Dogecoin HUGE News – so POPULAR Servers are Breaking – Buy NOW !!

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block them or report them also let's talk about   woman and bitcoin and dogecoin actually 
women are now getting more into investing   more so than ever in the past which is actually 
huge news for stocks and for cryptocurrency also   let's talk about dogecoin breaking some new 
records also breaking actual machines and   websites yes there's a couple of websites 
where dogecoin actually broke the website   because there was too much traffic which is 
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never lose money all right let's get into dogecoin all right everybody dogecoin is at 5.5 cents 
holding pretty good i like to buy doge and   anytime it goes under five cents to stack up 
to it but we might not get that chance again   if it does a quick rally upwards bitcoin is trying 
to get to 60 000 so the push has started and with   everything that's going on with the stock market 
i think they're actually going to get there now   those that don't know i always put a warning in my 
comment section if you read through that warning   at the bottom of that warning is where i actually 
post who won the bitcoins who won the t-shirts   or who won the gaming systems though it's all in 
one message it's pinned to the very top that way   you don't have to get confused with scammers or 
anybody that is my picture and looks like me or   is trying to actually get you to go on whatsapp 
or something like that all right so ripple is at   44 cents i think they're gonna jump to well over 
a dollar once this entire lawsuit fiasco is over   cardano is down six percent at a dollar five cents 
this is a pretty good buying opportunity right now   i actually probably will actually get some 
today so dogecoin is so popular it broke this   fan firm's website hello pal international said 
thursday's website suffered a temporary outage   due to server overload after announced the 
partial purchase of dogecoin mining facility   so now the company is actually getting traction is 
getting popularity people are so interested that   the servers can't even actually take that huge 
load and once this mining facility actually just   goes to full overdrive we're gonna see dogecoin 
go up to 60 then 70 cents and then to one dollar   so those coin prices in the initial 
stages of a new rally to all-time highs   says the dogecoin price squeeze generates a 28 
gain so we're looking at somewhere around 6.4 6.5   cents and then that rally to 7 or 8 cents now why 
we went to 10 cents last time that was basically   just a huge reddit run up now we're actually 
getting that steady gain which is now the real   actual gain so those of you that bought high 
before that was just that pump and dump scheme   but now dogecoin is actually growing properly 
with new people just buying it and holding it   all right so these 48 companies accept dogecoin 
for payment this is another 48 companies actually   one in in the video yesterday over a thousand 
different places you can actually buy dogecoin   and if you guys are interested this is actually on 
ib times and you can take a look look at them but   there are more and more businesses they're 
realizing restaurants grocery places web hosting   places product retailers fashion retailers service 
retailers you name it everybody's realizing   doge coin and cryptocurrency like bitcoin bitcoin 
ethereum all crypto is now the future and they   don't want to actually miss that opportunity to 
actually grow so we are in the final stages of   companies realizing that it's time to actually 
get aboard that cryptocurrency train so dogecoin   bitcoin on a steady traject trajectory to sixty 
thousand dollars bitcoin is under heavy burden   from speculators but despite that crypto still 
managed to register its record high as above 58   000 so we all know that once bitcoin starts going 
up dogecoin will go up more people will be less   skeptical about cryptocurrency and they'll begin 
investing into it which will help dogecoin and all   of our cryptocurrencies go up in price which is 
fantastic news going forward so europe is no safe   haven buy bitcoin buy dogecoin buy gold so the 
european central bank said there is that it would   significantly step up the pace of its pandemic 
bond buys to suit market jitters about a recent   rise in government bond yields and the usa printed 
1.9 trillion dollars with a stroke of a pen so   what they're saying is that holding cryptocurrency 
is going to kind of shield you from the devaluing   dollar and from what's happening in the market 
and we can actually see that if we actually go   back over here to dogecoin when the market crashed 
completely some stocks like lemonade were down   60 percent or more dogecoin was not affected 
by that those that actually had dogecoin saw   no drops no issues no anything so even bitcoin 
actually if we go back and we just take a look   let's say let's go back a week bitcoin was dropped 
down to about 47 even lower than that down over   here to about 43 000 and dogecoin wasn't affected 
at all so pretty good news let's go back with   actually dogecoin if we just go back a week it's 
