Dogecoin HUGE News: so POPULAR Servers are Breaking – Buy NOW !! 30% up in 1 day ūüöÄ

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily 
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one of these is going to be tesla yes tesla beat   all of its sales expectations and how many cars 
they delivered so let's go over that and why now   might be a good time to buy into tesla and then 
we'll discuss those four other stocks also let's   talk about scammers please be very careful in my 
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all fake please ignore it or report it all right   let's also talk about my top five cryptos let's 
go over which ones did the best in the last year   and which ones you should possibly invest in 
and then let's cover top 10 cryptos for april   which might be good investments going forward how 
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the news and my top 10 cryptocurrencies all right let's take a look at the price 
of ripple we're up 232 percent in the last   year so we're gonna go through all five of 
these cryptos and see which ones did the best   so i usually discuss ripple bitcoin ethereum 
doge ocin and cardano so we'll see where you   could have made the most money if you ended 
up putting money in let's say 12 months ago   so ripple would have given you about 232 percent 
getting the last 12 months if you had bitcoin you   would have gotten 774 in the last year which is 
almost triple that of ripple so bitcoin would   have been a much better investment long term now 
let's take a look at the price of ethereum here   it's a 2076 dollars right now you regarding a 1404 
percent return on your money in the last 12 months   versus bitcoin so you would have been basically 
twice as profitable you had twice as much money   investing into ethereum 12 months ago than 
bitcoin and i think that still holds true   for the future that's why 52 of my portfolio 
is in ethereum right now now let's take a   look at the price of dogecoin where at 5.9 cents 
almost if you bought dogecoin just 12 months ago   versus ethereum you would have more than doubled 
your money from ethereum fourteen hundred percent   those going three thousand one hundred percent so 
twelve months ago your best bet right now out of   ripple bitcoin and ethereum would have been 
actually dogeocin but surprisingly we have   an overall winner out of all five cryptos that 
that i have actually invested in and that's going   to be cardano 3692 return in the last 12 months 
which is unbelievable it even beat out dogecoin   so what i'm going to do going forward when it 
comes to cardano i'm going to absolutely start   adding more and more cardano to my portfolio 
because i see cardano someday going to 11   then 30 then potentially a hundred dollars so our 
two overall winners might actually be dogeocin   and cardano when it comes to putting money into 
long term all right so one tweet is all it took   the last day for elon musk to send dogecoin 
price up by 30 that's just unbelievable if   you had a hundred thousand dollars in dogecoin 
a day and a half ago and you sold that off you   would have made thirty of profit in just that 
one day now when i shot up all the way to seven   cents i sold all of my dogecoin off because i 
like seeing dogecoin go up by two or three percent   maybe a little bit more on a weekly basis when 
i see a huge spice spike up you know 30 or more   so i did the same thing with tesla tesla went from 
like 592 to 880 890 i sold off all of my tesla   and then when tesla crashed back down and not 
even a clock crash i'll just call it a correction   to 659 i rebought some of it back same 
thing with dogecoin i sold it off at 7 cents   because i don't like to see run-ups of 30 
or more in just a matter of one day or less   and then i re-bought back all of my dogeocin and 
i took all the profits as well and i put in about   ten thousand dollars into dogecoin and i'm back 
in it with a really really good average now all   right so this is another article saying the same 
thing about 29 to 30 percent here's what it took   for those going to go up so those are long-term 
holders and i am a long-term holder of doge coin   if you ever see dogecoin spike up by a hundred 
percent by 30 that's not a normal way for a stock   or a cryptocurrency to go up it's supposed to go 
up gradually i'll usually sell off and then rebuy   back after panic selling or panic buying ends 
so that's what happened there was panic buying   and then people sold off so i'm back in dogeocin 
again i'm back in tesla again and i'll keep tesla   long term probably for the next 10 plus years but 
i'd like to see it go up by two or three percent   any of my stocks let's go over volkswagen for 
example those dudes that have been on my channel   for a while i bought volkswagen vwagy around 
dollars eighteen dollars and then twenty dollars   and when was i can jump to forty dollars well 
that makes no sense to me a company doesn't go   up double in value in just a couple of days i 
sold off all of my volkswagen now volkswagen's   slowly selling off it's in the 32 to 35 dollar 
range when it gets back in the 20s even the   high 20s i'll start slowing buying back in but 
you can't tell me that a company is now worth   twice as much in a matter of 24 to 48 hours 
so with that type of mentality and thinking   i'll sell off all of it and then get back in at 
a normal price all right so bitcoin newbies are   holding as prices rise and blockchain data 
suggests so the new generation of hodlers   were forged during market rallies over the 
past year and show no signs of slowing down   and honestly that's the key when it comes to 
a lot of cryptocurrencies you want to hold   on for long term and just weather out all those 
dips and crashes because all of us really truly   want to think about one year five year 10 years 
out so don't be scared if your stocks are down   right now if your portfolio is not doing well 
and if you need any help you can always go into   my description you can go on patreon pick any of 
those tiers then download that discord application   to your iphone or to your android phone and 
then um can go over your portfolio figure out   which stocks to sell which stocks to buy and 
how we can get you to double or even triple   that portfolio by the end of the year and i'm on 
patreon every single day i check all my messages   and we can take a look at how we can make that 
portfolio a winner and get you back in the   green all right so top 10 aspiring crypto coins 
for april i'm kind of excited to go over these   and you never know how high a coin can go so even 
if you put in just 10 into each one of these who   knows where they'll be let's say 10 years from now 
and let me just show you a good example of that   let's go back to bitcoin we can't even go back 10 
years but let's just go back as far as we can go   with this chart to um kind of the beginning of 
maybe 2014 so we're going back about six and a   half years 100 bucks you could have gotten bitcoin 
