Dogecoin HUGE News – DogeSPAC to get DOGE to above $1 ūüöÄ

hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily 
update on the dogecoin now if you like this   hit that like button i really appreciate 
it and it helps the channel a lot   also at the end of the video i'm going to cover 
my top five stock picks these are fantastic   stocks that can easily double by the end of the 
year one of these stocks is going to be nintendo   there's a rumor that nintendo might be releasing 
a brand new gaming console at the end of the year   i'm guessing somewhere around november now this 
gaming console might be called the nintendo switch   2 and it's going to be 4k capable so right now 
might be a really good opportunity to start buying   into nintendo shares so you can buy it before it 
actually jumps up by 40 or 50 percent all right   let's talk about dogecoin new highs we have a new 
analyst saying that dogecoin could be up by 40 or   50 percent by the end of the year if that happens 
and you invested a thousand dollars into dogecoin   that one thousand dollar investment could be eight 
thousand dollars by november or december that's a   huge profit also let's talk about scammers please 
be very careful if you go into my comment section   there are dozens of fake profiles with 
my name and picture claiming to be me   i don't have whatsapp and i don't have financial 
advisors and i will never ask you for any money in   fact on this channel i give out free playstation 
fives and free xboxes free t-shirts and coins   so i will never ask you for any of your financial 
information or money all right let's talk about a   new dose back that's great news let's talk about 
new highs for doge let's also talk about india   ban yes india is trying to ban cryptocurrency 
purchases by blocking ip addresses now let's also   cover webull, webull is a platform that doesn't 
block you like robin hood if you're interested you   can go to my description they actually allow 
trading in pre-market and post market hours   if you deposit a hundred dollars with them they'll 
give you four free stocks value up to 3 700   and you won't be blocked from buying stocks like 
amc or gamestop and i made patreon for everybody   if you go into my description if you want to know 
when i'm buying certain stocks or selling them in   real time if you join patreon and download the 
discord application to your iphone or android   phone you'll get real-time alerts when i'm buying 
and when i'm selling certain stocks also make   sure you're subscribed to the channel i do daily 
updates on all of my stocks and i'm going to show   you my portfolio that i'm building up to a hundred 
thousand dollars i started with ten thousand   dollars at the beginning of the year we're not 
twenty six thousand dollars and we're gonna   get that twenty six thousand dollars to a hundred 
thousand dollars all right let's get into dogecoin all right let's take a look at the price of 
dogecoin 5.5 cents so holding pretty steadily   in fact it's a pretty good price to even average 
down your cost if you're a little bit higher   bitcoins down from around 62 thousand dollars to 
55 000 and in fact the entire market is a little   bit down in general it's trying to consolidate 
so that's okay ethereum is down to 1696   from well over two thousand dollar highs 
so also another opportunity to buy some   ethereum now ripple raw suit seems to be finishing 
up they actually found them not guilty in a lot of   the stuff they were trying to claim so we could 
see them getting re-listed and that lasso getting   dropped and then that push to one dollar is 
going to happen so cardano is the interesting one   it's up by 12 percent so if this market cap with 
cardano ends up going up to let's say 370 billion   so it goes up by 10 times cardano's gonna 
be around 11 or 12 per coin if this market   cap matches bitcoin's market cap you're gonna 
be around 32 dollars per coin so if you put a   thousand dollars into cardano you could end the 
year with 32 000 potentially if we actually get   that market cap to match bitcoin so kessler hotel 
chain takes high road on crypto payments we now   have more places accepting dogecoin sports teams 
with basketball teams baseball teams with major   businesses hotels which is huge the next push 
is if we can get a soccer team to get into the   dogecoin going and then the entire soccer league 
follows dogecoin is going way above a dollar   so why dogecoin will likely hit new highs in 2021 
let's discuss that now before we get into this if   you need help with your portfolio you can go 
to my description click on patreon and then   download that discord application to your phone i 
could take a look at your portfolio we can figure   out what stocks to sell and how we can get this to 
be a winning portfolio that can double your money   by the end of the year so despite short-term 
volatility surging cryptocurrency interest will   profi provide tailwinds for dogecoin all cryptos 
are now seeing a huge run-up and dosh coin is   benefiting as well as more and more people adopt 
crypto currencies and get into it put more money   into it the market cap of doshun is going to go up 
and dosho is going to go up so it's fantastic that   we just keep getting more great news every single 
