The augmented reality feature in Fold will
enable users to explore their surroundings searing for Bitcoin and other amazing rewards.
To make it even better, Fold has removed all
its sign-up and activation fees that users previously had to pay for its Spin debit card.
The debit card rewards up to 25% Bitcoin when users make a purchase.
now, Bitcoin isn’t the only one cashing in on the Pokemon GO feature. Dogecoin has
joined the club as well, with a game called Million Doge Disco.
This game also makes use of augmented reality and not only is it basically a global dance
party but apparently, it is also giving away 1 million Dogecoin!
To explain the game, it’s basically a Dogecoin version of Pokemon Go. Basically, you go all
around the virtual world and you
find virtual dogecoins. The CEO of the app holds
millions of Dogecoin and through this game, he aims to give it away to users.
Anyway, adding to the excitement, you meet and get connected with other people in the

And hey, you get to dance with those people. I don’t know about you but this
game definitely sounds like a lot of fun to me.
And it is truly a great way to stock up on some Dogecoin. It says here that you can actually
win some doge while playing this game. So, that’s even more free promotion for doge
in mainstream media. Anyway, let’s move on from games now. the
bullish news for today absolutely doesn’t end there.
Jayson Stewart, the mayor of the Cool Valley in Missouri wants to giveaway all the residents
free crypto. To be more precise, he’s planning to give
everyone up to a thousand dollars in Bitcoin. Basically, there are many experts who are
expecting huge growth in the value of Bitcoin in the coming years.
And that’s why Stewart thinks crypto is something everyone in his town should know

Basically, this will bring many more new holders into the market. So, that’s
pretty great. Moving on, I’m sure you all remember when
Elon Musk talked about how crypto mining is so bad for the environment.
Well, since then, making that better has been on the minds of many crypto mining companies.
In fact, the crypto mining company, Argo Blockchain, has made its mining a lot more environment-friendly.
When Elon Musk talked against it recently, people became really negative about it. But,
recent moves towards making mining more environmentally-friendly have made people feel a whole lot better.
In fact, the per-day revenue from Bitcoin mining has increased up to 35 million dollars.
There was a recent crackdown in China that took this value down. but luckily enough, the value got back up.
That means people have started Bitcoin mining again.

This has increased its hashrate, which
has helped increase its price too. Now, there are some very influential figures
have started Bitcoin mining. One of them is the billionaire CEO of Twitter,
Jack Dorsey. He uses a third-party service to keep the process secure for him.
Basically, when famous billionaires like these talk about investing in crypto, people become
more attracted to it. So, Dorsey’s recent statement is not only
great for Bitcoin, but all cryptocurrencies including Doge. now, let’s look at the current price of
Dogecoin for a second. Currently, it is priced at around 33 cents
and we’ve seen a pretty great growth in the last 48 hours. Personally, i feel the second leg of the bull
run is starting right now.

In any case, i’d love to know where you think we’re headed
from here. And with that, we've come to the end of this
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