Dogecoin in 60 seconds DOGE #shorts

What is Doge? And is it true 
that Doge is going to the moon? Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer 
cryptocurrency, that is fast and fun. Based on a popular internet meme and 
created way back in 2013, and is one of   the few digital currencies that has managed to 
steal the headlines and stand the test of time. Tesla CEO Elon Musk and rapper Snoop Dogg pushed 
Dogecoin into international headlines by tweeting   about the coins in early 2021. Doge was then 
given another push in the end of January 2021,   as users of the WallStreetBets 
Reddit thread banded together to   push the price up by 700% causing hashtag 
DogeCoin to the moon to trend on Twitter.

Despite being considered a ‘joke project’, Doge 
does have a rather large and friendly community   and is the favored currency for tipping 
on Reddit. And the Doge community has used   their easily-transferable coin as a way 
to raise money for some notable causes. Should you buy doge? Doge might 
not be a ‘serious investment’ to   pour all your hard-earned cash into, 
but it can be a fun way to interact   with the cryptocurrency community and 
honor everybody’s favorite shiba inu.

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