for a hundred dollars which would have given you a   fifty five thousand percent return yes fifty five 
thousand percent so every bitcoin you bought for   a hundred bucks would have been fif would have 
been sixty thousand dollars right now it's just   kind of shocking so when we go into these you know 
top ten aspiring cryptos just think about it if   you throw in ten bucks could it be potentially 
sixty thousand dollars or more someday yeah it's   absolutely a positive possibility so you know i'm 
a i'm a big believer in ethereum and i'll show you   why let's just go back into ethereum here if we go 
all the way back you could have gotten ethereum at   less than a dollar 70 cents so every time you put 
in 70 cents it would have become 2 000 which just   almost blows my mind just think about this one 
thousand dollars would have become three hundred   thousand dollars actually more than that so just 
imagine the amount of money you could have made   if you were buying this up just four 
years ago for ten eight eight bucks so   our very first one is gonna be ethereum 52 of my 
cryptocurrency portfolio is ethereum and a huge   huge bull in ethereum and i'm gonna keep adding 
more money into it i see them going somewhere   to six to eight thousand dollars in the next 
12 months so a really good coin to consider   all right let's go into our second pick here it's 
going to be iota iota and aorta is distributed   ledger that enables secure exchange of both data 
and value without fees the native token is iota   which has the ultimate goal of allowing humans 
and devices to change exchange services and data   all right let's go into our third one to consider 
this is scale the ticker is skl skill network is   an open source platform which aims to scale 
dapps for usage in the real world the skill   innovator program has more than 100 apps in 
development it's a project from the network   of decentralized economics foundation all right 
let's go to our next one that's going to be lrand   their ticker is egld lron is a protocol that aims 
to offer exceptionally fast transaction speeds   through its sharing mechanism which is known 
as adaptive state sharding the mechanism   combines the advantages of distinct sharding 
types to improve communication between them   all right let's move on to our next coin here from 
our top 10 list and it's going to be swipe their   ticker is x s k s xp swipe is a platform that 
wants to connect cryptocurrency and fiat worlds   it offers three main products it offers the swipe 
wallet the swipe debit card and the native token   xp which is used for transaction and fuels the 
swipe network all right qtum that's their ticker   uh current price is and 44 cents it's a public 
proof-of-stake blockchain platform that enables   smart contract coding deployment and execution 
it's also a platform for decentralized application   dapps due to its protocol which allows for 
the modification of settings all right kodi   and their ticker is coti it's a platform that 
allows companies to effort effortlessly build   and be the sole owners of their payment solutions 
it provides numerous elements that are crucial   for an effective payment infrastructure including 
but not limited to scalability simplicity security   and buyer protections all right so centaur 
cntr is their ticker it's an ecosystem that   aims to connect current financial systems with 
the economy of decentralized finance with its   interconnection protocol aims to solve the problem 
of interoperation between different blockchains   all right engine their ticker is enj all right 
it's a cryptocurrency that is designed for the   gaming industry more specifically it deals 
with gaming products and their tokenization   another use for eng is to create and 
back the value of non-fungible tokens   nfts so if you are into gaming and you're 
into nfts and you think they're going they're   both going to succeed and do very very well in 
the future i would absolutely consider enj as   maybe something to add to your cryptocurrency 
portfolio all right stator str stator is an   open source lending platform for nft's and 
again this is another one that focuses on nfts   it allows users to leverage their assets while 
still maintaining ownership over their assets   on april 16 the lydian update is expected to 
launch this will allow the stator to product   to move into the mainnet this comes as the next 
step after a three-month development work that   has been done in rinkaby so right now might be a 
good time to buy before this april 16th launch so   stator is also launching partnership with numerous 
projects such as polygon matic all right that's   all 10 of them so let's get into tesla delivering 
184 800 vehicles in the first quarter of 2021   the model s and x production actually were cut but 
they increased their production model 3 and model   wise because they were so popular and there 
was such a high demand for them so the first   quarter deliveries broke all previous records 
and beat expectations so monday if you see a dip   you might want to buy into tesla because i see 
them shooting up to somewhere around 690 to 720   all right so we're sitting around 661 it went down 
as low as let's take a look 59ish in the after   hours and that's what i bought and i bought about 
five shares i need to get in at least another   20 to 30 shares of tesla hopefully on monday if 
it doesn't rally up palantir pltr is absolutely   a must buy this is a 200 stock all day every 
day and their ai technology and government   actually using them is going to push them to 
around 50 to 75 dollars by the end of the year   all right nio from 67 down to 39 again in 
that 50 off range a must buy absolutely buy   nio if you have any money left over bngo is 
going to be our fourth pick it is down from 16   to less than 8.55 or so off bio nano genomics is 
going to be huge in the next 12 months and this   is another play that can easily double your money 
now arc is down from 160 dollars to 120 dollars   let's just take a look at that so 120 over 
160 we're sitting on 25 off on an etf which   is unbelievable they're gonna hit somewhere 
between 180 to 220 dollars by the end of the year   by the end of 2021 and i see them going to about 
250 somewhere in 2022.

absolute must buy even   if you can only get one or two shares from every 
paycheck slowly start adding positions into this   exchange-traded fund a fantastic company i love 
cathie wood i love arc invest and i think they're   gonna do very very well in the future thank you 
for watching if you need help with your portfolio   click on that link in the description join me on 
patreon and then we can go over your portfolio we   can talk on discord and then just figure out how 
we can double our money by the end of the year   all right i will see you there on this 
score in the next video thanks for watching you.

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