day about dogecoin and cryptocurrencies so kronos   advanced technologies incorporated sponsors 
doge spec llc so chronos advanced tech   product development and production company that 
has significantly changed the way air is moved   filtered and sterilized are not studied that's 
the first error of a kind for a special purpose   acquisition company spec that allows dogecoin 
crypto holders to acquire dos back llc interest   this is huge and i'm not sure how much this is 
going to help us in terms of dose coin going up   but i can easily see us going to 10 or 15 cents 
with moves like this all right so ripple price   aims for one dollar social chatter skyrockets 
after sec versus ripple case takes a new turn   so the sec confirmed that exchanges not affiliated 
with ripple could not have illegally sold ripple   this is fantastic news so i see this whole 
lawsuit being dismissed in the next few weeks   on here in this development ripple army quickly 
retaliated as realist xrp started trending on   twitter in various regions xrp prices seem to be 
coiling up for a massive move if it breaches the   supply barrier around 62 cents that 62 cents 
barrier gets broken and then we're heading   to a dollar with ripple which is good news 
so does dot and ada price plunge hard what   levels will they resist we sell a little bit of 
a plunge but now we're rebounding because the   entire stock market is kind of wishy-washy 
and doesn't really know what it wants to do   so cryptocurrencies are being affected by that 
as well which is okay just remember keep holding   on to your stocks and kryptos and when they start 
going down you buy more to average down your cost   so let's talk about india india is considering a 
ban on ip addresses or cryptocurrency exchanges   says report so the way they're trying to ban 
coinbase and these other cryptocurrency exchanges   is by just blocking their ip addresses i 
don't think this is going to stop people   especially considering that you can just get 
a vpn and that virtual private network can   basically allow you to just re-buy 
cryptocurrencies so they might slow   people down a little bit but long-term they're 
really not going to ever win the ban on crypto   so let's get into our very first stock which 
is redfin 52-week high of almost a hundred   dollars not down to 66.82 redfin is a real estate 
brokerage seattle-based company founded in 2004   and it's a fantastic company to get into 
we're now down by 30 percent or more   and it this is your opportunity to actually get in 
when you can just remember even if you don't want   a long-term hold redfin you get it at 67 from 
an all-time high of almost a hundred dollars   you're looking at 32 33 upside even 
if you want to just trade it so   neo is going to be next 41.92 
down from a 52 week high of 67   and neo anytime neo is down under 45 i try to add 
more and more into neo and it's just criminally no   low right now and 41.94 it's an absolute must buy 
even if you want to just buy a couple of shares   of it by neo absolutely so nintendo stock is at 74 
our 52 week high is 83 dollars almost so it hasn't   really dropped a whole lot but nintendo is doing 
so well and with this brand new console that's   going to possibly be released in november i think 
it's going to be called the nintendo switch 2   and it's going to have a 4k resolution nintendo's 
going well past 100 towards that 150 dollar mark   and they've never done better they never sold more 
consoles or games so a fantastic time to buy into   a very tiny little dividend yield but i just 
love nintendo and it's such a safe stock to buy   if you want to if you don't want to go on 
the riskier side frx which is forest road   acquisition is now almost hitting that spac price 
of 10 at 10 43 this is an absolute must buy steal   and i'm going to keep adding more shares 
to forest road acquisition if they keep   going down and they really don't have a whole 
lot farther to go down from where they're at   all right palantir at 23.22 it's just shocking 
it's almost unbelievable with 52 week highs of 45   so right now you are in at 50 percent off with 
palantir you have to start getting into palantir   it's going to change the businesses the way the 
world the way they work the way they operate   their actual profit margins and i 
i just can't see you getting past   50 percent off on a stock if you buy PLTR right 
now and you wait for it to just rebound back   to its all-time high you're getting 50 off so my 
actual price prediction for palantir is somewhere   around a hundred fifty to two hundred dollars 
so twenty three dollars it's absolutely a buy   all right thank you for watching my next 
video i'm going to show you my portfolio   that i'm taking to a hundred thousand dollars 
so make sure you stay tuned then for that video   also if you need help buying stocks figuring out 
how to manage your portfolio if you're losing   money right now go in my description click on 
patreon pick it here and then download that   discord application that we can chat via discord 
figure out what stocks you have what we need to   sell off and what we need to buy and how we can 
get your portfolio to be a winning portfolio   all right i will see you in the next video or 
on discord take care and thanks for watching you

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