just kind of steadily going up in fact so pretty   pretty good news for dogecoin so the 2021 guide 
to cryptocurrency insurance so honestly is this   the next thing that's gonna happen where you're 
gonna actually start getting insurance for your   cryptocurrency what if you end up someday having 
ten thousand dollars of dose coin or bitcoin and   bitcoin goes to a couple of million dollars or you 
have a ten thousand dollars of dosh going and now   that becomes millions of dollars is it the you 
know safe thing to do to actually have insurance   on your crypto i think in the future we're gonna 
see insurance companies securing and insuring our   cryptocurrencies so robinhood says the woman in 
cryptocurrencies are actually now increasing in   numbers so there's more traders that are getting 
into buying stocks and to buy cryptocurrencies   and that's good news for us if we realize that 
that majority of people you know even if i look   at my channel i talk a lot about cryptocurrencies 
and stocks 90 of my subscribers are men and 10 to   11 percent are usually only women and it changes 
month to month but it's generally around 10 or 11   percent and the fact that more women are 
investing into stocks and cryptocurrencies   that's great news this is going to help all 
cryptocurrencies grow in value and it's going to   help stocks and the stock market grow in value so 
this is my very first stock pick i think palantir   will someday 10x from here they actually have the 
highest federal clearance in terms of government   and the government is using them bps using them 
in fact bp just renewed their contract for another   five years and those of you that don't know what 
palantir is you should definitely look into it but   they use artificial intelligence intelligence and 
programs to actually make a virtual copy of your   business and then they use that actual virtual 
copy to figure out all possibilities of what could   happen and then they pick the safest and best 
choice and that is how you grow your business   that's gonna help any company any business that's 
going to help the military and the military is   actually getting involved and is in palantir 
itself so going forward county is going to grow   as more and more businesses realize that they 
can actually decrease their chances of failing   if they use palantir to help them just become more 
efficient and avoid mistakes that can actually   cause them to maybe go bankrupt or lose tons of 
money now neo i can't believe that they're still   at forty five dollars even after this drop if we 
go back five days we were as low as 35 dollars   but this is going to jump up to 100 and then 150 
next year so i absolutely want to hold on to neo   in fact just if i want to be bearish on 
neo i see them going easily to about 70   to 75 dollars by the end of this year 
and they're well over 100 next year   all right planet 13 holdings is huge they have 
some of the largest facilities in the world   and with biden in office this is absolutely one 
of those companies that's going to 10x yes this   will be a 60 stock in the next five years or so 
so i'm absolutely every time planet 13 dips i'm   gonna add more and more shares and see if i can 
get my portfolio to about two to five percent   of planet 13 holdings now vw huge company i've 
mentioned it before but the two big players in   the EV world someday will be volkswagen and tesla 
and then neil followed in third place volkswagen   has facilities all over the world they're 
converting those facilities to electric so   they can actually make electric vehicles on every 
single continent and people are not realizing that   they have the infrastructure they have the money 
they have everything to produce electric vehicles   on a massive scale they're now partnered up 
with microsoft for their software and once   people realize that this is so undervalued and 
let's just go back a month we were at 22 dollars   now we are at 27 and we and this is just the early 
days you could have actually made five dollars per   share if you just got in on this a month ago when 
i was actually making videos and mentioning it   and if we go back six months and we look at 
15 in october so you now doubled already so   can we 10x absolutely so another great play and 
a great company this is a long-term hold for me   especially with a 2.49 dividend yield now nokia 
is going to bring their full actual dividend back   and at four dollars i can't believe nokia is in 
penny stock territory even though their market cap   is basically well over that you know you have to 
be over one billion dollars in market cap to be   out of that penny stock territory so once 
you go over one billion dollars you're no   longer a penny stock well they're clearly not a 
penny stock but trading at four dollars such a   discount and this is absolutely going to the moon 
and this is going to be 40 in the next 10 years   and you know you could have actually bought 
this at 382 just a couple of days ago all right   thank you for watching those that are subscribed 
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help with all right see you in the next video do you

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